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http://www.sea-doo.com You have dreamt of living the Sea-Doo Life and this Sea-Doo How To series of videos is going to help provide some guidance in entering this fun, family watersport. This video covers how to beach your watercraft to enjoy some time on the beach!
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Jet-skiing Tejano (3 months ago)
Stupid video
Reid Jordan (9 months ago)
Just go at it full speed and when you get close just fucking send it onto the sand
Gunnar Smith (11 months ago)
keep her pinned she will be fine
Logan Crawford (1 year ago)
Pulling your Seadoo onto a sandbar 1000 times over will never scratch it if you do as the video shows. For those who believe a sandbar has rocks, sticks, and other hard objects on it, please consult a dictionary, as that is NOT a sandbar.
TED Schmitt (2 years ago)
There's no such thing as proper beaching. Anchor it - the bottom won't get beaten up.
Beach Life (4 years ago)
please make more in depth videos like how to change wear ring, impeller and take upper deck off. thanks
Andrew B (4 years ago)
yamaha 242 in seadoo ads on 1.10 is sooooo cute
James Smith (4 years ago)
Seems like a good way to get sand in your engine. Why not just use an anchor?
Jimmy Masri (7 months ago)
+Beach Life I always rock my ski side to side one I get into deeper water will help removed any debris before I start motor never had a problem been skiing for 10 years
Chris Guy (1 year ago)
That's a good way to beach your ski. My GTX Ltd is 19 yrs old and there's nothing wrong with the hull. My SHO is 5 yrs old and the hull is also perfect. Follow the example in this video and you won't beat up your hull - if you do then you're not doing it right. I've sustained more wear/marks/scratches to the hull over the years from debris in the water. As for beach life's comment - always rock your ski from side to side and push the rear up and down from the rear prior to boarding. Any sand or debris will be washed out from your pump and intake...........I would never just push a ski out and start it without doing that - Is why your friend 'messed up his impeller'. Good point though and this should be in the video - safe riding
TED Schmitt (2 years ago)
Amen - the bottom of your machine won't get beaten up either.
Beach Life (4 years ago)
personally i prefer just tossing an anchor. A friend of mine beached his ( followed all these rules) and when he pulled it up on the beach a little a tiny rock went in the grate on the bottom and messed up his impeller when he started it again
James Cloud (4 years ago)
These have closed circuit cooling systems. Only concern is wear on the prop and wear ring. That is a real danger but not in the engine :)

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