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Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper

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Everyone knows what charming places strip clubs can be, but perhaps there is no club so charming as one in Moriarty, New Mexico—a truck stop with taxidermy and the bras of former employees on the walls, a few poles, a shitload of black light, and plenty of titties. Never mind that The Ultimate Strip Club List website describes it as the place "where strippers go to die." Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo go Gonzo as they pose as strippers and experience something that can be best described as a Marina Abramovic performance crossed with a bizarro episode of Wife Swap directed by David Lynch's daughters, set in the type of place where a one eyed guy who shot himself in the head dispenses meditation advice to two naked women. Read an interview with Natalia and Alexandra from the December issue of VICE, here: http://www.vice.com/read/showgirls-0000170-v20n12 Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (13084)
Rickdonculous (8 hours ago)
smoke a lil smoke, drank a lil drank, any rich white girl from the city can become a stripper. "you girls wanna make a porno" best part of the entire video; literally validated me wasting 27 mins of my life.
daniel morales (9 hours ago)
Lets be stripres yayyyy
Brent King (19 hours ago)
This was horrible
Alex Parker (21 hours ago)
✨White Feminism Level 1000✨
paige carpenter (1 day ago)
Deathwarrior (1 day ago)
Why bother if your gonna censor shit , god i hate censors -_-
Nak (1 day ago)
Anton Khalamayzer (1 day ago)
Daisy is 41 what? I thought she was like 32!!
The Nameless King (2 days ago)
If you ever went on Craigslist personal section you would know how it really works
Pile O Shite (2 days ago)
Jacob. Baker (2 days ago)
Wtf is this video like honestly 😂
wat3rl1ly (3 days ago)
That girl daisy looks and sound alike an addict omg
Matt Ferguson (4 days ago)
Did this series ever go anywhere?
Alexandra Seeberger (4 days ago)
There’s something I really hate about this
passerell (4 days ago)
They're so innocent. What do they think they're proving? What were they expecting? They probably have a retarded view of the world where doing this job is empowering or some bullshit.
Jessica Dr (4 days ago)
Do they still work there?🤔🤔🤔
Lily Garcia (4 days ago)
Club 203 has been permanently closed
Lisa (4 days ago)
I'm game. Anyone want to strip- travel????
Doward Washington (5 days ago)
This may have been the worst Vice documentary ever. I thought this was at least going to be interesting, it turned out to be what happens after a bad acid trip in hell!!!!!
trevor1317 (5 days ago)
All I’m saying is Natalie won’t crying when she threw her bra off 5 seconds into her first dance ever...
Bexigah Music Web (6 days ago)
I think it is a pseudo documentary because I doubt they can show real man faces in a strip club world wide in a internet show. Sorry, couldn't buy it
Eat Mee (6 days ago)
Rod Bingaman (9 days ago)
100+ confirmed kills and pressure points...OneEye Willy is the real deal modern day John J. Rambo!!!
Jezebelllahh (10 days ago)
you can tell the gun guy is a father
Jessica Gail (11 days ago)
Trying on oppression sure is fun but actually experiencing it isn’t, huh? Also don’t like how they tried to paint the entire sex industry like this.
doebaybibi (11 days ago)
Anyone else fall in love with daisy? Mocha was really sweet and cute too, such stars
DragonStrike (13 days ago)
Lizzie Padalecki (13 days ago)
A Pacifist in Vietnam with 112 confirmed kills, found 8 hours after he shot himself in the head, woke up 6 months later? That's fucking insane
Lizzie Padalecki (13 days ago)
I'm so confused honestly. Why don't they just do a documentary about the dancers that already work there instead of taking money from the girls who are already working there? Literally what. Also I really like Daisy, she's a sweetheart!! I loved the use of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" but I like the Kurt Cobain version the best.
Hotpastelita 2013 (14 days ago)
i mean like this is just an experiment of those girls, but imagine the girls that do that because they have any option the ones that doesn´t have a family, the ones that are getting older i mean is sad so girls this is like an advice for try to do something else with your life
Star Cherry (14 days ago)
It's time to come home ladies
John Doe (15 days ago)
Why the fuck on God's green earth would you do this?? What a shithole town n bar... A dump!!!
