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Game of Thrones 6x06 - Margaery's Walk of Atonement, Jaime is stripped of his rank

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Game of Thrones 6x06 scene
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kshitij srivastava (15 hours ago)
The crowd assembled to watch margarey is absolutely gigantic 😂
C Cla (20 hours ago)
Are people in this world allowed to make the walk of atonement with a ton of makeup on?
xtheslipknotmaggotx (1 day ago)
This scene will never be the same after watching Mace Tyrell´s speech - The Ace Edition video
Sameer Ranjan (4 days ago)
Joffery was a nasty little shit but I miss him sometimes.
duygu kalukçu (4 days ago)
Little Tommen :(
Dave Hyler (5 days ago)
Only moment that made me miss Joffrey. He would’ve blown that place with wildfire if that trash even looked at him wrong, nonetheless stolen his wife.
Vlad the Impaler (6 days ago)
Jamie's face throughout this hole scene is pure gold. From his usual smug confidence, to shock and then to silent fury.
DevieeBoii Taylor (8 days ago)
Sees cersei naked no one bats an eye Ready to see Margery naked and everyone including me loses their minds
GalacticBlader (9 days ago)
i wouldve murder all those crazy cult heads
Birgit van Gerven (9 days ago)
You could know there would be no walk of atonement. Margaery still had her long hair, Cersei didn't.
Dawid (9 days ago)
Am I the only one who hates Tommen more than Joffrey?
Edgy Cat (10 days ago)
Tommen is a pussy ass bitch bring back joffery THE KING IN THE NORTH!!!
Gamikane (10 days ago)
257 people came for tiddies and were disappointed
Terminal Love (11 days ago)
Can o horse realistically climb stairs?
Project Deadpool (12 days ago)
Tommen is Bullshit. He is so full of shit that no one wanted to kill him. So he had to kill himself🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
lisa koola (14 days ago)
imagine i was there when this locations took place it’s beautiful city of Girona
Lüpsastta (15 days ago)
So both of their inbred sons are retarded.
Wanderer628 (18 days ago)
Never thought getting the complete opposite of Joffery would be a bad thing.
BrOoKlYn (21 days ago)
Ughh honestly im glad cersei is queen, we root for a bad bitch lol, tommen just acts likes a kid, not a king, i hate how jaime has been treated ever since the episode when his arm was cut off in season 3.
Scorpio (22 days ago)
Dad looks angry at his son.
Lou (23 days ago)
uuuugh Tommen makes me feel real violent!
D Kelly (23 days ago)
High Sparrow = Hyman Roth
S A (23 days ago)
Doesn't High Sparrow make you want to throw up... with his self righteous ' I'm doing good ' sick face
Miss Sakura (25 days ago)
I don't get it, they cut Cersei's hair but not Margaery's
Mikey Junior (28 days ago)
I am confused where is the Lannister army in this time?
within_a_doubt (29 days ago)
Mace has his horse guided by a walking man 😂
Why Not (30 days ago)
I can't help but draw parallels between the Sparrows characterization and the beginning of Christianity and the royal families to the Roman Empire.
Raph Walker (30 days ago)
Would love to see how Tywin would have felt with this.
Ellie Martin (30 days ago)
I know this is such a tiny detail, but why does Lord Tyrell have someone leading his horse when he’s on it? Can the actor just not ride and the show runners thought no one would notice?
DeathScythe (1 month ago)
I think Tommen actually would have been a good king. A naive one, but a good one.
DeathScythe (25 days ago)
Absolutely agree...Joffrey was a breed of evil that few could ever beat.
FreeLancer V (25 days ago)
He would have probably matured as he got older and more knowledgeable as well as experienced which might also rid him of his naivety. He might have changed for better or worse but I don't think he would have ever been as bad as Joffrey
Blankeye-Sigma (1 month ago)
05:07 Jaime looks like he's thinking "If you weren't the king, you would be so grounded, even gravity would get jealous!"
alex martinez (1 month ago)
this is why you need strong children
MyMagic LouLou (1 month ago)
Previous is too idiot and vicious, now this one is too idiot and weak. He let himself influenced by others who want his throne. Tyrion was right, kings are just dropped like flies.
TARA SAN (1 month ago)
Fanatic and paranoid. Some peaple feels have big sin's, And i dont like if they try to pay them self sin's With complicated way.
Jason (1 month ago)
sutsaba sangtam (1 month ago)
Do we need religion? ... I doubt
LesYeuxSansVisage (1 month ago)
Everyone seems to forget that Tommen is still a kid, and he’s a kid who loves Margery. He doesn’t want war, he wants peace, and he thinks this is the way to get it. Margery had a plan, and once she was freed, I doubt the High Sparrow would have survived long. Everyone double crossing everyone is what caused this to happen. If anything, place the blame on Ceresei for allowing the High Sparrow to take control.
kokusho games (1 month ago)
Whenever I feel like I want to cringe, I just watch Mace's speech..
