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How to get white teeth fast

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Hollywood smile at http://www.holliespampurlounge.com the crest whitening strips are the fastest , safest and most comfortable whitening system there is. I have tried the pens, the trays baking soda and the blue light. Nothing compares to this undetectable, easy strip. You can drink with it in and talk normally. In this video I will show you how to wear the strips. Yo can get theses at http://www.crestwhitestripsnow.co.uk In the video I am using the 3D white strips 2 hours express. I hope this helps and you will smile more for longer with whiter teeth !!! MWAh XxX
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Konnor Sebastian (4 days ago)
I did not understand what had been causing the discolouration of my teeth, and I definitely did not know how easy and cheap it could be to reverse the damage. Furthermore, finding this whitening teeth guide “fetching telam site” (Google it) has turned my life much better. I now have beautifully white teeth at just a tiny fraction of the price!.
Taimur Khan (1 month ago)
I love your booobs babe
R MCK (2 months ago)
How often do you use them and how long does it last. Could I use them longer, over night?
R MCK (2 months ago)
I used the bright night's white glow ones that dissolve. not much difference. I will look for your Crest ones. YOUR TEETH LOOK FABULOUS.
R MCK (2 months ago)
I cut the strip in half lengthwise and put it on my top and bottom teeth. I do need to use a wet wipe on my lips as they get gooey. I'm on the second day and don't see much difference. 6 in a pack so hope after 6 days they will make a difference. I put mine on after brushing my teeth before going to bed so I can keep the strips on my teeth long before they dissolve without eating or drinking. Can anyone recommend any easy, products for white teeth that don't damage them? This product is easy to use.
justine holland (2 months ago)
Hi, Just wondered if you have tried same strips but not crest brand, just 3d whitening strips?
tipped jungle (4 months ago)
Jesus Christ 😍
miguel menjiivar (10 months ago)
What's wrong with your voice?
Gangaa Grow420 (1 year ago)
I like your voice aha
Hampus Haglund (1 year ago)
1 hour!!!?? I Only keep my in for 10 minutes... what a waste :( and I Only got 2 left
Ida Carlsson (1 year ago)
Hampus Haglund i think I says on the package how long you are supposed to have them in, and I think it’s like 30 min
Çødë Błūė (1 year ago)
Do u have to wear it for two hours? on the packet it says 30 minutes.
AJ HUSSAIN (1 year ago)
Duyên pham (1 year ago)
how long do i use it again?
Duyên pham 20 days
Aqua (2 years ago)
I know what I'd strip off ;)
سمو الامير (2 years ago)
Please tel me do I have to brush my teeth before or after using this???
Komal Soomro (2 years ago)
I like ur ring where it's from ?:)
Damon Silvert (2 years ago)
it says to keep it on for 30 minutes. should I keep them on for 2 hours for better results?
Roba Zoba (8 months ago)
I really want to know is it safe to keep it 2 hours ??? Please someone answer this question
Libby Smith (2 years ago)
That's amazing how white your teeth get, I'm definately getting some of those
Carina Hamilton (2 years ago)
I'm confused how is 4 packets a years supply ? One packet is one days supply
Shane Bryant (1 year ago)
Carina Hamilton well you don't bleach your teeth every single day...
Futbol.nation 11 (2 years ago)
Wait does the white last
Bettybbash (2 years ago)
where can i but this in the Uk?
FreeGameplays (2 years ago)
you can buy it from ebay
Alexandre Milandro (2 years ago)
I am starting a new movement: Black Teeth Matter! Yes, wanting white teeth is simply racist, we have to change this line of thought. Black Teeth are equally gorgeous. So ... BTM! o_O
Ms Brownie (6 months ago)
NerdyChic AJ it's a joke relax
Jonathan Rudy (7 months ago)
wanting white teeth is not racist. racism is hating someone or a group of people solely because of their race religion or culture. its sad when people are so ignorant to disregard the past of real racism, people beating and killing black people just cuz they are black. you dont compare not wanting white teeth to racism just doesnt make sense... dumb for this one
Tee Tee (1 year ago)
Michael David (2 years ago)
Especially when you brush them with activated charcoal.
