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Rozwell Kid - Magic Eye (Official Video)

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From Rozwell Kid's Good Graphics EP. Available on vinyl at sideonedummy.com/store Director - Samuel Gursky Director of Photography - Eric Teti Assistant Camera - Sam Cowan Drone Operator - Casey Neistat Production Assistant - Alan Joseph -- Eye A - Rachel Leidig Eye 1 - Chelsea Killea -- Editor - Caitlin Carr & Samuel Gursky Production & Post services provided by Irving Harvey
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Text Comments (17)
Silas Rubarb (2 years ago)
Eyes love Lensecrafters
Zach Miller (2 years ago)
so random that casey neistat worked on this video lmfao
Jake D (2 years ago)
sraaaaaah (2 years ago)
i loooooooove this!!
CaseyNeistat (2 years ago)
this is awesome
Evan Grose (3 months ago)
Holy shit Casey Neistat likes Rozwell Kid!?
Spencer McKay (8 months ago)
Oh my god
MOM!!! ITS HIM!!!! WHERES MY $20????
Jason speer (2 years ago)
Well well look who it is...
Henrique T. de Camargo (2 years ago)
Christian Santiago (2 years ago)
Oh cool I watch Casey Neistats vlogs and saw that drone shot and was wondering who it was for. Nice!
co on (2 years ago)
+Christian Santiago SAME!
Kyle Thrash (2 years ago)
So good!!!!
syk0 (2 years ago)
Ayy Casey Neistat did the drone shots for this
jaliil fuller (2 years ago)
God I love these guys

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