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Intense Abs Workout Routine - 10 Mins Flat Stomach Exercise

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Intense Abs Workout Routine - 10 Mins Flat Belly Exercise | Abs Routine | Abs Exercise | Flat Stomach Exercise | Flat Belly Workout | Tone Abs | Summer Body | Beach Body Workout ►►Fitness wear I frequently use: http://gym.sh/Shop-Chloe-Ting ►►► MY LINKS ►►► Instagram: http://instagram.com/chloe_t Fitness Instagram: http://instagram.com/itschloeting Blog: http://www.chloeting.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/chloe_ting Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/itschloeting Snapchat: chloe_ting I hope you guys like this type of video! I've never done a do it with me workout video because it can be quite long. Let me know if you prefer this format! :) Love you all! Music: Razihel - Love U [NCS Release]: https://youtu.be/OJBxNA8cX-E Follow Razihel: Razihel • https://soundcloud.com/razihel • https://www.facebook.com/RazihelOffic... • https://www.youtube.com/user/RazihelO... • https://www.instagram.com/razihel/ Fareoh - Cloud Ten [NCS Release]: https://youtu.be/yzirKVtSERU Follow Fareoh here: • https://soundcloud.com/fareoh • https://www.facebook.com/Fareoh/ • https://twitter.com/thefareoh • https://www.youtube.com/user/official...
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Lia003 Love (12 hours ago)
I’m gonna do this for a month 😓 So I my abdomen is pretty flat and I have the line but I want defined abs let’s see if I can get them in 30 days doing this 2 times a day Day 1- I’m literally dying. I cloud barley do the last 2 exercises ughh. 29 more days I don’t think I can do this 😩
Nikita Chhetri (22 hours ago)
Y’all, if you already have a sort of flat stomach than this can get you results pretty quickly (or just anyone in general). As long as you have a good diet and try to have 3 healthy meals in a day than this works WONDERS. I also drank water with lemon cause it felt like I was loosing weight but idk it felt like a good detox. Here was my plan: 1.workout at least 2x a day if I can 2. STAY AWAY FROM UNHEALTHY FOOD 3.try to do a hiit workout before or after ONE of my abs work outs 4. Be more active 5.eat less (if I can😂)
Jeanne Lintag (1 day ago)
Hi can anyone tell me what would happen if I continue this routine for a while and then suddenly stop? Would I gain weight or lose my abs after that? Please answer mehh thank you😂
do we have to do cardio before trying to build abs?
joscelyne anthony (5 hours ago)
this is just so I know that I’ve done it, although hopefully this motivates you some how. day one - so far so good, although I did take longer breaks in between the harder exercises, especially after the spider climbers day two - a lot better than yesterday, I have been doing other workouts by Taylor r and wishtrend, the plank at the end was kinda easy today. gonna be continuing this to get the results for GTM this May day three - did it the whole way through without pausing, but I did eat quite a lot from Easter so was feeling kinda gross
Daggy AG (2 days ago)
Apr 2019, still 1 of my fav AB workouts 👍
Гуляев Шоха (2 days ago)
I have diastase.Can I do this workouts?
park chimmyfication (2 days ago)
Just a lil motivation for y'all You can do it!! If you feel like giving up, just think of why you're doing this and always keep your goal in mind. Every good thing takes time so don't try to rush it~~ 💖💪
Shiny Chocolate (3 days ago)
I also love how you do it with us and count for us, there are so many exercise tutorials who literally describe it and then I had to search it up and put a timer, but with a timer I gotta stop redo all the time. 😍 love you!
Shreshtha sharma (3 days ago)
After how long will it show the results
Alyssa Leigh-Anne (3 days ago)
ive had abs since i was 9 1/2 because im a gymnast and ive been doing this workout about a month now and my abs are showing so much people think im on steroids
Giselle L. (3 days ago)
Do you hear that? It's me dying
Sanskriti Giri (3 days ago)
I am 16 and 48kilograms Day 1: Thought " Hah 10 mins exercise is something I can do easily" Well this is difficult damn. Sweating a lot but you can feel the burn on the stomach. Hoping to keep going
Y Nguyen (3 days ago)
I tried this last summer and saw results within 22 days. I'm gonna do it again this summer!!
lil meow (3 days ago)
Hey Chloe i´ve got a Question: i like doing These Kind of ab Workouts and I often did them before but recently I have so much pain in my back while doing them, what can I do against it? Am I doing something wrong?
