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#mixedracebaby #mixedracebabies #biracialtwins BLACK MUM GIVES BIRTH TO WHITE BABY | MIXED RACE BABY | JONAH HOWARTH Family channel. mixed race baby. Catherine Howarth, 32, was handed her newborn son, she was left speechless. Despite being black with Nigerian heritage, Catherine's baby son was completely white. And even though her husband Richard, 34, is white, she believed they'd been given the wrong child. The amazing truth is that three-month old Jonah is the startling result of a one in a million combination of his parents' genes and now his looks are set to take the baby modelling world by storm! SUBSCRIBE & BE A PART OF THE HFAM!! - https://www.youtube.com/c/TheHowarths The Howarth Family Merch: http://bit.ly/TheHowarthsMerch The Howarth Family Website: COMING SOON! *TURN ON OUR POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR SHOUTOUTS IN OUR VIDEOS* - Leave a comment so we know who to shout out 😉😉😉 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT, WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOU ALL & WELCOME YOU TO THE HFAM!!! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND FOLLOW US ON OUR FAMILY ADVENTURES! FIRST FAMILY INTRO: http://bit.ly/HFAMFirstIntro WATCH MORE VIDEOS!!! CHRISTMAS VLOGS http://bit.ly/HFAMChristmasVlogs TOY REVIEWS http://bit.ly/HFAMToyReviews FAMILY VLOGS http://bit.ly/HFAMFamilyVlogs COLLABORATIONS http://bit.ly/HFAMCollaborations HAIR ROUTINE http://bit.ly/HFAMHairRoutine FAMILY DAYS OUT http://bit.ly/HFAMDaysOut SLIME VIDEOS http://bit.ly/HFAMSlimeVideos CHALLENGES http://bit.ly/HFAMChallenges REACTIONS http://bit.ly/HFAMReactions SHORT VIDEOS http://bit.ly/HFAMShortVideos COOKING CHALLENGE http://bit.ly/HFAMCookingChallenge CARPOOL KARAOKE http://bit.ly/HFAMCarpoolKaraoke PRANKS http://bit.ly/HFAMPranks FASHION HAULS http://bit.ly/HFAMFashionHaul STALK US… INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/the_howarths/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/CAkunyili FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheHowarths/ Business inquires: [email protected] mixed race baby,mixed race babies,black and white baby,mixed babies,mixed baby,jonah howarth,biracial twins,gives birth to white baby,black mum,white baby,This Morning,black baby,catherine howarth,the howarths,mixed race twins,black white twins,news,black women,family channel,baby model,white and black,meghan markle,family vlog,vlog,natural hair,racial,story time,cute baby,family vlogs,curly hair, half black half white, blasian, half asian half white baby
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The Howarths (1 year ago)
NanaPearl pearl (6 months ago)
The Howarths
Lisa Coston (4 months ago)
The baby is adorable 😂😂😂😂😂
myKingJesus Lord (4 months ago)
Oh he is gorgeous!! ❤❤❤😇😘😘😘😍😍
The Howarths (4 months ago)
Many thanks, praise the lord. Have a look at our other videos on our channel.
Eddie Evans (4 months ago)
This is beautiful.
The Howarths (4 months ago)
Thank you Eddie
Oh my cute
The Howarths (4 months ago)
thank you Kellian and Hannah, have you seen our other videos?????
Prashakha Vyas (4 months ago)
The Howarths (4 months ago)
Thank you Prashakha,
superfleaz (4 months ago)
She def cheating with an albino man
Sandy Germain (4 months ago)
He's a very beautiful baby! Congratulations!!!😄
is this a news? really? this boy just a clear skin, he's not white, his hair is curly, his features are black people.
sean (4 months ago)
first of all, black people come in all different shades. my grandson, when he was born, who is not mixed at all, was whiter than the white babies in the hospital nursery. in fact, he's was whiter than this baby that they're talking about. the baby clearly looks mixed. i'm tripping over the fact that these people are treating this baby as if they have never seen a light-skinned black person before. and second of all, trust me, that baby will get darker as he grows up. this was a ridiculous video. come to America and you will see us black people in many shades and flavors.
