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Louis Vuitton Men's Avenue Sling Bag Unboxing | Damier Graphite | 100% AUTHENTIC

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Yay, I got a new bag! Please enjoy my unboxing of the Louis Vuitton Avenue Sling Bag in Damier Graphite Canvas. This item is also available in Damier Infini Leather. Check out the LV website for more info and current pricing. Follow my IG https://www.instagram.com/4lvfans/ https://www.louisvuitton.com
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Text Comments (175)
I will get this bag one day
Hex DaFlex (11 days ago)
Check out my LV sling bag replica let me know what y’all think
Spencer Harris (15 days ago)
NICE BAG also really want it because if xxxtentacion
I’m getting it for xxxtentacion
Filip Trajkovski (21 days ago)
Hey i was wondering, do you by any chance know how to spot a fake one?? I really like it and I’m thinking of buying it second hand. Nice review btw
Filip Trajkovski (18 days ago)
4LVFans the bag is from 2017
4LVFans (18 days ago)
Filip Trajkovski keep in mind my bag is a few years old. They might have changed slightly since then.
Filip Trajkovski (18 days ago)
4LVFans i did and all of the things om it looked exactly the same except the zippers, the zippers were very different but also from LV, so idk if the got changed or it’s fake. The date on the bag can also be traced
4LVFans (18 days ago)
Filip Trajkovski sorry, I've never seen or touched a fake one. But compare it closely to mine, it's definitely real.
Kspeg (27 days ago)
Rip X
Eli Gantz (1 month ago)
Hey, just wanted to ask if a large iPad Pro fits in there?
Eli Gantz (28 days ago)
@4LVFans ok thanks for the reply! :)
4LVFans (28 days ago)
Eli Gantz no, definitely not.
MORTIK (1 month ago)
The new Avenue Sling Silver : https://youtu.be/XKCTAftHj_E
Isak Bål (1 month ago)
I really love your content, and i am going to Get this bag. I love it so much. Keep up the great work
GL257 (1 month ago)
$1330?? LV store i went to today has it priced @ $1400 now Hows it holding up?
Mohammed Ahmed (1 month ago)
Dreamchaser1 DC (1 month ago)
Hey by any chance are you selling yours ?
Dreamchaser1 DC (1 month ago)
I don’t blame you thanks for your review, best one out
4LVFans (1 month ago)
Dreamchaser1 DC thanks, but no. It's my favorite bag.
luciano Huitron (2 months ago)
your cat is scary 😅
4LVFans (2 months ago)
luciano Huitron lol she's a bit psycho when not sleeping
dr. Sake radOnc (3 months ago)
It can fit ipd pro 2018?
Jakobi Jordan (3 months ago)
And you tellin me..xs killers ain't have enough money to buy this??
TeAnthony McPherson (3 months ago)
Just got one the other day LLJ
Bet My Name Spooked You (3 months ago)
How much is it after tax?
Amir Lee Glover (4 months ago)
How much is it? I’ve always wanted one
4LVFans (4 months ago)
Amir Lee Glover have you tried TJ Maxx, Ross, or Burlington Coat Factory? I've find tons of nice stuff there at really good prices. Thank you so much for watching, and have fun in your luxury pursuits!
Amir Lee Glover (4 months ago)
4LVFans well, it looks like I will just be going to Walmart for a bag
4LVFans (4 months ago)
Cho Erick wow, prices have gone up since I got mine
Cho Erick (4 months ago)
@4LVFans $1400.00 usd + TAX thats what i paid...today...=)
4LVFans (4 months ago)
Amir Lee Glover about $1300 these days I think
ItsAbee (4 months ago)
Can you make the strap tighter so it fits better?
ItsAbee (4 months ago)
4LVFans okay thank you for replying
4LVFans (4 months ago)
CallMeAb yeah it adjusts pretty tight
TyGrrr Luxe (5 months ago)
Thanks, your videos are always perfect!
ciagacion (5 months ago)
Literally watched this video outside of the galleria mall in dallas and went inside and bought the bag. Nice review 👌
Jake Ocho (2 months ago)
My old workplace shout out the galleria lol
4LVFans (5 months ago)
ciagacion to cool! Congrats!!!
