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Tanita Tikaram "Dust On My Shoes" (2012) Official Music Video

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Download the single on iTunes: http://bit.ly/LDYSdw See Tanita Tikaram live! Visit http://www.tanita-tikaram.com/ for all dates! Tanita Tikaram, multi-million selling British singer songwriter, who shot to fame with her award winning album 'Ancient Heart' in 1988, will release her new and first album in eight years on Friday, August 31st via earMUSIC (edel). Says Tikaram on the single: "I've always wanted to write a song like 'Dust On My Shoes', which is a simple freedom song. The word 'freedom' becomes more and more important to all of us - in every choice, every political & moral decision and the attempt to live in a free way I find very moving. Hopefully, on the album you hear it in the playing, too!!" "Dust On My Shoes" is already available as a digital single and is a warm soul record, enhanced by the evocative scenery of New York City, where the video was shot in May. A good buzz is building at radio for the "return" of lovely Tanita, and the artist is preparing to hit stages again in the course of the album campaign: "I cant wait to get out there and start playing the new songs to everyone!" The album "Can't Go Back" will feature 10 brand new songs. The special edition of the album will come in a digi pack and carry a bonus disc, with Tikaram performing 8 Tanita-classics acoustically. www.tanita-tikaram.com / www.ear-music.net / www.facebook.com/earMUSICofficial ______________________________________________ Directed by Natacha Horn Produced by Tash Production New York Cameras: Aaron Fuchs & Natacha Horn Editing :Aaron Fuchs & Natacha Horn Extras: Marko Velk & Missy Rayder, Caitlin Frost,Larissa Zaharuk & Dante, Morgan Mechik & Uma, Natalie Man, Vincent Reverdi, Framboise Fourteau,Sun Bae,Oliver Budiardjo, Alejandro Garcia, James Hall Back vocalist: Vanessa Thomas & Marcela Gamboa
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Text Comments (120)
Adriana Borowiecka (25 days ago)
After the great hit "Twist In My Sobriety" she recorded another great songs. She is great.
Slavko Cosic (2 months ago)
Nice song...Light & Love...
Puertecitos68 (3 months ago)
beautiful lesbian
Dylan Thibert (6 months ago)
Christos Tzortzis (7 months ago)
We love Tanita from late '80's!
essdanitof (10 months ago)
quelle belle femme
oh glubbits (11 months ago)
What a lovely song, well done and thank you for this tanta
Very bad
Sandra Pisu-Jocic (1 year ago)
thank you !!!! Now can you way
Peter Cropper (1 year ago)
Just good folk music
Danielle de Freitas (1 year ago)
Im also a contralto. It's the rarest of all female voice. Tanita is part Malaysian. I bet she had Malaysian throat singing training to deepen her voice!
Odd Chef (1 year ago)
Nice reunion - I´ve not heard of Tanita since the ninethies. Sounds good still!
Antonija Juric (1 year ago)
There's dust on my shoes
Southmead Lad (1 year ago)
Always found her sexually appealing. Would probably do her fudgeways after buying her a meal with drinks beforehand. I expect she would enjoy that.
Sashaboo72 (2 months ago)
Southmead Lad forget fudgeways, just buy her fudge she’s lesbo
Marko Todorovic (1 year ago)
100! \../ :)
Alan O'Kelly (2 years ago)
I like this so much. Tanita is beautiful in every way.
Jeremy Unterweger (2 years ago)
great music great voice!
Happy Bear (2 years ago)
Reminds me of my ex. Beautiful woman.
Павел М. (2 years ago)
Очень прекрасная.
Alex Fed (4 months ago)
Ulf Utstrand (2 years ago)
ive got dust in my mind....gotta clean it up myself.....yes, a good song.
Paulo Domiciano (2 years ago)
I love you music Tanita, all videos
Paweł Janicki (2 years ago)
Thank you Tanita.
che williams (2 years ago)
Still so very beautiful....
creanza (3 years ago)
Wonderfull! As she always was...
Dave Hays (3 years ago)
Her music and look remind me of Lloyd Cole from the Rattlesnakes era
mikew MichaelW (3 years ago)
Love the song and the singer. Not so impressed by the arrangement! Drumming inappropriate, for example. (Feel the same about other tracks I've heard.) Delighted to find Tanita is still producing interesting songs, and singing them beautifulyy after all these years.