Planks with hips twist is one of my most favorite and easiest workout but I couldn't do it. That's understandable cuz I lost energy from doing 20 minutes cardio workout and an extra 10 minutes choreography workout - then this. So I'm gonna suggest myself doing the planks with hip twist and up and down plank before I start this.
Angel Mater (3 days ago)
I’m gonna update this everyday just like others here in the comments :))) I’m doing this to remind myself daily so please don’t mind me 😂 Day 1 : I was able to do all the exercises but it was reallyyyy difficult and I was screaming in pain. Still, I managed . 60.6 kg - April 17 , 2019
Cheryl Bombshell (4 days ago)
Thank You Chloe <3 because of this workout i lost a huge amount of my stomach thank you <3 I'll do it again because I gained 2 kilos during my cheat day I will update
Chloe Ting (3 days ago)
Yay happy to hear. Congrats
Shiny Chocolate (18 hours ago)
I am going to end of primary school camp in 1 and a half month! We are heading to the beach too... I need motivation! 1 like 1 day to loose my fat tummy. I will update on how it’s going. Day 1: It was hard but not the worst. Day 2: A bit better than the first day but still real painful. Day 3: I feel sore on my stomach nothing major Day 4: It’s feels the same as yesterday, but now I fit in my jeans a litttle better Day 5: We are vacation, I am still doing it, but because of all the mountain climbing it was so much hard than before.
Raya Raya (4 days ago)
How many times a day should I do ?
Riya Khan (5 days ago)
Day 1 : I did exercise till bicycle crunches .I Feel like dieing . Hoping to continue and add more exercises later when my body get used to it .😥
Ashish Chauhan (5 days ago)
My arms are paining now it is like am doing arms workout rather than belly workout
mayvocado (5 days ago)
please gimme some motivation :( I always tell my self that I gotta do workouts again but then I’m doing too much and feel too lazy the other day lol I am gonna do this everyday now and add some other workouts as soon as I’ve gained strength, idk maybe I will update as soon as I can see any changes (I’m also „dieting“ and trying to lose like 5 kilograms) :D
Aliex Aliex (5 days ago)
Thanks for the reminder what I can do it's been a wel
Nitros Belly Kingdom (5 days ago)
Oh Chloe, your abs are amazing.
Nitros Belly Kingdom (4 days ago)
+Chloe Ting Your welcome because your abs are so hot, I can't stop staring at them because your abs are so hot.
Chloe Ting (4 days ago)
Thank you 😘
여자귀여워 (1 day ago)
Okay guys I'll give you all updates!!I am 14 female and I weigh about 40kg and I am 5'4 I'm gonna do this for 1 week! Day 1: my stomach burns and I was sweating quite a bit but I feel alright because I just worked out:)) (Today i ate 1585 calories and i very stupidly ate right after the work out ):(( i ate rice BTW which was 206 calories) Day 2: okay so i didn't do this work out but i was sweating like hell *i did another one* but i felt a little bit better (Today i ate 1513 calories) Day 3: okay so i didn't really feel like working out as much as i did yesterday so i just did this one and i can say that i did 98% of this , like my stomach was like burning and like i was finding it hard to breath and sh*t so it kinda limited me...i am on a 2 day fast until 4.21.19 (Today i ate 915 calories) but a part from all of that i felt a lot more capable!! LIKE THIS COMMENT TO KEEP THESE UPDATES COMING! *idk y im askin for like but wut eva idcccc* Day 4: okay I didnt fast today..but in doing a 36 hour fast starting Saturday.. till mid day on Sunday.. also I felt alot more capable today and I did 1 other work out plans this one!! Okay so as of now I have eaten 990 calories but I want a ice lolly that's is 17caloires and I also want fries...I literally just worked out.F.M.L I'm gonna wat a portion of fries plus the ice lolly then do this work out again to re burn the food ig...that jeans my caloires for today will be probably under 1300calores. But 1000 was my limit 😭😭😭 it's okay I have until June to start fasting but for now I choose I wanted to start a mini plan so that's why I'm doing this but 1st June I'm gonna go full out fasting restricting and exercising!!! Day 5: I have eaten under 1300 again but I just feel like a ticking failure....I'll work out tmrw and start my 28 days challenge again also I didnt fast to day even though I was suppose to:,( I'm so annoyed that getting thin is taking so long! I'm gonna eat the easter egg and that's it then I will work out and fast on day 7 8 and 9 hopefully I can do longer but I wont fast to much....when it is June I will go full out fasting and exercising I need to be thin before summer break and I'm gonna enter high school!!!
