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Tenants strip policewomen naked in Benin

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It is often said that it is not news when a dog bits a man, but it is big name when a man bites a dog.
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Unknown User (2 months ago)
Cool in America they should do this but only to bad cops and learn to respect their job and citizens in other counties citizens run their towns and they have no problems they don’t need the law someone rapes they cut off the guy penis we don’t need cops for what political meaning
Gloria Ogiemwonyi (4 months ago)
God Bless You all my Great Benín People Let. Us Love God. and Love One anorther with a Clean Heart. Love is the WAY
Precious Osayomore (7 months ago)
Do me I do you man nor go vex
Precious Osayomore (7 months ago)
Na so
Gregory Smithen-davis (1 year ago)
strip a female prison officer or a police pig bitch.they are all dirty clit licker may be they will think twice of giving all the attitude blap blap blap....
TheHollowGaul (1 year ago)
Looks like East Point in Atlanta only more civilized
ManhattanPlaya (2 years ago)
Bloody Africans always have a tire near by, just in case they need to burn someone alive. Happy I was never born in that continent.
Izevbuwa Eweka (4 months ago)
You moron...Generalization is an act of a moron..
Lawrence Mwariwangu (9 months ago)
There is nothing like that down here in Zimbabwe , am proud to be Zimbabwean because we are a civilised people 🇿🇼
Onovo Smith (11 months ago)
ManhattanPlaya We are also happy that you were not from Africa
mwinzi mutune (2 years ago)
wtf is this
EdobeautyNcoralBeads (4 years ago)
Chai, they need NYPD , they no naked them. All will suffer a choke hold.
big monday (4 years ago)
See matter

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