Alexandre Milandro (2 years ago)
+Saxon Bonito Chill, it's sarcasm.
Bambie Lashay (2 years ago)
She said bestest ,,,, that was the cutest thing ever
KristinaMonte (2 years ago)
Love, love, love your demo. Informative and quick.
Wahi Matit (3 years ago)
I used this natural treatment method to have a brighter, whiter smile and started experiencing result in as little as few weeks! After many years trying my luck with almost everything to have a brighter, whiter smile almost no result, this is the only one that delivers the result.
Wahi Matit (3 years ago)
+Wahi Matit You need to give it a try: betterlife9.com/easy-teeth-whitening-remedy-x12286
torian Valentine (3 years ago)
It does work
Anthony Ramirez (3 years ago)
Fä ' (3 years ago)
Thank u , and call me when you r free
vtc911 ALKHALDI (3 years ago)
جاي ترقم هنا هههههههههههههههههه
Megan Redpath (3 years ago)
How often do you use these ? And once your teeth are white do you carry on using them? X
Timbob Jones (3 years ago)
your accent is sexy
Londonwolf (3 years ago)
nice tits sorry teeths
Londonwolf (3 years ago)
oh thank you , you too x
Coontash (3 years ago)
+murat londra savage
MP silentofhell (3 years ago)
sexy smile
Lol Lol (3 years ago)
But their so expensive
Roman Miah (2 years ago)
+Tony Tar *Half the price
Tony Tar (3 years ago)
You can get em on eBay for twice as half as regular
Alan Versace (3 years ago)
you can get these on aliexpress starting from 30cents to 2$
Linda L. Hayes (3 years ago)
+imran alan >ALL-NATURAL alternative will give you a brighter, whiter smile from home - and in just a few weeks... >>===>>> TeethWhiteniing.blogspot.mx <===<<hope it helps?>>
Wayne S. Manuel (3 years ago)
+imran alan My teeth are very clean now and white since I have been using this teeth whitening kit >>>===>>> Dentistss.blogspot.jp <===<<if use the kit every night before you go to bed your teeth will be very white>
SaintOrCinema (4 years ago)
Hi Hollie, do they hurt at all? During or afterwards? I have used the half hour whitening strips and they hurt like hell. What do you think? x
SaintOrCinema (3 years ago)
OMG I'm so sick of the spam...
StandbyReloading (4 years ago)
LOL Thinking back now on how they were saying people are addicted to using teeth whiten products you people better before can care you to lose enamel after awhile of using these products. To bad white strips don't work for some of us with fucked up grills :3 Last time i went to the denist they fucked my teeth up worse then i did and it still cost be over $1,000 since i didn't have dentist insurance to scared to attend a denist after that shit.
Ross G (4 years ago)
Thanks for the video, you really cute and kind person :)
Ashy (4 years ago)
Thanks this was really helpfull!
Simka Lomy (4 years ago)
It is possible to whitening your teeth at your home by using natural method. I sure that you'll very pleased with the result
Simka Lomy (4 years ago)
Visit below blog for additional information: help1.info/natural-teeth-whiteining
kels xx (4 years ago)
How often do you do this? Also do you brush your teeth before or after the strips?x
Norbert Albertz (8 months ago)
Jade Versace (9 months ago)
kels xx I’d say before so it sticks on This was 3 years ago so I hope you’re not dead
Stephanie Carpenter (4 years ago)
I have used the crest white strips before! When they first came out. They worked really good. One tip I learned was to not push the strips too hard on the teeth. It will make the whitening gel go way up on your gums and can whiten your gums. I'm sure people who have used the strips already know that, but for a first time user, it's good info to know! The taste wasn't that great when I used them, maybe they have improved, but most of the dental whiteners I've used don't taste good anyway. A lot of people also feel they are too expensive (ranging in price from $30-$65+), but I will say when you compare prices of a prescription dental as well as efficiency, Crest is the cheaper way to go. I also feel that Crest caused less sensitivity than RX dental whiteners. Hope this wasn't blah info! :)
Lisa O'Connor (2 years ago)
Thanks Steph that is important to know. I will buy and try. Any suggested links? Also as a make up artist: I can get false eye lashes on. they fall off. What is the safest cheapest glue to use Please.