Samantha Stott (5 months ago)
Great video review, thank you for sharing!
rival121 (5 months ago)
I just purchased this piece in the blue pixel; what a stunning piece! Your videos are making me go bankrupt!!
4LVFans (5 months ago)
rival121 Ooh the pixel prints are niiiiice. Congrats, and it's just money. Go make more 😆
Hahahaa all comments for X i love this bag (why its wearing X
Umang Shah (6 months ago)
if your date code reads 2127 wouldn't it mean it was made in the 22nd week instead of 2017? Is this what you meant to say ?
4LVFans (3 months ago)
1st + 3rd number = week. 2nd + 4th number = year.
4LVFans (3 months ago)
Umang Shah it looks legit. It means made in the 16th week of 2018.
4LVFans (6 months ago)
Umang Shah yeah, I realized I goofed up after
Miel Ceraos (6 months ago)
does macbook air 13 fit in that bag?
4LVFans (6 months ago)
Miel Ceraos no, def not
RAGE (6 months ago)
Rip xxx
Tsai Jason (7 months ago)
Sorry but that looks a little guyish!
Kelois Belois (7 months ago)
RIP x he was killed just for that Louis bag with 50,000 dollars in it. Btw love the review 👍🏻👍🏻
pimpmyride (15 days ago)
I highly doubt that was the ACTUAL reason. Poor kid. He knew that he was a sacrifice. He said in his video only hours before.
4LVFans (5 months ago)
I didn't know who XXX was before, but I'm sorry this happened. He was very talented. RIP XXX
Lil Mcree (6 months ago)
shit i didnt know i he got killed for that. people are really desprate
Kelois Belois (6 months ago)
2muchswag11 Yeah I’m serious
Kenneth (6 months ago)
Kelois Belois Seriously!!!???? 😞
Xzilox (8 months ago)
Can you travel with this bag ? Because im thinking about getting it
Xzilox (8 months ago)
@4LVFans Thanks for letting me know
4LVFans (8 months ago)
can we get to 5000 subscribers without videos ? Yeah, I travel with it all the time. It doesn't carry a lot, but it's good for keeping important stuff safe since you can wear it in the front.
Jut Suh (8 months ago)
Im getting this bag for x 2😢
Bet My Name Spooked You (8 months ago)
I want this bag so bad but it’s $1700 Canadian so I’m never getting it lol
Nino (8 months ago)
how tall are you? i'm anticipating buying this bag but i don't know how it will fit.
4LVFans (8 months ago)
Nino hi I'm 5'8"
giannis for mvp (8 months ago)
Im getting this for x
giannis for mvp (8 months ago)
4LVFans yea
4LVFans (8 months ago)
Long Live Jahseh LLJ awesome. Rip Xxx
Sweetnalia (8 months ago)
wow it went up in price within a year. it now currently 1400.
Mr. MICHAEL (8 months ago)
Nice review and congrats on your bag with the patches - wondering if you are getting any of the new Virgil items. I think they r just amazing and I saw you comment on Roberts video in regards to his early pickups.
Mr. MICHAEL (8 months ago)
4LVFans yea some of the items he gets his hands are are nuts
4LVFans (8 months ago)
Mr. MICHAEL thank you. I'm done with bags for the rest of this year (I have an MCM backpack video coming soon, so that is technically going to be my last bag of 2018). Next few things will be another Cartier Love Ring, and an LV Mon Monogram Passport Cover. I LOVE Robert's LV collection. It's the best on YouTube in my opinion.
LeGameurIliev (8 months ago)
antonio ayala (9 months ago)
Esas bolsas son de material es sintéticos no Valen lo que cuestan, sólo se paga por la marca.
Darko Ilic (9 months ago)
Very beautiful wish I had the money for it
CurryPowder (9 months ago)
I just stumbled to your channel! Do you know if the Ambler N41289 or the Bumbag M42906 is the newer style? They are both similar bags and also have similar dimensions. I can't decide which to get. I plan to wear it mostly as a bumbag on the front of my body! Thank you so much for your help!
4LVFans (8 months ago)
CurryPowder sorry for late reply. I think the Bumbag is newer.
MrDarkhaka (9 months ago)
This bag is now worth 2 times its prices
MrDarkhaka (9 months ago)
4LVFans yeah in my country they are selling it for 2k euro resell
4LVFans (9 months ago)
Wow, that's crazy. It's my favorite style of bag for sure.
