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Diana Meade "So Cold"

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I am sorry about the flickering in the first 10 seconds of the video. I've rerendered it a dozen times and it keeps messing up that part. Fandom: The Secret Circle Focus: Diana Meade Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Quality: 1080p HD Artist: Ben Cocks Song: So Cold No Copyright Infringement Intended
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Snow White (4 years ago)
My only problem is that Cassie was obviously going to end up with Adam and I wish she didn't because I think shows and movies are more interesting when the characters defy destiny and fate to go for what they want. I think this would have been more interesting if Adam defied his future in the stars and instead focused on getting Diana back. Plus Diana was my favourite character and I wanted her to be happy!
Buffyfan136 (6 years ago)
This is making me even more upset that the secret circle has been cancelled because we will never know if Diana gets a happy ending! great video
me (6 years ago)
the last scene,which episode is it from? :)
Sara Kennedy (8 months ago)
I'm five years late but 1x12.
luvtheheaven5 (6 years ago)
I disagree, it doesn't seem too fast paced to me. I haven't seen the second half of season 1 but I am glad to know the adults secrets finally seem to have come out to the kids at least somewhat and I heard she's the other Blackwell child... I kinda want to catch up on the show maybe. I have loved Diana from the start. And this song is epic, I've been thinking of vidding it. :D Nice vidlet here.

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