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How To Sell A Product - 5 Practical Strategies To Sell Anything

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In this video I am going teach you how exactly you can sell anything to anyone. Selling is by far the most important skill you will ever learn. If you are in a job interview, you need to know how to sell yourself, not only to able to get the job but to get it with a maximum salary possible. If you are a salesman, you will never be rejected again if you simply apply these tips. No matter who you are, no matter what is your background, imagine for a moment if you know how to sell. All what you need to do is come to up with a product or a service and start selling it. And its only a matter of time before you will be filled with cash. What made Steve Jobs is so different than the rest of the entrepreneurs is probably because he knew how to sell a thousand dollar product that only takes 120 bucks to build. Fortunately there is science behind all of this, there is science why people buy from one person and ignore the other, and here in this video I am going to share with you 5 scientifically proven ways that you can use to sell anything to anyone right now. Get The Book: http://amzn.to/2hSVw0k How To Win Any Argument: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXQVx... First Impression Techniques: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm6TQ... Get 2 Free Audio Books: http://amzn.to/2sf9dqc For More Great Content: Instagram: https://goo.gl/vzBDdg Facebook: https://goo.gl/DZmAeM Twitter: https://goo.gl/6gvG4T
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THESPESIA PETRA (4 days ago)
Saish Jadhav (23 days ago)
The Video starts At 1:10 Thank Me Later 👍
RAFSAN KABIR (29 days ago)
bro which music u use
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Goldinton (1 month ago)
Ur English 🍜🍜🍜
The Guide (1 month ago)
Hi, I have the Arabic script of this video, and I can provide it as srt file format to be added to your channel. I can provide you any translation for any video. Here's my email for communication [email protected]
Siraj Sherasiya (1 month ago)
Rebecca Gatmaitan (2 months ago)
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J Shysterr (2 months ago)
One of the worst ways I saw a product advertised was a commercial for almond milk where the slogan was that it tastes like almonds. Somebody should have told the ad makers that people don't usually want their milk to taste like almonds. They want is to taste like Milk.
Catalytic Contreras (2 months ago)
Wow... his voice and accent are very similar to Dan Ariely's :D!
Admiralhall2000 (3 months ago)
I have sold my supermodel wife to clients for sex. Thank you
Nathaniel Rowe (3 months ago)
You lost me when you missed the ‘R’ in ‘OTHER’
Pall Singh (3 months ago)
Blue Heron (3 months ago)
Here's whatcha get: First, don't run or overpressure. Don't brag and don't market 1st to people who you know won't buy soon because theyve got more pressing needs and your product is a luxury at this time. Know your customers real price limitations how your product will make their lives easier, happier, better and more fun than it is now. Demonstrate its qualities and features patiently and HONESTLY. Don't exaggerate or boast if it out fulfill your buddy's expectations, but DO limit your demonstrations to who will like it. Only show people your product if you know it'll make them feel happier or more comfortable. Put a price on it that's worth it to them and doable for you and wait. Pull up a quick chair and rest easy. It'll sell by itself.
SNOWINGSART (4 months ago)
Thank you!!!!!
doublethink89 (4 months ago)
thank you very much man! greetings from a little town in mexico on new years eve! i will try some of the strategies and i just wanna say i really apreciate the info!
Sarang Bidkar (4 months ago)
I have subscribed your channel.
Sarang Bidkar (4 months ago)
Great explaination
Sam Lee (5 months ago)
AboveAverage - (5 months ago)
6:02 “Riks of cancer” typo oof
Anas Hamidov (7 months ago)
. I think you sould check your information you tell what to do , not how to do it
Bud Step (7 months ago)
Please enhance the audio for next time!
Bunty Gupta (8 months ago)
I have never seen such a video like that big thumbs from my side
How can you do those videos. What is the software your using please can you tell mee.....
Jorge Espiritu (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for this! This should be viral! :)
Eric DeWald (10 months ago)
Music too loud at end compared to your voice volume.
xian mhojz (10 months ago)
Are you really a salesman? Do you have some major experience in selling skills?
Dave Johnson (11 months ago)
Hi I think your video was good. My job is not really selling, we get money back for businesses from ttheir utility companies, and all i just need them to let me take a look at their utility bill to help them out. There isn't much time to establish a connection. How can I apply these principles?
Mallikarjuna Bg (1 year ago)
Super explanation
Diontae Daughtry (1 year ago)
Thank you this was very helpful and informative 👍👍
Jenson Reggentin (1 year ago)
Nice video bad grammar
TheProgrammingJedi (1 year ago)
Thanks for this awesome video.
Nicole Anasco (1 year ago)
I actually hit the subscribe and like button when you said so - that was at the introduction part. Hehe power!
Landon Abron (1 year ago)
Blackjack42 (1 year ago)
That isn't true what u said about diamonds. Diamonds are not scarce. The diamond cartel only puts out so many diamonds a year so that way they don't flood the market and they can keep prices high.
jackseptic eye (7 months ago)
And because they only put out so many, it makes it scarce. Scarcity is a low supply, public or private. The point you're trying to make is that if I have a million diamonds, that means diamonds aren't scarce for others because I have a million of them.
Eric D (1 year ago)
Being friendly is good advice, so is giving free samples. The others are more manipulative and can backfire on you. In my business, I beat them on price and the sales went way up. As for the scarcity, it was when I demonstrated could produce larger volumes at my facility was when I started selling by the tanker truck. But what wasn't mentioned in this video was that if you truly do value  your customers, employees, vendors and are attentive to their needs, you will be successful. Put others first, just like Jesus told us to do.
