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Real Law School Horror Stories

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Law school can be a scary place. These are a couple of the craziest things that happened to me in law school. Buzzfeed did a video on what they claimed were “law school horror stories” (https://youtu.be/BN9iFX9BLSA) But the things that they claimed were “horror stories” weren’t that scary. Getting cold called by the professor isn’t a big deal if you have the right tools and read your cases the right way (say for example if you used our Flipped Case Method, https://youtu.be/PxGGbymWYA0). Frankly, I wouldn't call their stories horror stories. Unlike the folks at Buzzfeed, I experienced some really scary stuff. Imagine a judge threatening someone with a gun. It happened. Imagine taking the bar exam during an earthquake. It happened. Imagine having your computer fail right before finals. It happened. Man, I’ve seen some stuff. Scary. So gather ‘round the campfire as I tell you some true stories of law school! ======================================================== Get our Ultimate Pre-Law Checklist (FREE) here ➜ https://www.legaleagleprep.com/prelaw Learn learn how to get ready for law school, the 5 things you must do the summer before law school, and more . . . ======================================================== ★ Got law school questions? Ask in the comments! ★ Say hi on Facebook: ➜ https://www.facebook.com/legaleagleprep ★ Tweet at us on Twitter @LegalEagleDJ
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Text Comments (272)
LegalEagle (3 months ago)
Got law school questions? Ask in the comments!
Gamar Alghamdi (26 days ago)
Hi, I’m confused on either I should go to law school or psychology. But I found out that you can be a lawyer and psychologist from studying criminal psychology, but I don’t know if it’s true. And if it’s not, can I be a lawyer and psychologist at the same time or at least study psychology and law together
Lucas Kane (1 month ago)
Greetings from Germany. I really like your videos. I do have a question about the jury. We don't have a jury in our courtrooms. I find the thought that just any person can decide my fate very strange. These people in the jury aren't judges or advocates. Why do they get to decide about live or death of another person? Or am I misinformed and that is not how it works?
Prophet HerbAndDerp (2 months ago)
I have more like a youtube question, i guess it is kinda rude and picky. is it not cheap, showing some hardcore destruction while talking about 5 by Richter Earthquake? Obviously people who never been in earthquake may find it startling, but this image seemed over the top for a 5.
SlendyMcTendies (2 months ago)
Just fyi, Solid State Drives are not immune to crashes. A crash can occur from either a hardware malfunction OR a software based malfunction. Granted, Solid State Drives have no moving parts and are less likely to crash due to sudden movements and become damaged, but that still doesn't mean a computer with an SSD can't crash. Just figured I'd throw in that bit of information. With you being a civil lawyer (if I remember correctly), I could see this info potentially being useful if it's not something you were already aware of.
tiano lamas (3 months ago)
Hey legal eagle, as someone that is not attending a higher tier university for my bachelors would that affect in the long run for when I start applying towards law school?
Saiah Rett (4 hours ago)
This channel deserves 5 million subs
Steel Savior (1 day ago)
1:27 "For the sake of anomimity..."
Joshua Canipe (1 day ago)
love you channel
Konrad Hylton (1 day ago)
I was sure after the burglar story you were going to tell us that then the judge made you debate the facts of the scenario to see if you were paying attention. The fact that he was just casually recanting the story with no agenda makes it all the weirder.
kyotokitsune (2 days ago)
I'm getting off easy for student loans. Maybe $30k when I'm finished, but I'm also going to a non-profit online school for a Computer Science degree. I think student loans is the horror story for every college student, unless you get a scholarship.
Matthew Suffidy (3 days ago)
The burglar thing could be a sort of character test sting operation. Or on the other hand it is more like Mob bonding. One of those situations where you are genuinely wondering what is the better choice. Maybe you have to use a patented impartial look at the time.
AmethystAxas (3 days ago)
Oof, I understand the debt. I'm going to art school, and my debt is going to be around $200k once I graduate. Student loan debt is a horror story for everyone.
Blackened Sprite (3 days ago)
re the computer crash story: my old teacher used to say if it's not saved twice, it's not saved.Save it somewhere, then save it again, somewhere else, on a different machine.
somenglishguy (4 days ago)
Gunner's seem to exist in all walks of life. There was one when I went to college (I did Film Production), and he always knew the answer to the questions, had seen every film ever made practically etc. He later dropped out because it was too hard for him.
