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Why I Stopped Bullet Journaling for 6 Months.

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Text Comments (151)
hardrived _ (2 days ago)
My BuJo is ugly, my handwriting is terrible but I'm organized AF.
Anton Petkov (2 days ago)
Remember, Bullet Journal is a METHOD, but not the guide or template for beautiful book with calligraphy lettering and cosy spreadsheets. It just must to fit your goals in organizing your life. It's not supposed to be a masterpiece, it's simply a notebook for planning. Period.
Subinita Mazumder (3 days ago)
This year I'm gonna start bullet journaling. But I'm gonna keep it simple. Not too many things to clutter it. Just gonna write down the most important things that I need to do. I think using too much aesthetics are tiring cuz they take time. Only a little bit of colour is enough. 💜
Melina Reynoso (3 days ago)
too bad you felt this way. I can get all the stress for making it all instaworthy but really the point is to make you be better and deliver tasks in the best way. Bujo has no rules and if a future log or logging notes doesn't work then you just don't use it. If you are getting stressed for not following the method the exact way Ryder made it or not having a pretty handwriting then you should work on not letting peer pressure get to you. Also, there's a nice subreddit that focus more on productivity and less aesthetics r/bujo
ish90c (3 days ago)
wait... so you quitted bullet journaling because: - You didn't like to see the mistakes/errors - You didn't use the future log - You didn't like to have to prepare it each month? what do you do now then?
Hi! So basically I started ignoring the way my handwritings looks or how “Instagrammable” my BuJo is. I also started a hybrid system where I can do all of the bullet journaling but while using a couple of more structured sessions. That’s why I am using some weekly Filofax refills as my “future log”. same thing regarding the monthly “prepping” of the BuJo. I don’t need to draw templates or layouts because I’ve simplified my process until I stripped the planning mechanism to its roots. It has been working wonders since I published this video!
Brian Ho (4 days ago)
Make your journal work for you not you work for your journal.
ArtJourneyUK (4 days ago)
I don’t think Ryder designed the bullet journal concept to be ‘Instagramworthy’ more as a easy to use productivity tool. Why do people put so much pressure on themselves to present everything perfectly for others to look at?
Abbie Juett (4 days ago)
It is your journal. Just design it the way that best suits your needs..
Pictures. SGC (4 days ago)
It's me again. Just an example that thing they call "Key" for the life of me I would NEVER be able to remember what was for what so that was never an option from the start 😊♥️
Pictures. SGC (4 days ago)
😁 I just like the dotted paper and that I can make easy boxes to write stuff in. I am going to use the dotted paper in a 4 ring folder for work because I can never remember anything and hope it will go better by being able to see some stuff written down. I have I guess taken stuff from different kind of document systems and put them to my use. It is still me that is boss over the systems and not the other way around! Hope nobody is going to be offended by that. 😍
RICARDO OROZCO (5 days ago)
What kind of notebook is at 2:47? And your Journal looks awesome so far into the video.
Rafaela Gandra (6 days ago)
Mariana could you please make a video of how your doing your bullet journal simpler? I experienced a similar problem and I feel like if you made that video it would help me out a lot for sure. Besides I really love your videos thank you for existing ❤️❤️
Study with Lisa (10 days ago)
Are any of your friends clever
just nevermind (11 days ago)
I'd rather have single pages and an agenda that's much clearer and easier to make changes from day to day
António Coutinho (12 days ago)
Olá! Olá! Obrigado pelo vídeo Mariana!
So Fast (13 days ago)
I've recently decided to start again the bullet journal but this time it'll be very minimalist
Rose Neville (21 days ago)
Your writing and journal spreads in both journals are handwriting goals. However, I love simplifying my journal and using less layouts that I just don’t use each month.
another guy (24 days ago)
It tooke me just a few weeks to understnad that it is verly stressful. But I've become 30% more productive than I was before after I stumbled across your channel Mariana!!
_in my eye (25 days ago)
Seems like it would be a lot better to use a system that you could remove and add pages, instead of a bound journal.
