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David Hockney on Photography & Other Matters (Secret Knowledge)

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David Hockney Documentary - A proper heavyweight in the Arts. Have a look at my other uploads.
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Wenceslao Futanaki (5 months ago)
nonsense made from some fuck who barely can draw, only way we can find out is taking a time machine and ask the masters themselves
Saurat (1 year ago)
The old question of whether photography is an art... it depends who is doing it of course! Is painting an art? If the answer is yes then anyone who ever picks up a brush and makes daubs on paper is an artist. Clearly it is the person holding the brush or the camera that makes it art.
Robert Plautz (1 year ago)
no ivory tower for this great artist. the works speak for themselves, masterpieces of precision and provocative in conception. what a joy it is to see this great man explaining his work, his ideas, his art! thank you so much of the upload
ChrisFM (1 year ago)
Thanks for posting this video, it's very enjoyable to watch, inspiring too.
Wonderfully inspirational. Thank you.
Shelley Dunlap (1 year ago)
genius! luv it!
Thomas Lavery (1 year ago)
Fantastic presentation of a true artist I couldn't get enough . I came away with some ideas for my own photography thank you for sharing
Gin Taylor (1 year ago)
Thank you David Hockney for sharing your secret knowledge, and teaching us so succinctly the theories behind your point of view, and the dicoveries you made yourself. My favorite example was how you explained the breakdown of cubism- melded with your ideas as to what you see at different points of walking around Van Gogh's chair. Brilliant drawing and explanation. Also, I am trying to grasp your words about the vastness of the Grand Canyon/ as our eyes and vantage points, shadows and light constantly change. The bigness of the overall canyon does not allow us to box it in? liked treatise about moving forward and back in with the camera to alter illlusion and 3d-2d perspective.
John Wesolowski (1 year ago)
I was delighted to aide in the production in David's LA Olympic Swimming posters.
George Miranda (1 year ago)
Very creative. A different perspective to see things. I enjoy the picture people seeing the garden and other watching others. I also enjoy inside the house looking through a window of each room of the house to see the same house. Putting all these together is easy by taking pictures with digital camera and having photoshop to place it together by doing with instant pictures where starts and continues next picture is not easy. We also see only portions when we focus with a lens and each lens give you a limit area to photograph. By placing different pieces gives you the ability to see other parts of the photo, in which is available in photoshop by the hardest part is doing it individually with instant photos. It is amazing and creative. I love it! In some way placing different pieces of things is kind of like picasso.
Md Jamat (1 year ago)
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xyzllii (1 year ago)
Sorry Hockney. Love your painting but all this contrived theory re these snaps...does nothing for me.
A Nerd's World (6 months ago)
Funny, because I was thinking the same thing.
Robert Mesher (11 months ago)
Thank God for you extremely important decision. It is unfortunate that Hockney has been destroyed but your intelligence and sway trumps all else. God bless you, I am very honoured to read your wisdom.
artgirlsreality (1 year ago)
thank you. Hockney was a big influence in my youth and watching this now I am loving the focus on the photography. it  is wonderful.
Richard Arte Digital (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for sharing!
Camilo Velasquez (2 years ago)
Great! Thanks
braitnicho (2 years ago)
no trouble.

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