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My Style Evolution - Lazy/Casual to Vintage

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WARNING This video is long and may be considered boring!1111 Today we're having a look at some really gross pictures. Posting them here because they would probably leak at some point anyway My Instagram: http://bit.ly/2mg9ECf My blog: http://bit.ly/2mg9ECf My nudes: http://bit.ly/2mtIvaW
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Text Comments (664)
Transition. That's the word you were looking for. Idk why but that moment gave me anxiety
lilbitof3 kiddos (5 hours ago)
Hun people that say you look gross are jealous. You are beautiful and vintage is a gorgeous look, they wish they could have the courage to do what you do.
polly G. (21 hours ago)
Love your channel💞
Emily Love (4 days ago)
9:05 that picture is so cute tho😭
Rebekah Altman (7 days ago)
It’s so hard looking at our own photos. Some of those outfits looked quite nice on you. Trying to make it work isn’t a bad motto. 😏
Self Raising Sugar (10 days ago)
9:42 what?!? You look stunning in that!!
As a 95 born jelly bean, I gotta agree, I went through that weird phase of wearing some weird stuff. But, as I got older some of it got better and my mum had some vintage stuff handed down from her mum and other family members. I got a 70's-80's leather jacket and it's so cool. I also have an old denim dungarees. Love it. Also, don't be so hard on yourself. You're awesome! You're also incredibly beautiful! But, I tend to look at old photos and either cringe or laugh at myself. I do relate.
Elena C (16 days ago)
I honestly think she looked prettier before than now
Umm Carter (20 days ago)
Do you still experience more sexism than previously?
Sissy Dewey (25 days ago)
I dress as vintage as I can with little money (Im a teenager so im a bit tight on cash) and still it makes me really happy when old people smile or wave at me because usually I look 1950's. One old lady said I remind her of herself in highschool and things like that make me really happy and I forget all about any weird looks people give me. I hope I never change my mind about the way I dress, I feel great and look great and I'm not afraid of what people think, or if I "look like their grandma". I take that as a compliment
anna arnaboldi (26 days ago)
As a goth, I have often noticed how much time and effort it takes to get into any alternative fashion style. Also, these pictures are really beautiful <3
Sheila Reynolds (26 days ago)
you have such an elegant shape. Love the blue skirt outfit!
Amy Becker (27 days ago)
I wore vintage in college in the 1980s because it was classic, well made and CHEAP (c. 1950s pencil skirts and sweaters). Once I graduated, I invested in new clothes because I believed that's what successful career women do. Now I mostly buy from thrift stores (not too old), as I'm not working. My wardrobe is "good" clothes (weddings), "nice" clothes (shopping/errands), and "crappy" clothes for gardening/painting. I love vintage/retro clothes, but it appears to be a lifestyle as well, which I don't feel quite ready for.
Amy Becker (27 days ago)
You dress lovely; neat, clean and modest. NOTHING to worry about!
system1912 (29 days ago)
Love your style.
Coco K. (1 month ago)
in the pic from when you were 14 you look like a default sim XD. no shade youre super pretty its just the expression
MegaSocky (1 month ago)
Imo you look more mature now. It doesnt necessarily mean you look like a 80 years old but more like a fashionable librarian that only carries old books by botanists and cartographers
Alisa Buyan (1 month ago)
Im appreciate people like u.
cooldudescool (1 month ago)
Play the video. Start forwarding it bit by bit using the right arrow key. Watch the clock just tick away.
Ashitny (1 month ago)
it's funny you spoke about being bad at makeup, because when i clicked on the video the first thing I thought was how pretty your makeup looks here!
Linea Petrela Paiement (1 month ago)
So does this mean you Never wear any other non-vintage clothing? Never jeans ?
Faylyn Hillier (1 month ago)
I think your prom look was beautiful.
Gökçe Gamlı (1 month ago)
Ugh stop being too cruel to yourself you looked okay ♡ I really like your style ♡
Gonza Gentil (1 month ago)
I love you style!
LOLmylow (1 month ago)
Let's share my story shall we. I always have liked different styles, especially Victorian and 30-50. But I was too insecure to try it and I also thought it didn't look good on me. I have had my emo style moment but this went away in my 20s and became more cute asian fashion inspired. The past few years I have been loosing weight slowly and this summer I realized I could wear so many clothing and it just all looked good! Around this time I started wearing more 90s style too. I also met my boyfriend and next to the fact that he is hot, he wore this Indiana Jones/30s ISH style. Almost always wearing a hat etc. He kinda inspired me to just try out more. I don't think I will dress full on vintage . But I love combining it all into my own style. Sometimes I wear more 90s style, and when I feel like it I dress up more vintage. I don't mind it is it's not all time and style appropriate. Asking as I think it looks good and I wear it.;)
Marshmallow Pillow (1 month ago)
When I wear vintage wool skirt and sweater my mum calls me gram gram
Paul Martinez (1 month ago)
I would love to be all day in an 18th century attire but I am an adolescent in the third world so the dream continues to be a dream
Izzy B. (2 months ago)
6:05 I know this is an old video, but you really don't look bad in this prom dress!