MrDarkhaka (9 months ago)
LA Henna how can you pre-order it
Blazing Angel (10 months ago)
Im waiting for mine the owner said its real (original) i dont believe him but will see when it comes I really hope its fucking real because i got a great price on it
Blazing Angel (9 months ago)
4LVFans thanks will check it
4LVFans (9 months ago)
Blazing Angel you could try an authentication service like Caroldiva.com
Blazing Angel (9 months ago)
4LVFans I would like to know if there is a guarantee way to check if its original or fake
4LVFans (9 months ago)
Blazing Angel I hope things worked out. Let me know if you need any additional info
Blazing Angel (9 months ago)
LA Henna i told the owner if it’s fake im not going to pay the full price hope its real he kept saying its original and all but yeah for that price im getting it i dont trust him
Apple Kid (10 months ago)
Can you put your ipad in it?
Apple Kid (10 months ago)
4LVFans 👍🏻
4LVFans (10 months ago)
Apple Kid Regular iPad, no. IPad mini, yes.
Apple Kid (10 months ago)
you are so lucky, i dream of this bag😊
Prompong Wongjongjaihan (10 months ago)
Can ipad put on ?
nathan manhatan (10 months ago)
After all is just a bag and nothing is special about it. Lol
Rami Eg (10 months ago)
that bag not look cool as LOUIS VUITTON Ebene Damier canvas GERONIMOS Hip-Pack Cross-Body Bag
Bow down Baby (10 months ago)
I’m getting this for x ‼️‼️‼️‼️
dylan (9 months ago)
4LVFans  yeah its terrible, to kill someone just for a bag :(
4LVFans (10 months ago)
lance louis omg that is horrible. This bag was my most popular video even before what happened, but now it seems like more people are looking it up bc of x
I’m wXXD (10 months ago)
4LVFans He owned the same bag and got stolen from him when he got shot
4LVFans (10 months ago)
Bow down Baby hey, I've gotten a few comments about XXX and I really didn't know who he was till he died. Is there an article about him and this bag? 😯
Xym Nix (10 months ago)
The LV don!
MJa MJa (11 months ago)
Dream bag😍
Kheangleng Tang (11 months ago)
so the retail is $1330 but on the invoice you bought was 800 euro which is cheaper than the retail. How?
MrDarkhaka (9 months ago)
4LVFans how do you use the tax free form
Kheangleng Tang (11 months ago)
Oh I get it now thanks
4LVFans (11 months ago)
Kheangleng Tang way under US retail prices if the exchange rate is favorable. When I bought that bag in June 2017 the dollar was very strong, so I got an amazing price. Right now the dollar is ok, but not as good as then.
Kheangleng Tang (11 months ago)
So u can it under retail?
4LVFans (11 months ago)
Kheangleng Tang I used a tax free form, since I'm not a German citizen
ADA4M (11 months ago)
rip x getting it for x
4LVFans (11 months ago)
ADA4M that's awesome. I didn't really know who X was till people started commenting on my video, but I'm shocked and saddened that the bag he was carrying had anything to do with his death 😲
No.clout- Love (11 months ago)
Were did you get it
4LVFans (11 months ago)
Boipuso Vlogs I got the bag at Louis Vuitton in Frankfurt, Germany. Thanks for watching!
OfficiallyAHS (1 year ago)
Getting this bag for x
Ttv Cyyckk (2 months ago)
OfficiallyAHS same
BEAS TY (3 months ago)
Jeffrey Freesen (7 months ago)
Me too hahaha real fans
MrDarkhaka (7 months ago)
Slumpty Dumpty where did you buy it ?
Revenge (8 months ago)
@Blazing Angel How did you get scammed?
eskimo (1 year ago)
Rip x
Xzilox (1 year ago)
FrogMan (2 months ago)
@Xzilox rest in peace triple xtentacion . this bag cost him his life i'm so sad
Xzilox (1 year ago)
It definitley isn't
4LVFans (1 year ago)
OMG RIP XXX, this bag is not worth someone's life :(
SikiCem (1 year ago)
Those 3 Motherfu****s killed XXXTENTACION for this beautiful Peace of Sling Bag... FkkkThisWorld Man... :(
4LVFans (1 year ago)
OMFG I didn't know that!!! That sucks! No bag is worth someone's life. RIP XXX
john fredy (1 year ago)
How much u sell it for ?
john fredy (11 months ago)
davon fatts (11 months ago)
Have one like it brown for sale a little better then that one
4LVFans (1 year ago)
john fredy sorry, not for sale. I keep all my LV and don't buy or sell used (except once, my LV President briefcase was bought used).
