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Gymnastics 10 Most Beautiful Women

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Shaun Wood (2 months ago)
Great video with much hightlights showcasing talent on gymnastics, dance routines, strength, grace, and stamina these young ladies are definitely remarkable at there skillset of gymnastic athleticism. Terry Swoopes another one you just keep dropping hits and I'm enjoying the excitement with these diverse extrodinary ladies. Thank you
Agatha Derry (2 days ago)
🍅🍅🍅 *WAN6T ME? LO3OK, I MASTB*ATE NAK4ED,снеск4 VIDеО.* 🤜
Oscar Rojas (1 month ago)
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Shaun Wood (1 month ago)
5:34 ***(Lauren Marinez)***
Shaun Wood (1 month ago)
Lauren Marinez
Alex Tanaka (1 month ago)
Whats the name of 5:34 ?
Vincent Jones (12 hours ago)
I think number 10 should've been number 1
luminor007 (18 hours ago)
If you look again closely.. she left a brown spot on the matt! 1:41
Oliver Phippen (1 day ago)
If these women were beautiful then why show them performing ??? sorry
Chris Boyd (2 days ago)
This list is absolutely stupid, you can't have a top 10 without Mckayla Maroney or Shawn Johnson! Hottest ever
AMS BEE (2 days ago)
Gymnastic is like a spring woaw
Raquel Ortega Lopez (2 days ago)
Wow ¡Number 10! That Was impressive , number 10, 3 and 1 looked the prettiest (specially 3).
Agatha Derry (2 days ago)
Terri Campbell (2 days ago)
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I came here to watch those beautiful poop box.
Agatha Derry (2 days ago)
🌗 *WAN1T ME? LO5OK, I MASTBATE NAK3ED,снеск8 снann7el* 🐯🐯
Frank Grimey Grimes (3 days ago)
Only 2 of those chicks were hot. The rest were ugly as hell, dude.
Creative Thinker (3 days ago)
Angel got this easy. The chick in the top spot only has a nicer ass.
pol margury (4 days ago)
Darrie Wayne (4 days ago)
#1 is AWESOME...BUT #3 is a beast. If we were dating she would HAVE to be on birth control, cause it's NO RUBBER!!!
Ramon De La Peña (4 days ago)
Alex Robertson IV (4 days ago)
No.10 is #1
Daniel Jordan (4 days ago)
Fam you be on them. Everyone of them booties I'll bite. They flexible thick and sexy. I definitely bite them booties after them showers. Lol. Love the energy in all of them. Stay Blessed Beautiful Ladies
markos824 (4 days ago)
Vid3oJo3 (5 days ago)
I love the way Katelyn splits that thang wide open, then screws her head around to shake off the pain. Grrrrrrr!
Quincy Lockett (6 days ago)
Sup to all the black male 80s babies...my fellow pervs
They are great gymnasts. U would have still gotten views without mentioning their looks, which isn't anything special, their moves are tho.
ed schneidmuller (6 days ago)
wow! I'm totally exhausted after watching this! Their energy is amazing
Я не сообразил , Мир этак обделён женской красотой , что восторгается этими лошадями ? По моему тут одна красивая дама -- Алина Кабаева .
Alexander Molina (7 days ago)
bad ass jumps and flips!!
Вообще с создателем не согласен ! Какие же они самые прекрасные ! Особенно та с 8 места ! Просто жесть !
Robert Santa (9 days ago)
todas de usa? bye!
AL Raamy (10 days ago)
How do you put one of the coldest looking and by far one of the the most talented ones in 10th place.....? I know the bulk of your audience is white and you totally wanna up your subscribers but [email protected], you aint gotta lie like that bruh....
iamdogman 13 (10 days ago)
Nice body's yes, but not so much on the face. Sorry but ur opinion is very jaded, some of the most beautiful woman on Earth don't have huge butts, as a painter u see beauty in facial semetry and perfect balance of features.
cheryl alikhani (11 days ago)
I remember when female gymnasts were kicked off the team as soon as their body started developing and they were doing various things to prevent it. Modern gymnastics is so much healthier and beautiful.
Reggie Hammons (12 days ago)
Great list, Swap 2 and 3 around and you'll have it right.
Yassin Nait (13 days ago)
Best and great ass is martiniz
David Darden (14 days ago)
That is great talent, unfortunately the females do not get recognized as much as the men when it comes to athletics as well as pay too. That is great talent.
Hunting 24/7 (14 days ago)
Number ten is the best performance, but number one has booty for days!
Cameron Malik Saddle (14 days ago)
The thumbnail with the lady with the fat ass is at 5:28!!!
Cecelia Tkach (14 days ago)
They all have manly facial structure, manly calves, manly power, and big male teeth. Maybe two are female but most are MtF
Eliza Parker (15 days ago)
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Willard Badger (9 days ago)
Thode are nice
Kendrell Ramsey (15 days ago)
They are so awesome
CubanSoldier 20 (15 days ago)
Absolutely cannot stand the 80's porn music in the background... lord almighty...make the pain stop... my ears are bleeding.
ddland45 (15 days ago)
I'm just going to be honest here and say, for all their outstanding abilities and athletic prowess, most of these women are simply HOT! I guess I've always had a thing for thick female gymnasts like Raisman, Marinez, Ohashi and Pinto.
Krispynachos 99 (16 days ago)
wtf was the shit at 1:00 ? Matrix kinda shit wow!
Grey Tallcloud (16 days ago)
Not gorgeous or beautiful most, but all very talented as hell. Too thick for me.
