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William Pellant (5 months ago)
Can you upgrade the wheels on your picker so it can roll over the asphalt with ease?
2016r6 860 (5 months ago)
My ski dose not fit straight on the trailer it's my 1st ski I got. Can u do a video how to ajust the sitting plate forms to fit the ski right
Kevin Lamb (5 months ago)
Where did you get the sling?
Garry Dean (5 months ago)
No doubt this will help many with transferring a jet ski when out of the water... Cool trick and keep the videos coming Garry:)
Loren P. (6 months ago)
Thanks for sharing and I'll give the first "thumbs up". I think saw your post on FB. My SVHO and VX are both front heavy and the leg of my cherry picker ends up exactly where the trailer tire is. My boom hook attachment point is centered above the storage box in front of the seat. I have a double axle (2) place Triton trailer and a single axle (1) place Triton, so this task is a bit more complicated for me. I would like to see you move a ski from the double trailer to the single  =0). Guys actually doing this will quickly find it's not that easy. I did not drop mine, but dropping a 900# Waverunner / Jet Ski is a real possibility. For that reason, I lifted the Waverunner and did not roll it while on the lift. P.S. I think a 10' tall gantry crane long enough to span the wheel wells of the double trailer with a 1 ton chain fall would be a good alternate way to swap trailers =0)
Garry Dean (6 months ago)
I posted the pics on FB when I took that RXPX off of the double and onto the single. It was equally as easy. The only scetchy part for me is moving the cherry picker when the PWC is in the air.
CSI AUTO DETAIL (6 months ago)
I was nervous and is not my jetski. Good info

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