여자귀여워 (2 days ago)
+Erica Camacho im naturally skinny and may be bordering on disorderly eating
Erica Camacho (4 days ago)
여자귀여워 are you naturally skinny or are you dieting(anorexic) cuz 40kg is so light
melina salis (5 days ago)
going to update everyday day 1: didn’t do half of the exercises,it was really 2 hard for me,i hope that tomorrow will get better :((
aaa Agoa (5 days ago)
Japanese please!
Violet Ngo (6 days ago)
Gosh-my neck is constantly strained whenever I do crunches, especially since i tense my abs too T -T. I feel like I’m being decapitated a hundred times over -please consider doing a video about easing neck tension please, thank you! I’m so grateful for your videos though, I’m always keen on doing them routinely.
Ishita (6 days ago)
Day 1 - After 2 minutes, I wanted to give up. I couldn’t do many of the exercises properly. Day 2 - I did most of the exercises except for two of them. But it was less tiring. I took longer breaks in between and it seemed to help. Took me 15 minutes.
Liset Aragon (6 days ago)
One like = 1 day
ishi (4 days ago)
i did this like two years ago and it really worked so i'm gonna start exercising again. i've gained like 10 lbs in the last two months somehow. i went from 96 to 106... so i'm going to try to get back in shape day 2: i had some pain in my side from yesterday but so far... it's not as bad as it was last time i did this. my father has diabetes so i'm attempting to make a lifestyle change before it catches up to me. i was eating free of qualms before this so i may not be going on a diet but i'm going to monitor what i eat. a lot of people here do this along with many other exercises but i'm going to wait to integrate this into my daily routine to do anything else (i'll probably do thigh and more stomach work outs) day 3: i was not in the mood to do this today. ig how sore i was caught up with me cause this actually hurt to do today. still not that sore the. i think i can do these faster now. no change obviously cause it's only day 3. i'll wait until this isn't hard to do at all to introduce new stuff to my routine. i'll do some thigh workouts... over the summer i'm planning extra classes including activity and sports so i'll be getting more exercise!
Gian Valerio (7 days ago)
1 like = 1 motivation ❤❤
z z (7 days ago)
Chloe ting how many calories burn?
Lawrence Soriano (7 days ago)
When can I start working on my abs??
Lawrence Soriano (7 days ago)
If I have a little stomach fat can I start on my abs??
Chloe Ting (7 days ago)
Jeonul (8 days ago)
OmG btw this realLY WORK thanks to chloe
Gacha Makero (7 days ago)
Im gonna be so sore tomorrow 🤭 Ill update everyday just incase progress is going on Day 1: Very tiring, stopped on all of them for a couple of seconds and continued Day 2: same as usual. Stopped on all of them for a couple of seconds and continued.
kalyssa renaé (9 days ago)
chloeeeee seriously i thought you were 26 not 31 tell me ur secrettttttt
Kaixoo Aeri (9 days ago)
Hello!!! how many times am I gonna do this in a day???
Hala Abdelazim (10 days ago)
Who didn't take just 10 seconds rest ?
Dahyun unnie (10 days ago)
I want body like that of Momo unnie.
MERVE DOLAZ (10 days ago)
How much times did u have that body??
