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Sea-Doo Owner Zone: http://bit.ly/SeaDooOwnerZone HOW TO - PROPER BOAT BEACHING: Beaching your Sea-Doo boat on a sandbar or boat is one of the enjoyable aspects of the Sea-Doo life. This video covers how to beach your Sea-Doo boat and provides instructions and techniques to beach your boat, return your boat to the water and to ensure your day on the water is safe and enjoyable.
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Text Comments (7)
H (5 months ago)
She's gorgeous... I didn't even know what this video was about...
ASESOR DE SERVICIO (10 months ago)
buena instruccion...
robert feller (2 years ago)
3ft engine shut...hahaha! Seriously, show us a good way to beach a jet boat in the real world!
David stopple (9 months ago)
robert feller how come you didn't make your own video to show us how it's done???
gabe walker (3 years ago)
did you see the bird hit the water at 1 .22
thebestboss bossness (5 months ago)
I did just about to comment the same thing
Bobby Hicks (2 years ago)
+gabe walker I just did! That is CRAZY!

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