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SEA-DOO BOAT How to CliniX - How to Drive a Sea-Doo boat with Direct Jet Drive Propulsion

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http://www.sea-doo.com Sea-Doo boats are in a class of their own with the exclusive BRP direct water jet drive propulsion technology meaning no exposed shape objects for safer boating. Another significant advantage is the fact that the caption of a Sea-Doo boat has incredible control in slow speed situation with the ability to rotate the boat in neutral. The Sea-Doo boat acceleration and handling is like no other boat on the water. The Sea-Doo Boat how To CliniX give you insight to the World of Sea-Doo boats and the how easy and fun it is living the Sea-Doo LIFE.
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Text Comments (10)
L S (2 years ago)
where to get parts for the older sea doo boats ? 2002 ? mercury motors ?
paullam007 (3 years ago)
Yamaha owns them out right
David stopple (2 months ago)
paullam007 please don't bes misled. Seadoo engines and drives are in Glastron, scarab and chapparall boat lines in jet drive categories. Much more control in especially reverse than Yamaha. Yamaha has no control in these three lines of boats. All Yamaha is good for is raising prices every year on old technology.
Neil Marshall (7 months ago)
Chaperral uses rotax engines, they are the closest to sea doo on the current market.
_bol_ YT (1 year ago)
paullam007 realy ? Why i can't find them ?
Noah Vanbelle (4 years ago)
To bad they stop making Sea-Doo boats.
Brian Gmail (5 years ago)
Woman must not speak
UpscaleLegends (5 years ago)
How much for this?
Wad9591 (6 years ago)
Meagan is HOT!
terence wolter (6 years ago)
i bought a yamaha a r190 and it's awesome

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