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Tanita BC-543 Body Composition Monitor Unboxing / Basic Setup / Review

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Blog: http://www.mattwilliams83.blogspot.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/matt_williams83 Strava: http://www.strava.com/athletes/matt_williams83 Hi everyone and welcome back to the Fitness vLog! So, today my long awaited (well, 4 days over Christmas!) Tanita BC-543 Body Composition Monitor arrived! I thought I would do an unboxing/setup/review video of it to help you out, especially seeing as it might be something you would be interested in getting if you are serious about getting fit and healthy. Just to let you know, since making the video I've read the manual (typical Man eh?!) and with the amount of exercise i'm doing and my resting Heart Rate now around 45, i've changed the setting to 'Male, Athlete'; Since doing that (and making sure i'm not touching any of the filming equipment whilst being measured... Oops! :D ), the Body Fat % is right smack bang where I would have expected it to be after a few weeks of over indulgence in the run up to and over Christmas; around 12% rather than the 20% in the video when I was holding the microphone etc! So, I guess they must be pretty accurate! I hope the video is helpful & if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to pop them below & i'll do my best to answer them for you... In the meantime, i'm off to make a very geeky spreadsheet to track all this lovely new 'data' i'm going to get! Take care and hope to see you back soon, Matt
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boliussa (4 months ago)
Not a very good video. Half of it and it was barely out of the box. You didn't show wther or not it had any app and wireless functionality to transmit to the app and how that worked. You didn't show all the figures eg visceral fat.
boliussa (4 months ago)
+Matt Williams thanks for the response, good info re it not having an app/wireless transmission.
Matt Williams (4 months ago)
Haha - thanks for the comment...! :) Ironic that half of your comment (like the product, supposedly) is missing... Difficult to show it having any wireless functionality and how it interacts with an app when - well, it doesn't. Guess everyone's an expert when they're sat in an armchair trolling! :)
andyynwa94 (1 year ago)
What does guest mean?
슬윤 (2 years ago)
한국말로 번역 좀 해주세요 ㅠㅠ
Sam Sarg Dong (2 years ago)
Hi Matt,it's a long time since I saw the tanita 543 video and sent you a message. However, I still remember you from time to time. You seem to be a person with a lot of strength but at the same time you show great warmth in your videos. Well Mat, I want to wish you all the best for next year A warm hug from one of your youtube admirers!
Sam Sarg Dong (2 years ago)
Hi Matt, I'm very glad to hear from you again. I'm very sorry about your flying accident but now lamentations are useless. With some patience,constancy and effort you'll doubtless be considerably better in near future. Every situation has its pros and cons so I'm sure that an intelligent and vital person like you,will be able to reinvent himself again. I'd like to be closer to give you a big hug. Send me a message whenever you want or if you prefer it you can do it through Messenger. You can find me by John Martin Echaniz. Well Matt,take care. We need you!
Matt Williams (2 years ago)
Thanks - very kind words! :) Sorry i've been so quiet of late... I had a flying accident a couple of years ago and haven't been able to do any training or exercise since then. :( I'm hoping to get up and about again properly next year though and maybe i'll be back doing more videos! All the best for 2017 to you too, Matt
Thành Nguyễn (2 years ago)
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Bombshell _ (3 years ago)
How has it held up over the years and is there a chart or something to help you determine if to use athlete or not? BMR too that's exceptionally helpful!
Samuel Seleshi (3 years ago)
Nice video, I wonder if someone tell me the memory.  How many persons can use it to be able to trace the data back?
Jaques Naude (3 years ago)
Nice Video, do you know what the maximum metabolic age is ? Looking for something close to 100 years,
Umair Kasa (3 years ago)
Sam Sarg Dong (4 years ago)
You have very nice feet! Nice Review.
Matt Williams (4 years ago)
Sam Sarg Dong (4 years ago)
+Matt Williams Thank you for your funny answer. I'm very happy with the Tanita bc-543 and of course, having met you. Cheers!
Matt Williams (4 years ago)
Haha! Errrrm, thanks-I think! :)
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First Denied (2 years ago)
yeah bro, just don't hurt anybody...
First Denied (2 years ago)
yeah bro, just don't hurt anybody...
Thành Nguyễn (4 years ago)
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grylledbear (4 years ago)
Hi Matt, thanks for the review. After having it for a while, what do you think of the scale and its BF% functions? Did you find it accurate in tracking changes over time?
Matt Williams (4 years ago)
No worries, thank you for getting in touch! :) I've found it brilliant as a tool to help me monitor my composition and control my intake/exercise as required at different times of the year... The BF% seems to be fairly accurate - I use it at the same time each day (as soon as I get out of bed) so that i'm generally at the same level of hydration and haven't done any exercise of note for the few hours before I use it... That seems to keep if fairly accurate.  I have tried it after a training ride and at various times of day and the results can be way off those which I had in the morning! Hope that helps, Matt
teenyjem (4 years ago)
Hi - great vid - just what I was looking for in my search for some decent scales. My old Tanita is on it's way out but I love them so considering these as an upgrade - few quick questions... My current Tanita has the 1234 user modes too, but there is a basic version where you just switch it on and get on it (say if someone else was just wanting to check their weight) and it displays just weight. 1, Does this do that too? (Might be a stupid question but best to ask...) 2, And also - have you weighed say a handful of times in a row and got the same results? 3, Have you tried it on carpet versus the bathroom/kitchen? Does it have constant results on each surface? My main reason is that i plan on just using in one spot in the bedroom that is carpetted.
Matt Williams (4 years ago)
Thanks!  Yeah, you can just jump on and get weight without a User mode being used to grab weight.  It seems to give the same results but i've not jumped on and off it to check the previous numbers tbh… :)  I tried it on the carpet when I first got it and the results weren't very accurate - it says in the manual that it should be done on a solid surface so I just make sure it's either on the tiles in the kitchen or bathroom but I think it'd be the same problem with any scales? Hope that helps & answers your questions! Matt
Thiago Quinan (5 years ago)
Good video man! I'm also looking to buy one, and it was very helpful... Thanks!
#daryafit (6 months ago)
Hi Thiago. Did you buy the Tanita scale? I'm going to buy some, but I'm considering to get another one. Please let me know if you got and your opinion about this product. Thanks.
Matt Williams (5 years ago)
No problem! Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment - glad it was useful! :) Matt
heenas sass (5 years ago)
looking at buying one. thanks for the video!

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