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Sexy TV space girls. -diary of a flat earth noob (8)

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Sexy TV space girls. (diary of a flat earth noob (8) Still working on 'Sexy Space Boy's, a moon one and a robot one and then payoff my gay folk who like menfolk. Again apologies to the feminist community who aren't lesbian. I understand the line crossed, yet endeavouring to sell an absurdity requires brick's and mortar selling, Anything for the cause as it were, any port in a storm, the end justifying the means, so on and so forth. Sorry for being a perv regardless. john tellnott.
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john tellnott (6 days ago)
You tube deleted all the text related to this and all of my Vids. I saw it coming and have adjusted my attack, But still note worthy,
DeadBunny69 (1 year ago)
1:12 ... What episode of Enterprise is that from?
john tellnott (1 year ago)
Not sure, I'm more of a DS9 nerd, the old one's never much interested me, sorry I couldn't help.

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