Amelia Pendragon (2 months ago)
Is it possible to do 1930s-1950s hairstyles if you have hair that is very long, as in like, reaches your hips? Loved the video! 😍
Juan nada (2 months ago)
Wow. You really hate yourself.
Reagan Compton (2 months ago)
You totally rocked the middle part with the braid!
Laila YT (2 months ago)
Don't be bothered by the nazi on the left
Mama Bri (3 months ago)
So basically you’ve always been gorgeous.
Lost Orbit Official Vevo (3 months ago)
Loved your nudes lmao
turkeyshit (3 months ago)
You are so fucking pretty wtf ;_; ♡
Rosalien Mander (3 months ago)
I would 100% stare at you in public oops (Im sorry! you are gorgeous!!!)
Margaretcs0103 (3 months ago)
You are a stunningly beautiful woman.....you rock your look
Paulina Oplk (3 months ago)
Jessica the Elk (3 months ago)
I saw the "nudes" in the description, and I felt like you wouldn't actually link those so I clicked out of curiosity as to what you would put. XD So scandalous! Love it
LaMarge (3 months ago)
I have always been attracted to the vintage style ever since elementary, like 2rd grade, it was a thing i was admired but never really wore bc, duh, my parents controlled what I wore, and it was understandable bc I was literally 7-10. Until, I got to middle school, ofcourse, the emo stage. I was a tomboy emo. Thats self explanatory. Until the very ending of 8th grade I began to dress more feminine and less black until the middle of freshman year. I wanted to be more fashionable but it got annoying, thus I started dressing more elegantish but casual. Black dress pants with a blouse or a turtleneck with some booties, or converse if I wanted to be more casual. Thats when i realized black is actually very elegant and I could use black without looking completely emo or goth or whatever everybody else called me in middle school. Now everyone assumes Im having a concert for band or attending something important at the age of 15. You could still see hints of the tomboy emo in me but personally i like it. I like to look like a 65 year old grandmother once in a while. My hair, oOOOOO. That is a long journey. Lets just say it was from bottom long hair with a blue ombre, to a pixie, to a bob with a fringe, to currently a layered bob. Im still young. I cant wait to see how my style "evolves"
LaMarge (3 months ago)
The fringe with the white blouse and brown pants look absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Girl you are a fashion icon
Tati Becerra (3 months ago)
4:59 this looks really cute actually
Kris Magno (3 months ago)
Why does her 1930s look, look like a scene out of a movie? That is a really good angle, she looks so good there.
Elizabeth Hughes (3 months ago)
the blue and white skirt you made is beautiful!
Sofialpaca (3 months ago)
I'm slowly going from "normie" to vintage and I feel you... I think the point of oversexualization that you brought up is really interesting... And I know that it is one of the reasons I struggle a bit with accepting my "feminine" side, for instance I freaking love the look of 40'-50' skirts, but I never gathered enough guts to wear some outside. It's just a shame that there still exist people today that can't handle women dressing for themselves. Also I live for 1920's pants. Anyway, love your channel, you're such precious much meme kween... *^*
adamsransom (3 months ago)
"I would go around to thrift shops and buy stuff that I thought looked in a similar way... And it never did" I'm 30 and I'm in the same stage of trying to find my fashion :[
maa Koo (3 months ago)
you look like a granny
Lisa H. (3 months ago)
9:40: I actually really like that dress on you :) it's quite flattering in combination with that smile :3
Lisa H. (3 months ago)
lol my style is so laaaaame :D
kookie (3 months ago)
Are you related to Karuna Satoori?
SnootBoop (3 months ago)
I really loved the fringe on yoh
mai lennon (3 months ago)
I don't know why but in the first pic, she reminds me of young Roger Waters
Kimberly Cabanas (3 months ago)
Holy. You're your own worst critic.
FireMelon (3 months ago)
I'm really curious so can I ask : what did you study at university in Poland and what are you studying now in Edinburgh? :o
Annika Wells (3 months ago)
10:00 / 10:45 I actually really love this outfit! To me, you look like a really powerful woman from the late 1960s/ early 1970s!! It’s a beautiful look! Also you are so gorgeous at 11:35, a fashionable 70s movie star on her day off💕
Elisa FSilveira (3 months ago)
I think it was the best you got so pissed at your prom ball and gown and decided to truly enter a fashion college haha See, vintage 100% suits you (also this lipstick is A+)!
