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http://www.sea-doo.com #SEADOOHOWTO You have dreamt of living the Sea-Doo Life and this Sea-Doo How To series of videos is going to help provide some guidance in entering this fun, family watersport. In this segment we discuss elements of transporting your Sea-Doo via Sea-Doo MOVE trailers. These tips will help ensure your time spent traveling to the launch ramp is easy and trouble free, so you can make the most of your Sea-Doo time on the water.
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Text Comments (15)
Andrew Vo (1 year ago)
Cant wait for a seadoo spark or recreation
Chaos Zombie999 (1 year ago)
Wait... you missed something: never tow using a Nissan Maxima
4c1dr3fl3x (4 months ago)
haha, while I feel the same way, I do laugh when my kid uses his '86 Corolla AE86 to tow the '98 XP I passed down to him to the ramp. Tiny car, tall ski backing down the ramp, and everyone stops what they're doing expecting him to somehow get dragged down into the river. It's pretty comical when you see it in person. Edit: Also Fred, what the hell are you smoking? The wet weight of a Spark is over 400 lbs. Now double that. Now add two bunk trailer, which also average 300-450 lbs. Unless your trailer is made out of Unobtanium and filled with Helium, I dunno how you figure that's not at least 1000 lbs. Are you new at this Math thing?
Chaos Zombie999 (8 months ago)
VegasRider702 that’s why I deleted the comment lol I realised that 140 miles an hour is 240 kilometres an hour XD
VegasRider702 (8 months ago)
Chaos Zombie999 No, it wasn't sir... I sell Nissan here in Las Vegas... This 2017 Maxima is definitely set to "miles", but thanks tho. ;)
VegasRider702 (8 months ago)
Right... Especially one with 158k on it! LoL
Chaos Zombie999 (9 months ago)
Fred Head I was joking haha
NASTYVIDS (2 years ago)
It's illegal to drive in flip-flops
Ants Tech (5 months ago)
Ha, image that here is Aus
NASTYVIDS (1 year ago)
Illegal to drive a motor vehicle with flip flops or high heels here and it's a great idea. Flip flops or high heels. Any footwear that can come off and obstruct the brake or throttle.
Dan (1 year ago)
What?? Not in my state. Dumbest thing ive ever heard!
Brian Grady (3 years ago)
grand master flash (4 years ago)
not what I was looking for. my car can pull my jet sky, I know that but its a heavier one than I had before. It's a three seater and is not perfectly set up. My car is shaking a bite at around 50 km speed. I think I need to back the jetsky a bite on the trailer to level the weight. the car would shake alot before I brought it back like 4 inches. now only at 50km shakes a bite.
Drew (7 months ago)
add more tongue weight so you wont sway

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