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The Great Arcanum - The Secret of Secrets

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The following video is mostly the opinion and research done by https://gnosticteachings.org/ This is basically the first 16 min. of an hour long video called: SEX - The Secret Gate To Eden [Full Film]. The visuals are completely different. https://youtu.be/2jRUBzyFzbU The Great Arcanum - The Secret of Secrets At the heart of every great mystical and religious tradition persists a secret, universal truth – The Great Arcanum (a great deep secret; mystery). Throughout history it has been expressly forbidden to reveal the secrets of The Great Arcanum to the public for it was a heresy (person who practiced or had knowledge of Hermetics. Thus its mysteries have remained a hidden legacy, veiled behind mystical stories and the worlds inheritance of art and literature… For all to admire, some to imitate, but few to understand. Hidden in the silent faces of Egyptian monuments, under the gaze of the Vedic Gods, between the lines of the old books of Alchemy, and tantalizing us from the mist of the Aztecs and Mayans. The essence of the secret doctrine has always been there. Throughout the history of humanity, only a select few were initiated into the mysteries of this great universal truth, and those few guided the rest of humanity, and gave them the outwards symbols of that truth as guidance. For the great Arcanum, the secret of secrets was fiercely protected and offered only to those who have proven there moral purity and trustworthiness. But as humanity entered the dark age, the divine knowledge went underground to survive in isolated areas around the world. For many centuries the Great Arcanum has been beckoning to humanity, from behind the stories and myths that veil it. The knowledge it delivers is universal, and applies to all true religions and mystical traditions. Whether it is the serpent of Adam and Eve, from the Judaeo-Christian tradition, the serpent of the Aztec tradition, the serpent climbing the caduceus of the Greek god Hermes, or the serpents of the Hindu or Buddhist traditions, all these symbols contain the same teachings. Finally, after centuries of darkness and ignorance, the time has come for this hidden doctrine to be revealed. The Path All religions are precious jewels on the golden string of divinity. - Samael Aun Weor The word Religion derives from the Latin root, meaning Union. Religion: (Latin religare) meaning Union. Yoga: (Sanskrit Yug) meaning Union The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root Yug, which also means Union. Universal Truth - http://www.369universe.com If you wish to make a small donation, it would be Greatly appreciated - Thank you :) PayPal Donation Link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=6QHHNJVALEQDN
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Tia Jolie Phillips (14 hours ago)
Beautiful, well done.
OlymPigs2010 (1 day ago)
...All Religions were in essence just Man Made Greedy Ploys Devised to Control and Exploit People!
Chuck Touchton (2 days ago)
Religion is from the Latin religare: to control...
Louis DeMonte (2 days ago)
Well done.
Beyza'sRay (3 days ago)
well everything you mentioned here was never a secret to muslims. we all believe Allah belongs to no gender, as having a gender would make im equal to man, thus not almighty
Keep up the good work! Jai ho 🙏
Mai * (8 days ago)
I totally agree and could not stop studying it all.... everything is as you say and I have not found another until I came across your Video. Finally... I am not alone in this.. I looked for a millisecond at Light within and had to withdraw... the Power... Touch it with your mind and you are instantly reabsorbed into that Energy... and now Life is incredible... knowing so much. One does become androgynous within, meaning I am very much in touch with my male side and my Voice changed, but I prefer staying female for a while longer;) I had deciphered the same exact things and came to the same conclusions. I focus on Water, which is ALIVE... one cannot share more, Humanity is still not ready to accept the great Change. It always took Disasters to bring them together. As I said, what they experience now is because everything is out of Balance and Nature needs Balance to be fruitful! I hope we can chat privately?
Gareth Collocott (9 days ago)
Excellent video...so sad to see so many still brainwashed.
Jay Pierre (14 days ago)
God is the all. He's in the fabric of all things. Neither male or female but a spirit being of wonder.