楊希哲 (1 month ago)
3:10 Am I the only one who think Lancel is kind of like a dull right there?
overlex (1 month ago)
Cersei is a fucking retard
overlex (1 month ago)
... sigh* I miss Joffrey and Tywin ☹️ those 2 would set that sparrow cunt straight in 1 day
Cavecat (1 month ago)
Sparrow: "Dying for the gods would please each and every one of them" Jamie: "You are obviously bluffing." Sparrow: "O'right, I was."
Vidar Ohlund (1 month ago)
I hate Joffrey with all my heart but even HE is better than Tommen like holy fuck.
Eldredge Knot (1 month ago)
I'd pay to see Joffrey here making an entrance, making the High Sparrow and his fanatics believe that he was on his side. High Sparrow: King Joffrey of House Baratheon. *Joffrey smiles innocently, face genuinely lights up as an act; the crowd cheers for him. A few seconds later, his facial expressions change into a dire, demonic smirk then shouts. Joffrey: KINGSGUARD! I COMMAND YOU TO KILL EVERY SPARROW, EVERY FANATIC ON THIS CITY! *pulls out his swords and thrusts it into the High Sparrow*
Antiochus III (1 month ago)
Tommen is the definition of a puppet king
Cassycat99 (1 month ago)
2:45 what house was he speaking for??
Uzair Latif (1 month ago)
Tommen, Joffery... You've just got to be stupid one way or the other.
robert lavallee (1 month ago)
I think the comments about Tommen are unfair,he's the youngest of the 3 children,probably the most protected because of that,he is naive and innocent,unlike his sister Marcella who had an inkling that her Uncle jaimie was her father,she accepted that because she cared for him,if Joffrey knew he probably didn't give a damn,but he was a Psychopath...Tommen isn't weak,weakness comes, from low character,low morals or selfishness...Tommen is not of low character,he does have principles,he is kind and sensitive,but he wasn't trained the way Joffrey was,it was never presumed that Tommen would one day become King especially that early at his age,which is only 14/15,the only people he has a relationship is with his mother and sister,both whom he loves very much...when Joffrey died Tommen was literally thrown into a position he wasn't trained for,with an over bearing/over protective mother trying to manipulate him into whatever she wanted...he's been ignored by his false father Robert Baratheon who should have been a role model for him,limited relationship with both his uncles,jaimie/Tyrion,ignored by his Grandfather,so he didn't have a lot of role models to follow or lead and the ones he did have were out for their own interests,yet he managed to maintain his natural goodness...the one element that could have lead him into maturity was Majorie,though already widow twice,she has managed not only to survive,but persevere and would have been a great influence with Tommen,though the marriage between Tommen/Marjorie was rushed,an her being older and experienced,an she married him to improve the benefits to her family I believe she seriously had come to care for him,even love him,but circumstances took that out of both of their control,after Marjorie was arrested and imprisoned,some of this by the hand of his mother,his life was thrown into a tailspin,I also think he started to see the kind of person his mother was,he also had to make a decision that would save his wife's life and bring her back to him,it was a desperate decision one made out of love...I don't think it was a decision made by a weak person.
Mike Haggar (1 month ago)
"Hello, my name is Tommen. I can literally be talked into anything"
Mike Haggar (1 month ago)
Is personal hygiene a sin?
Blake K (1 month ago)
Jamie: "Will I be walking naked in the streets?" Me: YES DO IT
whitekid345895 (1 month ago)
High sparrow is the stand in for Catholics. We coming for you baby fuckers
Sam Paul (1 month ago)
fuck tommen was a dumb ass shit
Keran Kerai (1 month ago)
The high Lord wins
Joshua Baratheon (1 month ago)
I miss Stannis. Cersei was such a fool for trusting the High Septon. Stannis would have gotten rid of the Sparrows before they entered the city.
Dominic Cruz (1 month ago)
Tommen was the worst at playing the game of thrones
Infinity Thiccness (1 month ago)
*”Jaimie is stripped...”* 😏 “of his rank” 😒
Daniel Scutaru (1 month ago)
I hate Tommen more than Joffrey
Eduard BlaBla (1 month ago)
I wonder how is it what nobody is mad about the Tyrell armor. It's awful looking and totaly stupid.
emerald dash (1 month ago)
I wanted to see a fight here but sadly none hapend
Nigel Thornberry (1 month ago)
I really really wanted to see all of those footmen march up the stairs and spear those faith militant to death one by one lmao. Would have made such a great scene.