Iconoclast (15 days ago)
Better hold on to that beauty, because you don’t have talent 49$ says it all. But next time do a porno, well see how you stand up to that job
Bianca Santos (15 days ago)
I'd love to see this done in a high class strip club. They picked the worst they could find..
Andrew Lorenzna (16 days ago)
She was feeling the one eyed guy...
Alan Taylor (16 days ago)
So when do these 2 feminists get their tits out? Just wasted half an hour and I ain't seen no bush whatsoever! Disappointed!! :(
Sierra Wilkinson (16 days ago)
I’ve watched this like ten times soo good thanks for this vice!
Qwerty asdf (16 days ago)
I’ve never seen something so depressing it made me want to puke 🤢 🤮
oeo1977 (17 days ago)
Real life female version of Beavis and Butthead.
AARON Leonard (17 days ago)
Montana Roots (18 days ago)
Should’ve made them turn at least one trick in the cab of a Kenworth. I mean they are just playing pretend lot lizard otherwise, the hypocritical bitches.
no u (18 days ago)
I just noticed how depressing life there is
Dante Solaris (18 days ago)
USA= where ugly hoes think people have the obligation to give them anything just because they're "Wamen".
Dante Solaris (18 days ago)
Ha! What a joke. 2 feminists looking for attention.
Fuck Off (18 days ago)
Who changes in the middle of a Walmart?.. 🤦🏻‍♀️
R e n (18 days ago)
No BoDy AsKeD mE iF I wAnTeD tO fUcK
Justin Turner (18 days ago)
Kaushikman Das (19 days ago)
Changes clothes in the middle of a mall. Don't make yourself look so stupid Vice.
Ain’t no (19 days ago)
This club closed wow
Ain’t no (19 days ago)
Girl: We are just artists guy:I don’t give a fuck guy again: fuck this fuck that.. honestly these guys are disrespectful but idk
Ain’t no (19 days ago)
Girl:I wonder what these women are gonna think of me taking away their business wow
Ain’t no (19 days ago)
Okay this isn’t bad
MrErichonda30 (19 days ago)
I came for bobs and vagene
Derrick Craig (20 days ago)
I wish this was not recommended. This is 1 of the worst vice shows I have seen. Yes I'm a truck driver and they are just tarnishing the great reputation of trucker dive bars. This is the definition of fake media at its finest right here.
Ain’t no (20 days ago)
It’s just like they sound so spoiled aha and that guy who was all like chasing them and shit it was like you don’t say anything you run and then say something but you really shouldn’t be acting so bad lol that acting was horrible
Ain’t no (20 days ago)
You can’t touch them
Ain’t no (20 days ago)
The guy with the whole bold story kind of creeped me out but it was interesting
Lukas Josef (20 days ago)
Thots Thots annd Thots .... but the red head is quit cute :D
Ain’t no (20 days ago)
They should have focused on the real girls not some rich ass girls doing this to feel petty
Alana’s Mini Zoo (20 days ago)
i really hate how people make strippers out to be these slutty dumbasses, and they’re not!! they’re literally like everyone else, they’re not slutty, and they’re certainly not dumb. i have mad respect for strippers, you gotta have some thick skin to work at that job, and to everyone i’ve known that works as a stripper, (they’re all pole dancers and they’re really happy with their job) absolutely loves their jobs, and they’re all really, really great people.
COOL BREEZE (21 days ago)
Yup those girls definitely belong at the Truck Stop 😉😂They would make a killing out back on Party Row..10-4
Nate Bernard (21 days ago)
I litteraly live somewhat near these places in New Mexico. This is scary
Cancer Stick (21 days ago)
well.. that last bit was terribly staged
Roger Stokes (21 days ago)
Have you looked at some of the total shit jobs men have to do just to survive?? Everyone does what they must. Sick of the "I am a victim" mentality.
Sunny Sandra (21 days ago)
What for cry baby's first they do all cool and than cry the first day. They just doing it for one week. Some woman do it for years to damn survive and you do like you are the victims and poor girls.
TheFranco49 (21 days ago)
The problem is that the american system wants to export this shit to all nations on earth if they accept it that is ok if they resist it they call them terrorists and bomb the shit outa them . Simple ...,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.
