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Stan x Kyle: You belong with me

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This is my first Style video, hope you enjoy! WARNING: Yaoi, boy x boy, don't like then don't watch! Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this video and the pictures belong to their rightful artists. South Park is own by Matt Stone and Trey Parker Music: "Taylor Swift-You Belong With Me", sound recording administered by: UMG
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Text Comments (43)
my username (10 months ago)
this is so cute !!`
Rebecca Cotswolds (11 months ago)
Not a cute otp I ship stendy and kyman
OSCAR DRESSEL (1 year ago)
MmMMMmMmM! JUICYYY (1 year ago)
why couldn't this be real ;-;
Beam Me Up (1 year ago)
This artwork is amazing. I wish I could draw!
MrDingez (1 year ago)
The ship has sailed!
The Fangirl (1 year ago)
So what if I may or may not like him, I know we both hang a lot but is it weird to be gay? I mean i'm not saying gay isn't bad it's just I don't know I need advice. But is it though to fall in love with your Super Best Friend even when we been best friends since babys. I need help. Please.
Stacy the fox (1 year ago)
I ship it so f**king much i love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
WaffleFan (1 year ago)
you are so good at editing
Love Ru (1 year ago)
The Style ship is dying...I love style so much but the Kyman fandom is growing so fast! This video is perfection, so please ship Style!
one of my favorite ships!!!!!!!!!😍😍
0:36 Perfect, a perfect South Park Yuno
Evil Princess (1 year ago)
this song fits great it makes sense!
Banter Bus (1 year ago)
I actually really ship it, like a lot
Jacob Benden (2 years ago)
sooooo good :3
okay, I hate style, (being literall kyman trash XD) but I loved this video, could you please do a kyman version? pretty please?
Mada El-Horr (2 years ago)
BEN Drwned's wifey (2 years ago)
Hailey Mathis (2 years ago)
I ship them so much!!!!!!!
Wendy TestaBurger (2 years ago)
what ever me and Stan are cuter (T_T)
Stacy the fox (1 year ago)
Wendy TestaBurger no your not you are ugly as hell so shut the fuck up wendy kyle and stan look so fucking cute and you with stan nope it ugly as hell
your eveil twin (1 year ago)
Wendy TestaBurger no
Kisame Hoshigaki (1 year ago)
Wendy TestaBurger hi
Maddie Jean (2 years ago)
this is beautiful 😍😍
Emily Pena (2 years ago)
that was so CUTE!!
Stan Marsh (2 years ago)
What is life
Stacy the fox (1 year ago)
Stan Marsh it true we ship you with kyle its a f**king cute ship :3
Stan Marsh (1 year ago)
Fandom Trashcan THE H#LL WITH YOU.
Stan Marsh (1 year ago)
Stan Marsh that's my f#cking question. i admit that this video is SH#T.
Kisame Hoshigaki (1 year ago)
Stan Marsh hi
Fandom Trashcan (1 year ago)
life is this ship my friend
Kyle Marsh (3 years ago)
I love this video
Élie (3 years ago)
Hey ! Cute °-° Being a big fan of Style, I tried as you to make my own video.. and It's not that easy !
Laughs and some sass (3 years ago)
+Mme Garrison Video making takes a lot of practice trust me. I'm still not 100% myself.
Ally Bastian (3 years ago)
Now I know why they are on the same team
masked and hooded (4 years ago)
aww cute ^^ <3
JANUARY JNNN (4 years ago)
How cute <3 <3 I like this
Laughs and some sass (4 years ago)
Thanks! :)

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