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The Most Stable in the Industry - The All-New 2018 Sea-Doo Watercraft

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At rest or at play, you can now enjoy the most stable watercraft in the industry! Visit http://sea-doo.com to learn more. ___________________________________________ Follow us Facebook: https://facebook.com/SeaDoo Twitter: https://twitter.com/BRPSeaDoo Instagram: http://instagram.com/BRPSeaDoo
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Text Comments (210)
Walter Palmer (17 hours ago)
Fake weights.
Blake Chertkow (5 days ago)
a video made by a small youtuber shows how hard it is to flip the seadoo back on its hull when flipped and he just describes it as extremely heavy and takes him a few good tries to get it back over.
Tu Chenz (7 days ago)
Mmm fake weights
Phu Dang (11 days ago)
hahahaha.... Get outta my face, most "stable" pwc Why the hell do you need to climb up from the side?? I can clearly see that dude was struggling to put his leg over the side of the ski !! Also, that thing look huge, no way it could be more agile and more fun than all the yamahas $16000 for the rxtx?? I rather pay $14000 on the GP1800 and save $2000 on a trailer. ( does not include maintenance cost for the seadoo )
Pinky Racing (24 days ago)
stable? yes that is not what i want in a watercraft. I should be able to carve and make a sharp turn like a the gp1800.
Sartto (30 days ago)
but the price is like 4x more. and i cant even buy the normal one.
Buckle_up (1 month ago)
this is what the industry has turned into..... so sad. 'stability' ... LMAO. Can't believe couches are more popular than stand ups. people are just too lazy to put any work into anything anymore.
Carter tyree (1 month ago)
I have an 08 kawaski and I can enter from the side
Sassafras Wake Boyz (1 month ago)
Yamaha baby
Sassafras Wake Boyz (1 month ago)
But the engines suck
ARandomCreature (1 month ago)
THANKS I always wanted to play jenga on a jetski i cant afford
Ryan Toomey (1 month ago)
False advertising. I can climb on my Kawasaki from the side no problem. I weigh almost 180.
It also looks pretty cool.
Franky Alvarez (1 month ago)
Turns out there is a plexiglass frame under it holding it steady
Evan Von Stein (1 month ago)
0:22 Brad castleberry
Maxwell Richardson (1 month ago)
It’s run aground
sergsrt8 (1 month ago)
Fake weights? You know what that means SHIRT OFF PANTS DOWN WORLD RECORD!!!!!!!!
Trexwho (1 month ago)
Holy shit thats bad form
Shannon Williams (1 month ago)
The Yamaha gp 1800 is a lot better and faster ski
Robert Wood (1 month ago)
I was hoping to see him shave the guys face on the competitors version of seedoodoo
A&A Wow (2 months ago)
Ive always wanted to buy a jetski so i can shave my balls while riding. Who cares about reliability
Maine Plinkster (2 months ago)
But still no match for the Yamaha GP1800 just saying
MarsuveezBlack (2 months ago)
Why the fuck would you care for this on a jet ski? How retarded.
Alex Mehregan (3 months ago)
What ever happened to just good old jet ski driving? All this new technology is just to much!
Jetski Jay (1 month ago)
Alex Mehregan desperate marketing! Too bad they don’t just make a good product more than half of us have swapped to Yamaha and they could have kept their sales up had they tried to keep us old Coustmer’s returning.
Teo P (3 months ago)
Dear Santa... 😎👍
Buzzy Dog (3 months ago)
Got mine a week ago and they ain’t lieimng I was scared to try it but it worked, I way 100 lbs but my dad tried it and he ways 300 and worked on him
Nicholas Lemieux (3 months ago)
Mark Jacob (3 months ago)
Im waiting to see if in 2019 sea doo builds one faster than the yamaha gp1800..if so then I will buy a sea doo
Mark Jacob (3 months ago)
Nice, but the Yamaha GP1800 is the very fastest blowing away everything it races..i want to buy American, but I want American to build not just highest Qaulity and best, but also the fastest!