Shan Ri Ha (17 days ago)
Amazing to see people who call themselves Christians demeaning and choosing to fight with other christians about who's right etc, where's the PEACE and LOVE in that Christians? Peace
Dottie Ward (22 days ago)
If you intend to be accurate, the name of God in ancient, originally written Hebrew was YHWH. Vowels were later added to form Yahweh by Christians. To avoid using the Holy Name in vain, the Jews used Adonai, meaning Lord. In the 13th century, the vowel sounds of Adonai were added to YHWH, resulting in ‘Yahowah of which the Latinized spelling is Jehovah. Most Christian denominations do not accept its use & consider it a corruption of the original, ancient Hebrew, first recorded by a monk in 1270 AD. ~ Rev. Janna +
Kyle Baggett (25 days ago)
that's right and now 1/3 of the world is claiming to have experienced transcendence. a lot of people are going to be really confused when this happens to them because they've never been educated properly and because we have been lied to and told that this tree of knowledge good evil is sinful and bad. so when jesus said he'd be back what he meant was that this knowledge would resurface because God will always be able to lead people to the truth and reveal these things to them. so now let me ask this, when Transcendence becomes mainstream then are they going to say, out of ignorance, that it's the false salvation that the antiChrist preaches. in the Bible says that in the end of days good will be called bad and vice versa. Well the Tree Knowledge Good Evil is being called bad and so far it seems like a really good thing because it represents alchemy and alchemy is the road to transcending and experiencing one-ness with God (SHEKHINAH in KABBALAH). When this happens there's usually synchronicities involved and as well sometimes prophecy. I won't get into that. But let me also ask THIS! Why is it that everything that the mainstream establishments have produced programmed our brains to go in the opposite direction of Transcendence? Why did they lie to us about this process and about this means? Why are so many people in Free Masons and in our governments and in our many world religions tied to KABBALAH in some way? I mean if you really dig into it, you'd be surprised. Why are they all represented by the Star of David (or the STAR OF REPHAN in my opinion)? Are they hiding this information from us and using it for themselves???? Or am I just reading into it? It just really feels to me like they intentionally hide it. I mean if this dude on the internet can discover this shit he's probably not the only one who has. so why isn't this knowledge more available? He's definitely right about how once you receive the philosopher's stone the whole Bible becomes one long allegory for spiritual transcendence and achieving one-ness with God. Once you have this experience you can even interpret the book of Revelation. One last thought here but, does anyone else wonder if Jesus used hypnosis to baptize people and help them to transcend? I'm trying to look into this. i think of Jesus and Krishna like i think of Mozart. For no reason at all Mozart was a great musician. In the same way, for no reason at all, Jesus and Krishna and many others were just woke as fuck.
Gold creek Tunes (25 days ago)
I like how people come into the comments and tell people what they should and shouldn’t believe. I don’t care and I tend to ignore it but I like how we aren’t even allowed to have our own beliefs anymore without criticism. Proving all this religion is about ego. Why can’t we all keep it to ourselves?
Be Ja (27 days ago)
Constantinos 1377 (28 days ago)
Moses was azazel...
Outworld Studios (28 days ago)
Yea this is just straight up taking the bible out of context. The reason the serpent is worshiped everywhere around the world except in the bible is because the Word of God taught that the serpent was Satan, who tempted man into thinking he could be his own God. This "become your own God" idea is central in all eastern mysticism, mystery religions, and new-age religion. It's a lie created by Satan because he wanted to destroy Man. Jesus even taught that Satan was the "GOD" of this world. He taught that Satan was real, and no laughing matter, no SYMBOL, as you claim him to be. Jesus pulled literal devils out of people, who were beyond saving by any other means. Jesus even said Satan is the prince of this earth, and that we (humans) wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Satan rules this world and Satan even offered to Jesus himself, the kingdoms of the world whom Satan had the RIGHT to give, because God allowed Satan to rule the earth. But Jesus taught that his kingdom would come, and replace the kingdom that satan has propped up to worship himself. You're lost if You're worshiping the devil or, you're worshiping yourself. Even Krisna in eastern mysticism calls himself Yama the ruler of hell. He has a serpent coiled around his neck, so does vishnu, brahma, and shiva. Krishna also called himself the great cosmic serpent. The bible teaches the old serpent is Satan, who was at the Garden of Eden and tempted Adam & Eve. That's why Krishna can get shot in the foot and die of a curse; Because he's not God. Jesus died of his own accord, and was RESURRECTED, not "reincarnated", no he resurrected and defeated Sin & Hell, and paid the price FOR ALL OUR SINS. I was into this new-age malarkey for YEARS, and talked to spirits which turned out to be DEMONS, and FALLEN ANGELS. I was mislead too, so before all the haters say I don't know shit, FYI, I had contact with demons when I was 6, against MY FREE WILL. They attack and suppress all of us, we just don't know it. They want to keep us all from a saving knowledge of Jesus; and if we find Jesus they want to keep us from being effective believers, that's why they can make the world turn against Christians, because most of this world is controlled by sin & wickedness, and they're the government of wickedness, they're the definition of evil. They're the sons of God, that REBELLED and followed Lucifer. That's why everywhere in the world you look today, Governments are infiltrated by satanic powers. The UN security council room has a mural that depicts Satan tempting Adam & Eve in the garden. The bible even says that Satan will try to make a one world government before Jesus comes back and establishes his own world kingdom that will last 1000 years!!! Bible prophecy is being fulfilled whether YOU like it or NOT. Israel was resurrected as the bible prophecies, wars & rumors of wars are among us. And now EUROPE is becoming the 10 nation beast kingdom that Jesus prophesied for the end of days. You better get right and repent of these wicked beliefs! You're hope is Jesus. He is the way the truth and the light. For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son, that whosever believe in him shall not perish, but have everlasting LIFE. Choose the way, or choose your own way...But the bible says if you will choose your own way, you will answer to God on the day of the white throne judgement, where he will ask you if you placed your trust in Christ, and when you say no, he will hold you accountable for your sins... and then be cast into the lake of fire.
