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Sea-Doo Spark: Sparking a New Generation

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http://www.sea-doo.com Sparking a New Generation! Introducing the 2014 Sea-Doo Spark!
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adi el pro (8 months ago)
Me ah gostado moho
Peter Shaw (1 year ago)
Love the Sea-doo!!!
Gareth Lockhart (1 year ago)
Hi Ron. Iv had my 90ho 2up with ibr 7 months now and done everything from riding long runs in lake to wave jumping in 7 to 8 foot waves and the ski has had no problems at all. I honestly think people that's saying there hull just cracked by hitting wake is telling porkies and prob hit suming they shouldn't AV an are expecting the hull to be like steel.
Clash with Matt (1 year ago)
Gareth Lockhart how has the wear ring held up?
Ron Opfer (2 years ago)
I love the idea of the Sea Doo Spark. So much so, I purchased 2 of them. Then one weekend, I was skipping across Lake Mead with one of the Sparks, (something I have done for over 30 years on a PWC) and the recycled plastic hull cracked big time on a wake. That shouldn't happen. When the recycled plastic cracks, it keeps going and keeps going. The hull is completely ruined. I would recommend looking into a PWC not made from recycled plastic.
ASESOR DE SERVICIO (2 years ago)
es bueno que se tenga diversas gamas, que sean de facil uso, asi pueden disfrutar la familia completa.
BRPcrea modelos de nuevo aspecto faciles de transportar y muy divertidas.
Juan Pinzon (3 years ago)
new generation and nice aspect
2QUICK (3 years ago)
Will You marry Me Precious Angel?
Coolride17 (3 years ago)
I'd buy on if I had the money. I'm not going to pay the price of a small car for one though, like the larger skis.
Jackson Catlett (3 years ago)
Yamaha is so jealous that they made like 3 vids talking about how stupid the spark is and why we should buy their stuff instead lol
AlexanderPews (4 years ago)
Even as good as it sounds, its just not fast enough to impress.. But like she said we have a Seadoo for you and GTX260 / GTR215 is more my style
Alex modestino (4 years ago)
I love mine best buy ever
Jarred Oleson (4 years ago)
 ill stick with my Superjet 2014 :) my age group in our early 20 want stand ups and we have the money paid cash for my new superjet
Caleb Bryant (4 years ago)
With a name like, "Spark", you'd think it would be electric. And a top speed of 40mph is not impressive. Cruising speed on my modified sea doo is 75mph. It's hard to go back to ordinary.
Caleb Bryant (2 years ago)
Well i forgive your ignorance. Even my stock 2004 Seadoo Rxp has a top speed of 85mph. It only has 215hp And it cruises at 75 just fine😊. But if you look around youtube you'll also find that many people bore out their motors and ajust the computer settings to put out more horsepower. Most race jetskies are pushing around 450hp. And yes they can cruise at 75mph😊. infact they could probably jump over this "spark" from a dead standstill. Just sayin...
Kameron Courtney (2 years ago)
Really dude? 75 mph... Do you understand that LITERALLY no one believes you and/or cares. If you don't like the spark than why did you clearly click on a video about it...
Justin S (4 years ago)
If you're worried about top speed, the Spark is not for you
Leo Di (4 years ago)
lol Yamaha is really jealous, they made stupid videos to compare like the price but its stupid because they added all the add-ons to the See-Doo spark so it costs more and its still 1k cheaper lol, damn they are really stupid, really!  
TheMuddatrucker (4 years ago)
Looks and feels like it came out of a christmas cracker, only a numpty would buy one of these. Still, not bad for a DWP....... disposable water craft
michael cox (4 years ago)
I think you guys did a fantastic job and was wondering why havent you did this already,great price for a great product! and I like the fact that you can remove the body out of the way to make it more easy to work on,no more four letter words if you catch my drift,I LOVE IT !
robert taci (4 years ago)
its so slow that you think youre going back in time...
roudyroy1 (4 years ago)
looks like its made of lego lol 
RunHomerRun (4 years ago)
It's about time you started making Jetskis, wave runners again instead of small boats. !-2 person is more than plenty
videodump192388 (4 years ago)
It's funny how this thing costs around 12 000 USD in Finland. Affordable my ass
J M (4 years ago)
They start at 5,000 here in the U.S
JASCOBAR (4 years ago)
TheHenry4 (4 years ago)
My Gp760 has 90 hp and 470 lbs and is a blast to ride
Altin Banaj (4 years ago)
hello , Can SPARK do better in acceleration than my GSM Limited 1999 ? which is the wildest jetski of all times ? 
Erik Craig (4 years ago)
Check out CraigCat.com. Makes the spark fizzle...