Rui Martins (3 years ago)
I have surrendered to her beauty and talent from day one. Her music just takes me to my favourite place....!
tall32guy (3 years ago)
Looks haven't changed nearly at all since her debut record in 1988. O_O even though she is 46! she looks 26!! LOL
tagadabrothersband (1 year ago)
She was 43 in 2012
Andy Andres (3 years ago)
you have so beatiful voice!!!!!
zalbis musulmonas (3 years ago)
Thank you Tanita.
Bookysina (4 years ago)
24 Jahre nach "Twist In My Sobriety" Eichfach klasse :-)
Occam1000 (5 years ago)
Wow! Just discovered my new favourite. Strange are the ways of public popularity. Why isn't she right up there?
Victor Hart (1 year ago)
Because she is REAL!
Jay Chambers (5 years ago)
Always been my favorite singer
John LaStrada (5 years ago)
There are some truly great female vocalists recording today -- but, this woman is unbelievable. She's the one I have to stop what I'm doing and just listen. 
che williams (2 years ago)
+John LaStrada From Ancient Heart to now.....Beautiful...
slf1800 (5 years ago)
Nice track
Traja Trajkovic (5 years ago)
odlicna pesma i odlicna pevacica...
peeteer23 (5 years ago)
love tt
Lorrie Leaver (5 years ago)
Love it. Totally fab Tanita xxx
tongolele (5 years ago)
clean out your ears
Marcelo Miná Dias (5 years ago)
Her voice is part of the good times in the 90s. Love her and the things that come with her music
justcarcrazy (5 years ago)
Love her voice.
Victoria Phoenix (5 years ago)
i like her voice. dot like this type of music at all but thats great
Emmanuel Paris (5 years ago)
Quelle bonne surprise que ce morceau !!! Et la France, alors ???...
DIEMUSE123 (5 years ago)
The class women
prokopi alex (5 years ago)
I always think Tanitas videos are a bit mmmm cheap and tacky ( sorry lol ) I think maybe its just that they distract from the great music and superb voice, which is best sitting and chilling with a glass of wine, such warmth and tenderness in her voice, and very sexy woman, i have all her stuff and love it, i just find the videos take away the magic, still thumbs up all the way.
TheAkelei (5 years ago)
I think you're mistaken here. Her voice is amazing and unique - and how I hate these female Barbie-voice singers!
Alicze Lu (5 years ago)
funnytv360 (5 years ago)
Ur singin is ok but u sing a bit like a man
funnytv360 (5 years ago)
Sing better!
SANDSCORCHER (5 years ago)
You jammy so & so! :D I've been listening to her music for a lifetime and never got this lucky. Well done D.D. :)
SANDSCORCHER (5 years ago)
Wow! She still sounds the same after a quarter of a century. Astonishing. Lovely song too, as always :)
George - mars (5 years ago)
Сладенькая девченка..!
MrRedjack12 (5 years ago)
really like this song. she is getting better with age. and still beautiful.
yuri scaba (6 years ago)
магическая музыка, магический глас!!!
john2000cash (6 years ago)
Simply beautiful. Sublime.
Beck Wolf (6 years ago)
Brilliant as ever! Saw her at Milton Keynes last night-genius!
avimukta1 (6 years ago)
charcolew (6 years ago)
Went to see her tonight in Glasgow. She's even better now than when she was knocking us back on our heels with 'Twist...' and 'Cathedral Song'. Beautiful voice, great lyric touches, still seems a bit shy after all these years, she is a lovely lady and a great artist.
Uli Lololomay (6 years ago)
A great Song ,what makes me feel good . Thanks :)
Jodie (6 years ago)
That album is so boring!!
Natacha Horn (6 years ago)
Thank you to earMusic and Tanita Tikaram for trusting me . . all the best for 2013 and much more music & videos :) <3
Scary Dollies (6 years ago)
So, So lovely, great to listen to, Sean
Scary Dollies (6 years ago)
Don't just put down words and make no sense, try again, X
Jodie (6 years ago)
The album can't go back is the worst that I've heard so far..boring and tedious when ...