Brian Graves (14 days ago)
You ain’t getten any of them anyways.
Aram Brown (16 days ago)
Lol maybe it's the music but this video is kinda creepy to me.
"Lauren Marinez' Gotta fat ass on her...she can flip in my bed anytime"😀
"this picture you showed for this topic of (LAUREN MARINES) that girl has a fat nice ass on her"😁
Marshanna Johnson (17 days ago)
Katelyn Ohashi should have been #1
william serna giraldo (17 days ago)
These are the prettiest women you like and not the most beautiful in gymnastics
John Oats (18 days ago)
Redo list Man
Shin Tori (19 days ago)
the skills T_T
KrillVidLife 2nd (20 days ago)
We all know why we clicked.
Edward Tucker (20 days ago)
You very sexy beautiful baby
Nuno Loureiro (20 days ago)
The Portuguese girl is the shit baby 😋😍🤩😘😁🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Thomas Thomas (21 days ago)
It's like watching the Matrix. How do they do it?
MD_hafiz kartun saya (21 days ago)
Almaz Ismailov (21 days ago)
Ultimate Rezult!
armegaz (21 days ago)
Next time just be truthful in saying something like amazing gymnast not beautiful people. Some of them are no just good looking.
Samuel Salam al Rashid (22 days ago)
Who are you fucking moron to judge who is most beautiful and who isn't ??
Kathy Carlson (23 days ago)
Holy shit Angel Rice was freaking amazing...they all were but she shone the brightest IMO
David Lopez (23 days ago)
Малацы девчёнки супер такое ашюшеня будто бута в их дудки веса эта ни ординарна быть при всех прелястях тела и мастерить с таковой лёхкасьтю супер малатса👍
armegaz (24 days ago)
They may be talented but no good looking. Get glasses
BarTabz (22 days ago)
Send a link so we can see what you look like. lol
Derrick Small (24 days ago)
Some One (24 days ago)
please remove the negroe women. black women are NEVER BEAUTIFUL. They've got masculine bone structure in they're faces usually and they've got big ugly noses.
el Torro (25 days ago)
No 10 is No 1, and No 4 is No 2 (FACT)
Manj Sher (25 days ago)
I did not come for the thumbnail... Just saying.
Marilyn Thomas (26 days ago)
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Ya'tuma (27 days ago)
Angel rice should have been the winner. 🏆 nobody else seem to excite me after watching her.
Ya'tuma (25 days ago)
+Alex Sims the answer to your question is #Drugs!
Alex Sims (25 days ago)
My thoughts exactly. Wonder how he came up with his list
Bern-z lesPere (27 days ago)
I honestly would have made #10 first. Or at worst, in the top three! I wonder if I'm the only one that thought that.
Vincent Sims (27 days ago)
Katelyn ohasi needs to be higher tbh
Chuck Fender (28 days ago)
Number #10 to #2
TROUBLE Fallen Angel (28 days ago)
The is amazing
Теме Тема (29 days ago)
R.S. Marcus (29 days ago)
Number 1 was unreal! Never saw her before, but she could tooy many of these lists. Nice find on all of these beauties.
yourpapi fo sho (29 days ago)
#10 should be number 1
Arin Lewis (29 days ago)
Amazing 💪🏿💯👑
Black Mamba (29 days ago)
Jason Bailey (29 days ago)
Yes #1 she have that azz sexi af😍
Salman Abid (29 days ago)
Number 10 was just awesome, full of energy
this isn't my account (29 days ago)
Dat shit dat first girl doing dont look real.
Kaisari Mkuu (30 days ago)
#7 Russian is arguably #1
leopoldo gonzalez (30 days ago)
how the heck is #10 not walking around like a drunk after all those spins n flips!!!
Poklando (30 days ago)
If you are here for the "ass", go straight to 5.20. Lauren Martinez ass is PERFECT!!!
malik mohsin (30 days ago)
I think 10 # is the winner
Guy-Roland Gnaba (30 days ago)
Angel Rice is the Best!!!
Guy-Roland Gnaba (30 days ago)
They are downright awesome American sports of this classification. But I prefer the one in position number 10, beautiful demonstration and also a beautiful woman.
Video Blade (1 month ago)
I see why you said Lauren Marinez was the winner. My goodness.
Efuye Gela (28 days ago)
Not for the gym tho. Who cares, she is winners !!
Caio Matheus (1 month ago)
Pq p pra que essa barulheira
adilla121783 (1 month ago)
Omg im.in.love
AGENT X SECURITY (1 month ago)
eStream eTv (1 month ago)
*No10 should've been No1*
Xiled One (1 month ago)
I used to be able to do flips like that many years ago. Now when I try it, my saggy ballsack slaps me in the face. Sucks getting old..........
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Anabelle Sabangan (1 month ago)
They are all equally beautiful.
Chris Austin (1 month ago)
Damn Terry man I feel like a pervert!!!!😛😛😛😛😛😁😁😁😁😁
Bunz Achee (1 month ago)
I love women one of God's blessing
ilikemthick54 (1 month ago)
i beg to differ 10 is the finest she should b # 1& # 7 should b 2nd in my oppion
Gustavo Sandoval (1 month ago)
01:04. A la verga. Jeje Qué rapidez.
EGYPT DANCE (1 month ago)
Luis Ramirez (1 month ago)
Sexy nice ass
Ramon nomaR (1 month ago)
#10 and #9 should be #1 and #2 without question.
Manuel Allen (1 month ago)
la de portugal

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