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Box Camera Obscura by Ancient Magic Art Tools

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http://www.camera-obscura-lucida-shop.com In the 17th, 18th and 19th century many artists were aided by the use of the camera obscura: Jan Vermeer, Canaletto, Guardi and Paul Sandby are just a few who used the Camera Obscura to make their beautiful masterpieces. The Camera Obscura was the beginning for modern cameras and today they are a hard to find collectible; as well as, a fun and practical drawing tool. The great thing about our camera obscuras is that they are not only a beautiful replicas, but it is fully functional and can be used for hands-on demonstrations that recreate the magic of the past. Perfect for any classroom that is teaching the history of cameras or art-from kindergartners to grad students they'll all be captivated and edified.
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Text Comments (4)
bryan padgett (5 years ago)
Made of , I mean , what is the projection surface made of ?
bryan padgett (5 years ago)
So .. you sell these ? How much and what is the projection surface ?
I did use a pencil...
Alan Nikolai Stratmann (6 years ago)
Shouldn't you use a pencil?

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