Art G (29 days ago)
it is all about DNA creation. An advanced civilisation afar from Earth who came and created us.
Final172 (29 days ago)
hinduism without a doubt is teaching the truth. Its time u drop your ego and learn about hinduism
JungleMom 12 (29 days ago)
Elohim isn't androgynous, the plurality of Gods created male and female BOTH in THEIR image. at the very best you could say that the Gods of creation were male and female and created male and female humans. This doctrine is a perversion of the truth, while I'm sure you mean well, you have fallen for an ancient lie.
Rafael Souza (1 month ago)
C'mon. God does not contain both male and female. He is genderless. It makes all the difference.
Akasha Makara (1 month ago)
Aww this is such a lovely video thanks
peter harris (1 month ago)
read the book Persecuted in new zealand A migrants story. search pete kiley
P Gray (1 month ago)
Descarte said that the only truth is math (ie, numbers)
caroline dineo (1 month ago)
The is no lie and truth, information is what is called. And within ourselves we digest the info and see the respond ( individually) since we have different perceptions
J Spiddimz (1 month ago)
Indeed God is a man. A.L.L.A.H. stands for Arm, Leg, Leg, And Head.
luvtocmoon (1 month ago)
Your videos are amazing
Y'all better continue to seek God the Almighty because YouTube will purposely change your personal algorithm to deceive you trust me.. So I advise anyone "studying/awakening/seeking" whatever you wanna call it to do so with an open mind but please remember to keep God 1st so that he may guide you on your quest💯
Jehovah....Yehowah...no j in hebrew and w becomes a v by sound. So Y was used originally and w instead of a v. Changed later. Yehowah is no different than Yahweh. It's based on YHWH. Which is how the Hebrews hid the name of their so called God who was actually an Elohim. El is word for God because Enlil, known as EL among Elohim, was the most high ranking among them here. Saying El ohim is also saying the people of EL. Just like saying Anunaki is saying people of Anu, Enlil and Enki's father. Yahweh is false. This is just the way it was decided to add the vowels. It's really Yehwah....Yeeah....Ea...Enki The hebrews lost the ability over time to even know the true name of their Elohim leader. Says at the top of the ten commandments I am Enki of the Elohim. The vowels missing are the two letters that make up Ea's name. Yehwah...Yeeah...EA. ENKI. Enki is derived from son of An ruler of ki=earth. Anki which became Enki. It's pronounced An-ki though. Not N key. On key. Anki= Enki = Ea lord of earthlings. People of Ea. Even Earth means realm of Ea.
Alicat 72 (1 month ago)
Good video, and love the Satie piece at the end. Satie’s music is pristine and pure.
Monchi2006 (1 month ago)
moses didnt exist and the 5 books were written after babylonian captivity. still the message is true
Kronos (1 month ago)
Jackson McNuggets (1 month ago)
I stopped going out so I wouldn’t see Gigi Hadid’s face on every billboard magazine product and yet here she is *cries*
elchalo66 (1 month ago)
The Bible mentions 3 heaven not 7.
elchalo66 (1 month ago)
The secrets are the gospel and the mistery of the church of christ. Jesus came to separate religion rather than United them. Male and female x female y male.
Kenisha Hammond (1 month ago)
This is one of the most deepest videos I've ever heard.
Be Free (1 month ago)
Do your blood over intent, side by side whit us all
Dre5 Productions LLC (1 month ago)
Was the secret of secrets revealed? Did I miss a part during the commercial? Damn it, I have to watch this again?