Juvelyn Lungay (10 days ago)
I need motivation. 1 like-days i should do it I’m currently, 60kg now
rai namiii (9 days ago)
Juvelyn Lungay get it girl
Z (4 days ago)
A lot of people don’t update after doing it but I feel updating is going to keep me motivated to keep going so I’m gonna do it Day 1 - Couldn’t complete all the exercises but the ones I did, I did them properly. I did a 45-50 minutes of cardio before this Day 2 - My stomach was extremely sore because of the workout yesterday but I still did this. I still couldn’t complete all but did the ones I could properly. I did cardio for about 45 minutes before too. Day 3 - I did a good cardio before today too. My body is still kinda sore but I counted that I do 7 of these exercises properly. I don’t know if my stomach looks different but I don’t want to expect anything so soon. I’ll update two days together now Day 4 & 5 & 6 - I had bad cramps ugh so I couldn’t do it nor did I go to the gym, but I’m gonna continue tomorrow Day 7 - I’m planning to start doing this twice a day now since I took a break I’d totally recommend this workout cause you can feel the burn which means it’s going to work Day 8 - It becomes easier every time you do it. Give it time and it’ll give you the results!!! I feel my stomach becoming smaller
arlene arsaga (11 days ago)
I would rather say "I DID IT" than " I GIVE UP" ! 😰
Ava Roy (11 days ago)
day 2: felt easier than day 1, and i took less breaks 🥰
Ankita Gandhi (11 days ago)
Ooooonmmmagggg This is really nice workout for belly...Thanks dear for this ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Ally Vela (10 days ago)
I’m gonna do this. Hopefully I can do it everyday tho. How do u do it Chloe ??? Day 1: I definitely had to stop a couple of times after the 5 minute mark. But I’m not that out of breath. Mostly because I have been working out before this. But after trying this for the second time I could actually do every workout this time. I’ve realized my arms have gotten stronger. Day 2: Definitely took a little more breaks. Only 5 seconds each. I would take a break because my stomach would burn, not because I was out of breath. It definitely felt really short for me this time. But I did see a difference today from yesterday. And I know this works so my goal is to do this for a whole month.
Caitlin Bint (11 days ago)
Going to do an update everyday Day 1: I got through the whole video but missed out a few exersizes due to pure tiredness. I found it really hard Day 2:
my self (4 days ago)
Just pointing out that if youre a person looking for getting the "perfect stomach", this excercise is great, but there wont be any progress if you dont eat A LOT of protein. You can not skip any meals either while doing this, if you do skip meals and dont eat enough protein you will not see any differenct and its just super unhealthy. REMEMBER TO EAT!!!! Im going to document this day by day, so ill be doing this excercise twice a day with a 10minute break. I have a normal amount of fat (not super much but normal for someone who doesnt excercise and eats junk food 2-4 times a week). Also, note that everyones different, i for example gain weight very easily, but i also gain muscle super fast, so everyone is different and you should not compare your progress to mine, because they are probably not the same at all Day 1 It was hard but defiently worth it. I did it in a super hot room so it got pretty sweaty Day 2 I only did the excercises once instead of twice, cuz i felt really unmotivated and i dont want to ruin it Day 3 felt a lot more motivated today, i cant see a visible difference but i have more energy and i feel happier in the day Day 4 I can actually see a difference! its starting to show lines in my stomach when i flex my muscles, i couldnt see that before! Day 5 I was very stiff today, so i decided to let my muscles heal:) Day 6 I can defiently see a difference now when i flex my muscles Day 7 Same as day 6 Day 8 I felt super unmotivated until i looked in the mirror and noticed a difference when i was not flexing!! ahh im so happy Day 9 I CAN SEE A DIFFERENCE YALL!!! ive been staying away from fatty foods the last week and eating a lot of protein (meat, wheat etc) and i can already see a huge difference. my abs are slightly visible when not flexing my muscles, and i really like how they look when i do flex!:))) Day 10 I didnt have time oops Day 11 I fell asleep Day 12 It was much easier today than it has been before. My muscles have fully healed from the past 10 days so i feel a lot better Day 13 I didnt have time Day14 Didnt have time Day 15 I didnt have time today either, i can see that im losing muscles:/ Day 16 Found time to do a quick rep
Saheli Saha (12 days ago)
Hi chloe will it reduce belly and abdomen fat as well? Please reply
Inspired ARMY (9 days ago)
I'll be updating everyday (hope I wont forgot) day 1: I just started this and I feel like the 10 sec rest is too short. I almost gave up with the plank hip twist (?) and the up and down plank. My arms are exhausted. day 2: After the reverse crunch my stomach already hurts. I still couldn't do the up and down plank. day 3:my tummy is bloated today. I pushed myself to finish the up and down plank.