Helter Skelter (4 months ago)
I came here to say this is stupid. That’s a mixed raced baby. That baby isn’t white. It looks like the average mixed baby born every day. I looked like this baby when I was born. My hair got curlier and skin got darker. This is like a bunch of morons that managed to never in their lives seen a mixed baby. I’ve seen full black babies this light.
Magic World (4 months ago)
The baby doesn't look White, The baby looks Bi-Racial. He will get darker as he gets older. Mix-Race children can come in all shades.
Maggie Baidoo (4 months ago)
The father is white so definitely the baby have to be a white.
Amber Rich (4 months ago)
baby looks mixed not white. my mixed daughter is even lighter than that. so uhm no doesn't look white just looks lighter than the mom 🙄🙄
Great Expectations (4 months ago)
the moment I saw the I scrol down to comments where I enjoy more😅like if you did so😅
J. (4 months ago)
The baby look mixed not white. HIs complexion will change when he gets in the sun.
Zeyana Hemed (4 months ago)
So cute
Anthony Chofiee (4 months ago)
Apparently the topic jumped off their network for an up close as long as the baby is healthy an has good parents like this couple seem to be then why is his color so dam important
Broken Quill92 (5 months ago)
I looked exactly like this for a few years. I finally turned a nice caramel color just before my third birthday. Purleaze! That baby will darken up like we all do.
Islanders Vlogs (5 months ago)
WOW!! Mixed race children must be that rare in the 21st Century ..smh they all sound very ignorant
Musammat Akter (5 months ago)
Many people saying the child looks mixed. The child doesn't. The child completely has white skin tone but the hair is curly, which is the only thing that can say that he is mixed. His skin tone doesn't look like a mixed baby but of a white baby.
ladybuglarah71310 (5 months ago)
So my nieces and my son are one in a million shut your dumb ass up hes mixed
PATTY THOMAS (5 months ago)
He is soooooo cute.
Sa archer (5 months ago)
It's not that rare. My ex had white skin and a black dad and my friend's niece is the same. Don't see what all fuss is about. He clearly has 'Nigerian African' features
Timisa Paulinah (5 months ago)
He's beautiful
Easy Eb (5 months ago)
Light skinned but those are black features! Beautiful
Martin (5 months ago)
Black people dont understand why this is so rare if you have a white man and a black lady the kids will most of the time look like chris brown. Just look at Trevor Noah his mother is white and his dad is black african but he doesnt look white at all he is 50white 50 black.
Ivy Brooks (5 months ago)
He a light skin black kid
Kev E on (5 months ago)
Delete this bullshit!!!! Interracial Agenda
Mrs J Nguru (5 months ago)
He is only more paler, i thought White was a race not a colour
If OS (5 months ago)
He is white and even his hair colour is similar to his dad
Erin S (5 months ago)
I am not mixed but I was a very white baby girl. My grandmother told my parents too look at my nailbeds and that is the color I will turn to! She has always been right because that's what happened!
Derek Sainch (5 months ago)
ETF is this?
600Lotus (5 months ago)
it just shows that depending on the genetic strength of either parent, either white or black can be dominant.
Tarriqq Rashad (5 months ago)
Child 2018 looks mixed now. The hair never lies. I knew the baby would at least have curly hair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou0F5Z6OGQA. The African Couple NOT sure that is his child. Have not seen a photo of the child getting older. That baby is from two africans but the hair is not curly. The hair never ever escapes the DNA. Skin color yes but not hair.
Emma Schuyler (5 months ago)
I know a family where the mother's black the father's white the son's white and the daughter's black. So what? It's not worth a news story. Besides that baby looks pretty biracial to me.
Jeremy Ksor (5 months ago)
Cute baby his nose look like his mother.