Jumin Baby (25 days ago)
Done is better than perfect.
Caroline Denise (26 days ago)
I've been using a filofax notebook and it's been a lifesaver. I can easily remove pages when I make mistakes (perfectionism, sigh) and I can move things around, make different sections, etc. The only downside to this is that it's smaller than a Leuchtturm so I have to buy a new notebook every 4 months. But then again, I just grab the pages I want to migrate and it's done.
Tatiana B. (26 days ago)
Thanks for sharing! I think BJ initially is not supposed to be perfect/ideal and mistakes-free. Rather it is the ton of perfect looking pictures, that are posted here on Youtube or Instagram, that drives normal people crazy into following this trend of a picture-perfect BJ.
with cinnamon, please (26 days ago)
okay but why is that book so pretty
Anna Z (26 days ago)
really?? I am following this canal for organization tips and now it appears Mariana is a perfectionist who spends 3 hours a day making notes hahaha:D Thank you for being honest but now I cannot take your advices seriously. People, bullet journal is a tool for achieving a goal not a goal itself. A person who uses it as Mariana is, is missing all the point.
Mariana's Study Corner (26 days ago)
I used to do that in the past - that was why bullet journaling was not working out for me.  Perhaps you can understand that when your "real job" is actually making videos with bullet journals and posting Instagram pictures of your BuJo spreads, the pressure is a LOT bigger than doing it for your eyes only. However, I've learned to stop being so obsessed with the aesthetic of my BuJo and I've now turned it into a full-fledged productivity tool! I'm really happy about where I'm at currently. I hope more people spread the message that aesthetic shouldn't be the major concern while studying.
Ana Leticia (27 days ago)
Conta pra gente qual o problema que tu tiveste com tantas tentativas de se organizar e deixar o vlog/ canal atualizado. Realmente te ajudou ou te fez perder mais tempo? Pergunto porque as vezes perco mais tempo vendo vídeos na internet do que agindo como agora
MegaJoohyun (27 days ago)
I'm trying to keep it simple just like the original and works so well for me with all the stress that bring the finals
18 27 (28 days ago)
I tried bullet journaling, but all I got was stress and in the end it was all a waste of time. Now I only use "To Do List" but I like to make them beautiful but in a way that is simple enough to be fast and less tiring (by placing stickers).
Rose Royce (28 days ago)
I found myself abandoning journal after journal on the the pursuit of perfection and thinking mine wasn’t good enough because I can’t draw or handletter. I tried a very very basic one for work and I like it much more without the bells and whistles. I ordered Ryder’s book AFTER deciding to go the bare basics and I’m excited to get my hands on it.
Taylor Van Sickle (27 days ago)
kalhaai (28 days ago)
I need to use a dated daily pages planner so that I can write down future dates and todos in concrete ways. I use a bullet journal notebook for future logs, trackers, lists, projects, goals, ideas, useful information, etc. I found I need an actual dated planner and a notebook. Trying to figure out how to write down todos for specific dates in the future was a nightmare with just a bullet journal as was writing down a packed monthly schedule unto the bullet journal format. Extreme headache.
Keesh (29 days ago)
Also, thank you Mariana for sharing your techniques with us. Your tips have helped me so much in my fight against procrastination!
Keesh (29 days ago)
When I originally started bullet journaling, I was fine until I got caught up in the decorative planning craze. I suddenly felt the pressure of "artistic perfection"; when added to my already present need for neat and tidy, I just found myself neglecting it. Once I got over the need to fit in with what others were doing and decided to do it my way, I fell in love with my journal and have used it to plan and structure my tasks. Now, after having read "The Bullet Journal Method" (in 2 days--I was hype lol), I feel even more energized in my simplistic use of the journal and reminded of how helpful the method can truly be when used without as much distraction as possible. The book really brought it all together for me and helped to drown out the social media noise. My advice to anyone struggling to keep up with it: A bullet journal can be SO helpful. You just have to remember the initial goal and reason for using it--focusing your attention, achieving your goals, and making purposeful use of your time. Forget how it looks for social media--those people can't help you when it comes to actually accomplishing your tasks. Yes, you can make it your own but try to get the fundamentals of the system and it'll be there for you to draw inspiration from if you find yourself getting neglectful in the future. Sorry for the long comment, but I hope it helps someone lol. ;)
papermason (29 days ago)
When I started my bujo it was a complete chaotic mess, but now it's clean, simple and neat -- a change in thinking -- yes and change of life. It's now more of a diary and a to-do list -- perfect for me.
