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The brand new EDGE | MSI

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A new motherboard design is coming soon!
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Text Comments (9)
"EDGE" IN the top left
Noel Punu Jr. (1 month ago)
if you win, you gonna need to buy an i9 for it if you wanna use it though
JPXeno (1 month ago)
Michael Beekhuizen (1 month ago)
Looks good!
Terje Strøm (2 months ago)
MSI have got the edge on their rivals 😁 *Babum-tsh*
Drake Nelson (2 months ago)
So what am I looking at here?
Stef A (2 months ago)
New motherboard hahaha at 0:08 you see the PCIE slots, the backup battery and heat sink
Lewis Johnson (2 months ago)
X390?? i9-9900k.....?
Mielcar (2 months ago)
crawling in my crawl

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