Heartblast405 (12 days ago)
1 like = one hour i will do this A promise to myself
Bella Rae (11 days ago)
Ima do this everyday and post results🤗 Day 1: was hard on some parts but it was ok Day2: no results yet obvi and it was pretty easy Day3: no results but I feel better about myself
SISSY (2 days ago)
To follow my results : To start , I want to say that I'm French so if it's not translated well sorry .. Day 1 :The first time is quite difficult , but I'm still there . Day 2 : A lot of body aches , so very complicated .. Day 3 : I have no more aches and it has been like since the beginning .. Day 4 : Idk why but today was easier than others days . It's more pleasant and it makes you want to continues Day 5 : I didn't do it . Day 6 : Today was like others day so nothing change .. Day 7 : I think my stomach is smaller than usual , I'm so happy .. Day 8 : Today I did my exercises in my bed cause I wanted , and it's still hard but really good for me i know .. Day 9 : Hard ! Day 10 : same as before .. Day 11 : Same as before .. Day 12 : Same as before .. Day 13 : I wasn't motivated , I felt flabby and it was unpleasant ..
Anela (12 days ago)
THIS IS IMPORTANT! Okay. You will not see results after only a few days. It will most likely take a month until you start seeing a difference. Don’t work your abs every day, they need some time to recover, because that’s when they grow. You will not lose weight if you’re eating crap. Don’t count calories. If you gain muscle, you will gain weight. Weight fluctuates a lot naturally, so don’t be disappointed if you weigh more one day. Find a sport you love that you can do in addition, if you want to tone up etc. It helps and it’s super fun. I just see so many people in the comments that hate their bodies and probably suffer from body dysmorphia or an eating disorder and I hope this can help some of you guys who are just starting out. :)
Buddy_ jAmmEr (13 days ago)
Too easy but its too hard
LpsGems (13 days ago)
im doing this in bed
BangtanSupreme (13 days ago)
day 1: fuck. that shit hurted. i probably did half of them wrong and i had to stop on the middle of some of them... i feel like i’ll improve if i keep doing this so i’ll keep y’all updated
Ishita (6 days ago)
are you still doing it?
Juliana E (13 days ago)
I just need the motivation my guys. here's some tracking day 1: tbd
i f-ing hate you edit: nevermind, loves from Poland
Zombito BG (13 days ago)
Thank you very much. I lost 4 kilograms from this and without eating any sugar. Thank you. I can see my abs now and it's because of you
Kanika Bisht (14 days ago)
1 set ? Or have to do reps
Sisipho Mzondi (14 days ago)
Today is my day 2 who's with me???
Bree B (14 days ago)
Is this the best one? I've been doing the xhit one. This one looks harder
Madison Knotts (14 days ago)
Alright, so I’m 14 and it’s really close to summer and I really want a good body. I’m gonna be updating everyday. Also, I am also on a better diet or just eating better than I was. Day 1: extremely tiring but I had to keep going. Made me sweat a ton but I can feel the burn. (Will update tomorrow)
Megan Hamiti (15 days ago)
Wow I love this
Emine Nur Okutan (15 days ago)
Chloe Ting (14 days ago)
This video will help https://youtu.be/vN_jTQuSkjg
Green Tea (15 days ago)
Wtf you can german?