Scarlett Small (29 days ago)
I love the look of your new simple bullet journal, would you be able to do a video going through it please❤️
Sierra Louise (1 month ago)
I also got discouraged from bullet journaling because of perfectionism, it became stressful rather than helpful
Alyssa Morris (1 month ago)
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that your blog is down. Love your videos and blog, thank you for all the inspiration 💕
Victoria Lafrange (1 month ago)
I really love bullet journaling. I am taking the simple and straight forward approach to it. No fluff, no complicated spreads. I really did not get all the decorations and spreads and trackers and anything. Because Ryder did simply said that you only need a pen and a notebook. the simplicity lead me to the bujo and I am happy with it. Well at the core the bujo is simply to collect all your to do lists in one place. Why make it a art journal when it is just supposed to log your to do, your thoughts, your tasks and meetings.. ? Why ?
Zye Relle (17 hours ago)
Self preference that's why. I agree on the simplicity as well as the artsy type of journal. All that matters is that you know what it's meant for
Nix the Lapin (10 days ago)
Art is relaxing for some people (like me). I enjoy making artsy spreads because it makes me happy to see all the color. Plus setting them up relieves stress. I just get to have fun with it! But that's not for everyone. The art added to it works for me, but I can kill others' productivity. Do what works best for you. Not what works best for someone else. That's the point of bullet journaling!
V Melchior (27 days ago)
Why not? Believe it or not - art journaling can be fun and very relaxing, if you can get over perfectionism (and bullet journaling can help you with that). I understand that many people find it hard to keep up with all those pretty spreads on instagram and i believe in the pen and notebook thing, too. But on the other hand: This system gives you so much freedom. So if you want to be creative, why not make it an art journal? 😉
Hi Mariana! I kind of felt that the video had no ending. What was the solution that you’ve found besides bullet journals? By the way, I’ve tried it twice and gave up. 😊
Karen Walker (17 days ago)
I felt the same way. I think the reasons she gave were why she would quit in the past, but now that she's corrected those things she's bullet journaling effectively. ?
Alessandra Cavalli (1 month ago)
I your videos!!!
April Munday (1 month ago)
A bullet journal isn't supposed to be perfect; it's supposed to be useful. Mine's full of mistakes and crossing outs, but I use it every day. I don't need something that looks pretty; I need something that helps me to organise my life.
Marianne (21 days ago)
Yep, plus you can always have a collection called "drawing" or "beautiful things" or whatever you like, and that won't stop you from getting the useful side of bullet journaling. Fun fact: The creator of bullet journal (Ryder Carroll) also uses it as a sketchbook. Even though his bullet journal is a minimalist one.
Aurelia Harrison (1 month ago)
As the year is about to end I’m determined to actually try to simplify everything. By the first of next year, I would like to be set using a method that works again. I loved the idea of having a notebook, a planner, and a journal in one notebook but it’s been getting hard to manage lately.
vandflaske1 (1 month ago)
This year is my first year bullet journaling. I lost track for four months due to personal issues but my plan is still to finish it for the year. bujo has helped me remind that everything does not have to be perfect and I find it therapeutic when I draw so I will continue bujo'ing as I found a specific joy.in it :)
Sadaf Ali (1 month ago)
*Mistakes Made When Bullet Journaling:* 1. Perfectionism (0:40). 2. Not using the slash to mark notes (1:33). 3. Not using the future log (2:07). 4. Relying on my ability to make complex spreads every month (2:46). 5. Using a terrible indexing system (3:24).
