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Subway Sketchbooks

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Sketchbook drawings from my subway rides http://artgirlsreality.com https://www.facebook.com/Art-of-Meg-Graham-110775085665197/ https://twitter.com/artgirlsreality https://www.instagram.com/artgirlsreality_/ WHERE TO SHOP FOR MEG GRAHAM'S ART: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtGirlsREALITY http://society6.com/meggraham Music by Conjure One-"Extradinary Ways" http://www.conjureone.com/ http://www.myspace.com/conjureone
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Text Comments (22)
ChemicalComedown (7 years ago)
This is really cool 5***** !!! : )
artgirlsreality (9 years ago)
thanks girl for checking ME out. suziQ rocks!!
A Slice of Cherry Pie (9 years ago)
What a great use of time - just goes to show we can all find a little time somewhere for art. Great pictures. Check out my video response to Suzi.
artgirlsreality (9 years ago)
julio thANK you!!!! drawing is one of my favorite things to do. rain or shine. :D
suzi blu (11 years ago)
Oh I see so many paintings in those. Lots of color. The lines are so vibrant!
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
Aaron Graham (11 years ago)
cool, i do remember you showing me some of these
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
COol tubbytaxi...thanks for stoppin by! You got some fine drawing goin on yourself... Gosh thank YOU!
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
Hey Tps! ..sorry it took this long to say THANK YOU!!!
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
Thanks you JERRY...the Blues man... you got something goning on with your artwork MR. YOUR WATERCOLORS ARE BEAUTIFUL! Coming from YOU it MEANS ALLOT!
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
WOW Hoop thank YOU! I like your work as WELL!
Jacob Holihan (11 years ago)
This art is truly inspiring. You capture my two fav things in this world. The first being shape which you have such an eye for in your sketches. The other is color which you have displayed in some of your other videos. Love your music too! Please feel free to check out my vid. Thank you for your creativity!
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
wow!!!colinalexder... :) thanks!!
Colin Alexander (11 years ago)
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
Thanks Suziblu! Glad you stopped by to take a look!
suzi blu (11 years ago)
these are great
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
Thanks Mr.Sodapop!!
Tony Parisi (11 years ago)
I see your not suffering from the white canvas disease I agree with sketchmaiden you have material here to make some great paintings
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
WOW cdeery! Thank you for comments!! I am so glad posted these drawings. I have books loads more. I love line drawing too! Yeah simple is more. A single line can say so much! I have always thought about doing a show with these sketchbooks. I guess with youtube here you can have a show!
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
Thanks dgodess!!!Yeah I have some of that white canvas disease, but you guys are really helping get motivated to work it out. I still have to check out your new vid! Can't wait to see it!!!
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
Thanks ms.sketch! I had so much fun making this. And yeah looking at my past work makes me just want to create!!
Daligoddess (11 years ago)
I agree with sketchy~ You should turn some into paintings. It's great to have books like these from which to draw inspiration, you know, for days when you can't find your muse. *giggles*

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