CP (1 year ago)
How heavy it is ? Just the bag by itself how many ib does it weight ?
4LVFans (1 year ago)
CP wow, I'm not sure and the website doesn't say. I don't really have a scale that can weight it, but it is very light, maybe about the same weight as a can of soda, or even less. Thanks!
THE POYO (1 year ago)
Is it possible to fit in 11inch macbook air there? I really need to know. Thanks in advance.
4LVFans (1 year ago)
THE POYO No, definitely not.
Goldtiger (1 year ago)
Hey ! Nice vidéo, but you should show us more views of the bag when you wear it and in al the ways you can wear it :-) Otherwise very nice vid, love your channel, keep doing the good work !
4LVFans (1 year ago)
Hey! I made a short video for you on Instagram...Please check it out!
4LVFans (1 year ago)
Goldtiger Hi thanks, check out my Instagram... I'll post some short clips there of this bag worn different ways asap. Thanks for watching 📺
donkeyenvious (1 year ago)
Do you have any LV sneakers reviews? Would love to see them! :)
donkeyenvious (1 year ago)
4LVFans true, but they can last as long as a bag too
4LVFans (1 year ago)
No, I have a few Versace sneakers, but that's it...for now. I like LV sneakers but they cost almost as much as a bag.
iREVIEWitALL (1 year ago)
great video thx for sharing
4LVFans (1 year ago)
Thank you
BK Jesswinn (1 year ago)
hahahaha you look different and personality wise more alive and funny.
4LVFans (1 year ago)
BK Jesswinn thanks! I get soooo nervous in front of the camera sometimes. Other times I don't think about it at all. Trying to get better! Thank you for watching! Cheers!
Hello! Greetings from Tennessee! I am a new subscriber to your channel. I have been collecting Louis Vuitton for over 30 years. I am also a huge fan! I look forward to seeing more of your videos!
Benjamin Lim (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing! Thinking to get this
Killer Sting (1 year ago)
For that money I can get their backpack!
4LVFans (1 year ago)
Killer Sting get both 😊
Libra 0924 (1 year ago)
i want this bag,,, give it to me as gift
Libra 0924 (8 months ago)
4LVFans (8 months ago)
Libra 0924 I can't, I got it as a gift 😆
Miss Said This (1 year ago)
I want!
Thank you for the review. Could this hold a 15 inch laptop?
4LVFans (1 year ago)
Modern Combat 5 And Clash of Clans no, it is not that wide. It could only hold an iPad. Thanks for watching!
Ichi DaKilla (1 year ago)
is this bag new or has it been out for some time now?
Crazy Hack (1 year ago)
PiranhaJaw22 (2 years ago)
I almost bought this but canceled my order because of that fabric strap. I have a similar bag with that fabric strap, and after 8 months of light use the strap doesn't show well. A leather strap would have suited this better. Thanks for the review.
4LVFans (2 years ago)
PiranhaJaw22 thanks for watching! I like the look of wear and tear on LV, but I understand. Let me know if you found something else. 😎
RIA i (2 years ago)
cute cat :D
4LVFans (2 years ago)
Ria Channel aww thanks. She's my baby.
Cody (2 years ago)
Can you fit a 13 inch laptop in it?
Chrisna Sujatmiko (2 years ago)
was thinking to buy this piece. will check it in person at champs elysees store next week. thank you for the review! 😊
4LVFans (2 years ago)
Chrisna Sujatmiko Great! Thanks for watching. I've been using this bag all week and it's very handy.
AHK YYC (2 years ago)
beautiful bag! 👍
BRIAN (2 years ago)
Could you do a what's in my bag vid in the future please?😊
George Rousakis (10 months ago)
4LVFans video ready yet ?
4LVFans (2 years ago)
BRIAN that was already on my to-do list! Coming soon! Thanks
Richard Lennie (2 years ago)
Thanks for another great video. More please..!!

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