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WeeklyMTG: Announcing Ultimate Masters

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Announcing Ultimate Masters (and showing off 40 preview cards!) Release Date: December 7, 2018 254 Cards 24 packs per box 15-card booster packs, one premium foil per pack English and Japanese languages with global distribution One Ultimate Box Topper per box MSRP*: $335.76 per box; $34.99 per 3-pack blisterpack (*MSRP applies to United States only) Supplies are limited
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Matthias Propst (3 months ago)
Your greed has become infinite and that's why i am no longer buying any product from you. Neither in MTGA nor offline.
Guilherme Costa (3 months ago)
"It's not for everyone" - thanks, you don't my money then.
Nice.try. Garrett (3 months ago)
Not cool bro, not cool. I’d be pretty upset if I pulled 90% of those box toppers. I buy at least a booster box a week, and I’m not the slightest bit interested in this. Nice try though, it probably looked a lot better on paper
Timmy's Investments (3 months ago)
OMG now I find out that the topper packs are searchable !! You are SO INCOMPETENT, this is a DISASTER
Timmy's Investments (3 months ago)
you greedy fucking bastards , just milking everyone dry until you go down ....this is why players are leaving, idiots, fuck off
Rango MyDango (3 months ago)
ok so they're expensive as hell...and they're not on the reserved list?
Matthew Dick (4 months ago)
Now this is fully spoiled, price is ludicrous and contents of the set do not justify the price tag. Shameful behaviour on behalf of Wizards. This is no better than Masters 2017. Pure nonsense.
Yahel Robles (4 months ago)
if you dont like the box you dont like the box whats the problem, its not like you people were going to get the masters box whats so ever so stop complaining the primium product is not for everyone just because you people cant buy it it doesnt mean its a bad product
Waramo (4 months ago)
Two words for you WOTC: Fuark off!
Waramo (4 months ago)
Shame on you WOTC. You fool us with this MSRP. MTG is going to die... sadly. After 25 years you finally made it...
Guillermo Mallo (4 months ago)
Telling the customers "this product is not for you" is the worst statement a company can make. It creates bad feelings to the ppl who pay your checks... bad bad bad bad... this must change. And if theres no a company apologies i would take into consideration of selling my collection and move on to other companies.
Nick Presler (4 months ago)
That motherfucker is straight up warped. Damn the curl.
Nicolas Sproge (4 months ago)
And of course the card come right out of the pack bent!
SkyLagger MTG (4 months ago)
I opened for just about 60$ worth of cards out of my Master 25 box... still I would've been ready to support Ultimate Master despite my opening of a Foil Tree of Redemption. But come on, toppers should be a bonus, a safe investment, not a russian roulette product. Printing good sought after cards cost the same as printing low demand curly rares.
Ben De Winkel (4 months ago)
Mike Hatcher (Magic Historian / MTG Purple) beat me to it, he is selling off his collection. I wonder how many will follow suit, this set is insulting and a bad trajectory of what is to come from WOTC.
taylor stassi (4 months ago)
I've only been playing magic for a couple of months. This shit right here makes me not want to play anymore. All the cards are just compressed paper. I don't get why any card is over 5 bucks. Unless they plan on planting trees
netlord23 (4 months ago)
my lgs put it at 235 per box for pre orders
netlord23 (4 months ago)
great product guys can't wait for the release , and the full spoiler , great job
Samuel Sago (4 months ago)
Ultimate Master Trash Set clearly it's a money grab that you guys are doing and you hate all the players but love the people that invest in it, and why bring two out in one year? hmmm....
Samuel Sago (4 months ago)
Garbage set it's trash !!!!!!
Steve Bird (4 months ago)
There are also these ultimate box toppers on sale for ebay now and everyone should be reporting anyone selling the box toppers alone on ebay due to 1. they are not to be for resale and 2. they are searchable, therefore a lottery grab that IS controlled by the seller. WoTC has made this a tremendous issue and there are people out there getting ripped off already. Good fuc**** job!!!!!
Steve Bird (4 months ago)
Do these two idiots actually believe the words that are coming out of their mouth OR are they just trying to keep their jobs lolz
Monty2451 (4 months ago)
I would tell WotC to get bent for doing this, but all of their cards all ready are so that would be redundant.