Aleena John (15 days ago)
I'm not trying to be like that other person who did more than a 100 days but I'm very unmotivated and I feel like this keeps me accountable lol Day 1: okay I really thought this would be easy, but all I can say is I felt like I was going to die and everything just burned, even though im not completely out of shape, I still felt like I would die Day 2: almost died, is 0.00001% easier today but also harder if that's even possible, it just burned a lot, I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all wrong but yeah
agela gor (12 days ago)
Weekly challenge 1 of 6 workouts for butt, thighs, belly, waist, back and arms. I'll post daily updates on the progress. Instead of taking pic/weighting myself, I'll use my today's measurements to track any changes: -> bum 96cm, thigh 56cm, waist 70cm, belly 86 cm, biceps 26cm Update on waist workout: Day 1: completed all exercises except full plank side turn, definitely felt my lower belly in those 10 mins (note to self, don't leave stomach exercise for the end!) Day 2: today seemed easier, completed full workout Day 3: plank related exercises were challenging today, completed full workout Day 4: literally forced myself to do these workouts. A lot slower pace today but... I completed full workout and there are only 3 days to go! :)
zahra (16 days ago)
does anyone know how many calories this makes you lose? (Doing the workout 1 time)
M G (16 days ago)
I thought I was about to die. Wahhh it was really hard but fast result
Jenjen (16 days ago)
OMG this is one of the hardest workout I have done. I just wanted it to end but afterwards it felt good. I couldn't do all of them in a single 1 minute, but hopefully after I have done more I will be able to do it without stopping.
zahra (16 days ago)
im 156 cm and i weigh 51.4 kg i want abs lmao so im going to do this and ill update everyday Day 1: i just did the workout and im sweating like a pig i literally thought this was going to be easy i want my abs now 😩 Day 2: Today i did it in the morning and holy shit this was so hard i think im going to give up guys i need motivation 💀 Also im going to weigh myself in the end of the week instead of everyday my belly has shrinken a litte bit!!
Nicole ŁXĐ (16 days ago)
The comment section has a lot of Armys im Once btw
Riri (16 days ago)
alright it's time to voice my opinion, the only reason I'm here is because my twin sister had and probably still unironically believes this work out works. I'm here to debunk it, it doesn't there are way too many thigs wrong with your movements and I've seen plenty heaps of comments saying this is overly difficult it made me cringed so hard. If the people reading this comment sincerely believes this is hard, you definitely have not try intense 10 or even 5 minutes at home work outs by *actual professionals* such as Anabolic Aliens or ATHLEAN X.
Esra Altun (16 days ago)
Rigby Awe (17 days ago)
From doing butts workout, I developed lines at the side of my abdomen. I got great results after doing it for a month. Then, I stopped and that was 6 months ago. Mid of this year, I decided to do the abs workout following an app I downloaded. It didn’t do much, perhaps because I wasn’t pushing myself harder, plus the workouts were for beginners. Then, I found Chloe’s video 3 days ago and just started following your workout. 11 lines are getting more defined and my tummy is getting flatter as well. I’m trying to reduce my carbs intake (cause rice is life😭) and eat more bananas and vegetables. Sometimes I eat fish. The workout also brings out that nice burn sensation, and I like it. My tips for being motivated are watching workout videos and looking at your abs everyday. Anyway, Chloe’s body is definitely body goals!
Chloe Ting (16 days ago)
Thank you for sharing and for the kind words 😘❤️
joana dias (18 days ago)
Plus you don't get results if you don't eat healthy
joana dias (18 days ago)
Most of these exercises aren't being done correctly...
Sun Rise (18 days ago)
Sorry but this is not the best exercise for ab work.
Mary Oshkosh (18 days ago)
The kind of exercise that reminds u that lyf isn't that easy.....😔
Maniac _15 (19 days ago)
Guys i'm going to try this wormout and fter 7 days i'm going back here haha, wish me luck, i'm starting tommorow 'cause i'm laying on my bed in the whole day
brianna Nelson (9 days ago)
Maniac _15 ?
Maniac _15 (19 days ago)
Does it work?
anjali verma (17 days ago)
i have been doing it for more than 15 days and i am not noticing any change , can anyone please help me to guese wherei lack no hate for chloe ting
Ritisha Gupta (19 days ago)
I am doing it from 15 days nd now I can see my abs lines.. not that clear though but I even lost 3 inches !!