Marzuki Adam (1 month ago)
lord Sesshoumaru (1 month ago)
funny how many " christians " are rejecting this, doesn't the Bible say Eve was taken from Adam, but Adam was not androgynous or a hermaphrodite, his body was male with the female making him spiritually complete, able to procreate without intercourse with another (*edit, like with Mary ),why would God have only made Adam and say be fruitful and multiply ? why would God have made Adam and say it was good and then say it is not good for man to be alone ? did God make a mistake ? than He would not be God. No it was lucifer, jealous that angels can only manipulate but not create and so split the feminine from Adam planning his seed with Eve, God put enmity between the serpent seed and the woman's seed because the serpent had done this, done what ? manipulated God 's creation to bring about his own seed. abraHAM made a blood covenant with the god of this world adoni / jehovah which is lucifer, the covenant with abraHAM was for " His seed " not the " woman's seed " as in Genesis which only the Lord Jesus Christ was born of the woman's seed and the god of this world would tempt our Lord with the same deception that abraHAM fell for, worship me and I will give you all these gifts OF THIS WORLD, but as Jesus said His Kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD, Jesus told us to store up are rewards in heaven, NOT OF THIS WORLD. The number of the beast is the number of A MAN and His number is 666, 666 is not a number it is the hebrew letter shin, which means mystery which means the number of the MAN is a mystery, in Revelation when lucifer is released to deceive the whole world after the 1000 years, gog and magog is the whole world, the number of whom is as the sand of the sea, ring any bells ? abraHAM's seed is numbered as the sand of the sea. the serpent seed is sperm, the man is Adam and his number is not 666 it is as the sand of the sea, all of mankind is gog and magog, the beast, abraHAM's covenant promised that kings would come from his seed, the kings of the beast. The Lord Jesus Christ was the only one born of the woman's seed and is the return to the perfect creation that the Father made in the beginning, only spiritual rebirth into Jesus will redeem us, when the mosaic law given by lucifer condemned Jesus to death and His innocent blood was shed by the law the innocent blood of Jesus abolished the law and we are free from lucifer's law by the grace of Jesus, the Lord Jesus Christ is the truth and THE ONLY WAY, Romans 10 9 time is very short...
hi shane (1 day ago)
So how about that long lost forgotten women figure that came before "Eden"??? Explain that....
lord Sesshoumaru (1 month ago)
long story short, Why would God make man in His image to have man worship him ? is that not narcissistic, but God is Holy so that can not be true. would anyone have children and make the child worship the parent ? there are a lot of bad parents, but most people have children for love because they want to love their child and be loved by their child, yes... the OT interaction with adoni / jehovah, lucifer, was always worship me as your god, it was only until Jesus and John 3 16 was the motivation because of love, and Jesus never said worship the Father, Jesus said love the Father above all else... time to 2 Timothy 2 15 and figure out who you call daddy !!!
Stephanie preston (1 month ago)
Keep up the great work, disregard the nay sayers, some of us are allowed to use more than 10% of our brains.
Rebel with a Cause (1 month ago)
cool bro like it a lot 🙏🌻
Jo (1 month ago)
the androgynous god is interesting because baphomet is also. The Knights Templars were accused of worshiping baphomet. It was also mentioned that the templars were mason which was also speculated to be masons. In 1927 in the jewish tribune of new york it was said that masonry is based on Judaism. Rabbi Isaac Wise states that Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment. Also i always noticed the the depiction of God always seems to resemble Moses. As it states in this video about Moses writing the torah ( the first five books in the bible) he came from egypt which is what freemasons use as depictions on their buildings and architecture, dollar bills, washington monuments, etc. Moses was jewish. This video offers a lot of insight and fills the gaps on certain things I've read and watched.
Mastercarver (1 month ago)
Why in Esoteric Judaism does the Rib of Adam have and entirely meaning from its biblical meaning. And why do messianic rabbis want to put the rib back into man in America by use of proxy such as the LGBTQ lobbies? What is meant by trying to socially engineer society to blurr the lines of male and female and why are rabbis so eager to see the rib put back into man?
Tammatha Billings (1 month ago)
there are so many closed minded ppl in the world, i wish ppl would realize that just because u believe something does not mean that it is the truth. we are all here on earth trying to learn & evolve. if ppl would open there eyes & see that all things lead to source. regardless of the religion or science that u believe in, all of them are essentially saying the same thing & if u would take your ego out of it & open your mind then u would be able to see it. that is why i have no problem with what others believe in.