RedwoodTheElf (4 days ago)
Ah, college debt. Like Blackadder, I bet you felt like a Pelican. No matter which way you looked, there was a great big bill in front of you.
Kerry White (4 days ago)
What's your advice for a veteran looking to use his G.I bill for law school?
Bob Crane (7 days ago)
The judge threatening the burglar who's tied up, might not be insane; just want's to make sure the revolving door prison system doesn't let this burglar think he can come back.
Bill Clinton (12 days ago)
"Happen to C" 👀
Jason Stallings (14 days ago)
The subject line of this video made me think of a funny story. In Savannah, GA there is (or maybe now was) a law school that opened around 2008-2009. This law school operated in what used to be a civil war era military hospital that is allegedly extremely haunted (as much of the city supposedly is). I was there at the art school (SCAD) for about 6 years. I know the radio/media building for scad felt extremely haunted. I wonder if there were any hauntings at the law school.
gauri mann (14 days ago)
I have a question that NO ONE has ever been able to answer : I like to take physical notes while in class and during self study but the sheer volume of these notes is so vast that there’s NO WAY to refer to certain terms or questions quickly and many times the notes just get lost . What do you suggest I do ???
Anirudh Viswanathan (15 hours ago)
Date yout notes. If possible scan them(or take photos) onto a separate folder on your hard drive and segregate them properly. Do this every week.
Actual Wizard (15 days ago)
Could you do a video giving advice to undergrad mock trial members?
Faelwolf (15 days ago)
Cloud is not a secure storage media! Cloud is just putting your files on someone else's computer, which puts you at risk for data breach. A huge concern for legal and medical files, for obvious reasons. Do back up everything, but back it up on disk, or an external hard drive, which you can then physically secure. Just look at the headlines of all the data breaches for personal and credit card info, and know those servers are more secure than cloud servers. Consider anything you put in the cloud to be public information, it practically is.
Dmac 34 (15 days ago)
Objection The Closer TV show.
Ayyy lmao (15 days ago)
Citizens can't detain people unless the police are actively chasing someone... so in Canada, the judge could have been liable for charges considering he didn't call the police and he had put the burglar into a position where he no longer threatened him. Lol good thing that judge was in Vegas, if that was true
Juliet Coalton (15 days ago)
Mc Jethro Pov Tee (15 days ago)
"USB Drive is corrupted." -worst nightmares T_T my hard worked documents :(
Max Covfefe (15 days ago)
If you're looking for some weird legal stories for Halloween... 1. There is precedent in the US that we can't sue the Devil, as in Satan. 2. So-called "anti-witchcraft" laws are intended to protect the public from charlatans, but they don't necessarily outlaw animal sacrifice. 3. It's legal to kill Bigfoot in Texas, but not in the state of Washington, fyi. There MUST be at least a few messed up legal cases just because those three sentences are true.
Osmosis Jones (15 days ago)
If there is a sign telling you not to do something, there is a story. Also, if there is a case law named after you, there DEFINITELY is a story.
zomgtehvikings (16 days ago)
OBJECTION! I’m from Vegas and you make it sound like we’re god damn Florida with that Judge story. No. We’re not. We just like blackjack and hookers.
LongLiveMadison (16 days ago)
ksungjin10 (16 days ago)
Hey stone were you a gunner when you went to law school? Cause you seem like one.
Marcus W (16 days ago)
Theirs no such thing as a solid state hard drive lol, theirs hard drives and solid state drives, I use a memory card for data backup I don’t like the cloud.
Duane Locsin (16 days ago)
LegalEagle, what do you think of 'Murphy's law'? 😀
ELFanatic (16 days ago)
Coral Reeves (17 days ago)
Ahaha you're so cute, Sir! 😂😂😂
kareli a. (18 days ago)
please do more of these if you have more stories to tell for the spooky season!! 😫😫😫
al Mamlūk (18 days ago)
In Law School right now. Second year. We do our exams on our computers using a special word processor. Thus, having laptops is extremely important. In our first year final exams, like 5 people's computers failed during the exam.
Simon Shaw (18 days ago)
So, apparently I was a gunner, never heard the term before. However, I answered questions out of boredom. When no-one would answer I would just to move the class along.