L L (4 months ago)
I've always wanted to dress vintage 40s or 50s style. But I am too fat and dont feel like any of the styles i like would look good on me.
ccyanide snacc (4 months ago)
The new year's Eve pic looks so cute I actually love the outfit
La Gatita (4 months ago)
When I dress up nicely guys and gals stare at me and are extremely sweet. However there is always that one person that ruins it. I emphasize... 😄
Devin Ramos (4 months ago)
I love love the 1940s on you your look so beautiful like you came from a time machine so brilliant❤️☺️👌🏼
squishy booty (4 months ago)
Old video but i love your vintage style, i looove vintage 50's 60's things mostly but when i dress up in them i feel like i look old D:
ur mum (4 months ago)
I wore a 1960s vintage dress with beehive style hair a few days ago and so many people stared but I was with my mom so I was ok 😎
Vitamin C (4 months ago)
"This one pair of black jeans that I would wear everyday." Wow, exposing me like that
Dhyana Silva (4 months ago)
12:50 liv tyler
Loopey Studios (4 months ago)
8:32 FYI, he's supposed to resemble a Wehrmacht officer, not a Nazi.
Shayla Van Hal (4 months ago)
I really love this and your take on vintage! Your attention to historical accuracy and detail is fantastic. I've not done terribly much with vintage yet, but I've found a lot of vintage jewelry that I enjoy pairing with modern/somewhat retro pieces of clothing. The connection to history is probably may favorite part of the vintage movement. You look incredible, and I look forward to exploring more of your videos <3
Taylor Makenzie Reed (4 months ago)
I related to this video so much! I've been stuck in the vintage hair and makeup with modern clothes trying to look vintage stage. I want to dress full vintage but my current job just makes it feel impossible!
Celeste (4 months ago)
Is weird men are attracted to vintage style where you live, 'cause where I live it repels them 😂
Miranda (4 months ago)
Okay but to everyone watching this and wondering if their current look deserves this kind of criticism - no. If you're doing your thing, you look great. It takes time to refine and collect the perfect pieces.
Grace Prda (4 months ago)
Rin Delamater (4 months ago)
I think I’m at the point where I have a couple vintage looking pieces but go for the more “simple classy look” because I’m not confident enough for full on vintage yet. I tend to look “prudish” or “frumpy” when I try to dress vintage. This video and all of your other ones are really inspiring, thank you so much for all you do.
inkoftheworld (4 months ago)
"Nasty comments from guys" Why do men think they are so entitled to women and what they look like, ugh. That really sucks they said shit to you. :/
Nomopoly 2 (4 months ago)
My take as a guy is that I can understand how men both treat you better (noticing you, opening doors for you and showing respect to you) and treat you worse (catcalls, leering) when you're in vintage gear. Pretty much all vintage attire means skirts and dresses, often with heels and either bare legs or sheer hosiery. Pretty much all modern women's casual clothing involves wearing pants or, at best, opaque tights. The former accentuates the female body, the latter downplays it. Good men respond to the more feminine vintage outfit by treating the wearer like a princess; bad men show themselves for the apes they are. I'm sorry about the latter, but I hope the former compensate by adding some well-deserved joy to your day.
B. R. (4 months ago)
I have sort of the same issue, I never want to draw a lot of attention to myself which is why my style always ends up devolving into something lazy. I used to wear vintage a lot after high school and into my early twenties and then like I said it just devolved. I always have a little vintage flair in the things I wear and lately I've been thinking about trying to wear more, like I used to. I think that's how I happened upon your videos recently, which I like. Keep up the good work.
K. P. (4 months ago)
Bangs looked really cute on you!
KYX1994 (4 months ago)
Stopping watching just to say: the pic at 9:40 looks good!! What are you talking about??? D:
The Reaper (4 months ago)
Surprised you dropped the R bomb in this video. 😔
Andreea Henger (4 months ago)
You look like a fucking grandma
Kate Pittman (4 months ago)
Chill out, she can wear whatever she wants! It's just her style
Spencer Allegra (5 months ago)
ellie#5726 on discord (5 months ago)
what an interesting and entertaining video
Jade Auburn (5 months ago)
you are so harsh to yourself! The retro picnic look is super cute :)
Bernardo Ínsua (5 months ago)
"If I buy some basic elegant stuff and I just keep wearing it throughout my life I will be classy old lady" this is me at the moment and I realised I just look like I'm wearing plain D&G leftovers
Petrea Jane (5 months ago)
i'm a goth and i went through the same kinda thing. love your look btw :3
Marina Boliaris (5 months ago)
Forty year old arms? Once again I hear a You Tuber explain their myopic view of what “old” is. This perpetuates a widespread idea that women over 40, in particular, are irrelevant.
Leethementalmess (5 months ago)
Kamila Hynas (5 months ago)
Why are you so hard on yourself?