Donna Vaughn (1 month ago)
never was androgenus, we came from the gods, we have 2 parents the Father and the mother whose role isn't to do those things the the Father did, in creating this earth etc. Her role is different but she is there, because neither can man be without the woman nor woman without the man. There is no secret, all that is needed is to love others as you love yourself, it's the higher law and everything else hangs on it, so simple
Diamond Eagle (1 month ago)
the All Authoritative WORD of GOD says that "there is nothing that is hidden that will not be exposed" - only wickedness wants to "hide" things; thus "occultism" is all rooted in "witchcraft" (a/k/a "disobedience", rebellious infidel against the WORD) which GOD will destroy by "purging" it by HIS ALL CONSUMING FIRE. Seeking vain control & power, all self-interest glory will be brought to ashes. Occultism does not "fear" GOD properly. "The LION is not "safe", but HE is good." (Charles Lewis)
Diamond Eagle (1 month ago)
I love the diagram of the two trees. Where did you get that from? :-)
Francine Turner (1 month ago)
Word of Promise App John 1:1-14 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. 4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. 6 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. 7 This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all through him might believe. 8 He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. 9 That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world. 10 He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. 11 He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. 12 But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: 13 who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. 14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.
M.A.G.I.S.A. (1 month ago)
Debbie Culley (1 month ago)
I heard that in the upper realms or celestial levels all beings are androgenous. So, in effect, this story could be true.
Cider Waffles (1 month ago)
This is part of that mission to remove peoples identitys, the bible speaks against gender bending. Yes moses was in egypt (he probably saw a lot of it going on) and the israelites probably saw it in babylon, the bible says stay away from gender bending, the word holy means seperate, and it tells the israelites to seperate themselves from all the madness going on in the world. It symbolised Babylon "the great whore" a woman with mystery written on her forehead. Some of whats in this video might be true, BUT its not for US, that's where i think people get it wrong.
Damali Moore (1 month ago)
No...angels are not female...they are the sons of god.
Charles Zackary Sacks (1 month ago)
The Absolute or God is energy, and is beyond of any gender. The entity that the jews worship is not a real god but just a deity. Jawe is a demon that needs their blood that in each circumcision they bleed... The jews are just cursed people....that is why they need to spread the blood of others to satisfy their deity jawe...otherwise their own blood would be spread to calm the hunger of the demon jawe....pity of them. Jews manage, control, and direct Freemasonry as well. Jawe is baphomet - Lucifer worshiped in the higher degrees of Freemasonry, moreover they try to developed downwards the energy so called 'Kundaline', in far east, through masturbation rituals to get psychic powers.... The pentagram represent the man, two arms, two legs, and one head. However, the hexagram, symbolized by the superposition of the compass upon the square, represents the 33° mason with two arms, two legs, one head, and one tale developed downward..... The tale of demons!!!!
Far East (1 month ago)
Please just don't use the Koran in this whole corrupted thing, this book was preserved against any form of falsification that's why I admire it. The snake is the devil, Hermes is an extension of the devil. I don't really agree with your presentation, it reminds me the Kabbale.
Krina Kkrriinnaa (1 month ago)
Beautiful, thank you
Summer Rae (1 month ago)
7 Continent's, 7 different chakras we love ourselves and God created us. We must create him. Good thoughts and forgiveness to let go of the past and keep our eye here on the sky! Set high goals. Left and right woman and man and become one together soft yet firm. Respect for the mind and heart. ......let's get it right we all are. Say it with me ... iam
ScorpioRob666 (1 month ago)
It's amazing to read some of the comments here, from rigid adherents to Abrahamic religions (mostly Christians), and Atheists too, who just do not get it ... Sometimes, no matter how much the writing is on the wall, in front of them, they still refuse to see ... Different TRUTHS can be found amongst ALL different religions and ALL different spiritualities, and ALL of them are just different FRUITS /POISONS upon THE TREE OF LIFE / DEATH (Everything in the Universe has a positive and negative polarity within itself). Another thing VERY worthy of remembrance, is that most TRUTHS (especially those pertaining to things spiritual), are paradoxical in their character. It is rumoured in some esoteric circles, that ALL paradoxes may be reconciled ONLY when the student is ready. .. All religions have an exoteric (outer), and esoteric (inner), side to them. The vast majority of the adherents to the Abrahamic religions, know only of the exoteric side to their religion (well, the vast majority of Christians and Muslims anyway). .. Back in Ancient Khem (Egypt), where the mystery school tradition was alive and strong (as it was in Ancient summer and Ancient babalon too), the peoples didnt refer to their GODS and GODDESSES as GODS and GODDESSES, they referred to them as a 'NETER' (singularly), or as the 'NETERU' (collectively), the definition of which being, 'FORCES OF NATURE'. This in my opinion (although not in accord with the official version), is the TRUE etymological root of the English word NATURE. .. Another thing some might find interesting, is that they had no word for religion back in Ancient Khem, but they did have a word for Magick. I will not say it here.