Jensen Raylight (1 year ago)
ummm, 120 bucks to make apple iPhone? so you only count the raw material price? so is make a smartphone OS is cheap?, running a service server is cheap?, time-consuming research, worker wage, develop several apple apps is cheap? create develop new kind of chip is cheap, research new kind of camera, screen, tech is cheap? people who never do a business tend to see the only raw material price, i myself surprised too when i do my own business, there many many of invincible expense, and you need to raise the price, or else you won't be in business and bankrupt relax, I love your video and your video content always make me motivated and open my eye, i just want people to know, there so many invisible expense and unpaid hard work on just one business, so get easy on them, they deserve a praise too
Sanja Sanjic (1 year ago)
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MattInTheToque (1 year ago)
Lol I must be broken as I never tried to fit in. When people sit down I stand up it's the only way to get noticed. Lol plus most sale people hate me because I know their games and have no problem saying no thank you.
Wave Flow (1 year ago)
1. Authority/Expert 2. Liking Bias 3. Reciprocity Bias 4. Social Proof 5. Scarcity
Sajid Tanwer (3 months ago)
Wave Flow thanks a ton!
Madhe Bahala (1 year ago)
try this opportunity http://aimr2me.com/aimGlobal/madelyn_billions
Saosaq Ii (1 year ago)
Can you sell your virginity???
Memestrosity (3 months ago)
You actually can. Someone sold theirs for 1mil but it was a female. So good luck
*I can always pretend to be a virgin.*
Scott Frostholm (1 year ago)
Saosaq Ii Just once
Pooja Joshi (1 year ago)
Earn by selling your products online with your own website or online store! http://www.themejungle.ooo/
now i understand why i always get into a verbal fight/argument with sellers i simply don't care which allows me to see right trough them take a free sample and just leave
It shows that your are a genuine person when u said affiliate link.. Not just link.. Thank you for your videos
Jerico Eijansantos (8 months ago)
I noticed the exact same thing.
Keine Gruppe Bljat (1 year ago)
Nice videoh
Hit da suuwqiiiibbbe bootun!
sally nie (1 year ago)
I agreed with you.. it is true.. tq
Dan R. (1 year ago)
I just used these skills to sell a dead bird to a blind boy
KickBull (1 year ago)
AA-Brothers (1 year ago)
6:01 RI(KS) of cancer. Lol
Sergio Sanchez (1 year ago)
Ima go sell some weed to my local police station whith these tips man....
Riley Scott (5 months ago)
Always Be Selling!!
Discovaria (8 months ago)
are you in jail?
jadas dior (8 months ago)
Sergio Sanchez (1 year ago)
Proactive Thinker lol
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
good luck
Affan Siddiqui (1 year ago)
U just explained the whole selling stuff in one video incredibly smart !!!
Smithjgwhs3 (1 year ago)
It's great to meet one in that 5% that refuses to be like everyone else , kudos to them
Smithjgwhs3 (1 year ago)
You can sell to anyone that allows. A strong determined person can't be MADE to do or buy anything .
Izabelė Lever (1 year ago)
False. False. False. You know nothing about sales then :)
Alan Johnston (1 year ago)
Smithjgwhs3 right. Sales is a lot of luck, as much as I hate to admit. In my book, the rule is if it can be sold I will sell it.
Rise Deus (1 year ago)
Which song mate?
kio chan (1 year ago)
You Spelled RISK - "RIKS"
bio technics (1 year ago)
very good
Anil Peepra (1 year ago)
This channel has bright future
Philip Aubin Andoh (1 year ago)
this guy just sold me his video . you just won a sub
nitin jain (1 year ago)
your channel is best i love all ur videos keep making good job
Ecom Reviews (1 year ago)
Great video 👍
Nitin Kalburgi (1 year ago)
Just keep on the good job sir !
descendant0fdragons (1 year ago)
4:54 that is why sheep's fall of a cliff. E.g. my friend bought a MacBook-Pro back in the days, he suggest I should too. I said, no! 1. I am not a girl I can carry more than 2kg, secondly the specs were not high enough to run RAM consuming applications, like games or any high graphics 3d software. I bought a custom notebook for less the price than that apple crap. We sat next to each other playing MW2 and well damned, I nailed him 20:1 kill death ratio almost every single game. Why? cuz I am better? well , yes and also my built in internet modem was better! But my notebook was cheaper, screen was bigger, heavier! and more MONSTROUS! Conclusion: I never heard of any tech guy that says a good notebook should be esthetically, if so that guy ain't a guy. It is all about the specs, and Apple nailed those who like poor performance crap.
MischievousMoo (1 year ago)
"Make sure to subscribe before you even watch anything" Only 2000 views on a video about selling anything This channel seems very sketchy.
Tanmay Chawariya (1 year ago)
your the best your gonna taste success shortly. I believe
Priyanka Pethkar (1 year ago)
U deserve 1 million subscribers.. ur videos literally made me know my life goals
lighting1999 (1 year ago)
Absolutely the best sales info I have ever had. Very well explained.
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
I am glad to Know that :) Thanks!
Cristi C (1 year ago)
Thanks for the awesome video! P.S. I read the book some time ago, it was very helpful.
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
you are most welcome!
Kevin Froman (1 year ago)
good vid
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
Enjoy The Video! :)
Proactive Thinker (1 year ago)
Jynx C. (1 year ago)
Selling us a video about selling =^.^=

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