Sav Kosiba (22 days ago)
That girl is a wimp! Ive been a sex worked for a while so maybe I grew thick skin....
Cold Night (23 days ago)
These girls deserve more
geoo. V (23 days ago)
Those girls are brave
Noah Cho (23 days ago)
The reason I believe these journalism sites began doing these immersion films where they bring outsiders into an industry to see for themselves how its like is because in the past, we just recorded and interviewed the people in a certain situation and no one really cared as if people cared things would have changed. While I agree with the points people are making, by doing this immersion thing, its showing how normal, average privileged people deal in the same situations.
Randall Fortney (23 days ago)
Just shows you how creepy truck drivers are (some)
Noaman Cheklaoui (25 days ago)
Naeem Bagwan (26 days ago)
Salute to your spirit of public journalism
FxKali (26 days ago)
I dance but not at a truck stop but it’s about the same!! My knees are so bruised 24:7 and some nights you make no $
Joydeep Burman (27 days ago)
Bravery of 2 women :kudos
Dr.Nug710 (27 days ago)
I’m just here for the strippers
Cloud Rabbit (27 days ago)
Who approved this shit show?
steveo78227 (1 month ago)
Wack af
Jac Howl (1 month ago)
Brave girls.
Conjurer of Chaos (1 month ago)
this doesn't really grasp the intention of the video
Stupid Google (1 month ago)
They shouldnt have done this i bet its gonna screw them up, theyre literally prostituting themselves for a documentary! there shame is extremely public if they ever become decent women they will regret this.
i still don't get it why Vietnam vets what to kill themselves ...They should be happy they made it home ...I would..
ivyshaolin (1 month ago)
as a former dancer this is not a normal experience money wise and how disgusting those men were
Daniel gutzz (1 month ago)
red head can get it tho.
Daniel Garcia (1 month ago)
Should of said once moving to this city and trying to maintain.
Radar exe (1 month ago)
I mean... strip clubs have always been a place where women are treated as sex objects, so, tbh what did they expect
Elle More (1 month ago)
I really enjoy the way this was edited although I do think they probably missed out on what could have been many more substantial moments.
anna kc (1 month ago)
let them live lol
Alyscia rivera (1 month ago)
this would lowkey be a good movie but like if they were rl doing it, the editing is also amazing
Sadie Molina (1 month ago)
These women missed the mark so bad. Super annoyed by them. I don’t think they thought things through and I feel bad for the actual women that work there..
Faraz Hashmi (1 month ago)
Good editing, average direction and no content
Stella Black (1 month ago)
Dont get why everyone is being so negative I actually thought this was interesting. I liked the way it was filmed and it seemed pretty authentic to me. It was not meant to be about real strippers but an experiment of two normal girls trying this job for a bit. And trust me men are this creepy in real life..didnt seem fake at all! I enjoyed it!
sean strack (1 month ago)
used to live in Moriarty, NM. know about the Club 203 as well. The whole area was enough for me to come to the conclusion I did not want to bring my children up there. don't get me wrong there are some descent people that live and work in that town, but it was to say the least depressing. Irony is it was the same when I moved there as a child as to how it looks when I moved away 9 years ago.
beitwhatitmay (1 month ago)
C'mon guuurl.. quit trippin! You grab nasty poles alllll the time...you from New York remember?! The subway poles? They nastier!
Brendan Primus (1 month ago)
anyone else feel like the guy in the ally asking if they wanted to shoot a pronon was staged? the dialogue didnt feel natural at all.
CDEninja01 (1 month ago)
Truckers dont have time to stop for a stankass hooker
jordan stinson (1 month ago)
That last part with the guy asking about making a porno is fake! One it sounded like structural dialogue and two how was his sound so clean on camera unless they had a boom or he was wearing a mic
AARON Leonard (17 days ago)
Agreed. She lets the one eyed aura molester basically fondle her all over but freaks about guy asking if theyre shooting a porno ? Lol. Also they have to have some kind of security w them.
Aditya Wardhana (1 month ago)
Gengbeng girls!
Ishwinder Singh (1 month ago)
english seekh le pehle chutiye lund
The Hectic Channel (1 month ago)
It evolved into a real horror clip
jasonemryss (1 month ago)
Pretty stupid waste of film

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