lo 777 (2 months ago)
Ana (2 months ago)
God is not androgynous. God is us. WE ARE ORIGINALLY ENERGY.. we all have qualities of male and female but depending on our real projected genderoin this planet depends on which one of these qualities plays dominantly in us. God isn't tangible he's a perfect balance between male and female meaning he doesn't gave a true gender. ***Stop trying to tell us through this video the definition of God when clearly what you're showing in this video is proof of why the government praises the devil as their God therefore, we don't need their belief and secret knowledge or persuasion on why we should believe the right God is what they want to tell us. Their whole belief system is in reverse of God, Jesus and the message of Love, and no good to the welfare of the global society is taken into consideration by their 'elite' occultist agenda.
Ravi Singh (1 month ago)
Aham bramhasmi , this is what hinduism is too Increase your knowledge about others first
Anthony Lynch (1 month ago)
And you are reatarded as hell esau
Douglas Myrick (2 months ago)
Loagz Beatz (2 months ago)
It isn't really a secret... I mean the Bhagavad Gita & Srimad Bhagavatam plainly say this in the text. It's more like it's unknown to people who haven't stumbled upon it yet. If they haven't, they're just not spirtually ready. Everyone will eventually come to understand their union with the Divine, and that all of your thoughts are the means of communication. The esoteric side of religion is that the stories have a deeper meaning that pertains to you personally, but it has to be realized and not taught. That's why Jesus had to "open up the minds" of his disciples to understand scripture, and Vyasa states the stories are written for laymen, women and children to comprehend God. As Above, So Below - you are it. You don't have to look any further. You just haven't realized it yet. Religion is meant to keep morality and guide people in an upward evolution of the soul, unfortunately that isn't really the case anymore, and the leaders themselves don't understand the esoteric side of things. Pretty dangerous.
Mihai Popa (2 months ago)
"she shall be called woman cause she was made from man" like the english language was back then if this sf story would had been true......wake up neanderthals
EQOAnostalgia (2 months ago)
I would advise everyone to turn their backs on this. Just my 2 cents.
Chi Funk (2 months ago)
All Hail the Androgynous Ones ;-)
LikeLike Mike (2 months ago)
elemental beings with the power to experience and control their own emotions humanity is and that is a being that is made out of perfection. the grey matter isn't above every organ in the human body the heart is, a beautiful organ born of the two emotions of love and music when they touch light manifests and the self begins to form through the heart an organ that reflects its own creator the one above all and after 9 months a complete one with the mind the soul and the Holy spirit is born if only people would see what a marvelous creation we are respect among all beings existing on the face of the earth would prevail but many hate life yet life loves them.
RoiF (2 months ago)
Shiva and Parvati... All religion's concepts got their inspirations from Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Path). Go search for patterns.
sharline evripidou (2 months ago)
God did not create us in His image but rather by His imagination. He designed the world out of imagination and everything in it, like all living things are of the imagination of God. God has no image. Only imagination and Will to let it be.
Brett Houston Tube (2 months ago)
Great clip! The symbol in the story of Adam and Eve was not an apple, but the Amenita Muscaria mushroom.
Kelly Smith (2 months ago)
Captain (2 months ago)
Awesome ending, can't wait to find my wife.
Andy Gascon (2 months ago)
The more I go down the rabbit hole I’m starting to believe it’s all Bull Shit everything on the Internet n the news Cause that’s all you hear is there wrong I’m right or wrong. I have a mind n I damm well use it cause it tells me along with my soul to make judgement using my senses. The earth is spinning I don’t Since it or flat I can’t see for myself so I can’t say one way or another ppl, just think for yourself.Like space I have no idea never been n probably won’t ever go lol but it is fascinating to read n watch programs cause you have to keep a open mind to all things in life
Alternatives for Life (2 months ago)
So God created Humin and then separated humin into man and Whoa Man! ; ) This i can live with but not Whoa man(!) being made from male...ugh! : )
The Only Centrist (2 months ago)
Could you link me to the image at 0:20 so I can have it without words on it? That is a great image. Having trouble finding it.