C (5 months ago)
You can clearly see he is mixed his nose and lips and you don't know if he is gonna change. My son is biracial as well and his skin is quite fair and when he was a baby his hair was straight aswell and know its curly ( 4a/b) His father is black and latino ( mexican) and I am white and black but I look very white aswell I have quite fair skin for a mixed person and light eyes but 4b hair. Everything is possible its not a miracle
Mahfuz Alam Nabil (5 months ago)
Race mixing is comunism
Danielle Berry (5 months ago)
genetic expert is dumb because most often the father's DNA tends to be dominant......books vrs life
ESSJ333 (5 months ago)
Its a mixed race baby he has the mothers nose and forehead. He is more white than black as you would expect a mixed baby to be. Absolutely stupid story to cover.
The Zebra Tribe Fam (5 months ago)
Has anyone seen @Gabebabetv Their son Chad is really fair and has straight hair and of course is mixed. The reason why I mention them is because he's still really fair at the age of 5 where as in this is a baby. They can change so much over time. I have four mixed kids also so I know first hand. The baby is adorable!
Rowleen Tedford (5 months ago)
WTH is this?! This is not new!!
Christine Hess (5 months ago)
This is so stupid . He definitely looks like a mixed child not a white bby at all cute ,very cute but definitely mixed
Serap serap (5 months ago)
What is one in a million ? His father is white. i dont see a white baby i see bioracial baby. Yes he can pass as white but he is not white.
Cassiopeia Sama (5 months ago)
This is not rare at all, wth?
angelica baumann (5 months ago)
It's stupid hooooo my God what a fuk ? Wite people can have a black. Baby 😤😤😱
Joe Smith (5 months ago)
England's nice so much less racial identity bullshit to deal with.
Miy'Ka El Lovai (5 months ago)
doting over mixed raced babies 👎👎👎👎👎
Imeh Smith (5 months ago)
Wow what a super cuddly, adorable, chubby cheeked mulatto!! It's nice thay have this cute baby on TV, but what a STUPID ass interview wondering why a WHITE dad would produce a high yellow chubby cheeked baby?!?! What a moronic subject. Are they THAT in need of show topics?!?!
That aint white.
LaQuisha Adams (5 months ago)
He looks black his hair texture is wavy
Doreen Ambrose (6 months ago)
He looks just like his father...wtf.
Mocha Chica (6 months ago)
Is that black girl dumb or what?
Seamus Olsen (6 months ago)
Just like me lol
Brenda Peterkin (6 months ago)
Is this new? This has been happening so often nowadays. This is sending the racists into a tail spin.
Agnar The Fierce (6 months ago)
Kid looks mixed and mulattos always have whiter features when babies.
Kimberly Eli (6 months ago)
The baby is biracial. He's just fair skinned and absolutely beautiful
Nora Campbell (6 months ago)
This biracial baby is not white!! Oh he make look but I also see his black features...down in the south this isn't anything new....been happening even back in slavery
Angelique Hogan (6 months ago)
Damn they acting like they never seen a mixed baby before 😂
The Howarths (6 months ago)
check out our new video https://youtu.be/hs8IMIaVdPA
ladyondemove (6 months ago)
lol, maybe among the Brits this is a phenomenon. Here in US as common as bathing when the kids have 2 parents and one is white. This baby looks to be mixed. He has his complexion but darker and some of his physical features. As he ages, his skin will get darker. This is common among white and black parents. I see his baby picture and all I could do was laugh. Why? Because my sons were absolutely white when they were born and my daughter looked like a black Japanese baby and my new one, 6 months old was identical to my daughter. Here is the phenomenon if we want to find one. I am dark skinned. MY ex husband was brown skinned. Each birth the doctor would always ask, who the dad was. My first born, was whiter than the nurse with large curly locks. I have pictures of the nurse holding him and She looked dark compared to him and she was a white nurse, same for my little 4 years old, Those two could have been twins had they been born at the same time. My daughter had hair straighter than this kid here and she was light but looked Japanese. Years later come the 4 years old, the spitting image of my son and he looked pure white everyone thought the dad wasn't the father, but we all knew different, and 3 years later comes my youngest, he is the spitting image of my daughter, he looks like a black Japanese My mom says when I was born, I looked like a Japanese doll baby with a head full of the longest curly hair. Is this a phenomenon? Is it rare? Not in my family where my grandma had 8 kids, their color ranged from the whitest white to the darkest black. They were all of the same parents, no half anything. How can this happen. My grandmother was African American she was very very dark, she married my grandfather, full blooded Cherokee Indian.They made babies of every color! Then those babies made babies. I looked like a Japanese