TheKoreanNom (4 months ago)
and so we see Hasbro attempting to make a quick buck on the the mtg community even if it means killing the game that's lasted 25 years... Hasbro doesn't give 2 shits about the game or its players, they just see us as a temporary income source.
Mediator Media (4 months ago)
So glad I'm selling out in December. You guys have lost the plot.
EpicXLemonade (4 months ago)
This is way to much and has me worried for my local gamestore. There is no way they can afford to hold much of this product. Plus the box topper is already being sold for 55 right from wotc it would be cheaper to get a box worth of this at Walmart and target. This shows the appreciation wotc has for game stores . Listen to the player base wotc they need these cards for a reason.
Junksaint (4 months ago)
Excited to see people play with the cards eh? Yeah, it means they inserted bills into your pockets
saul valdes (4 months ago)
Julio Valencia (4 months ago)
You two guys there ! How many Ultimate Masters Boxes are you going to buy?
Samuel Arnold (4 months ago)
Next set should be Reserved Master at 250$ a booster, of course it would include Tree of Redemption and a few Akroma so drafts should be balanced. What a disgusting move from Wizards! Players supported them for years and this is how they spit on our faces!
Yao Xavier XIAO (4 months ago)
Thx a lot for ruining the franchise.
Aaron Eastwood (4 months ago)
The demand for UM will way outweight the supply ! And once the set is fully spoilt i think that we will find that the EV will justify the price tag of this product ! At least thats what im hoping for. We will see !!
k z (4 months ago)
They say this product is not for me, the average player. I gues I should start looking for a new hobby..
alberto gutierrez (4 months ago)
disgusting! that price!!!
Lucas Yoshida (4 months ago)
Beleza, vai chegar no Brasil pelo preço de um carro.
Stephen Bowers (4 months ago)
im gonna hurl
ForbiddenSun (4 months ago)
I hope nobody buys this. They should feel bad for gouging their players like this.
Mr. Meeseeks (4 months ago)
Wizards, you had it all at one point and are now throwing it away more and more each year with your shitty tactics. Fix your shit Wizards/Hasbros before you lose everybody. Magic the Gathering is amazing but please, don't let stupid decisions ruin it. Listen to the fan base for fuck sakes.
Lunos (4 months ago)
Too late for april fools wotc.
igotmorepolo (4 months ago)
Im happy with my old cards. screw you guys.
MisterDarren (4 months ago)
Here's some direct feedback for this upcoming product that you can have. I will not buy this. It is too expensive. Listen to us. We don't want this!
Dany H (4 months ago)
So who is this product supposed to be for then, if not the fans and players of your game? Stupid stunts like this are how games start to die. WotC needs to stop lining their pockets and get back in touch with their Actual player base. 😡
Jennifer Lord (4 months ago)
Well Wotc, you've done it: took 20 years but you killed my interest. Scalping your player base isn't cool. Not buying.
Vinicius Mello (4 months ago)
it is not for everyone????? how can you say that on 2018????? can you hear yourself, you ridiculous mercenary company!!?!?!
MTGFanatic (4 months ago)
Cashing in on secondary market. Most obviously noted with your msrp. Unaffordable especially for me in Australia.
RobbieRobertson120 (4 months ago)
Ultimate Masters? Ultimate Disasters more like
Pedro Costa (4 months ago)
Not gonna pay for a single pack, just hope single cards drop in price so I can get them...
Taffyart (4 months ago)
Not for everyone? What garbage is that?
anab0lic (4 months ago)
You are just giving people more reasons to buy Chinese fakes by selling these cards at such an absurd price.
JaceMD015 (4 months ago)
Wow Blizzcon2018
Arthur Bellon (4 months ago)
Hello everyone, I'm a felow player from Brazil. If you guys think this is a SHAME inside US, can you guys imagine at other countries? Today 1 dollar is equal to 3,75 Reais (our money here, in Brazil). So at LEAST, without considering all the other taxes of importation and etc, each pack will cost 14$ x 3,75 = 52,5 REAIS! Can you guys imagine? paying from 50 to 70 fking dollars for 15 pieces of paper? On top of everything, the quality is an all-time LOW! THIS is the way WotC treats south-american players! THIS is above disrespect, its a kind of outrageousness that i am unable to even describe!