EMG channel (2 months ago)
This is interesting and truly inspirational
Shane Griffin (2 months ago)
What is the significance of the root word arc? Arcanum, arch of covenant, archaic - meaning from beginning, architect, archer/ Arthur/ north star, Noah's arc, Arcturian etc.
Chris - Sol Mon (2 months ago)
Moses was a Levite. From the tribe of Levi, not Judah.
Alexander Cage (2 months ago)
question everything. And become lost. Because knowledge is and ocean to freedom.
Laura Vescovi (2 months ago)
Beautifully done and clearly understood💛
MrDRJC. (2 months ago)
4.39mins. Look at blokes hair. Dead sheep on top of head... plus more... pic in pic in pic...
Tamara Bellydance (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video.
Sophie Chandler (2 months ago)
This is great, thankyou
GoldenPepsiJK Lopez (2 months ago)
Neither Male Nor Female.
No está la opción de subtítulos en español. ¡Internet es internacional! Actívelos, por favor.
Legion James (2 months ago)
"Those who see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses" - Plato So when you do achieve some gnosis keep quiet about it for your own sake.
CheesecakeLasagna (2 months ago)
I don't even know what Arcanum means clicking this and I still have no idea. Meaning of Life?
oscartmic (2 months ago)
No secrets here
David Johnson (2 months ago)
here is the true secret your whole world is upside down, and what you think you know you dont, take the text "I AM" take a mirror to the text turn it to the left 33 degrees, the hieroglphs read as such, "I" becomes the two pillars "A" becomes the all seeing eye "M"becomes THE HOUR GLASS OF TIME, ... ADAM this is the one eyed symbology, this is why celebrities all cover one eye, say the word"THE LORD" OUT LOUD NOW SAY "THE LOWERED",
Grizzly BƎAR (2 months ago)
shirvan ray (2 months ago)
This is the art of true deception to mix truth with error but it reveals one truth that all esoteric religion are all one and the same including Catholicism. Jesus Christ is still the only way, the truth and the life. It is no secret what God can do.
عبدالله فيصل (3 months ago)
In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful Gog and Magog Allah has said: ( And when it is said to them, Do not cause corruption on the earth, they say, We are but reformers.(11)Unquestionably, it is they who are corrupters, but they perceive{it} not.) The Noble Quran(2:11:12). Praise to Allah and thank to Allah and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. We will show you in this subject what is Gog and what is Magog, We say that(Gog) is the organization of Daesh(ISIS) who came from every place of earth, Allah has said: (Until when Gog and Magog are let out, they come from every place{of earth.}) The Noble Quran(21:96). The organization of Daesh(ISIS) consist of multi Arab and foreign nationalities and they are from various countries of the world. The Noble Quran show us that they come from every place of earth and Allah has described them as corrupters in this noble verse as he has said: (Indeed Gog and Magog are corrupters on the earth) The Noble Quran(18:94), And the meaning of (corruption on the earth) includes a lot of things such as killing, torture, abuse, displacement and restrictions on the worshipers of Allah and corrupting the people's livelihood and spread injustice. The members of Daesh(ISIS) keep thinking that they are reformers, but in fact they are merely corrupters as noted in the verse above. And (Magog) they are the people of local areas who have joined them(ISIS:Gog) or anybody who support them in deeds, speech and belief. There is a lot of false Hadiths(prophet Mohammad's sayings) about Gog and Magog in which they give them non-human descriptions, and this is something that does not count on it, while the messenger of Allah, prayer and peace be upon him in true Hadith has described them that they are descending from the sons of Adam as he has said: (Indeed, Gog and Magog (descending) from the sons of Adam, and if they had sent to the people then they shall corrupt their livelihood), also according to false Hadiths that Gog and Magog shall drink the rivers Euphrates and Tigris and this does not conform with mind, but the true narrated Hadiths says that the level of the river Euphrates going to be lesser than normal not because Gog and Magog drank it, but because of the dams in countries that it going through. https://www.facebook.com/alfurqanforall/photos/a.401041073317576/1075007309254279/?type=3&theater
Oleg Literati (3 months ago)
no matter how much knowledge a human being can acquire, it is but a fraction of the knowledge God has for in this universe. all the things human beings have ever known are just carnal knowledge. nobody ever actually see God himself because he is nothing, everything, and is all things their is. God consists of everything in this universe. he is one with the creation. nobody can make a life out of someone because it is His, that is why we are just mortals seeking for everything infinite knowledge, that is why be contented with what you have and where you are. the worst curse satan had put on us are greed and temptation. God is infinite. if you try to seek all knowledge.and secrets, it is forbidden and is ungodly. just pray for this world so that satan can never have any hold on humanity, and pray to the Almighty to lift up our curse and let us return to the so.called garden of eden, shamballa.