baby. I was born light skinned brown, with almond shaped eyes, long big curly locks that was like silk. As I aged my skin darkened. My mom complexion is a dark brown, my dad's complexion is dark skinned, my complexion is mixture between my mom and dad. my sister was born lighter than any of my parents. She is a lighter complexion of my dad. My brother is just like my dad, my sister that died is just like my mom. Everyone says I look like my dad. I look like both but mostly my dad. Because of my complexion I get labeled black. I never thought of my color or my relatives, I am used to seeing my family who are all the colors of the great american melting pot. We blend. We love one another from the whitest white to the blackest black and in between. Some think they better because they were lighter skinned in my mom family of 10 kids of her parents. Well only one. She was called "red boned" She is the only one who had a problem with dark skin. my kids were born she commented on how white and non black they looked. Said if they didn't look so much like their dad, she would have believed I cheated. I wanted to say , "unlike you, I don't cheat nor do I get babies by other men and pawn them off on my husband as his" but I respectfully smiled. I had told my husband while pregnant, our babies can come out any color from white to black. And when that happened, he told me, if it wasn't for the fact that he has my birth mark in the same place as me, (this is a trait of all men on his side) I would have said he wasn't mine and asked for a DNA, he was joking but I heard a little truth in that. He put the baby near the window and I asked why. He said so he can get some rays and tan, lol. I say all that to say this. This baby is not a phenomenon nor is he one in a billion. I think my family is more of a phenomenon, because these coalition of colors started with one black and one Indian. As I said, I asked questions about my family heritage, not color. I discovered I am 78% indigenous, 17% African american and 5% Caucasian. So who do I identify with. I embrace all. Because of my complexion, I am labeled Black. So I always fill out my race as B until 10 years ago. I stopped. I say other, because there is really no label of my ethnicity or race on any application. I am other. I am not native american, not black and not white fully. I am a mixture a blend of all three races. I identify with all. My friend of Caucasian persuasion always remarked from the day we met of my features, dark skinned but with Caucasian features, she went crazy over my kids who skin says black but features say different. My son was dubbed the black white kid because he didn't do black things, he was into rock and roll, skate boarding, hacky sack. My daughter on the other hand did what was considered all black activities, my just turned four year old is copy of my son, he gets on his skateboard and tries to skateboard, he punches his punching bag, he plays keyboard then takes the key board and slams it on the chair, he is a rocker lol, my last little one, now 6 months old just learned to crawl loves to hear me sing Prince's "I want you" and when I get to the scream he goes wild. Now that he can sit up a spell when I sing it he bobs to the music. lol and the last two days, I heard him scream and then babble and I realized, he is singing, "I love you" by prince. I laughed and joined in. He had a ball! The four year old got jealous and decided he would scream also lol. Sorry for the long comment, I had to break it down to show and say, black people can make any color baby. Because we are genetically made from clay and our skin is not a curse but a blessing. First man and woman was black. And all the other characters in the bible. The race didn't change until Prophet Elijah cursed his servant for taken gifts from the soldier whose leprosy he cured. The curse was that he will turn as white as the leper and from that day forward all his kids and bloodline will too and all will know they were cursed by God because of disobedience which he likens to witch craft. So when you put a black in the equation, look out, you never know what color child you will get. We are like as forest Gump says, "a box of chocolate ." >)
ELIZA TAYLOR (6 months ago)
This is so embarrassing!!!😡
Iisha Haggard (6 months ago)
My son looks white, this kid is clearly mixed.
Dajonah White (6 months ago)
He is precious. My son looks similar to him! A tad darker. I wanted to share about my new group on Facebook for mothers of mixed race children! Before creating it I searched for a well populated group and couldn’t find any. So I invite all mothers of children with mixed race babes to join!
nyno vargas (6 months ago)
Over here in Indiana is common to see mix babies. I guess Europe still thinks like the 1800's
Joyann Browne (6 months ago)
Check out the Howarths family and you'll see they had another 1 in a million baby ......and she's so cute
Rhonda Ann (6 months ago)
He is mixed.. Looks mixed. Hes beautiful also!
