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Secret Santa Gift Ideas & Advice

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dubeans1 (6 years ago)
your video was really helpful! i have been trying to figure out what to get my secret santa at work and your candle suggestion is brilliant! i would have never thought of it. Thanks and happy holidays!
Sophia Fiotakis (6 years ago)
This is the first time I have seen your videos and I loved it!!! Such great advice and I love your hat where did you get it from??
guitarlover121618 (7 years ago)
I love your videos! Thank you so much. By the way, I love your hat. Where did you buy it?
Madi (7 years ago)
@Jackieee363 Ohhhh,Okay thnx :D
Megan Soetaert (7 years ago)
I'm not sure what to get my secret santa, she's one of my friends, but we're not that close and i've never bought a present for her before! She doesn't wear makeup and is kinda sporty, but not really. Like, she wears jewelry and carries a purse, but doesn't dress fancy. :P
Mehwish Afzal (7 years ago)
"what's john like, what's jane like?" lol idk y but I found that funny :))
CriisyBabes (7 years ago)
you're so lucky they don't self elf or any of the kinda brand syou guys have here in Australia
Yumna A (7 years ago)
Kim! More outfit of the daaays :D love your style! :)
Megan Nicole (7 years ago)
lol i got a gift card for a grab bag at my work. i hope they like it. if i knew who i was specifically buying for, i would have doen one of ur cute ideas :)
Jackieee363 (7 years ago)
@RandomPeanut1 lol jon and jane are use for someone who is using a fake name in a sentence as in jon doe and jane doe
Gina Pagel (7 years ago)
wow perfect timing! i have to do a secret santa for choir on friday and this gave me some great ideas (:
_lancl (7 years ago)
great ideas :') it's so cute how you are always smiling :')
1026gabriel (7 years ago)
another good tip for secret santa would be before starting the game is too have everyone write down 3 things they would like in the certain price range it makes it easier especially if you dont know the person
Madi (7 years ago)
I think you like names begginging with J Lol love your vids:)
94BlondeBarbie (7 years ago)
I'm doing secret santa this year, thanks for your help!!
edvaelkayam5 (7 years ago)
OHMYBIEBER<3. i LOVE your hat :) lol you look sooo pretty in every video :D <3 i lovee youu and your videos, kim :D <3 i love this video :) VERYYY helpful :D <3
sydney k (7 years ago)
love the ideas
Jessica Estrada-Peña (7 years ago)
Party America turned into Party City I believe. :]
Bella (7 years ago)
also known as KK.

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