Ben Veramu (3 months ago)
For a Christian this video is unacceptable as it relegates God to an angelic being. God is the creator of man and angels etc. It is as if a human decided to create a robot and then later people started to refer to the human as a robot, the adversary has been trying to diminish Gods stature and authority since the beginning and he was cast out of heaven for that and then he tempted Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of "knowledge" of good and evil,he told them their eyes would be opened and they would be like God and even today the devil still offers that same old lie but in a more modern and attractive package after all he comes as an angel of light with appealing and seducing knowledge.
Noriel Balaoro (3 months ago)
From what I understand in this video.. LIFE is all about SEX. It simply doesnt make sense..
MrZaboomafoo822 (3 months ago)
I thought religare meant "to bind, to tie," or "to fasten." Sort of like "to practice" or do something over and over again to reinforce it. Basically, religion is anything you practice, and/or practice a lot. Using a smartphone could count as a religion. Even atheists have religious habits. They just misunderstand the word "religion," religiously tying it to the "religious establishment" or institutions, ironically. Christianity is not a "religion." Practicing and adhering to what Jesus taught, the Truth of His Message as the Son of God, the perfect sacrifice as an atonement for our sins, helping the widows and orphans as James states as another example--these are religious practices. Therefore, religion can be either good or bad. It's whatever you practice. That's religion. This "union" idea sounds like the New Age One World belief-system coming on the scene, described in the Bible as the "Beast Kingdom," and "Mystery Babylon, the Harlot/Whore" before it. In such times, Humans will think they are serving "god" when they slaughter God's people (since we will be a nuisance to this "New Age Plan"). And, respectfully, and with love, all this "esoteric" and "occult/hidden knowledge" stuff sounds an awful lot like the part of Revelation, in the criticism of the various churches, pertaining to the, as John refers to, almost in disdain, "so-called secrets of lucifer." Basically, it's a sham. And a LOT of people might fall for it. In fact, without the Holy Spirit of God, they will DEFINITELY fall for it, because there is an irresistible temptation whenever it comes to something "forbidden." The Serpent (the Devil) didn't give Man and Woman the Knowledge. They already had it. He just tricked them into disobeying the One that Truly Loved (and Loves) them, their Creator the Almighty Father God (Who has a right to do whatever He wants, regardless of what we think--yet He sent His Son Jesus to die for us because--well--He Loves us, even when the World can't stand us and treats us like garbage, just as the World treated his Son like garbage). Shalom and the Love of God be upon you :)
justin june azucenas (3 months ago)
i just love the ppl regurgitating the bible in the comment section..if u can't come up with anything through your own being then please do humanity a favor and stfu
Timothy Nyota (1 month ago)
I'm loving the regurgitated verses. If you don't like them, please use your thumbs to skip over them
Ton Llimona (2 months ago)
2:40 Religare means tied up, to bind. Where is the freedom in there? Don't misguide or disinform, thank you.
Chris - Sol Mon (2 months ago)
Ton Llimona - Exactly. You took the words right out of my mouth.
Thank you
Anton Krikov (3 months ago)
Whow!, "Elohim" has both Male and Female in it. This is awesome. I'm gonna remember this one. The more questions I ask the more the universe shows me thst everything and everyone is truly connected
Frank Moser (3 months ago)
I REALLY LOVE it when i discover some ancient text or script I've never heard of before online ( they always interest me) but it seems more times that not it ends up having some "religious" doctrine about it and then loses credibility ( with ME) the MORE religious it becomes. Lol
ruckerrc (3 months ago)
I think you are very wrong on this as far as God goes, but I do agree that he created a yin/yang universe. The Jews themselves refer to God as a he. Transgender-ism itself seems to be a dead end as far as life goes. Men and women were made to need each other to continue in life. I think the hidden hand is beyound what we consider man or woman. The hidden hand is simply GOD.

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