Tory Parson (18 days ago)
I take it Alan's real name is John
Nemesis ROCK (18 days ago)
I'm just jealous that in the US Law school lasts only 3 years
杨凯琳 (8 days ago)
you have to have a 4-year bachelor's degree first, though. in my country, law school is 4-5 years after undegrad, but the last year is essentially bar exam review anyway.
Marco (16 days ago)
But you do undergrad before Law School.
Emil Filipov (18 days ago)
SSDs are actually more fragile than the good ol' HDD.
Johny Etwer (18 days ago)
Aw you look so friendly. I wouldn't mind getting legally robbed by you. :^3
Wait a minute, the judge in Vegas, didn't he, more or less, confess to a crime?
Harpo Mason (22 days ago)
Two lifetimes of experience has given me a thorough understanding. I witnessed my father's life firsthand and inherited his logic and reasoning abilities. He showed me the way so I would not go $90,000 in debt trying to find it myself. The difference in our path learning the law is more than just the price in Fiat currency. You paid for formal teaching using legal tinder. I paid for informal teaching with Two lifetimes of sacrifice and suffering at the hand's of arrogant administrators who refused to recognize the intellect of someone too poor to afford representation and too stubborn to accept being constantly dismissed. (there is nothing more disrespectful you can do to a MAN than dismiss him because of his financial station in life) I measure success with Happiness not money. The rights in this country are for everyone not just those who can pay their way. Murdock vs The State of Pennsylvania I pray Blessings, love and respect to all without prejudice in Jesus name A&men
Harpo Mason (22 days ago)
You testified the earthquake helped you and also said it didn't affect you. I would determine it only affected those not used to it and had no influence on those used to such events. Having no influence is not helping you. Its the position that a good judge should take. disinterested third party. The earthquake was not interested in your schooling in law . Your experience is what helped you not the earthquake itself. I pray Blessings, Love and respect to all without prejudice. This from my fathers kingdom. A&men
Angela Young (23 days ago)
I was at that same bar EXAM!!!!!
I do not find it fair that the students taking the bar exam were not given extra time because of the earthquake. Does anyone else find that ridiculous?
The Ace of Spades (25 days ago)
If the story about that judge is true was he within legal rights to do that in the state of Nevada? Does that fall under right to chase an assaulter?
Uncle Phil (26 days ago)
If I found a burglar in my house, I would certainly threaten them with a gun.
Joel Gawne (19 days ago)
Careful, that'll get you arrested in California
Johnny Appleseed (26 days ago)
KU law is like 25k even less w/ scholarships. Big reason why I chose it
Julian Moretti (26 days ago)
When you're the only person who sees a smart person and instead of @LegalEagle's outcome, he got all As... :(
ros roso (26 days ago)
i go to law school in sweden an for us is 4,5 years then you take the bar exam and then you an legitimated lawyer. but in sweden its not that hard to get in like in the usa but its a real comeptition once you in the program
Glass Joe (27 days ago)
Im not even a law student. Possible career choice?
Samuel Pérez García (29 days ago)
OBJECTION! The Earthquake cannot be a horror story if it HELPED you. 😅
raekuul (1 month ago)
Seconding the suggestion to make backups. I lost about eight hours worth of video footage and twelve hours of editing work to a hard drive crash (which that's an impractical amount to back up anyway, but that's another lesson) Heck, make backups of the backups.
Brandon Monroe (1 month ago)
You actually looked scary with that flashlight 😳
Alex Dyce (1 month ago)
Man US tertiary education debts are insane! My degree in Australia (combined 5 years in law and arts, double majoring in philosophy) has set me back about 60K, which by the way is scaled to inflation, but doesn't attract interest. Also repayments are automatically debited through tax (which hurts less) - and they only kick in if you earn over a certain amount. My younger brother did even better; undergrad and post-grad in France at a cost of about 160 Euro a semester. Guess the take home here is that if you're American, study overseas.
noamto (1 month ago)
Why can't you just study Law for your Bachelor's/undergraduate studies in the US? In the rest of the world you can. And all my friends that studied Law told me that it's one of the easiest academic subjects there is.
dosduros (1 month ago)
IS youtube more profitable than practicing law?
darkcloud (1 month ago)
wtf... you need to pay AFTER you get out of collage?? wtf??.. that's the shittiest way to provide education... are there no public universitys that teach medicine, law school, enginering and all the major careers?
tom pool (1 month ago)
Horror Story - my friend missed half his paper because he didn’t turn over to reveal another set of questions on the back page.
