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‎Make It Happn‬

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Find the people you've crossed paths with. https://www.happn.fr iPhone: http://goo.gl/vRi4bQ Android: http://goo.gl/v0Q2jm
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Eyelohim (1 month ago)
Dit is zeker een geschikte app voor de onzekere mensen die in hun telefoon leven en zich erachter verschuilen, en in het echt amper iemand durven te benaderen en de straatstenen tellen wanneer ze lopen op straat, met hun hoofd in hun eigen zelfingenomen, egoistische 🐑🐑🐑 wereldje, wat me heel vaak opvalt. Door zulke robots vergaat de socialiteit buiten. 10 jaar terug, kon je een meid op straat veel makkelijker versieren dan nu. Deze apps zijn echte socialiteits killers waardoor mensen elkaar minder snel op straat aanspreken. De meeste apps willen alleen je info, Meer niet. En alle, voor de mensheid nutteloze hologrammen lopen erachteraan. Ze hebben geen echte eigen mening, Niks. En als iemand de harde waarheid eens zegt, raken ze uit hun achterlijke, roezige schapenritme, en is de realiteit ineens harder dan het lijkt, en valt die ene realist buiten de boot, terwijl ze zelf niet eens een boomstronk hebben om zich aan vast te houden. Dit geldt echt letterlijk voor 55 procent van de mensen in dit land, Beter bekend als "Hologram". Ze staan zelfs nog beter bekend als " Organic portals " Overal vatbaar voor.
mr. JaMaLi (1 month ago)
Pretty girls like this often are not single
Ankit Mishra (7 months ago)
Twinkle Twinkle Little star singles are the superstars
Forgotten Ally (11 months ago)
Why was he out of breath after 2 steps Lmao
Just Lutfi (1 year ago)
what is the tittle of backsound?
VMB VMB (11 months ago)
Darude Sandstorm
frank .foduw (1 year ago)
info updater (1 year ago)
another Scam App
Michael K (1 year ago)
[painfully smiling]
Suraj Srivastav (1 year ago)
Suraj Srivastav (1 year ago)
Nearby girl and boy to make friends
Tu_P3ndeXx (1 year ago)
Yo buscaba a la rubia que se iva al gimnacio porque esta re buena
MrProspec (1 year ago)
Shes beautiful
Sunil Aggarwal (1 year ago)
Just call me angel (1 year ago)
A girl like that would have a hundred men behind her in real life. At least in my country where blonds are less.
Beryl Small (1 year ago)
Paloma Blanca (2 days ago)
Ahh don’t over react
iTrolled (3 months ago)
Beryl Small How are you doing mam
Abhishek Sharma (1 year ago)
wonderful advertisement
Ishraq the Great (2 years ago)
fucking tired of these adds...
Appreciate It (2 years ago)
sad life XD
Appreciate It (2 years ago)
Merhaba XD
MF (2 years ago)
Poor girl,She reminded me
Madi Love (2 years ago)
taking the double decker tour bus to work lol
Manuel Ayala (2 years ago)
So it's like Grindr but for straights?
Ömer Faruk Parıldar (2 years ago)
Yorekok'tan gelenler? :D
Raymond Perez (2 years ago)
the fuck is this? Learn cold approach its not that hard.
Mgonz49 (2 years ago)
Raymond Perez I'm not saying it's just females that needs to cooperaye, we also have to do our part, right now I'm helping some leaders create an autism club in college to raise the awareness and finally feel closer to society...... crap I said too much, but whatevs
Raymond Perez (2 years ago)
+Mgonz49 thats awesome man never stop taking action you got this.
Mgonz49 (2 years ago)
Raymond Perez I guess I'm one of those people who it's not for because it's not working for me, tho it has improved...... well, you are most likely lucky because I on the other hand I am an aspie, and introverted, unless if you are too, so I have to work much harder, it has improved
Raymond Perez (2 years ago)
+Mgonz49 majority of people dont have the balls to even try it so theyll never know most people make up 100s of excuse to never go out and try it but personally for a person who has always naturally been introverted and anxious like me it has helped me become a better communicater and be more confident and now im way less creepy when talking to girls because i have more social awareness than before Its not for everyone ill say thay and of course not the only way to help you with girls but man has it changed my life and benefitted me.
Mgonz49 (2 years ago)
Raymond Perez honestly cold approach is stupid, I find it less attractive :0 and makes them closed minded
Jose Giordano (2 years ago)
0:42 / 2:41 ‎Make It Happn‬ Social Chain Social Chain
David G Burns (2 years ago)
I can't find the actual advert that brought me here but all of these are the essence of cringe. Put me off going anywhere near the app
Steven (2 years ago)
This app doesn't work. :)
Corntrollio Videorama (2 years ago)
I saw an ad for Happn on YT and it was the cringiest thing I've ever seen. It was the two black guys in Central Park. My God is so ripe with cringe.
San (2 years ago)
i used to one week no happened anything 😑😑
briagadaress (3 years ago)
I wonder if the owners of this app are going to assist legally their users when they get criminal charges for stalking.
Jack J (3 years ago)
Pickup is much much better)
Paul OregonUSA (2 years ago)
is that an app?
Achaemenes of Persia (3 years ago)
lol she so desperate... and this is borderline stalking
Appreciate It (2 years ago)
Achaemenes of Persia htf do u have 40 subs wid no vids 😳😳
Adam C (3 years ago)
omfg they were so awkward they made me feel so awkward
YouKnowCho (3 years ago)
this commercial is absolutely adorable haha
Joan-Francois Mortin (3 years ago)
get to the point
N4V1D4D (3 years ago)
Maldita sea se me adelantaron
Apples likeREDPILL (3 years ago)
that actually never happens but its okay :)
bhaer Ally (3 years ago)
had this app for a week. Got nothing. Lame.
Scaredy Cake (1 year ago)
maybe you're ugly
random tv 1 (1 year ago)
Lucky asf
bhaer Ally (3 years ago)
yeah but i want to see if it would work period
MrLinker44 (3 years ago)
+bhaer Ally you know you can set the age of the people that you want to talk to
bhaer Ally (3 years ago)
hahaha You're funny MrLinker44 XD I just crossed paths with one person. Just one. She wants to chat but she is old. Not ugly though.
Mario Justiniano (4 years ago)
What a cartoon. In real life, this is stalking. lol
Lorr Del (1 year ago)
Mario Justiniano lol not? she just kept seeing around and thought he was attractive. that's not stalking
César Ferreira (4 years ago)
That's a beautiful video! congrats
jordan3802 (4 years ago)
its not as easy as it looks i had to wine and dine my girlfriend for 2 weeks before she felt comfortable enough to even be alone with me 
PickBeat Singsong (3 years ago)
+Shakoosh lmao
Shakoosh (4 years ago)
get some chloroform much cheaper

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