Excellent thanks!
San Kamar (4 years ago)
I tried these, well the 30 minute ones and they taste like bonjela, but only on my teeth :D  I do have to say that after only 1 day, I have seen a difference on my teeth and I can't wait for my teeth to become sparkling white.
San Kamar (4 years ago)
I was really pleased when I first tried them. I saw a difference straight away. After about 3-5 days my teeth got whiter and whiter. On my friends teeth he had bought some and his teeth took a bit of time, about 4-6 days and his teeth got whiter and he was happy about it. It's different for everyone but it's definitely worth it. When my teeth got white I couldn't stop smiling, Ladies definitely love the white teeth :D
Naythan Benavides (4 years ago)
Your hot <3
Naythan Benavides (4 years ago)
Your hot! <3
Estela Santos (5 years ago)
For your information its crest white strips and you can get them at Walmart for like 15$ or less
chloe light (5 years ago)
where do you get these xx
kels xx (5 years ago)
How often did u use these and how long for :)xx
Asiah Spencer (5 years ago)
I love ur British accent!!!
Kawthar Nourhen (5 years ago)
gopinath ma (5 years ago)
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Gracie Lowson (5 years ago)
So she's British I have the same accent
Tranquil Lee (5 years ago)
She's got a British accent!
micsmellmyfart (5 years ago)
where is this accent from? :D
Secret Guy (5 years ago)
Is this available in any retailers? Because i can't buy online.
Paul Work (5 years ago)
nice, im goona buy it today from ebay, cheers babe
darrelantony1 (5 years ago)
your pretty! n Love your smile! Do i stand a chance!!? :D
Robby's Channel (5 years ago)
Love the acent
SuperSuperLeader (5 years ago)
u r so fake
tems27 (5 years ago)
Your accent!!! Love it
ShaniceBeautyxo (6 years ago)
Babe im from brighton just down the road from you? Is there anywhere we can get these apart from online? Xx
Frankie & Jen Music (6 years ago)
i could see you had them on....
MrHaji24 (6 years ago)
lyndsayshimka (6 years ago)
Where can I buy these I'm struggling to find genuine ones online!! Help!!
jakesotherthings (6 years ago)
You are so cute! You make me laugh too :P x
Callum Oorandom (6 years ago)
After 2 hours it actually lasts 3 months and you get 4 when buy (year supply)
rockinpoison89 (6 years ago)
Her eye make up is gorgeous, where can I find a tutorial to get the same ???
Trying2bBeautiful (6 years ago)
Great tip, thanks. Just ordered a 3D express white strip off eBay to test it out.
ariana miller (6 years ago)
My cousin uses this and it last for about a month or two. She said they really do work.
hamsterDIY (6 years ago)
I love White teeth but how old do you have to be to use them???
misfecool (6 years ago)
why didn't u just bleach it? it costs about 300 to 1000, but u said ur obsessed with it, so.. and btw doesn't work for long or really work either
Hollie Jade (6 years ago)
How long does it last for? X
pastryfranklinx (6 years ago)
how much is it? I look on the website and they are something like £37.00? X
Tara Swain (6 years ago)
What lipstick do you have on btw x
Tara Swain (6 years ago)
How often do you need to do these? xx
chloe-louise mee (6 years ago)
How often do you have to do the whitening strip so you will always have white teeth ? x
Hollie Wakeham (7 years ago)
@youngheartsrunfree1 AAAWW£ thanks Rock star shellac nails are so pretty and long lasting xxxx
Hollie Wakeham (7 years ago)
@youngheartsrunfree1 Thanx hunni they are shellac Rockstar nails check out my other videos to see them and find out more info on them xxx
Hollie Wakeham (7 years ago)
@uchihafanlover Aaawww thanks so much thats soooo sweet xx
Hollie Wakeham (7 years ago)
@staceytoronto AAA thanks babe gotta love a bit of tan hehehe xxx

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