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Sea-Doo Epic Adventure - NORWAY

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Our adventure takes us through the majestic fjords along the famed Norwegian coastline where we stop for an on the water picnic lunch and take in the awe-inspiring nature scenes.
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Text Comments (26)
Greg Martha Butler (1 month ago)
Wow epic
Erlend Stanojevic (1 month ago)
Lofoten!♡ May be cold riding this early.. But totaly worth it!
001 002 (1 month ago)
did you take skis or rent on site? looks like fun
James D (1 month ago)
Seriously boring. This is like a paid advertisement for shitdoo
Gavin Westwood (1 month ago)
Lol if only you could go that far on one tank of gas😂 can barley get an hour and a half out of my 2018 RXT 230 on a full tank
Martin Gattoni (1 month ago)
GAR BEX (1 month ago)
I live in norway
Andreas Klodvik (1 month ago)
where in norway is this?
Erlend Stanojevic (1 month ago)
Andreas Klodvik lofoten
J D (1 month ago)
And u don’t think that is any kind of cold
Piercing Light (1 month ago)
They're actors, doubt they were outside riding the jet-ski's for a long period of time, Just enough to shoot the video though.
American Pranksters (1 month ago)
I love sea Doo
Jetski Jay (1 month ago)
American Pranksters I love them too they are sooooo reliable and they honor their warranty they are such a great company. ROFL!
Nathan Corley (1 month ago)
Always had Seadoo jetskis love them!! Loving my new 2018 model it’s beautiful! It be a dream to help film one of these promo videos! Maybe one day
Jetski Jay (1 month ago)
Keith Payne honestly it was fun ass hell rebuilding my engine and quite entertaining to see the lazy practice some mechanics carry out at even “certified facilities”. It is a big eye opener and something that I have learned a lot from. Next time a cooler fails I drain the dam oil myself and replace the cooler immediately. Not let it sit for weeks and weeks in a shop rusting the internal components. So much bs could had been avoided!
Jetski Jay (1 month ago)
Keith Payne nope not at all tore my shit apart and fixed it myself out of pocket and recovered my summer. Everyone one I know loves their new Yamaha and they were all true doo fans for many years and finally switched brands and now I see why they made the move to Yamaha.
Jetski Jay (1 month ago)
Nathan Corley well I seriously hope your oil cooler doesn’t fail. Because it would be a dam shame to go through what they put me through and be given back an engine with low compression from the corrosion they blatantly refused to fix. They lost me as a Coustmer! I own two and I can say that they are the last units I’ll ever own from those rip off artists at BRP. Also found metal in the block and more extensive damage they refused to address. Worst techs service ever had to rebuild my engine and void my factory warranty and depreciate my resale value. Screw BRP 4 life!
Christian castillo (1 month ago)
mathias spolen (1 month ago)
Pman Best (1 month ago)
Nice I need to get a sea do
Jetski Jay (1 month ago)
Pman Best you mean a headache or also known as hole in the water you throw money into aka SEADOO!

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