Colacurcio Law (9 days ago)
Thank you, Sadif Ali!
Taylor Van Sickle (27 days ago)
Indeed. Making things MUCH too complicated. Your system should be SIMPLE, NOT get 100,000 likes on Instagram. Look at Ryder's examples in his book. SUPER SIMPLE. That's why it works. Not because of decoration, hand lettering or complex spreads.
lemon bird (1 month ago)
I really hate bullet journal. I hate to be organized. Success isn't linked with being ultra-organized. I always keep my notes with my worst handwriting because I don't want to waste my time to write like computer. Also, I hate write like novel. I always use diagrams or tables to use less-word. I can't stand perfectionism.
Anna Z (26 days ago)
then you don't actually know what bujo is
fillah saidin (1 month ago)
Means you are visual learner. Writing bujo is not a compulsion. Me myself really, really love being organized and something aesthatic but I dislike writing bujo, i just don't like it. Organized yet simple, my effective mantras for productivity.
Nina N (1 month ago)
Mariana, you should just make a video of how to quit watching all this productivity porn and we could all start actually doing something.
hidamitaka007 (5 days ago)
Nina N productivity porn ❗️❗️🤣 i’m guilty of that too 😂🤣 sometimes i got carried away watching professional organizer videos without doing the actual organizing too 😅😅
Marianne (21 days ago)
Just start bullet journaling (the way Ryder Carroll teaches it). It worked for me.
Marianne (21 days ago)
Just start bullet journaling (the way Ryder Carroll teaches it). It worked for me.
I loved the video, Mariana. May I ask you what is your present planning system? A big kiss.
Stuti R. (1 month ago)
Mariana it's not just bujo but taking notes and stuff... I get so caught up with making it aesthetically pleasing so I can post pics that I pay no attention to actual memorization... This is actually completely opposite of productivity... I want advice idk what to do 😢😢
Shri Krishna Ras (14 days ago)
Make your notes aesthetically pleasing after completing and revising them 3rd time , just leave the space for the artsy stuff on the pages except headings. Do it mostly during your holidays and then after your 3rd revision, you may post their pictures on social media if you want to.
R C (21 days ago)
Simple: Read Ryder Carroll's book and follow his advice.
Taylor Van Sickle (27 days ago)
SIMPLIFY. Stop looking at Instagram and comparing yourself to others journals. Do what works for YOU.
Victoria Lafrange (1 month ago)
I mean .. why do you want to take pictures of it? Remember why you are taking the notes and then focus on learning. Imagine that no one will ever want to read those notes
egglegg (1 month ago)
my advice is to only use a few supplies. Two pens max. A black/blue for taking notes and then a fun colour for headings/subheadings and any vocab/definitions/quotes/important stuff. This will make it so you have to focus on what you are writing, not on making it pretty. Obvs it can still look nice but it will help you shift towards content and away from the frills.
Amulya Rao (1 month ago)
Ummm.. I think bullet journaling is a waste of time... a simple to do list will do good. U can do some other work in the time you spend in “perfecting ” ur journal 🤪
Victoria Lafrange (1 month ago)
I think perfection is the problem not bujo. It is actually a collection of to do lists. That is what the bullet journal really is about. Not about the fancy whatever. A lot of person turned it into
Beatriz Pereira (1 month ago)
Acho bullet journaling algo para os mais creativos e não para mim 😂 Dêem-me a agenda do meu iPhone e já chega.
Abi Pereira (1 month ago)
Beatriz Pereira amém 😂
Student Boss (1 month ago)
I understand what you mean but i still really enjoy bullet journalling
DB (1 month ago)
The aesthetic side of bullet journaling is killing it - my paper one was pretty messy, but worked really well because I was systematic with the indexing. That said, I've been using Notability on my iPad pro for both bullet journal and notes instead for the last two years and it works really well. I replied to another comment before on it with my system
celunamaria (1 month ago)
Hello! Great vid! Just curious. Having identified the reasons why you stopped bullet journaling, are you now going to start doing it again?
