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2 0f 3 David Hockney, The Lost Secrets of the Old Masters: camera lucida obscura

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http://AncientMagicArtTools.com This is a very interesting interview with David Hockney, where he explains and demonstrates the use of camera obscuras and camera lucidas in the artwork of the Old Masters chronicled in his book Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters. 2 of 3
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Fenristripplex (2 days ago)
What a hack.
Elizabeth Long (5 months ago)
"◔◔¨ * ..thank you ;''';
Jacobin Girondiste (1 year ago)
Typical British hoax and flim-flam. Aside from a few Venetian scene painters like Canaletto and Guardi (there is even a painting of all the camera oscura tents in St. Mark's Square), none of the great masters used the camera oscura, camera lucida or mirror as this Hockney fraud suggests. In fact, comparison of any famous painting with what it would look like if it were a tracing of a projected image would reveal immediately that it could not be the painting of such a tracing. Why? Because projected images necessarily contain converging lines—no lines of such an image are parallel even though the lines are in reality parallel, as that is an optical impossibility. The eyes see things that way, in converging lines, but the brain rectifies and corrects visual images to make it appear to the mind that parallel lines are parallel. Hockney is a bunk merchant (and an inferior artist). He also doesn't realize that the s in because is voiced. an idiot.
john morgan (5 years ago)
Yes, the interviewer knows nothing, Hockney spent his whole life investigatinf studying and working as an artist.
toby wright (5 years ago)
A man who is sinking in his own puzzlement about art.....
toby wright (5 years ago)
no names being thrown & no denying of the camera obscura at all. Vermeer and Ingres for sure used it, you can tell by their unwavering drawing lines that resemble tracing rather than drawing. but David is pretending to be revealing the holy grail to those who can't draw that well, such as himself. This contributes to the dumbing down of draftsmanship, and misinterpretation of technique vs. expression in art history.
Rem rob (5 years ago)
Don't go throwing around names. Obviously more went into it than just filling in the lines, but do you totally deny the idea that maybe some of the Dutch and Flemish masters used a device (which was quite simple to construct, I've made several camera obscuras) for layout? Vermeers milk pitcher is a painting that many historians guessed may have been created with a camera obscura before his book came out. The draftsmanship just has such a photographic quality to it.
john morgan (6 years ago)
This is a man who is thinking, puzzling about art , what it is , how you do it etc. Ok assumptions GregorHo. we All make assumptions...........so WHAT !??
john morgan (6 years ago)
Its You who seems to have the problem, the man is only talking about what he believe may have happened, may have been used in the past. This man has a LOT of knowledge about painting, and his being gay has NOTHING, nothing to do with it.Lets see some of your work Mr GregorHo
Gregory Whoee (6 years ago)
making lots of assumptions mr hockney.
Gregory Whoee (6 years ago)
Beat up.
Gregory Whoee (6 years ago)
Average reasoning from an average visual artist with a gay activist mind-set. David if you are a colorist why are your colors so dead mate? maybe thats your genius heh! -greg hoey Caravaggio used the camera obscura purely for experimental reasons. he never continued on with it too much trouble painting in the dark and setting up all the equipment David!!!
Gregory Whoee (6 years ago)
Hockney-big time idiot! greg hoey
romanrails2 (8 years ago)
Art-nazi. LOL. I think that hits the mark concerning the hate and vitriol directed at David Hockney. How far a stretch is it to assume that artists used these techniques earlier than we suspected? Jeez. Does it spoil your own imaginings of how these works were created. Get over art-nazis.
oficio Erico (8 years ago)
good discussion, ecretos remain stored in the history of each artist

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