Don Holmes (5 months ago)
This looked like the beginning of your style. You should be proud instead of making fun of yourself.
Cris Matos (5 months ago)
I've just discovered you (your channel) and I think you are so lovely!!!
Holly Elsie MUAH (5 months ago)
I just found your channel and love it! I am plus size 18 so have not dared trying on vintage because of fear I won’t fit anything. Instead, I buy all my retro style clothing from the various retro recreation stores like: Tiger Milly, Pretty Kitty, Lindy Bop etc. My wardrobe is stuffed full of retro dresses now. I still have a couple of items that are jeans in case I need it but I wear with cardigan and hair in headscarf so sort of retro ish. I am disabled and walk with a cane or four wheel walker which I crystalized because they are ugly. I am 35 but been disabled with spine injury 5 years and felt people staring at me when I used mobility aids. So I decided to give them something to look at by dressing and doing my hair and makeup retro. Then I can tell myself they are looking at my retro look and not the fact I walk with a cane. I do get stopped often which is nice with people complimenting my look. I wish I could wear vintage but instead I recently bought a sewing machine a lots of retro patterns or redesigned for modern figure retro patterns. I am trying to learn how to make retro / vintage style slowly with my sewing machine. Your videos have. Inspired me to explore more vintage looks :)
Chlorr Mask (5 months ago)
I would love to dress vintage but my hair is very modern (shaved) so it just wouldn't fit and I refuse to grow it out ever again. Anyway you look lovely and I enjoyed the video
Little Small (5 months ago)
I'm sixteen and I really like vintage stuf, so thank you for all your work on your videos :3 . They comfort my choices of wearing vintage clothing (unusual in high school). And your videos on historical costumes are awesome too, it's something I'm fond of since I'm 13, and I'm so glad to see I'm not the only person on earth to like this. Thank you for your great job <3
Leah Dawson (5 months ago)
You're just gorgeous. That's all I can say. Your style accentuates your beauty even more.
Miko Carolchuck (5 months ago)
Może jakieś rady dla panów, którzy chcieliby sprawdzić swój look w stylu lat 50's-60's? Gdzie kupić ubrania, jak się uczesać
Seksenbes Yedi (5 months ago)
9:38 what is stupid and miserable about this ?
Colombiana Vero (5 months ago)
I've been a vintage lover for many many years my dad used to take me to antique shops in Miami Fl and I would just look at stuff for hours and fell in love with 1950 music Elvis. I even cried because I hate the era that I'm living in. I tried so hard to dress and look vintage but living in a small town in south america makes it extremly hard to purhase anyting vintage. My hair is up to my butt and straight and cutting it sounds awfull. I love the hair I love the music I love everything about it and maybe sense I'm moving to the U.S again I can try again. You're seriously so pretty and I hope you know that too lots of love from Colombia
Sara Bologna (6 months ago)
I've not been studying History of Fashion in a systematic way but I am really passionate and got caught up by your videos, you're fun and I think you're also very competent. I wear vintage myself though I gave up on a "real" retro-looking style because it made me feel old. I started mixing up instead and now I think I got to have my own hybrid style, and I love it, I feel good and self-confident. Beside feeling unique there is also the sustainability issue, that I think it's very important: big fashion brands produce tons and tons of textiles every day and these clothes go everywhere and so often they only last one season cause after ten times you wear them they are stained and shapeless. I feel guilty about buying these clothes, I would love my wardrobe to be 100% sustainable and I'm working on that. That's also why I feel good wearing vintage, it's a matter of quality too. Keep posting good contents, kisses from Milan xxx
DytchWytch (6 months ago)
I've watched a few of your videos, and I really appreciate the accuracy of your knowledge of fashion history. Also, you've mentioned a few times having been worried about what people have said about your own sense of style. Let me tell you, you'll be a lot happier the day you don't give a damn what other people think about you, what you think, say or do. That day came for me when I was 19 years old, and I'm 51 now, and I have yet to tire of being my own person. Keep dressing in vintage. You look great. Thanks for making the cool videos. Cheers. :D
Alys sa (6 months ago)
Really love this video, it really helps :)
uncle dan (6 months ago)
Kem (6 months ago)
I remember in 2015 I was walking down a street in Vienna and a girl was walking towards me and I couldn't believe my eyes. The dress suit the shoes the hair the hat and even her roll along suitcase she looked fresh out of the 40s. I couldn't stop staring at her and she gave me a big smile as I walked past. She looked amazing! I felt scruffy in my parka and boots haha! Its such a beautiful style and she is the only person in real life I have seen full vintage. I think if I saw you I would also stare because it's like you just walked out of a time capsule. Its very beautiful.
Klára (6 months ago)
"I would have one pair of black jeans that I would wear every single day." oh wow, this hits me hard

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