Odoru Pompokorin (1 month ago)
Been following you for a while and i remember you changing to 2 bullet journals in one year. Please don't get me wrong but with my experience, I find it useless- the time you spend "creating" your list could have used somewhere productive. Having a monthly over view with pages dedicated for daily task list works better for me with yearly time line on my wall to keep me on tract on where I am for my goals this year.
K P (1 month ago)
trista lay (1 month ago)
Couldn’t ever get the hang of it myself 🙇🏼‍♀️ I always felt frustrated when I made a mistake and I would just throw out the entire journal to buy a new one
I think that bullet journalung is not for all, because every one of us , we use the method that is better forma us, so some persons love write and decorate a bullet journal , but others we think that is a lost of time but this depends that which one is the best for us. Good video !
missc78 (1 month ago)
I never follow the rules of Bujo. I just made up my own thing in my discbound notebook. Freedom to do want I want.
Giao Nguyen (2 hours ago)
missc78 okay same lmao. I dont do future log because Im not a future person, things happen spontaneously in my life
+Orchid Garden I got my disc-bound notebooks at Office Depot but Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Staples all carry them.
Orchid Garden (5 days ago)
missc78 where do you get a disc bound journal?
Cavictor (6 days ago)
missc78 Did the same with my discbound :)
Me too!!!!
Veronica Tran (1 month ago)
Saw the email notification and clicked ASAP :P
Salma Theurgist (1 month ago)
I feel like Google calander and Google keep do all the work for me bullet Journaling always seemed like a waste of time to me
LJ.黄色的橡皮鸭 (1 month ago)
I have a personal journal that can be cute or whatever and a bullet journal that's basic.
paperpirate (1 month ago)
I feel you! I've personally been really burnt out with my current bullet journal. Thinking I'll start a traveler's notebook next year...more structure, but the flexibility to design the way I like :)
Silver Tea (1 month ago)
What's the bullet journal brand you're using now?
Yulia Yulian (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that bullet journaling is stressing? :(
ArtJourneyUK (3 days ago)
Yulia Yulian ...its just a to do list, how is that stressing?
Shister Sierra (5 days ago)
Yulia Yulian definitely. Keeping up with it everyday can get repetitive and some ppl tend to forget.
cherriercheung (11 days ago)
internetultrageek how is bullet journal overly structured? It’s a blank notebook and you’re absolutely free to write or draw whatever you want. How much more freedom can you get than that? If you feel it’s structured because you see that’s how everyone does it, then my suggestion is, just stop following other people and do your own things.
Shri Krishna Ras (14 days ago)
It should be concerned with setting realistic progressive expectations out of your schedule and not based on fantasy.
James (1 month ago)
That arrow in the Thumbnail! :') Lovely vid tho!!
The Celestial Heart (1 month ago)
The book was so refreshing to read. It helped me rekindle my love for bullet journaling. Been bullet journaling for 3 years now and it has absolutely changed my life for the better.
The Celestial Heart (1 month ago)
Ece Sönmez (1 month ago)
Love your videos! Love from Turkey ❤️
Isabella Morris (1 month ago)
Looking at your setup makes me incredibly panicky and amazingly chilled out at the same time.
Study With Additti (1 month ago)
interesting video!
seila1777 (1 month ago)
Agendio! It presented the real planner piece for me)))
C W (1 month ago)
Perfection is the enemy of productivity. Many people think that a BUJO is an art journal. This is aniexty provoking. Numbering pages, future logs and indexes are the gold we all have been looking for
ElementCarbon (4 days ago)
I think it was said in one of Matt D Avellas podcast that if something is real nice then just post it because aiming for perfection will get you close to no where, like yeah you might spend a couple extra minutes or hours and then after your done with it your gonna realize you should gone back and done one more thing a bit differently. And even after so many hours whatever your doing might just only be 2-3% better than what it was, so basically almost nothing. It’s okay to aim for perfection but just realize it’s never gonna happen no matter what and as long as it looks great it should be left like that.