Jameric01 (4 months ago)
ICONIC CASH GRAB 2018! Paying an extra 50 for just the box topper, compared to 3 pack walmart equivalent runs.
Nathan Thompson (4 months ago)
If idiots will pay for little pieces of cardboard with ink on it, you can't blame the company for charging the price they're willing to pay. Stop buying this crap.
sam f (4 months ago)
Is this an early april fool's joke wizards?!?!
Dave Dussault (4 months ago)
"This product is not for everyone." Shouldn't it be?
Samuel Sago (4 months ago)
OMG!!! Good point😆
Ty555welch (4 months ago)
I’ve seen better artwork done by local artists and they do a better job about making sure it appears to actually be full art and don’t charge me 50ish dollars for it......... I mean come on this is just a bit ridiculous I could afford this but I’d rather spend my money on something better than glorified gambling cause that’s all it is y’all have turned this game from being something fun albeit expensive but still affordable enough to play into open up packs and pray you get your money back or rely on other people to do it for you so you can afford the cards you need in your decks to play the fetching game like really y’all need to stop this BS cash grabbing and freaking apologize to the people who give you your money or magic will probably die out soon and won’t be worth anything.
Alvenon (4 months ago)
Maelstrom Pulse seems slightly warped already O.o ...
X (4 months ago)
$300+ for the box and your box topper could be a 50 cent or $1 rare. Also, box toppers are see through and you can buy just as many cards of Ultimate Masters for almost $100 bucks cheaper at Target or Walmart. Good job ignoring the local game store. I will not buy this. Thanks a lot Hasbro.
Fireslingerpirate (4 months ago)
So let me get this straight... When you all design a standard set you commission, on average, 260 card arts, have people on the story team writing lore, have a large group of people designing 200+ unique cards many of which have new mechanics, and have R&D test the cards to make sure they fit into a complicated environment of ~1,000 cards well. For all of this, you charge an MSRP of $120/booster box. For a set where you did not have a story team, did not need R&D to test cards, did not have any new cards to design, spent (likely) significantly less time designing the set, and commissioned a minimal number of artworks you are charging $335.76/booster box. How do you justify such a price hike? Your capital costs are significantly lower and yet you are charging $200 more than a normal booster box and almost $100 more than the already over-priced Modern Masters that came before. This is a pathetic cash-grab and you all should be ashamed. This is how you alienate a player base that vehemently supports you. I spend a lot of money on Magic and I guarantee you that I will not be buying Ultimate Masters. I am the type of patron who generally buys a case per set and I have not purchased a single booster pack since Dominaria was released due to the poor treatment of players by WotC lately. Magic should be a game for its players and you constantly try to milk money out of us while simultaneously spitting on our Local Game Stores where many of us play Magic (selling cheaper at box stores like Wal-Mart - seriously?) - the box toppers are not worth ~$50 plain and simple. I will personally be calling Hasbro to file a complaint. This is another strike against your decision making that has been spiraling well out of control the last year.
Bayou Boy Entertainment (4 months ago)
I was gonna give this video a thumbs up but I wanted you to realize thumbs up aren't for everyone, I look at thumbs up as more of a Premium way of showing my appreciation for good products and companies who appreciate their customers and you fell way short on that with the price. Everyone the past 2 years, hey that price point is a lil high at $10 a pack maybe we can change that....Wizards....yeah $14 a pack.
Subcontinental986 (4 months ago)
What a trash fucking company. They do everything they can to shit on the player base.
Fish in a bowl (4 months ago)
Wotc Going on the route of #PayersNotPlayers
Graham (4 months ago)
The moment when you realize that a $1.50 rare, Dig Through Time, is the face of a $15 pack.
