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Sea Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tip - Kick Flip with Ben Horan - PWC Boat Wakeskate

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Sea-Doo DO IT Trick Tip - Kick Flip - Ben Horan nailing down kick flip after kick flip behind the Sea-Doo WAKE 155. Ben did fall a couple times but spent more time riding than he would have behind a boat with the quick turn-around capabilities of the Sea-Doo WAKE. More time riding, less time idling.
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Text Comments (21)
seadootv (5 years ago)
larsiby5: Ben uses a Remote Wake skate board
seadootv (5 years ago)
Jojoman1222-- he wears Nike 6.0 wake shoes
seadootv (5 years ago)
Ritchie: yes we do....check out the Sea-Doo website at Sea-doo.com
Ritchie Figueroa (5 years ago)
do you guys sell the rack to hold your wakeskate separate?
Eric Ryan (5 years ago)
What shoes do you use?
botchnizzle (6 years ago)
i refuse to believe anyone capable of doing a shuvit does not even know what it is actually called. thus, i believe you are full of shit
Mateo C (6 years ago)
does it look like he is using his heel, gosh the internet is full of retards
Mateo C (6 years ago)
are you high? why would that be called a heelflip if it doesnt flip?
8yourworstnightmare (6 years ago)
Nick baddiley (6 years ago)
what is the song ?
ba77ar90 (7 years ago)
nice video !
Matthew Conley (7 years ago)
anyone else notice that the seadoo is really a gti not a wake? 0:17
Hudson Smith (7 years ago)
@fliptrickboy10 Nah man, that's a shuvit your talking about. A heelfip is the same as a kickflip but instead of flicking it with your toes, you use your heel, making the board spin the opposite way to a kickflip
moeterbank (8 years ago)
@Snubje no
Sofafrozen (8 years ago)
@option124 dude no way! the first board i rode was the shitty hyperlite scape too! and i just recently purchased a griptaped hyperlite catalyst, not sure of the model year though, i'm guessing 2009 though.
Trevor Fisher (8 years ago)
@JohnMcinnin But who's covering the song?
Trevor Fisher (8 years ago)
@analmunkey the riff is originally by the group Savoy Brown song Street Corner Talking. Not sure what this song is that uses the riff, although I'd like to know too.
Christian Clausnitzer (8 years ago)
ok yeah agreed about the quick pick up thing and all but when you re behind a jet ski or wave runner theres no wake what so ever sooo really its not fun unless you re going threw a rythmes section or something. i think i would be soo much more fun behind a acctual boat to do tricks and shit!
analmunkey (8 years ago)
k thanks but whos it by
analmunkey (8 years ago)
@JohnMcinnin thats the name of the song?
jake forsythe (9 years ago)

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