Randomnly Entertaining (1 month ago)
Well Nevada is a Stand Your Ground state so the judge would've been completely in his right to shoot the intruder once he broke into his house. So simply threatening to shoot him and then letting him go is pretty lenient. Me and most others I know probably would've just shot him.
Anon Ymous (1 month ago)
That first story seems a tad ironic, because you'd imagine that convincing a room full of people that you're the smartest, and most confident one in said room would be an invaluable tool for a lawyer.
Night Wolf (1 month ago)
0:00Goddam you looked like andrew jackson
Jamestown (1 month ago)
0:07 Oh Gawd! Too scary!!
Angela Chouinard (1 month ago)
My old college roomate had an interview in the East Bay just after passing the bar exam. The attorney's cut the interview short because they had tickets to a baseball game in San Francisco. My friend drove home and two hours later the big Loma Prieta earthquake hit. The first phone call after connections we restored was the law firm trying to confirm he was OK. He says if they hadn't cut the interview short he'd have been on the bridge when it went into the bay.
Ned K (1 month ago)
$160K for a house, where though?
Apoorv Panwar (1 month ago)
Man ur awesome,in India I think law students have it easy because of quite affordable law school fees but have a longer training years.
Secular Satanist (1 month ago)
OBJECTION!!! 5:38 If you name the magnitude of an earthquake, it isn't on the Richter scale. It's a really common misconception, scientists don't even use the Richter scale anymore. "The moment magnitude scale(MMS; denoted as Mw or M) is one of many seismic magnitude scalesused to measure the size of earthquakes. The scale was developed in the 1970s to *succeed* the 1930s-era Richter magnitude scale (ML)." -Google
Jupiter Eye (1 month ago)
Zip drive... I forgot about that medium completely. HA!
theofficialmezZomaxX (1 month ago)
Regarding your last horror story: fortunately where I study, besides a study fee of 124€/semester and a private repetitor most students attend in preparation of their final exam (approx. 1000€), no debt needs to be made. 🙏🏻
C. Huseyin (1 month ago)
160k in debt that can be paid out in 2 or 3 years with couple cases with high profile clientele. 😂
Osmosis Jones (15 days ago)
The horror!
Michał (1 month ago)
I had situation with similar horror of losing data to you. I lost 2TB of data, tried to recover them - 3x24h of scanning disk and software to recover data stated that it needs 2 weeks non-stop work to recover files. Yeah, my computer after 3 days reset itself do to overheating (high temperatures in the middle of summer, lack of air conditioning in dormitory...) - I lost most of my thesis back then ;) Oh, I am not an lawyer, but it is nice to hear about work of US attorneys :)
Elaina Kae (1 month ago)
Ya it’s the C students that go on to become judges! :)
John R Watters II (22 days ago)
I had a mock trial competition once before a sitting federal judge. Our client was accused of driving negligently and hitting a girl who jumped out in front of his car. A plaintiff's witness--the only witness who estimated speed--said that it took a certain amount of time for the car to go a certain distance, basically amounting to 18 mph. Instead of drawing this out, we asked the judge to take notice of the math. The judge acted like they had never heard of such a thing. If you can't ask for notice of math, I'm not sure what it's for. Turns out, judges had taken notice of this exact formula, for this exact reason, in this exact Circuit, numerous times. tldr; I agree.
Leia (1 month ago)
I don't believe the CA Bar exam is curved, so having the other people you took the exam with do worse on the exam would not affect your personal chances of passing. I believe there is just a cut score and you have to do better than the cut score and you pass (or, as is the case with most CA Bar exam test takers, you get lower than the cut score and you don't pass...)
Charles Koeppel (1 month ago)
You need to do more Horror stories this Halloween!!!