Jodie (6 years ago)
that stiff rakes on the back ground, that are all gays or not
Thomas Andersen (6 years ago)
I had a serious crush on her in the 80's and then forgot all about her....but MY GOD she is a beautifull woman today
Peter F (6 years ago)
Can't Go Back is a beautiful record rich in emotion and melody. Favourite songs: Make the Day, Keep it Real, Can't Go Back and If the World should Want for Love.
ninefivesuited (6 years ago)
Miss Tanita s AWESOME!
ganlesat (6 years ago)
GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ElliS OWENN (6 years ago)
YES ! ;D So , SHARE THIS VIDEO ON FACEBOOK and everywhere else , for your friends ! OK ? GO NOW !!! ;)) BECOME FANS on " TANITA TIKARAM " FACEBOOK page ! Just " LIKE" it ;o)
SweetestSmile21 (6 years ago)
Glad to see she is still around and making music. Lost track of her. She still is great! She was amazing when she was just 17, I was so impressed by her at the time.
misterbamboostick (6 years ago)
Strange, normally your voice sounds deeper when you get older, but hers was deeper when she was younger.
nemonoo (6 years ago)
Wow...she looks incredible! She's barely aged! Great song, too!
Franz Robert WILD (6 years ago)
We all need lessons 'cause we're only dust and little children lost in space and eternity... Wisdom teach us that!
Peter Krug (6 years ago)
Been waiting a long time.......so happy Tanita is back!
JLT67 (6 years ago)
Good Job ! and so cute Tanita ;-)
TwinXD (6 years ago)
not bad :)
Tim Parker (6 years ago)
Very nice. . .
Edwina Sheridan (6 years ago)
God, she's still beautiful....nice song
Robin Onnodig (6 years ago)
hi Tanita, (if you read this!), 'your new album was in my mailbox mondaymorning. I can't stop listening to it. What a juwel you have made again. Just wanted to congratulate you with this. What wonderful, wonderfull songs. *applause*!
James Lovitt (6 years ago)
WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! what a great song!!
BRIONITY (6 years ago)
West side New York!
Gustavo Acosta (6 years ago)
where is the location ???
fortheloveoftunes (6 years ago)
Mizz TT iz back ma sista on da block! .-)
Mel B (6 years ago)
WOW!!!! Always good!!!!
Vladimir Tosh (6 years ago)
welcome to my heart...again & forever,Tanita!
David Randall Curtis (6 years ago)
I swear to god if I read one more comment saying "Ancient Heart" was her only good record--I'm gonna throw up.
DaithiDublin (6 years ago)
I saw Tanita in '88, when I was just 18, on my first solo night out in Dublin. What a great gig it was. Met her, got an album signed, got drunk with her support act and missed my bus and had to walk home. She's been with me ever since and is part of the soundtrack to everything I've ever felt deeply about. She moves me, and her voice is like a hand on my shoulder.
DaithiDublin (6 years ago)
Right on! ;¬)
David Randall Curtis (6 years ago)
Seperateways84 --- do you always live in the past? Yeah, her first cd was golden... but she got better and better (even if her audience & critics could not keep up).... I think years from now her music will be looked at as very under-rated by the people of her time...
David Randall Curtis (6 years ago)
Tanita is a musical Goddess... from her first cd to this... she simply is--the best! :P
sunraker27 (6 years ago)
fantastic as always.
Mason Boggs (6 years ago)
Love it.. I cant wait.. big fan.. I hope the album has some darker sounding songs and some twangy slow blues that shows off her lower register.. deep voice.. she looks amazing
Adie Burton (6 years ago)
Can never have enough of this beautiful singer/songwriter. TT is always so exuberant with her performances, be it on stage or in a video… love this song & video.
AnalogAudio1 (6 years ago)
Nice song, but her voice has changed... If I heard this song on radio I would not recognize her voice.
zweimeterfuenf (6 years ago)
na ja
steve brothwood (6 years ago)
ronster369 (6 years ago)
What a beautiful song. And she is as gorgeous as ever. There is not song she's released that I do not own. Just wish we didn't have to wait so long. But you won't hear me complaining anymore. Because I'm smiling tonight.
George Moser (6 years ago)
Tanita - this brings to mind a short sound clip I came across of Jack Kerouac saying the words " the soles of my shoes are clean from walking in the rain" - thank you so much for the new song

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