PARAD0X Clan (1 month ago)
I feel like some people were mad that Marge didn’t do it because they wanted to se her naked
Vinn Regi (1 month ago)
No battle? No royal tits? The fuck George RR?
Kek_Kun YT (2 months ago)
Queen Margery's walk of Atonement'nt.
Ethandude (2 months ago)
Hated Joffery, but even he would protect his own mother and not become too spineless
Megan Dolinski (2 months ago)
Oh Natalie Dormer. I would raise an army to get her back too😍
J.A. Ren (2 months ago)
Joffrey would’ve slaughtered them all
webriz (2 months ago)
Anybody else notice that Jaime's head is placed over the real rider's head with CGI when the horse goes up the stairs?
Robert Baratheon (2 months ago)
the walk we all wanted to see. for pure atonement reasons of course ;)
Jimmy P (2 months ago)
god tommen had such promise of being a good king that everyone needed but he was just so fucking stupid it really irritated me watching. i know he's a kid and all but jesus christ lol
Crazy Chick With a Gun (2 months ago)
Yeah, but imagine this: At 3:01 the High Sparrow is like: To die in the service of the gods would please each and every onfe of us. We yearn for it. And then Jaime would be like: Then allow me to assist. *kills High Sparrow* Just... imagine the satisfaction...
Dub Line (2 months ago)
When Tywin asked Tommen what makes a good King what was his first answer???.... Holiness. That's why he was stupid enough to fall for the High Sparrow's little ploy.
The Professor (2 months ago)
Tommen was such a pussy. And probably the shittest King.
riner9 (2 months ago)
I wanted to see her tits walk through the streets
Neolithika (2 months ago)
Poor Tommen.
Rose (2 months ago)
Where did the High Sparrow come from again?
AM V (2 months ago)
Jaime's horse climbed up like boss....
Em Ever (2 months ago)
Why wasn’t her hair cut?
janeswurld (3 months ago)
5:57 tommens face 😂
Inka Koutná (3 months ago)
Honestly this was the right diplomatic decision given the situation arming the sparrows caused. He saved his queen, he kept the people and the church happy and it gave him time to grow and find a way to play the game in his favour. And what his mother does? Blows everything, literally and figuratively.
Andrew Smith (3 months ago)
Tommen is such a stupid .. and Jeffrey is way better king than him .. Joffrey was cunning and was able take his own decisions by himself... and in his ruling time her mother was never had to be naked and paraded in the streets
Man O'Neal (3 months ago)
Tommen might have been the lowest of characters on Game of Thrones. There were plenty of awful people, but at least they were lively, vibrant, and free minded. Tommen is at the same time hateable and forgettable.
Samuel Eli (3 months ago)
Birth of the Catholic church
Viewer (3 months ago)
The Lannister children were always weak. Guess that’s what inbreeding does.
Digmer (3 months ago)
Wooooooow did he really went upstairs with that horse????? Why im the only one impressed?????
Tyler Cald (3 months ago)
the high sparrow got the support of the king and the common people but he fucked up not getting the support of the nobility
Tyler Cald (3 months ago)
the civillians argghhh
jessica K (3 months ago)
Jaime”will I be walking naked in the streets” Why didn’t this happen?!
Scarecrow545 (3 months ago)
Hi (3 months ago)
That was some well disciplined units. Were they from the Tyrals? Should've spent their money on their army instead.
And the Folk is cheering... They dont know why, but they are happy
Robert Lee (3 months ago)
instead of plotting with kevan and olenna , Cersei and Jamie should have been talking to their son
Matheus Omena (3 months ago)
There's something I still don't get... Did Margaery and Tommen join the Faith for real or the whole thing was a plan of theirs the whole time?
Crazy Chick With a Gun (2 months ago)
Tommen did, Margaery just got some time for herself to find out how to get rid of the Faith
Nikhil Yenumula (3 months ago)
Tommen would have been a good ruler bringing peace and glory
mrneutral (3 months ago)
Love Mace's speech,.,
Spadizzle92891 (4 months ago)
God Tommen was such a pussy
LaughableSynonyms (4 months ago)
Maybe Marcella was the was the sweet spot between her brothers. Damn sand sluts.
Mulvick Hussin (4 months ago)
this old man looks familiar .. the president from GI JOE 😎
HustlerMitch (4 months ago)
Mace Tyrell is just so.... Cringeworthy.
Trever Belmont (4 months ago)
Fuck you renly and fuck your bull shit idea of religion and government didn’t work so well for England

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