Chris Quirk (1 month ago)
Regarding the gunner, I think they did poorly for a different reason than just sucking at tests. by my 2L year i noticed that i did poorly on exams where i felt my understanding of the subject matter was very strong, and similarly i did very well on exams where my understanding of the subject matter was just ok, but needed work. The more confident i felt leaving the exam, the worse i did. This is because law school exams have a specific code that you need to crack, and it doesnt involve just being right. Some of you may know it as IRAC or CRAC, but in general when you have an ironclad grasp of the subject material, when you look down at your exam and think, wow i got this i know exactly how to answer this question, you tend to just go right to the "correct" answer without really considering any alternatives. This is the key part to law school exams. Professors want you to explore all sides of the issue, not just charge through the problem to the correct answer, because something you read told you it was correct. When you study hard and "know" the answer 100% you typically are so confident in your response that you fail to recognize or address some of the other things the professor is looking for. This is what constantly cost me on my exams. When i confidently knew the right answer, i never bothered exploring the "wrong" answers to explain why they were wrong. this is where i think the gunners lose out on so many exam points. Compare that to exams in classes that i was not as strong in... when i looked at the exam question i would often have no idea what the right answer was. This uncertainty led me into doing an analysis from different sides of the issue, and because i didnt really know what the 'correct' answer was i just picked the one whose analysis seemed best to me. This comparative analysis is really what most professors look for, because this is what typically makes a good lawyer. anyone can read a book and regurgitate the contents to a question, but the best law students are the ones who can adequately work through a problem where they dont know the answer and arrive at a good conclusion.
Adrian Ghandtchi (15 days ago)
Chris Quirk that’s amazing
OnboardG1 (1 month ago)
Huh, my Dad lost his PhD thesis in the 70s because the PDP-11 machine had an old fashioned head crash where the read head hit the drive palette and tore it up. His sister and mother had to spend the next two weeks typing it up from his written notes while he drew in the diagrams.
Kelly Schittenhelm (1 month ago)
Thanks for the stories! Any degree is the same. Helps others learn thanks. Curious, how do you fight companies like booking.com as they are a huge company. As a guest, when things go wrong as the company is based in another country?
Gary Davis (1 month ago)
I have seen people in the military that knew their specialty like the back of their hand, but when it came for promotion testing on their specialty, these same people couldn't pass the testing phase...
Jefferflakes (1 month ago)
"wah it only took a few years to pay off 160,000 dollars". terrifying!
Rubbing Alcohol (1 month ago)
you should do a version of Wired’s Autocomplete interviews, where you answer the most searched questions about the law and law school
brian554xx (1 month ago)
Legal problems? No, no, no... Very few of my problems are legal!
Tyrant Kragith (1 month ago)
You know from an outside perspective, the gunner story seemed like it was as much a commentary on the grading system as it was about himself.
Jordan Sullivan (1 month ago)
Yeah I'm graduating with $250k worth of debt from Berkeley.
LegalEagle (1 month ago)
Getting off light!
Mirror Sky (1 month ago)
I lost a bunch of files due to Dropbox sync error. So, in addition to the cloud, it is a good idea to keep an external hard drive backup.
Andrew Weinberg (1 month ago)
Hey LegalEagle, I took that same CA Bar Exam, except I was taking it in Ontario, which is where the epicenter of that earthquake was. It was pretty serious, and, in case you didn't know or don't remember, some rooms at our site (and possibly others) were given extra time for that section, so the CA Bar had to do some analysis to make sure that none of the rooms were given any advantage.
LegalEagle (1 month ago)
No one in West LA (Century City), to my recollection, got extra time.  Hope you passed!
Cody Warren (1 month ago)
This may be a stupid question, but are you required to complete law school to take the "Bar Exam"? If not, is it possible for you to practice law without a law degree but having passed the Bar? Thanks. Great videos, keep them coming.
Cody Warren (1 month ago)
Thanks. Yea I wasn't sure if someone could technically challenge the Bar, pass and have the ability to open practice.
LegalEagle (1 month ago)
Generally, you have to go to law school.
OniFeez (1 month ago)
As a computer programmer, I'd actually recommend you have multiple sources for backups. Not just as a student but in anything really, including professionals. Even cloud isn't a bulletproof solution, because what happens if your network/gateway crashes? Hopefully your sys admin automates backups every few days, and does it in multiple ways cloud/physical etc. There's also ethical considerations for cloud services too - maybe not too relevant in the legal profession but offsite storage could be literally anywhere in the world - which could have legislative requirements for privacy data and where it's stored, and there's always the potential of someone sticking a usb into the server and lifting your files. Not necessarily likely, but possible.