Logan Chambers (3 months ago)
Sea doo is awesome but Yamaha is more reliable
michael cutugno (3 months ago)
How much does the guy in the add whey.
Axel Lönnqvist (4 months ago)
Yamaha is much better fucking sea doo
This Old Jew (4 months ago)
he didn't go all the way down with his squat. I'm not impressed.
Elijah Townsend (4 months ago)
Looks cool
Duderocks5539 (4 months ago)
What’s the difference between the RXT-X 300 and the RXP-X 300?
AntiLag BoostAddiction (3 months ago)
Duderocks5539 different haul and the rxp is a two seater this is a 3
Jetski Jay (4 months ago)
Seadoo if you want something that looks fast and runs half the time if lucky. Yamaha if you want something that looks good but runs like a champ every time.
Abandoned USA (4 months ago)
Fake weights
Rodz!lla 666 (4 months ago)
but it's NOT moving , who cares how stable it is at rest..... stupid marketing , these are not 4 or 5 million dollar yacht's that never leave to marina
badcompanygg (4 months ago)
What’s the name of that buff actor? I’ve seen him on other stuff
Conor Chapman (4 months ago)
Funny as hell honestly
Vdubin64 (5 months ago)
Always have and always will be a Yamaha guy...! Not a bad looking ski by any means though !!
Daan Made in Holland (5 months ago)
You can climb on it. Wtf whould that be fake. All big waterscooters you can climb from the side. And becous its so big its also more steady duh. They just bring it in a fun way nothing morr nothing less. Its just a commercial guys dont go on a purge lol
Austin Sandoval (5 months ago)
You in a foot of water lol! I mean you can pretty much do that in that last years model anyways!
Loren P. (5 months ago)
This video made me smile and was fun to watch. I have the same FX Limited the big dude is trying to side climb and I absolutely love it! It has a boarding step ladder on the back, so climbing back aboard from the water is a non issue.
Glen Coco (5 months ago)
im pretty sure the Yamaha Waverunner SUV is more stable
Floyd Outdoors (6 months ago)
That thing looks more like a mini speed boat then a jet ski
BlueGrass059 (6 months ago)
Fake there in knee high water
Robb H (6 months ago)
It looks like his body is being supported by popsicle sticks that he calls legs. Clearly doesn't actually lift
THETRUEGENUIS (6 months ago)
Do you even have Yamaha’s permission to show and dis it in your video
Mike Justice (6 months ago)
Fake weights.
texas thunder (7 months ago)
reverse bucket?
Daniel Price (7 months ago)
Well? Good luck!
Dylon Desbiens (7 months ago)
0:28 Stunt performed in a closed circuit environment. Seriously guys, don't try this at home. SOMEONE TRY IT
MizznDizz (7 months ago)
stable? Well thats boring! Ill stick to my non stable, way more fun Sea-doo :P
Ships n Sluts (7 months ago)
Fake weights
Xavier Bachop (7 months ago)
Where do u buy a gas tank for it
Old Burjo (7 months ago)
Xavier Bachop Sea doo website
Silk722 (7 months ago)
Sam 7400 (7 months ago)
Take the fun out of a jet ski
Colin O'Gara (7 months ago)
Wtf, 1st: there were no waves! 2nd: the second wave runner was a see doo also!
Konrad Wróbel (7 months ago)
Dust_Y (7 months ago)
if there is no waves from other boats
Justice Warrior (7 months ago)
Vincent Lachapelle (7 months ago)
At the VERY END you see the bodybuilder trying to go on the sea doo, and we can clearly see that he was going to flip it, but the video cuts at this moment.
Chuckie Finster (8 months ago)
Sweet I’ll get one in about 20 years lol.