Premium fuel only (4 years ago)
That thing looks like it could evade radar detection with all of those lines, like an F22 on the water. That being said, I like the price point.
Mick Carson (4 years ago)
It's got no shape compared to those sleeker and shapely older models. These look like as if a dozen bits and pieces were attached to it. And the body is too edgy and out of shape. Geez, why did you have to make something that looks like it was built on Mars? Crazy.
Speedy King (4 years ago)
+Mick Carson You too , Mr. Carson. :3
Mick Carson (4 years ago)
+Speedy King Have a nice day, King. ;-)
Speedy King (4 years ago)
+Mick Carson Well that's a definitive view from you lol
Mick Carson (4 years ago)
+Speedy King Yep. One out of one hundreds like panels stuck together with sticky-tape and chewing gum. From a simple right sized craft to a monstrous out of shape UFO that's almost as big as a small speed boat that's taking more garage room than previous models. Give me a proper speedboat, at least I can carry more people, have more fun and can hit higher speeds than these oversized 'Pick-up-chicks' floating out-of-shape salamis. I have a Salem speedboat and I have more fun I'd imagined I could not have had with a water 'motorcycle'.
Speedy King (4 years ago)
I actually like this type of design. the "Like it was built on mars" type of design. I can't blame you, everyone has their own taste right? :)
Jacob Maguire (4 years ago)
They need to bring back the 96-99 spx look or the 95-96 xp look.
Jim Theis (4 years ago)
I still ride my 94 XP because all the new skis in recent years have become small boats. SeaDoo is finally getting back to basics. I would definitely consider buying one of these!
Josh Hembree (4 years ago)
This. We have had 2 XP's and rode them long and hard, and this looks like the closest jet ski to those early 90's XP 2 sweaters.
Brs364 (4 years ago)
is this really going to be worth it? please someone respond to this for me... I care about fuel and the performance of the higher end but is it going to at least get me to 50 like the old 155 did to 60... cause I need that in my life, i can live without the extra 10 mph...
CrispyBacon (4 years ago)
They are very fuel efficient.  They are using a small 4 stroke and fuel management software to operate.  The hull design is the same as the older, mid 90's X4 hull, just made of different material.  The craft is very lightweight compared to most others, but is super strong.  They top out right around 50 or so, from what I've read and been told.  Plus, they are only around $6k brand new, or a bit more, depending on options.  The huge thing that I'm looking forward to is that if you need to work on anything inside, the hull, it separates.  The entire top half of the hull comes off and you can get right to the motor and jet pump system.  There are no cables to steer, it's all fly by wire, so no need to do anything except disconnect the wiring harness, then you have full access to the inside of the hull.
casey farrell (4 years ago)
is it only freshwater
Hitman0341 (4 years ago)
I would definately rather have two jet-skis than 1. Only 15mph slower than the bigger skis isnt that big of a deal. Seems like it will be pretty fun
Matt Small (4 years ago)
They need to get a video where it actually shows what this watercraft can really do.
AmatureEdits (4 years ago)
Getting it when i have enough money <3
ClubMayview (4 years ago)
A la carte pricing model is no good. The convenience package should be standard on every ski.by the time you finish buying everything you could have bought a Gti 130. Have to admit, that still doesn't stop me from wanting one
guidoburo87 (4 years ago)
in a review, i found that the 3up vith ibr, is priced 6300 dollars
guidoburo87 (4 years ago)
mmmh. 60hp are not many. on the website i can't find th price for HO version and the convenience package
Jason Vogel (4 years ago)
Yes, it is the same one. The 90hp is in the HO and the base has a 60hp version.
david brymer (4 years ago)
It has 3 models that vary from 40mph to 50mph...the HO will go 50mph
rok tech (4 years ago)
4 stroke yay
guidoburo87 (4 years ago)
the rotax 900 ACE has the same 90hp of the ski-doo version? or it's powerful?
Mike G (4 years ago)
top speed 50 mph for the ACE 90 40 mph for the regular ACE motor
Madjet Jet Ski (4 years ago)
Ca fait plaisir de voir un engin moteur qui a les même performances qu'un engin plus lourd, plus gros et plus onéreux. Ne pas se focaliser sur le sportif mais sur le loisir. C'est une chose que certains constructeurs n'ont pas du tout compris. Prochaine étape, un jet hybride ou 100 % electrique. Avec le Spark, je suis sur que vous pouvez y arriver.
Pierre Simard (4 years ago)
Très belle et intéressante moto marine. Ça donne le goût de remplacer le gros bateau par cet engin magnifique, pas trop cher et moins énergivore que les grosses motos marines.
Alliano Ricot (4 years ago)
Freaky And very appealing, I love the design it has a stealth look But I'm curious as to the max Speed if it can do 60Mph. SOLD

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