GraceDcastle (9 days ago)
So true
AnEpicAutumn Gaming (12 days ago)
C W well you do you. if youre not a fan of art thats fine. there are people who are artsy, who like to make beautiful doodles and drawings on their journal and thats how they express and how they “journal” so let them be. no need to compete with them and be anxious. you do you.
Ricky Franc (20 days ago)
I think it depends on the person. I love making it pretty because it makes me productive and it helps me concentrate during lectures.
Annie Meridian (25 days ago)
YES Bothering too much about how to make your BUJO looks pretty literally makes you less efficient (which is against the initial intention of bullet journaling )
Lavvender (1 month ago)
I think a few or even all of these issues could be solved by having a digital bullet journal. I can't manage to keep a irl bujo for the same reasons as in the video. Especially because an irl journal feels so much more permanent when you make a mistake. But a digital planner has been working well for me because I can add pictures directly from websites, I can add pages when/where I need them, and I can hyperlink/bookmark entire sections to make an index. I know it's not the best option for everyone, but if you already have, say, an ipad/apple pencil then you could try it out. I use the default grid paper but people also make pdfs of journals that are already all laid out and formatted.
Aida Dautova (1 month ago)
infinitasderentis check out group in Facebook called digital planning for beginners. They share free journals with hyperlinks. Or you can buy in Etsy
infinitasderentis (1 month ago)
+Aida Dautova Thank you, I'll have to check it out.
Hayley Mapley (1 month ago)
I use Google Sheets for mine!
Aida Dautova (1 month ago)
infinitasderentis most digital planner users use GoodNotes4 for journaling and Keynote to create journals. There are lots of videos on YouTube about digital planning and groups on Facebook who share free journals.
DB (1 month ago)
I do this! It's worked really well for the last two years. I use Notability and have one note per type of page, and all bullet journals under a subject that call 'bullet journal' ()!) e g. All monthly logs page after page in one note. I simply copy the template to the next month and fill in. I don't index or number pages because for all other things like collections I create new notes, subjects and dividers like you would do in Notability anyway
OMG I am so early 😍Love you💗
misscocochen (1 month ago)
I'm the same way with bujos! I am really into it for a couple months, but then it slowly becomes less and less helpful for me as a planner
Lucho Mo (1 month ago)
Did you move to another System?
sogand آ (1 month ago)
💙💙love from Iran💙💙🤞🏻🦄🦄
Zaynab Dawood (1 month ago)
Everything you said is so relatable, I left bullet journaling for the absolute same reasons.
Lucho Mo (1 month ago)
So, what system are you using now?
Dawn Leslie (1 month ago)
I experienced the same thing. Thank you for your video.
Bokang Motopi (1 month ago)
I finally made it early. Love your channel and LOVE your accent. Your videos have helped me (I'm a 3rd year accounting student) and I'm going to be binging on your videos when my next academic year starts Love from South Africa😊😊
Diemmy Dinh (1 month ago)
love your videos!!
Apan Joies (1 month ago)
make a video on how to study law by self study
Love your videos! I've been watching your videos for a long time, they really inspire me! I totally agree with you about the bullet journal system. I try to adhere to it, but I find myself drifting off here and there. I'm now experimenting with a digital planner on Goodnotes! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, tips and tricks with us! P/s I also bought the iPad2018 because of your videos! Love taking notes with it!
Pig Just A Pig (1 month ago)
Love you!
hey (1 month ago)
Me too. But I still try to stay organized.
hey (1 month ago)
Love your videos!
Krazee World (1 month ago)
First comment and like #notificationsquad
Shayari Banerjee (1 month ago)
First again!!❤️❤️❤️ Love from India❤️
Ash Just Dancer (1 month ago)
I am from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Reji Santhosh (1 month ago)
Me to from🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Isha Singh (1 month ago)
Me 2 from india

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