Matthew Suffidy (3 days ago)
I back up like crazy to a second system, and then to pysical -R discs when I get enough stuff. I don't do RAID or anything though. What if your drive crashes? Some pet shelter here got a randsomware attack, and it was on the news. OK but what if their drive went down. Same thing. I used a unix program called foremost to get a bunch of photos off of my parents WD NAS device cause it took a crap and it was spanning RAID and bad blocks so that is where I was at.
Emil Filipov (18 days ago)
By that same logic it is entirely possible that the cloud company itself has a copy of your files and sells them on a black market. Not likely at all, but possible. On the notion of safety, i agree. I usually keep an encrypted USB drive, a cloud storage (Google Drive for example) and an encrypted folder on my PC. While, at the same time, i have my Google Drive synced with a folder on my PC, laptop and my phone. The chances of all of my 3 devices, Google Drive and my flash drive dying at the same time is basically non-existent. Certainly possible for the devices, but Google re-routes their services is there is problem with servers, so i don't really have to worry about the drive.
infinymagnus (2 months ago)
Finally some else used the word "Burgle". Made my day good sir ^_^
Cold Steel (2 months ago)
Law school: The place where average grades (Cs) constitute a horror story. :-)
Keira Larimore (14 days ago)
*what* ?? Cs are average grades?? More like As if you're Asian and you get extra tutorial classes if you even get one B.
Lord Of Mantas (17 days ago)
It was a horror story for us in physical therapy school as well. At the school where I went, if you got three grades below a B your entire time there, you were summarily expelled and could never return. If you got anything below a C, you had to repeat the entire year.
Musical Inquisitor (19 days ago)
It might even constitute a horror story for some high schoolers.
LegalEagle (2 months ago)
[a thousand law students started sharpening their knives]
conker690 (2 months ago)
Also as a gunner, can confirm, although I get shit grades lol.
conker690 (2 months ago)
That first one is a joke, but I literally nearly used last year's facts instead of this years for my ethics exam.
Craig Raboteau (2 months ago)
I, in general, am not interested in law as a vocation/occupation at all. However, I love your channel and, if I had it to watch when I was a kid, I might have decided to become a lawyer. Thank you for your effort. You're pretty awesome!
David V (2 months ago)
My law school horror story: on the second year, I had 6am class, and almost every day I saw a man in his 40s that had never seen before at the University. Usually I got first into the building and get right into the elevator, just a few steps ahead of him, and closed the door quickly ( I don't like to share elevators), and he just missed the elevator, I could even see him a bit angry through the closing door, that happened like 8, 7 times(?). Next year, I discovered that man was going to be my professor 😢😢
Habibe Koc (1 month ago)
This is something that would happen to me in law school 🤣🤣
David V (1 month ago)
+BalkanHound haha no, not so much. Only on the final exam I got a 4.3 and a friend got 4.6, we both wrote the same answers (no copy), but that 0.3 of difference got stuck in the elevator I guess :/ But still he was a nice person, the final exam was just 30% of the subject. 4.3 out of 5.
BalkanHound (1 month ago)
Ahahahahahahahaha! I hope those encounters didn't cause any problems for you (exam-wise).
Tena Mihaljević (2 months ago)
Fr Cl (2 months ago)
Regarding the first story: In my med school class we have a couple of people that memorize whole books, and can answer obscure questions about some detail, but then fail hard at basic clinical feel/knowledge. At least when it comes to medicine, developing a good feel for the clinical aspect of medicine is worth far more than knowing lots of information but not what to do with it.
WhereWhatHuh (2 months ago)
Judge with a gun? I can top that. In my navy days, another sailor -- he was 6'6" and 300# of muscle -- told me a story that he and several family members went hunting in a jeep, with his mother in the passenger seat. On a side hill, the jeep overturned and rolled side over side. While it was rolling down the hill, his mother spotted a ten-point buck and shot it through the windshield.I questioned the veracity of this tale, to which he said, "Are you calling my mother a liar?"             (that is to say... don't believe sea stories, and that's what the judge told you -- a sea story).
WhereWhatHuh (16 days ago)
The game for him, in telling this story... Was to get me to call his mother a liar. Neither one of us believed that it happened.
A Williams (16 days ago)
​+WhereWhatHuh Asking for a photo is not calling her a liar; it is an innocent request for evidentiary support. My understanding is that hunters usually take photos of their kill, so surely he would have a pic to corroborate his story? As for his 6'6 height - the pen is mightier than the sword (in other words, you're obviously smarter than he is).
