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Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

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A rude man insults a customer who has Down syndrome. The man complains that the customer takes too long to order and that the waitress should pay more attention to him. How will people react? WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WHAT WOULD YOU DO: https://abc.tv/2s6sZqD
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Text Comments (25951)
Its Yoppa (3 hours ago)
If I heard that I’d beat the shit outa the guy who’s is talking shit
Juan Rodriguez (3 hours ago)
Who is here to see the likes??
Lea Gale Fernandez (4 hours ago)
Im so touch with that kind ppl
Wolfnoggin21 (6 hours ago)
I would be like “yeah! He’s right!! Hurry the duck up!”
nicole brooks (6 hours ago)
I dont care if someone is challenged or not. I would prob beat the breaks off someone that was bulling someone else
Bazooka Joe (6 hours ago)
as usual 2 biggest guys in the place say nothing pussies
Kenny’s Stuff (7 hours ago)
Peter i really like him
everybody else: tell him he's a mean person! me: just shoot him.
why'd you make fun of people with down syndrome? if you've ever talked to somebody with down syndrome they are hands down one of the most nicest people ever.
jessie belcher (8 hours ago)
I wanna be Peter's friend 🙂
Noah McCullough (8 hours ago)
I want to hug him
JT Spivey (8 hours ago)
Codmaster 101 (8 hours ago)
I have a Down syndrome uncle and if anyone disrespected him i would flip my shit because Down syndrome people are human just like all of us
Jon Stuart (10 hours ago)
Why would you use a Down syndrome person SMFH STUPIS
Mitty Ahmed (10 hours ago)
CharlieSmith Vlogs (11 hours ago)
If I seen someone do that to a disabled id beat them like I did a dumb kid who tackled my 5 year old brother he threatened me that he would come to my house and shoot me with a shotgun, but the thing is he he's a dummy. Like if you agree and subscribe to my little brother and me. His channel is Jon Gaming he's making the the peace sign and my channel is CharlieSmith Vlogs. This made me cry.
Master Tyler (11 hours ago)
I wonder if they edit out all the strangers that just cussed the shit out of the asshole actor dude lol
kelsey Amber (12 hours ago)
I'm special needs I have a intellectual learning disbiltity called the fragile x syndrome I have all sorts of problems and yet I get cyber bullied everyday
Tanner Ryan (12 hours ago)
Peter looks like an awesome dude
NataTheNightcoreQueen (13 hours ago)
All the people with Down Syndrome that I have ever met have been some of the sweetest people, I wish the best for Peter
Making fun of people who have down syndrome is so fucked up like how would you feel if u had that and someone said that shit to you ITS FUCKED UP
rencikx (14 hours ago)
he seems like a fun dude.
Tony (14 hours ago)
I feel bad for Peter :(
Sami Twal (14 hours ago)
Peter is soooo cute
Hilary Benoit (15 hours ago)
It happens all the time for people with disabilities..
A. Skinner (15 hours ago)
5:31 almost everyone is looking at him
DNZ 1014 (16 hours ago)
That thumbnail scary
YYYVERITAS (16 hours ago)
If the down syndrome man was my little brother, I would kill anyone who disrespects him!!!
Your Grandma (16 hours ago)
I actually cried watching this. I have a friend who has down syndrome and he is the sweetest person alive when it was my birthday he made me a surprise birthday party. We've been friends ever since i was 6 and now i'm 15. I want him to stay in my life forever cuz i love him soo muchh❤️❤️
Matthew GC (17 hours ago)
I get so annoyed at people who are rude like this it just fills me with anger😡
Roman Joe (19 hours ago)
I would beat him the fuck up if it was real
x c.f. could (19 hours ago)
Volvo Gaben (23 hours ago)
and ofcourse you ran into that specific person
ssj manny (1 day ago)
Peter looks like a friendly neighborhood down syndrome
fabyy huerta (1 day ago)
Idc if ppl look diffrent or act diffrent WE ALL THE SAME
The Real Shrek (1 day ago)
We need more people this wholesome I'm talking about the people who stood up for the mental disabled.
Tyreke Jenkins (1 day ago)
This show is fake. Look where the old man is sitting at 4:44 and look where the old actor is sitting. He is sitting right across from him. Then look at 5:11 that same old guy is sitting all the way in the back in a different seat when they changed the scene.
We all should be good to one and another
We are all human in this world we should get treated like it .
This is so sad that this happen
Caiden Johnson (1 day ago)
This show gives me faith in humanity
Sam Castillo (1 day ago)
my brother has down syndrome
Moon (1 day ago)
0:43 “nani”
W.D Graster Gaming (1 day ago)
I would be like dude leave him alone someone else would come.
Rae Hoffman ❤️ (1 day ago)
Down syndrome people are amazing and beautiful they are really smart I wanna be a teacher for people that have Down syndrome
Blue Leader (1 day ago)
First of all it depends who you are in this situation. If you are the manager you most likely would probably call the cops and have them escort him off the property.
Payme500 (1 day ago)
*”Go on a diet”* 👋
joey bagnato (1 day ago)
I would have stood up to that one guy that was so impatient would have yelled at that guy for being an asshole
I would just like to say everyone is different and that’s what makes us...US! Everyone is there selves and that’s what makes us beautiful! Always stand up for others!
Loši & Aši (1 day ago)
I know this is acting but my eyes are full of tears
Aisha Maryam (1 day ago)
Loši & Aši same bro
m wright (1 day ago)
And this supposed to be America/ Ellen has it/ be kind to people as you would like to be 😉
Thanos (1 day ago)
Pause at 2:22 she was like “NANI???”