Kyle Davison (8 months ago)
Mike Miky (8 months ago)
jet ski, I'm not just saying, I did it on a Kawasaki stx 12f, on a Yamaha waverer Fx and even on a SPARK!( On the spark it's a bit hard).
Mxdanger Gaming (8 months ago)
Looks dope
Eric M (8 months ago)
Speed and agility>stability. It’s all about the fun
veilside69 (8 months ago)
stable = boring
Morris Corp (8 months ago)
kawasaki for life.
Yep 57 (8 months ago)
Stable maybe but my local jetSki mechanic has a row of seadoos waiting to get fixed
DjArmen (8 months ago)
Fake weights to the max
GojiraGuy (8 months ago)
I am most definitely going to make a meme out of this thing.
marqde1 (8 months ago)
that dude is on juice
Sam Hoff45 (1 month ago)
The body builder is trying to pull the Yamaha down. It is also in deeper water in the test.
How long have you owned the sea doo?
isaac hayward (8 months ago)
Brilliant ad
Keegan Renaud (8 months ago)
Those are take weights
David Reulman (8 months ago)
You can climb on FROM THE SIDE WHOA!!
enigma9789 (8 months ago)
I can get on the side of my Yamaha EX and im a fat boy.
Dranksta (8 months ago)
Needs more sharp angles.
Scott Bott (8 months ago)
I think they stole Brad Castleberry's weights.
Roman Gensitskiy (8 months ago)
Well let me just whip out my wallet here...wait nope im broke af
jean tsai (8 months ago)
Getting on from the side is some shitty acting.
Some fake ass shit
Mike W (8 months ago)
David Hasselhoff
Alex Escobar (8 months ago)
Harry (8 months ago)
Doent prove too much, hell i cant tell if this runs or not
Hunter Mallory (8 months ago)
Brad castleberry weights
lamo was thinking same thing. Fake asf weights. Bar isn't bending in the slightest and that's supposdly 180kilos? don''t think so haha
Tyler Ahrens (8 months ago)
Eric Hollen (8 months ago)
This is stupid
Pavel Dvořák (8 months ago)
1000 kg ? =D
Thomas Goodall (8 months ago)
fake weights
Justin Epic (8 months ago)
this is the best angle they could think of? sad day for the marketing team.
James&MoVlogs (8 months ago)
Now make it reliable
THE MUD BOGGER (5 days ago)
Already is lol
THE MUD BOGGER (5 days ago)
James&MoVlogs don’t have to it’s a seadoo
JustLetMeDrive (8 months ago)
looks like the wheelchair of seadoos, should call it the Seadoo Dumper
This Old Jew (4 months ago)
first part of the comment was strong, the latter let me down.
RyanMiller3039 (8 months ago)
Fakeweights.com #bradcastleberry
SnLiner (8 months ago)
So u gonna tell me you got 405 pounds onto that? Fake weights and he got chicken legs.
thechosendude (8 months ago)
Are people really that fat they need a more stable ocean bike?
hp_overload (8 months ago)
I'm gonna buy one
Jetski Jay (1 month ago)
Enjoy the hole in the water!
suo mynona (2 months ago)
hp_overload and if ur scared of heights okay but just reconsider it and look at multiple other options rather then an inpulse buy
suo mynona (2 months ago)
Don't Askme i wouldnt want to spend 20 euro an hour for just the fuel to get an experience like this, you can buy skydive gear + education for just 5k compared to a 13k plus machine and just pay 16 each time u jump. Paramotor flying is even better costs cheaper to own one, better experience overall cuz u fly by yourself without a cabine and it doesnt suck up so much fuel, flying is alot more interesting and unusual and overall a way bigger experience than just using a boat or jetski
suo mynona (2 months ago)
Don't Askme they use 10 liter of fuel in an hour when you go slow on it, they can use up there entire capacity in an hour when going realy fast
TOUCTI (2 months ago)
good move, the best...
TruCkADDiCtiOn (8 months ago)
Fookin epic brah!

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