Wolfstar (4 months ago)
Your pretty much putting the best kind of candy on a really high shelf and laughing at the kids who can’t reach it. How you going to do that to the kids coming to there LGS after school who have no jobs and want this?? There going to spend there entire Christmas money on a whole 2 packs.. This is really sad. Wizards is quite literally “Mr. Scrooge”. 🙇‍♂️🎄
Feno Droide (4 months ago)
man this is the era of companies beign distached of his buyers and reality in general
jastat (4 months ago)
Corporate greed, plane and simple. There is a reason the Chinese fakes market is thriving...
J DeKlute (4 months ago)
You think we want it, but we don't.
Mateusz Marek (4 months ago)
is that MSRP a 1/2 or 1/3 of the modern competetive burn deck? xDDDDDDDDDD im an enthusiast of mtg and i would love to buy mythic edition cuz i collect planeswalkers. i couldnt. now you put the set of masters which is 335$ its like 1/2 of lowest polish sallary. i wont buy it. FFS its just cardboard the same like iconic masters or the rest. why the fuck charging more for that???? the box topper should be a "thank you" for us as a players for buying your product #25anniversary. Jeez... that is really unacceptable
Breno Domingues (4 months ago)
Do you know that Liliana you don't have the money to afford? Well It will keep like this.....
pytawidmo (4 months ago)
"Let's make something so ppl are more inclined to support their local games store. Oh, I know, let's make the boosters at LGS $2 more expensive than the ones in Walmart!"
Dre2 Dee2 (4 months ago)
WOTC doesnt care about LGS because WOTC doesnt care about gamers anymore. They are DONE with gamers. It's about Whales now, and Whales dont shop at an LGS, they shop online.
SuperSaiyan Stallone (4 months ago)
you call this overly priced crap Premium to make people buy it and/or feel bad when they dont want to. but you will lose out in the end.
dronjack666 (4 months ago)
You are selling cardboard!!!!! Wtf!
WarforgedCanuck (4 months ago)
Ebay masters looks tight! Grats on trying to top Diablo Immortal for dumbest stunt pulled by a company yet.
TheRubsi (4 months ago)
*BOOOOOOOOO* *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* "What, do you guys not have money!?"
SuperSaiyan Stallone (4 months ago)
yea i wont be buying any
naldric (4 months ago)
and still crap rares/mythics... really?
Luca Trasolini (4 months ago)
The maelstrom pulse was all ready curled 😒
ExtremeMedium (4 months ago)
Theres no doubt I will have $330 of disposable income the day this is released. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say I'm going to spend that money on Smash Ultimate and a shitload of tacos and booze instead.
Chris Walker (4 months ago)
I think the idea for Ultimate Masters is spot on, from a card selection and artistic point (so far), but the pricing, timing and overall announcement for this set are subjectively disheartening. Ultimate Masters is being released after a debatable experience with Guild of Ravnica Mythic Edition, Wizard's apology letters noted, and subsequently following the two worst Master sets ever - coupled to a $100 price increase. The finale is watching the "Ultimate Topper Booster Pack" reveal a warped Maelstrom Pulse, it just feels bad. I'm struggling to fathom how Wizards expects its consumer base to pay a premium price, when they've failed to address a perpetual issue with the overall quality of their products? I know I don't "have to" buy your products, but would it really cost that much to take some actual pride in the quality of your products?
Xeorification (4 months ago)
WOTC, you'll have to suck my weiner for me to spend that much on a box
AcidTestKids -_- (4 months ago)
Did you hear that in the background? It's the actual horn of greed
Dennis Kwasnycia (4 months ago)
Personally boycotting sealed products. I'm done. $500 after tax here in Canada. I've typically been of the school that there's some deserved, but also a lot of un-deserved hate toward WOTC. Well I hope you really start to feel the hate and something sinks in WOTC/Hasbro. Triggered.
Mario Zuliani (4 months ago)
MSRP is ridiculous. What an amazing product but what a bloody scam.
AnAmazingGuy (4 months ago)
2018 cannot catch a break.. RIP Mtg
Karim Makarem (4 months ago)
Well its incredible to think, that instead of trying to make magic a more inclusive game they specifically say "this product is not for everyone" are you serious? thats some really bad PR just to try and push a 335+ msrp product
Dirk Walbrühl (4 months ago)
The card is curved.