WhereWhatHuh (16 days ago)
That would be calling his mother a liar... Did I mention he was 6'6" and 300#?
A Williams (16 days ago)
I'm not a hunter myself, but surely the buck would have been terrified by the horrendously loud crashing sound as the jeep rolled down the hill and have sprinted off long before? Those animals are very shy, hence why hunters lie for hours under camoflage gear before one comes near. Did you ask him for photos of the dead buck?
seadawg93 (2 months ago)
It's interesting that the lesson is the just because someone seems to know all the answers doesn't mean they get good grades. I would think that it was, just because you get good grades doesn't mean your the smartest around.
seadawg93 (2 months ago)
LegalEagle that makes sense, for sure. In that case, it seems, the applying of the knowledge is in the case tests. (Right? ...or maybe not). If it is then it seems like this guy can apply his knowledge (doesn't he demonstrate that in non-rehearsed questions and challenges in class), but maybe not academically in a test. Maybe not, I was just saying that my first thought was that maybe it said something more about how accurately grades reflect (or don't) ability. I know that in college the one class that I didn't get good grades on was absolutely the one that I learned the most in, thought the most about and retained the most information, I just didn't take the testing seriously and so got a middling grade.
LegalEagle (2 months ago)
Law school is all about application. You can "know" things academically but if you can't apply that knowledge, you won't get good grades in law school.
Lon Johnson (2 months ago)
I'm not a lawyer and don't ever want to be one, so maybe I'm the wrong audience, but these horror stories are fairly tame (like ketchup and spaghetti tame). The debt you accumulated is scary, but it is true for higher education in many fields and something that you should be aware of ahead of time. If you make a follow up to this video, perhaps you should call them "cautionary anecdotes" rather than "horror stories". If you're wondering why I'm here, I like your movie and TV analyses and I thought I'd give some of your other content a viewing.
Alisha Nasier (2 months ago)
Yo number 4 and 5 are the scariest shit man
Teresa Smith (2 months ago)
That actually made law school look interesting -- yet expensive.
Thai Phan (2 months ago)
Do lawyers have to worry about data sovereignty and not being allowed to upload certain things to the cloud?
breadhoang (2 months ago)
I know the feel on laptops crashing at the worst time. My laptop died on me the day before my CFA exam and I was like this is the last fucking thing I needed. Luckily I didn't need any of its contents to do the exam, I just had to slightly alter how I continued studying.
pyrotheevilplatypus (2 months ago)
Similar story: I'm a teacher with my sixth year (two masters degrees). Two days before my dissertation was due (an international approach to special education - an analysis as to whether or not "least restrictive environments" always serve special needs students to their fullest), my computer suffered a "head crash" - basically, the stylus that reads the drive dropped out of position and scratched up the entire disk making it unreadable. It's ok though! I had my dissertation saved to a USB drive! ... that a student hurled a bookbag at the next day as it sat plugged in to my mentor teacher's desktop. My dissertation was now saved to a USB drive that was in four pieces. THANK GOD I went to a votech school and knew how to solder. I had to solder the teeny-tiny circuit board back together. I then borrowed a neighbor's laptop, immediately emailed the dissertation to four different email addresses of mine, and then watched as the LED light died on the USB drive, never to light up again.
Stettafire (1 month ago)
When I was in college working on a major project with two other people (both of which were HORRIBLE at making backups) my computer died. I took it apart, repaired it with a new part, but it back together again and it survived another few weeks before dying again. I fixed the darn thing every way I knew how because while my files were safe thanks to an external harddrive, I had no ability to do work outside of class without my computer. I was broke, living off £7 a week. So I just fixed the thing in any way I could. Tape, hair ties, all manner of idocy. However, I got my assignments in and then got part time work so I could eventually afford a new computer. But, I also took up freelance computer repair, and a few people asked me to build websites for them... Then, I started writing backend web APIs... I went to university (not the same thing as college in the UK. College was age 16-20 for me and I studied another two years at a university) and then got a degree in computer science and got a job as a software engineer before I even got my official results back from the university. Resourcefulness is what keeps the human race alive ;) (Although I'm terrible at almost everything else xD)
About47Pandas (2 months ago)
Ive been binge watching your channel... X_x How the hell do you only have 28k subs....

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