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Victoria Secret Pink $35 Recent sweatshirt Deal with quick review and sizing--Free slides

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This is an Unboxing of my newest VS pickup with a quick review and show how it fits! It includes the $35 Deal sweatshirts Pink ran last week and how I scored free shipping!
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Text Comments (12)
Unknown 101 (1 year ago)
do you sell any items
Gwen Love (1 year ago)
Luz H yes. My newest video has a lot of what’s for sale on it.
amy spraggins (1 year ago)
im intrested
amy spraggins (1 year ago)
in the hoodies
Gwen Love (1 year ago)
amy spraggins what are you interested in?
Chichi Face (1 year ago)
Can i make a suggestion..next time film with u facing the window...cause the video is real dark...the colors and even your face is not clear..
Gwen Love (1 year ago)
Chichi Face thank you! I am just getting started and I am more then happy to get any suggestions! Thanks you again!
Chauntae HORTON (1 year ago)
Do you ever sell any of the PINK that you do not want?
Gwen Love (1 year ago)
Chauntae HORTON you can message me
Gwen Love (1 year ago)
Chauntae HORTON yes I do sell pink! What size are you interested in?
Argentum Spartus (1 year ago)
Great video, keep it up! Subbs will come quick!!
Gwen Love (1 year ago)
Argentum Spartus thank you! I hope!

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