Ryuu Bryan (4 months ago)
if the goal of Ultimate masters is to lower the price of most modern cards..it failed to some degree...price of box..might as well as just buy the card instead. since this is going to be at limited print run.(not EVERYONE is going to buy this..some can't afford it..mtg is a lot already, thus not a lot of cards in the secondary market.) I don't think Wizards should be this greedy on money..since they said after the Ravnica mythic edition did not go as good as people hoped. that wizards was going to fix this is pay back people or give back to the people they hurt with something new...this does not help..Wizards is rich already..it doesn't need more money.
Ryuu Bryan (4 months ago)
and if they do print dig threw time..why is'it banned in all formats..? and king eldrazi..
Ryuu Bryan (4 months ago)
i wonder how many people are going to buy this, play it out of the box at some big mtg event that wizards is hosting.. might be the top 1%. smallest turnout ever for an event.
Ryuu Bryan (4 months ago)
and on top of that wizards is selling to amazon..which hurt cards only lgs's.. yes Ravnica standard is great..one of the best standards in a long time..but wizards is making bad moves.
Lord Slapaman (4 months ago)
Keep in mind, this is more expensive than a nintendo switch
Ryan Nachname (4 months ago)
"This product is not for every one" yeah maybe this product isn't made for me... maybe this game isn't for me aswell anymore
Dobbvious (4 months ago)
I don't have any words to express how betrayed I feel right now... "It's not for everyone" Nice spitting on your community. Blizzard annoucement was nothing compare to this...
Johann Pöhland (4 months ago)
"We want to make the game more inclusive" "This product is not for you" >pick one
Dre2 Dee2 (4 months ago)
social justice has always been a joke
Johann Pöhland (4 months ago)
Generic algorithm comment
Munchkin Matt (4 months ago)
"This product is not for everyone." Why would you make a product that is not for your main customers? Do we not spend enough?
Dark_Pegasus (4 months ago)
"Not for everyone!" MONEY GRAB! But not mine anymore!
jehuty z86 (4 months ago)
Ultimate masters should be available for everyone regardless of their color, gender, and pockets. Nahhhh, can't really expect somethin good out of WoTC SJWs
Seiren (4 months ago)
I get it, they made it more expensive to make more money. But then again, from a purely monetary perspective, why not keep it at the same price-point as the previous masters sets and increase the print-run?? The reason the previous 2 masters sets weren't well received was because they lacked any reasonable reprints, And, I get it, they've crunched the numbers and done all of the market analysis, and come to the conclusion that this is the correct price-point for this set. But just think about it, this could have been the set to fix the publics opinion on Wizards.. People got REALLY disappointed at first, iconic masters, and the garbage set that turned out to be, and then barely half a year later, when Masters 25, the big anniversary set! turned out to be just as bad. You had the option of turning all that around with a great set, with all of the reprints people have been begging for for years, people would have been happy, they would have bought tons of it, (my god, if you had lowered the price-point back down to Modern masters 13 levels you wouldnt have been able to print enough of it) But instead you opted for Ultimate Greed, althou I can't believe this will make you more money in the long run.. Oh, and don't give me this bs about "this set isnt for everyone" it's a bloody childrens card-game!
Angelo M (4 months ago)
.I think WotC sould be very proud what they acomplished so far: shitty desicions (MTG Arena not replacing MTGO), increasing mrsp, not fixing the printing quality in north america asap, not reprinting format staples, not listening to the community, not supporting lgs's , having the catch phrase "this product is not for everyone" and not paying the proplayers and JUDGES enough money. When will Wotc wake up from thiis greed bubble?
Murilo Komirchuk (4 months ago)
"This product is not for everyone" Sad.
Andrew Gradert (4 months ago)
Wizards of the cost and ultimate greed masters edition. Good job WotC keep alienating your fan base. These will be bought, but not by the normal people who care about playing the game. You are catering directly to the secondary market, financers, and collectors rather than your players.
supreme1leader (4 months ago)
fuck off wizards with you cash grabs
Hanz Nikon Lorenzo (4 months ago)
Effin' Overpriced! What the h3LL is the goal of Masters set again?

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