Megha Bagchi (6 months ago)
Maybe his genes were more strong..☺😅😅
PM PM (6 months ago)
You know with the professional explanation of the rare gene situation it amazes me how people's opinions just keep going....totally oblivious! Good going parents you had a beautiful human being!
mallowhawk294 (6 months ago)
This is not unlikely at all.... the dad is white so you have a biracial baby....duh
How annoying is this video!!!! Beautiful baby and that should be it. How many "one in a million" bi-racial or even 2 Black parents have children with fair skin? How is this news worthy? Smh
D. Kyle (6 months ago)
He is beautiful. Wonderful couple.
¥oshi Xo (6 months ago)
All her kids look white sooooo why do we care again?
James Huang (6 months ago)
Check out their second child!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8537fbYTso
lyric pain (6 months ago)
he is adorable
Gloria Garcia (6 months ago)
An old friend of mine was half black/white. Her husband was white. They has a son with blonde hair,blue eyes and pale skin He was beautiful! It IS possible. All in the Genes!
Anthea Simpson (6 months ago)
That child is not 1 in a million. It is one of millions. Just a normal bi-racial child. Just because on TV they put a dark skinned black child with a Caucasian mother and call it mixed race - don't be misconstrued.
Juste Saying (6 months ago)
It speaks of ignorance if you asked me. Maybe they just lack exposure. So many dark race persons with blue eyes. So many times biracial babies/children/persons look dominantly like one race. Why so surprised!!!
I’m Chrissy (6 months ago)
But he still looks black lmao he’s just very light which is common among the black race anyway..we darken as we get older lmao these white folks have no clue..
Joao Kalley (6 months ago)
I wanna see white woman that her son is black also please
Brawl King (6 months ago)
So many racist comments. "One in a million chance" like winning the lottery.
Barbara Henderson (6 months ago)
He looks like the mother , I'm wondering what 's the problem, the three hosts talk like S""" in their mouth, can't hardly understand them. What 'S the Point in, this show.
Sinh Son (6 months ago)
The Howarths (6 months ago)
LEAVE A LIKE IF YOU CAN SPOT THE ODD EMOJI!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂LETS GET THIS UP TO AT LEAST 100 LIKES. Subscribe to The Howarths x
D3 K2 (6 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlNFwGjTjfo KNOWLEDGE SHARE
Sira Mike (6 months ago)
that is how ancient black people became white in Europe.
nuleethealien (6 months ago)
another white people story..
yMeash Luv (6 months ago)
hw about michael jackson kids? 2 is white and their hair is straight
4realcool 4realcool (6 months ago)
Its Prince Harry en Megan baby :P
Alli M. (6 months ago)
It’s not that crazy.
At the speed of life (6 months ago)
and the baby looks mixed so this don't make sense
At the speed of life (6 months ago)
didn't the seed came from a white man! OK well that baby got a good chance to look white as well
bindu nagaraj (6 months ago)
What soo big news in colour.... All r beautiful, all r equal.... Being a human beings v have to appreciate all colored people..... Y soo happy for white.....
JocelynKetler (6 months ago)
You can’t tell me that’s not Nick Kroll in a red dress.
Mani Velan (6 months ago)
He is so cute and adorable..what biracial? 😁We are all Descendents of a single man and woman from East Africa somewhere... Isn't it one the theory at least?
ja3 St0n3 (6 months ago)
Why ppl care if he's white skinned this happends all the damn time like wtf?? Obviously dad has some strong ass genes.. Smh f**k America! Americans are racist in my eyes..
Vanquish Media (6 months ago)
He is bi-racial, the baby has features of his mum and his dad. Beautiful child.
Deepty Sarder (6 months ago)
really amazing........ the baby is cute... one in million...... special :)
Stuti Singh (7 months ago)
Papa's genes really strong and he is really white he looks like his father

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