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Make Art

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Follow Meg Graham www.artgirlsreality.com https://www.facebook.com/Art-of-Meg-Graham-110775085665197/ https://www.instagram.com/artgirlsreality_/ https://twitter.com/artgirlsreality https://www.youtube.com/artgirlsreality This is my contrubtion to cheeckychen's campaign to get the word, "ART" made into a category on YouTube. I was inspired by both eaglecrowowl and AVDJ videos to play with IT!! Thanks YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! Make Art/ eaglecrowowl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--EpJ2... Make Art/ AVDJ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0XSEl... If you want to contribute:"Attach your MAKE ART videos here!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92UKyr... Ok Boys and Girrrls so let's ALL get your crayons out and LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!! Ooooooooooooooooooooooie YEAH BABY! Thanks for stopping by!! Cheers, Meg
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Text Comments (51)
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@VirgilGuitar thanks Virgil!!
VirgilGuitar (7 years ago)
Very Cool!
chevkoch (9 years ago)
This made me think of Emoto's water crystal images. Is this your music?
AVDJ (9 years ago)
artgirlsreality (9 years ago)
Thanks BABE!! :D
AVDJ (10 years ago)
I just love this.
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Thanks Robert. COOL! I hope you are doing great. HUGS~Meg
Robert Len Stallard (10 years ago)
That was so beautiful, great animation!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
:D YES Art!! thank YOU!!
itsblockdog (10 years ago)
Thanks to YOU! :)
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Rock ON!
itsblockdog (10 years ago)
Geeeeszz Meg, It's people like you that MAKE weeks great! :O YES!
suuzzee5 (10 years ago)
!!!!! Can't wait to see some viddies! Glad you had a good time...was supposed to be in NM but NM came to me instead... :) So sorry I couldn't be there with you guys!!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Hey thank YOU voodoo202! If ya have Photoshop you can do it. Even the paint program on window can rock!! Let that inner child have some fun. It is like taking out the crayons and just drawing. There is NO wrong answer...just RIGHT!! :D
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Suze THANK YOU! You can rock it too...let the inner child play...it all playing! Experiment and have FUN!!... TOOBSTOCK ROCKED GIRRRL by the way!! :D
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Hey Dewa thank YOU!!!! ART ROCKS!!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Thank YOU!! It is So true Pete! I can't tell you how many vids that I made that took to me to a higher vibration and made me feel GOOD again.And the bounus points.... I can make other folks get HIGH too!! Now that is what I am talkin bout!! :D
suuzzee5 (10 years ago)
FABULOUS!!! These visuals could only have been made by a musician, Meg...reminded me of what LPs WISH they had always looked like! :)) Great music also.
Wandering Creator (10 years ago)
Hey Meg :) Always enjoy your art videos & they always make me feel inspired to want to be creative again...as you say it's good for you as an individual & good for everyone else that sees it...ART HEALS! :D Spiffing Vid As Always. Light Filled Vibes Pete
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Hey Randy thanks babe!! Hope you are good and and having a wonderful weekend!! Cheers!!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Ronnie all the nice comments thanks man. Have a great weekend! Cheers, Meg
itsblockdog (10 years ago)
What a break....It's like a holiday to come by what you radiate .... ahhh fresh air... :)
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Thanks Rubin! :D
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Thanks Dudean...same to YOU man!!! Cheers!
Dudean Walker (10 years ago)
youtube is a great medium to show people what we create, glad I have found your channel!
amazing; love it! :) Ruben
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Cool E!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
lol sounds good to meeeeeeeeeeeee!
kiohitita (10 years ago)
lets go enter to the Infinity
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Thank YOU PAUL.....and THANK YOU for creating this project!! GOOD STUFF!! Cheers!!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Jan thank YOU girrrrl!!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Thank You Kris! I am good!!! I hope you are too!!!! So up with YOU???? Cheers
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Virg...giggle giggle Thanks YOU!!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Thank YOU ROB! :D
Ottawarocket (10 years ago)
This is beautiful : ) Rocket
VirgilGuitar (10 years ago)
Very cool Meg! Chrystalline trippiness through your imaginary forest if I do say so myself. Voonderbardy!!!
zzzzzzzzap (10 years ago)
Beautiful as ever Meg. Ever original, ever inspiring. Hope you're well. Peace
jantheempress (10 years ago)
cheekychen (10 years ago)
thanks a lot! very cool :)
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Crayons ROCK! :D thanks Babe!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
sis you don't want to know....HOURS of photophop lol,but the cool part is goes by REALLY FAST when you having FUN!! Thanks girrrl! It is a GREAT cause!! I love kaliedascope and fractiles!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
... :D
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
thank YOU Heidi!! :D
HeidiSaid (10 years ago)
As usual - beautiful Meg! ~peace (just lovely)
LaTressa Smith (10 years ago)
I have no idea how you do this, but it is SOOOO cool, like a kaliedascope!!! beautiful!!! I wish I had some kind of cool art to contribute! It's a good cause in the name of ART!!
AVDJ (10 years ago)
Right on! I'm glad you're putting your weight behind the MAKE ART campaign, artgirlsreality, and thanks for the link as well. I am a huge fan of eaglecrowowl, and the campaign is well worth the support. Great job! Your work reminds me of biology in some ways. Radial symmetry, and snowflakes, and mathematics. I wanna get my crayons out again!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Thanks GIT!! :D Have a great my freind!! :D
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
It would be COOL Brad!! Thank YOU!!! Let see what happens! You know the power of the people can do some amazing things!! Hugs, Meg
Boucrate (10 years ago)
A definite WoW! Great work! And the message goes on! Merci my dear beautiful and amazing Artist!
BradCampbell63 (10 years ago)
I wish you well in getting ART as a catagory. Notice some galleries are on the tube and do their shows on YT,but not under the art catagory...beautiful work as always, you are amazing :)
guitarrox (10 years ago)
This is cool Meg very mesmerizing with great back ground tunes ! Im diggin this 5 *s from rox

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