StuuDude (1 day ago)
Ds is us (cause these people get better grades then me) UMMM NOTHING!!!
Júlia Dobó (1 day ago)
I wanna give him a hug so bad❤️
JK STYLES (1 day ago)
Kind people are still in the world!
toe the beast xxx (1 day ago)
He looks so cute
BBOP BPOP (1 day ago)
I cant believe there is 3.1k dislikes. Heartless
Chicken FORTNITE (7 hours ago)
Yeah they don't have a heart
Tai_Flowerchild (1 day ago)
Some people are just horrible
Some people can’t stand in the crowd but they were meant to stand out!
Tom 123 (1 day ago)
I have a lump in my throat and I hate spastics. This video is good.....
MrPinbert (1 day ago)
As a person with a "mental health" problem, not Down Syndrome but Aspergers, things similar to this would often happen to me when I was a kid. Especially with school related stuff, grown ups and kinds would know before hand that I have a condition. And instead of just letting me be they would target me for this sort of thing. In my case Aspergers doesn't even slow me down. So I would try to order my food just as fast as everyone else. But obviously it's going to slow down if I sat down 2 seconds ago and am still reading the menu, while some guys from across the room are yelling at me for no reason.
Orlan Smith (1 day ago)
This ignorant low grade uneducated subhuman should be hung, drawn, quartered, mutilated, raped, stabbed, shot and beaten
A Green Squid Kid (1 day ago)
Uh, they're actors
Lewis von Kraine (1 day ago)
Down syndrome are cute.i have a down syndrome brother and he so cute
I think I would give that man a punch in the face & risk going to jail! Jail time would be worth it in this case!
Allison Schell (1 day ago)
That ia. So. Roud
GreenGInger65 (1 day ago)
I have had a similar situation. It was the impatient customer who was told to leave my restaurant and never to return.
Roshan Tiwari (2 days ago)
I strongly believe for standing up for injustice but at the same time i dont believe in euphemism, although here i can feel the need for it as placing metally challenged instead of retarded but on the whole it doesnt make sense we should fight against the shame of the the word instead of sugarcoating it. The worst example of this western technique is saying people of colour for black guys, fuck that shit, black is awesome and the african americans are way cooler than u white folks.
Daniel xcx (2 days ago)
Stop it.. Thats terrible
Daniel xcx (2 days ago)
jiggily miggily (1 day ago)
"If I were your boss i'd fire you"
BIGXRECORDS (2 days ago)
I would’ve just split his wig
JACK KOZ (2 days ago)
If I was the First Lady I would of turned around and bitch slapped the hell out of him
Jeana Matheu (2 days ago)
Oh my goodness, people with down syndrome are soo cute and innocent like oh my lord🤩🤩
Zak Khan (2 days ago)
I would literally sit with peter and pay for his food heck, i would even teach him how to play fortnite or other games😃
melissa vazquez (2 days ago)
I would beat the hell out of him I swear!!!!!!
Boom bitch!! Get M'erica thrown up the ass!!!
kris_ gaming (2 days ago)
Awesome_cool101 (2 days ago)
I wannna be friends with peterrr so badd !!!
Sylas Lonyo (2 days ago)
Peter looks like a nice a guy I would have got up a gave him a piece of my mind
The Legend27 (2 days ago)
Poor Peter I feel so bad even though I know it's all an act I still feel so bad. 😭😭😭
lesly torres ツ (2 days ago)
“ go on a diet “ *shoos with hand*
Its Zilly (2 days ago)
I wish peter was my dad HES SO SWEET
Spingebill (2 days ago)
I'm really short, and people assume my age and it really pisses me off.
Bishwas Rana (2 days ago)
Peter of you are reading comments then big hug from me 😙
ThOrangeHah (2 days ago)
Man: why are you defending a retarted kid me: .. man: sir! why are you defending a retarted kid! me:sir, please stop tqlk8ng to yourself like that. your not retarted. it’s just that you have a hairline like tilted towers so ummm
Yochie (2 days ago)
Tbh this show gives me hope in humanity
Voltage Games (2 days ago)
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue I'm John Quiñones What Would You Do?
Creater Oftheworl (2 days ago)
He Needs A Guardian If He Is Rude Or Impatient Not Going To Lie
Mc Shtef (2 days ago)
4:48time travel
Bella Heap (2 days ago)
I feel so bad for the disabled person
Spider Ashton (2 days ago)
Don't judge anyone by their gesture
Rosella Phantom (2 days ago)
The end of the vid when that actress smiled my heart melted....
Rosella Phantom (2 days ago)
Rosella Phantom (2 days ago)
Just cuz he’s born differnt it wouldn’t mean he’s retarded , but I think he’s pretty smart tbh he can talk and hold something , somebody retarded means they can’t talk or do anything or walk maybe.
Rosella Phantom (2 days ago)
What is -Down syndrome- , wait his uh I noticed the difference now ;-;
Patton Sanders (2 days ago)
My uncle has Down syndrome and this has happened IN REAL LIFE not kidding I was sitting right next to him and he asked the waiter to tell him the price of something because he’s also near sited and the words were small and a guy called waiter to tell her to hurry up in his words “slowpokes” order and the looked at my uncle with a look of disgust it was horrible
Leah Cross (3 days ago)
My sis has the downs and we have to take it slow and I hate people that judge people that have mental disabilities and I have some a lot of study and it's just very sad that this actuly happens
Pothallx (3 days ago)
I saw that that I'd beat the fucking crap out of that actor and probably be sued but it would be worth it protecting other people
Is there a up syndrome?
chairmancats 321 (3 days ago)
I want to give him a hug
Jose Arellano (3 days ago)
I would of been like hay pussy face fuck off.

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