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The next-generation Sea-Doo – Built for adventure

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The all-new Sea-Doo models are built on a new platform that is built for adventure. With more usable space, superior stability in any condition, ingenious storage and an Audio System to amplify your next adventure, life onboard has completely changed. Whether you’re out exploring, discovering new locations or just hanging out, these revolutionary new models turn the idea of a personal watercraft, into a personal adventure-craft. Available on the Sea-Doo RXT, GTX and WAKE PRO. Visit https://www.sea-doo.com/new-platform to learn more.
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Text Comments (25)
bree (1 month ago)
*a boat for the non-boaters*
ASESOR DE SERVICIO (2 months ago)
HigH Fritz (4 months ago)
Well done, 9/10 👏🏼👏🏼 meme review
Alasdair McBryde (8 months ago)
Instead of using the top of the cooler box as the table top with the handle sticking out, the lid should be able to be turned upside down so that the inside part of the lid becomes the table top. You would then design the lid with built-in cup holders and a flat top with wet suit material as the table cloth to provide grip and stop the plates from sliding. You would also design in a lip around the edge of the table top to stop things from sliding off the edges into the water. When finished using the table top cooler lid you just turn it upside down again to become the lid of the cooler box with the handle facing on the outside again.
Dima Gass (8 months ago)
Seadoo is amazing they are the best if the best and we have 2011 seadoo gti and it's still running like it's brand new. Seadoo is still the best and most reliable. I have rented others like Yamaha that were brand new and they sucked and they were uncomfortable and chunky and they look just disgusting. Seadoo always makes the best of the best and I hope they keep it up! I dont think we are planning on getting new ones but on the lake they are used there is a limit so we could only get the 130 HP ones but I've always wanted to try the 300 HP ones to see the difference. The one complaint is that we rented a seadoo in the Ozarks and it had leather seats and it sucked if t got wet because it was slippery and was hard to hold on and I have the polyester seats I think and they are comfortable and bit slippery when wet. I wouldn't get any other brand than Seadoo!!!!
thomas030698 (9 months ago)
It became a boat...
scott thompson (10 months ago)
Jigsaw jet ski 😩😩. How many parts. Sorry but awful
crazydog2580 (10 months ago)
need to make a BBQ attachment for the back that would be sweet as will Australia be getting the GTX model?
Chris Hughes (7 months ago)
I have one, it’s a beast
Jonathan Hatfield (10 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that this new design would make a great fishing platform? Add some rod holders and a removable trolling motor and you have a full on Bass PWC! Come on Sea-Doo, make a dedicated fishing version!!!
asdf asdf (2 months ago)
I think it'd be great for some solo fishing
asdf asdf (2 months ago)
Dima Gass ... are you saying stupid people don't own boats??? hahaha you must be joking
HigH Fritz (4 months ago)
Jonathan Hatfield with you on that!
Dima Gass (8 months ago)
Jonathan Hatfield I just feel like of them made a fishing attachment that stupid people would get their hands on it and go fishing and don something like get the fishing line stuck in the impeller or something and than get stuck in the middle of a lake or river then try to sue them because it is mostly for fun and jumping waves and riding than fishing but I do agree that would be cool bit stupid people would ruin it for the rest of us.
havasu onthelake (10 months ago)
DISAPPOINTING! All new models?? SAME length, width and hull material on the RXP X as FIVE YEARS AGO, only its 40 pounds HEAVIER NOW! Sea Doo did not even use the new ST3 hull material on the RXP X. I should have never sold my (2) 2014 RXP Xs in anticipation they would have improved the model by now. It was so highly anticipated they would have an answer for Yamaha's GP1800, nothing. We are very disappointed.
Jae Regan (7 months ago)
Also hull material? Are you seriously that childish to argue hull material? Do you know what almost all boats/pwc’s are made out of? Did you expect carbon fiber? Grow up.
Jae Regan (7 months ago)
havasu onthelake you do understand that 90% of the sea doo market will disagrees with you, right? 10% of buyers will purchase an rxp-x. It’s simple math. If 10% of the buyers are unhappy with the new concept, then that is irrelevant to the market strategy and overall market satisfaction. I just purchased a 2018 rxtx300 and can guarantee that I will be satisfied. Just because 1 model has not been modified much does not mean that sea doo is overall disappointing. You claim sea doo is disappointing saying “we”, but fail to recognize the other models and their advancement. Try and argue with both sides instead of acting like a kid who doesn’t have much to put on the table.
Dima Gass (8 months ago)
I haven't tried any never one than our 2011 gti 130 HP models but it's perfect because they go 55 and who needs to go 70 on the water and the only time I rented another one was a 2016 gti 130 HP but it was a rental so it want taken care of and it also had leather seats which made it slippery so I couldn't jump waves as well
havasu onthelake (10 months ago)
Come to the WORLD FINALS here in Lake Havasu City Arizona, watch the muscle craft races; that is what I was expecting, that is what we were all expecting. Pure horsepower, pure adrenaline. If you want a bigger boarding platform or some place to lay down, purchase a lawn chair. Sea Doo even responded to my comments, saying that they knew a comment like this was coming, but need more time for development...... IJBSA WORLD FINALS, SEPTEMBER 30 - OCTOBER 8 2017
Carl Dea (10 months ago)
havasu onthelake what were you expecting? Definitely innovative with great designs. Hull designs don't need to change much. Being able to get to your stuff and able to have a different seat configuration. A bigger boarding platform. The theme is adventures.
K4D3S (10 months ago)
Psycho Mechanics (10 months ago)
Oh hell yeah
Cesar Schlindwein (10 months ago)
Finally something really New! Amazing design and solutions 👏👏👏👏
Rc Surgeon (10 months ago)
Saber Tooth Lawn Tigers (10 months ago)

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