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[South Park] Party

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Viewer Digression is Advised. Voice overs Done by me and Koo J. If this is your art, please let us know. [0:12 0:24 0:31 0:49 0:54 1:07 are all k009 on tumblr] 1:16 is azngirllh on deviantart.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cosplayallda... Songs: glue70 - Casin c Leafy Radio Romantic Background Music - Royalty Free Music c CandyStock Background Music South Park - End Credits Theme c Primus South Park c Matt Stone & Trey Parker
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Text Comments (296)
GC2MT (1 year ago)
Guys this is a request to please stop asking for one type of content on our channel. Yes Creepypasta is our most popular but being asked to do one thing over and over again not only is boring for us but pretty rude. Some of the videos we've worked very hard on are ignored simply because Creepypasta is flocked to. I'm not saying that if you don't stop we'll refuse but please understand that we're trying a lot of other fandoms that we like and making videos when we have time.Thank you for your understanding and we shall upload as soon as we can.
GC2MT I live your vids but my friend hates them and I told her that u has talent
Original Geraldine (1 year ago)
snifff did some one say creepypasta I love creepypasta but it's so rare to find any fan made stuff it's only the story's :,(
I was on yiay once (1 year ago)
GC2MT y'all ever wanted to die
RANDOMNESS GOD (6 days ago)
My friend said that they what to be Hitler i asked because hes bad? He said no cuz hes dead . I started to cry because i dont what him to die...he does this to me every day im dead inside
Fåñdøm Gå4bågë (10 days ago)
*Ok of course Kenny would be stripping-*
Gabriella H (10 days ago)
1:03 *WEEZE* OH My God kenny's face it just...*WEEZE*
Did these yaoi Comics happen before or after the tweek X Craig episode because I rather have comics of Stan and Wendy then these gay yaoi Comics I don't nothing against gay people but I'm really abundant and the SouthPark comics again I have no offense where gay people
Teagan Bradstreet (23 days ago)
“I’m diabetic” :'(
miss miau XD føxy (1 month ago)
Tweek Tweak (1 month ago)
Tweek Tweak (1 month ago)
0:54 lol
dankerous 101 (1 month ago)
1:05 ALL of these faces are amazing reaction images and I love it
zipper and zopper (2 months ago)
bus anut
shoto todoroki (2 months ago)
1:17 I have to say this is the cutest to me
Savanna Purmørt (2 months ago)
yes style
Riyana Otaku (2 months ago)
Did Stan said babe to Kyle ?!?!?!?
Domenkia 3 (3 months ago)
*Style Fanfics in a Nutshell*
Domenkia 3 (3 months ago)
1:25 **unhuman Screeching**
Tishtash1 (3 months ago)
" I wonna be a dinosaur " " cos there cool?" " because there dead" Me=" MOOD
Koakuこあく (3 months ago)
Is Christophe french ?
Neifz * (3 months ago)
shitty city (3 months ago)
I wanna die (3 months ago)
shitty city (3 months ago)
They terk are jerbs
That Art Person (3 months ago)
Stan- 69? Kenny- Yeah, it was 69
Kenny: Say Tuna Sub backwards Jew:Buss Nu- Jew:YOU HAVE BETRAYED NE FOR THE LAST FRIKIN TIME Whoops! for got to 1:36
Ana Beatriz (3 months ago)
I wanna be a dinosaur too
Unoriginal Crap (4 months ago)
The Stye one is true, I’ve read enough fanfics to know how it usually goes.
perséphone spárks (4 months ago)
t-they have.. what? wendy
perséphone spárks (4 months ago)
t-they have.. what? w-wendy? s-stan?
