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Orient Triton Diver Mechanical Modern Sport SCUBA Watch

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Explore the collection: https://www.orientwatchusa.com/product-category/mens-watches/diver/triton/ It goes without saying that the Diver watch has always been at the forefront of our collection. From the Mako and Ray to the Pro Saturation Diver and Mako USA, a number of popular and noteworthy models have helped define our Diver line: an assortment of well built, reliable timepieces that punch well above their weight class. We pride ourselves on the fact that they are made for the every man, from the desk diver to the recreational diver and even the commercial diver. Every year we release a new diver watch, and this year we’re excited to unveil the Orient Triton. The Triton takes design inspiration from a number of classic divers from our collection. The hour markers take after the Ray, while the brushed steel hands are nearly identical to those on the Pro Saturation Diver. Each hour marker is defined by a thick lume plot that’s surrounded by polished metal, which allows the dial to be visible in both brightness and in darkness. Additionally, the matte dial allows the hour markers and hands to stand out during the day. The bezel features a matte insert, and rotates unidirectional at 120 clicks. Mirroring other higher-end Orient divers, the Triton boasts a date display as well as a nifty power reserve indicator. The size of the Triton falls between the Mako and past M-Force watches at 43.4mm wide and 13.6mm thick. It bears the “DIVER’S 200M” stamp on the dial and is compliant with the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) for a Class 1 Diver watch, making it suitable for recreational SCUBA diving. It is powered by the Orient caliber 40N5A, the same automatic, hand-winding and hacking movement that runs the Pro Saturation Diver. The Triton is available in three colorways: Black, Blue and Black/Gold Two-tone.
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Text Comments (22)
Tomasz Pelczar (5 months ago)
Very good watch, Omega was a little better ...
RøβєяŦ R๏ƙɨ F. (6 months ago)
43mm is NOT "too big" - if you DIVE
Jeremy Crowley (9 months ago)
would love to show you, I believe, one of the more unique Orient autos I have ever seen. Its vintage and has a feature I have never seen on thousands of watches searched and looked at. A color changing day marker system to show you what part of the day you are in. Red for morning...blue for evening. Have never seen another one like it. If you are interested let me know and Ill shoot you a video and picks. Also....if anyone would like to see it or has seen another one like it...Id love to know. Anyway...if you are interested let me know how to show you it. Wont see another one like it.
Jeremy Crowley (9 months ago)
and no...it is not the IP modern rotating hour hand watch. Nothing like that at all.
Yoga Sayogyo (9 months ago)
Please make a new ORIENT STAR DIVER with specs = Power Reserve, Diameter 40mm , Thickness 13mm, Ceramic Bezel, Sapphire Glass with AR Coating, 200mm JIS Class 1 Diver, Automatic and Hand Winding Movement.
Jo Gen (9 months ago)
Yes agree
Jason Ong (10 months ago)
I own a M Force beast and the accuracy is bullshit. Quite disappointing as it is a made in Japan model.
TIMEFORFUN (10 months ago)
Perfect watch . Size , look everything looks awesome . 43mm is the sweet spot in watches .
MaltLiquor45 (10 months ago)
43mm. Too big. Yes there is such a thing as too big.
Michael (10 months ago)
It wears fine on wrists down to 6.5 inches. Don't talk yourselves out of this future classic.
Michael (9 months ago)
Well, I thought that but when I got it, it wears fine. We all know watch dimensions, especially diameter can be deceiving.
TheFlyrodder68 (9 months ago)
Oh sure if you don't mind the look of a child wearing his dad's watch, go for it. 6.5" wrist is way too small for this watch IMHO.
Private Idaho (10 months ago)
How good are the Orient bracelets in terms of quality, fit and finish, etc? I'm thinking of buying one of these or a blue Ray II
George Moldovan (10 months ago)
A little bit to large, 43 mm is too much!
Moartle (10 months ago)
I own a ray raven ll rn
josias dos santos (10 months ago)
I'm Prentice watchmaker.
ALAPINO (10 months ago)
Attractive, but that date window still kills it for me.
Metal Gamer (10 months ago)
What do you mean?
Dean Speerbrecher (10 months ago)
I like it a lot. I currently own an orange M Force Bravo.
ALAPINO (10 months ago)
(Looks over at the urn on the mantle) No, you don't.
JohnnyGification (10 months ago)
ALAPINO I like it a lot also, I currently own your mom. By the way, nice watch Orient.
ALAPINO (10 months ago)
I like it a lot. I currently own a pencil.

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