princess Kenny (4 months ago)
Everyone loves Kenny
Nyan Mel (4 months ago)
LemmonzPie (4 months ago)
hi Stan
Zoie Vasquez (4 months ago)
That last one was fucked up
Kindergarten Studios (4 months ago)
Is the style fanfic referring to the one named *sleep deprived* that I was reading til 5 in the morning yesterday? It really sounds like it
*nervous screaming* (4 months ago)
I’m flawless and I know everything I’m gonna start using that
Sabrina Yuiko (5 months ago)
0:30 season and episode? Please
cosplayallday (5 months ago)
Kenny McCormick Freak Strike Season 6 Episode 3
It’s Kenny McCormick (5 months ago)
Butters does a good impression of Carman
that emo kid (5 months ago)
I love the part 0:54
Clover The OBT (5 months ago)
Nightmare Cat 666 (6 months ago)
I wanna hug Kenny and butters ;-;
Cinderama Wonder (6 months ago)
1:25 “I’m diabetic...” Adorable but hilarious
Happy Flower (6 months ago)
"Hi Stan :>" _"I am here to haunt you :>"_ _-i DoN't KnOw WhY bUt I jUsT iMaGiNeD hIm SaYiNg ThAt-_
Tordless Larsson (6 months ago)
That little 'Hi, Stan' at the end got me xD
Musical Trash (6 months ago)
* 6 9*
Cc's Chips (6 months ago)
2:13 Wendy's last name sounds like test a burger
Cloud s (6 months ago)
1:40* that's says Busa nu. Not busta nu. Sorry
YummyNova Brownie (7 months ago)
1:37 no it's a nut bus thank you
-PastelAK- (7 months ago)
*Butters is depressed...* #makebuttershappy
Tracy Valentine (7 months ago)
0:24 is my art drawing
Chen a (7 months ago)
0:13 Butters: H-Hey guys can I play with you? Cartman: NO BUTTERS GOD DAMIT GET OUT!!! Butters: Oka- Me: **Kicks Cartman** Cartman: OWWWW Me: I want to play with you Butters! Butters: Oh really? ,okay! :D
Grr Vile (7 months ago)
Busa Nut 😂
Karen and Lola (7 months ago)
*Hi stan*
Amy Rose (7 months ago)
sub tuna anutbus
Daily KittenUwU (7 months ago)
Me:I wanna be a dinosaur My friend:why...Because there cool Me:No...because there ded -.-
Skeleton (7 months ago)
Oh hey I saw this on a cringe comp
Yellow Melon (7 months ago)
Chapeau bleu means blue hat
Andy O (7 months ago)
But I like kyman
Annie Tee (7 months ago)
G-go Ruby....?
Emily Olsen (7 months ago)
69 let's just turn it sideways ♋ yay cancer my zodiac
Fin the Cringe (7 months ago)
Tuna sub, Busa nut... *O H*
Aly Cat (7 months ago)
4/20 The day and month to smoke some good sheez 69 A position 😏😏😏😏😏
Stacy Woods (8 months ago)
N.D.T.B rage (8 months ago)
Tuna sub XD
ポットクワジイ (8 months ago)
My poor child is diabetic
RPC Does random stuff (8 months ago)
ever day a butters is being abused... please stop the butters abuse call 909-hlpbutters
lovable Bonnie The Bunny (8 months ago)
Stan: "I want to be a dinosaur." Kyle: "cuz there cool?" Stan: "Because there dead" That killed me😂
Your Local Nērd (8 months ago)
“I’m flawless and I know E V E R Y T H I N G” That’s a mood.
Lycanthropy (8 months ago)
Yuri ddlc (8 months ago)
*hi Stan* Me: *Shit* **dies of laughter**
An atrocious Bean (8 months ago)
I'm flawless and I know everything..... Wendy test a burger or Hermione gringer
tina kiwi (8 months ago)
Fuck you cartmen
Roisin O'f (8 months ago)
Wtf was this video?!....... Plz make more.
1:33 I can snap your neck if you wanna be dead
Wølfie Sücks (8 months ago)
Hmmm Stan that's a Interesting Ice Cream you handed to Kyle >~>
Yuki-senpai chon (9 months ago)
It's okay Butters I'll play with you :3 I'm also sorry for how your friends treated you😭
Nanamilque (9 months ago)
hi stan.
mistake number25 (9 months ago)
Hi Stan
Weirdo Girl707 (9 months ago)
Towlie looks scary lol
Edaline Rose•ೋ (9 months ago)
1.08 :D
Emmalyn Edits (9 months ago)
Because there dead
l c (9 months ago)
guys is it bad that I don't ship Kenny with anyone
Say tuna sub backwards. .... *bust a n- WAIT*
Prismatik (10 months ago)
0:45 sorry,but it's pronounced cha- po or chapeau
Big Oof (10 months ago)
What number am I thinking of? *420?* No that's so imature please someone else guess and take this seriously (69?) Yeah it was 69
buble kittynka (10 months ago)
Im diabetic
SouthPark FanGirl1 (10 months ago)
Jackie The WeirdGirl45 (10 months ago)
Shadow Firebender (10 months ago)
"Hi Stan!"
MNK Tamashi (10 months ago)
Poor Kyle I feel your pain with the ice cream
Lars Andersson (10 months ago)
Stan is drunk
Cidney Forney (10 months ago)
Ahhhh your typical yaoi highscholl au....so accurate
Buzz Bea (10 months ago)
*Hi Stan*
ṡȗṅ ṡһıṅє (10 months ago)
i want to be a mongoose
Shadow Gal (11 months ago)
1:33 Cartman's answer to Kyle "Because they're dead."
B O I (11 months ago)
I read Testaburger as Testicalburgers
Hacker Knight (11 months ago)
Stan and kyle are gay
Skittles McCrittles (11 months ago)
Poor Butters ;-;
RPC Does random stuff (11 months ago)
Poor butters ;-;
RPC Does random stuff (11 months ago)
I want to take kenny and friggin spoil him
Inky Daisy (11 months ago)
1:56 Really, Kenny?😂 (If you know what they're talking about, then you're a genius!😂)
Omelet_Velasco (11 months ago)
0:18 yo i friken love butters this made me sad also found dis on recommend

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