updating every day DAY 1: 162 and 5'3  Goal 130 It was hard but gonna keep pushing,30 pounds isn't going anywhere by itself. DAY 2: Motivated asf!! I just wanna feel healthy.My tummy is sore but I kept pushing. Thinking about changing my diet, like drinking mostly water and to ensure I don't over eat only eating one plate and making healthy snack choices. day 3 felt good had a 2 day break because of period cramps
June Buckley (18 days ago)
Gonna keep you guys updated day 1:horrible I have to pause can't do most of workouts day 2 still have to pause and sore day 3 I can do the last one and not pause so better day 4 I am very weak today
Bethany Melendez (19 days ago)
I AM CELEBRATING for once I finally did this without "extended breaks" i finally did it all in perfect time thank the lord ;o;
Chloe Ting (16 days ago)
Olivia Williams (20 days ago)
I've seen my stomach improve so much! it may be the fact that I have gymnastics every Tuesday but ts woked. my stomach has gotten significantly flatter and ive been starting to get abs. thanks so much!! im working for a summer body :D
Cfd Gssh (14 days ago)
Ok, so I’ll try this FOR one Week:♥️ Day 1: My belly hurts and I didn’t do all the exercises 🥵 Day 2: Today I was a little stronger than yesterday but I did all the exercises 😀 Day 3: It was so easy, 😋I’m not even tired, so I’ll add a video from her to my rutine😱🧸😀 Day 4: I Couldn’t do the exercises because I was too busy but I had swimming classes so I did something 😅 Day 5: I did it and i also strated to see some lines on my belly😱😀 Day 6: I almost can see a little diffrence Day 7: It was a way easyier then day one a I strat to SEE a little difference, I will continue this workout and in a month I will upgrade the results
q•zuzia•q (10 days ago)
Can’t wait for the results;) I will start today :D
Julia Kal (16 days ago)
Day 1 (1/04/19) done :) (4/4/19) short break oops Day 2 back on track :)
Rachel Fox (21 days ago)
update day1 omg thats fucking intense man like i can not do the last one and my back hurt so bad day 2 i wake up in the morning and holy hell my belly hurt as hell day 3 i can do the last one. and yeah my belly still hurt so baddd lile everytime i sneeze. it hurts, again
Rosé Park (22 days ago)
How much calories does this burn
wissal World (22 days ago)
Im starting now and i will update
Aliza Dworkind (22 days ago)
Omg this was the most intense ab workout I’ve ever done. Thanks!!
Yadira (22 days ago)
What is the song in the background when you’re doing these exercises?
Chloe Ting (22 days ago)
all music details is in the description section
landreahl (12 days ago)
**IF U SEEE THIS COMMENT LIKE AND COMMENT SO I DONT FEEL LONELY LOL!!** I’m doing this for as long as I can! Hopefully I don’t get lost in the comments LOL (someone like it so I can find this and edit it) Day 1: It was intense! I weigh 112 and my goal is to lose 10 pounds. I’ve worked out in the past so it wasn’t as hard for me but definitely became difficult near the end. Day 2: I can see a line forming and the workouts are getting easier! Day 3: LOL I was struggling to finish the last two idk y i said it’s getting easier (or maybe its bc I did this after 2 hrs from eating. also I noticed my appetite is decreasing as I do my workout. But I don’t notice much about my stomach yet ugh the flab is still there feelin fat but ye have a nice day! hehe Day 4: So intense! I ALMOST DIDNT DO IT TODAY! haha but keeping track motivates me :) I notice that I’m getting skinner but my fat that I hate is still there ugh! ye das all for today! Day 5: Ending is still intense for me! I push for 1 minute and a 10 sec brake in between. Lost 2 pounds so far! It’s definitely not going to work with just this unless u change ur diet I feel! Heh hope you have a nice workout! Day 6: So now that the workouts are getting kinda “easier” I decided to better my form (ex: lowering my scissor kicks and making my legs straighter for the raised leg crunch) I do see a difference (with the help of the change in diet ofc). I’m sad that this progress is slow but hopefully I’ll someday get to my goal of 100 pounds! 😩 Day 7: Yay it’s been a week! It was kinda harder to do it today but idk y maybe its bc I’m rly tired and wanted to sleep already. I decided to pair it with her oblique exercise but I only managed to do 7/10 of it. Hopefully that number gradually increases! Ugh i just want my fat gone already. It makes me sad when i look at it xD Day 8: Felt really really fat today i ate a bowl of ramen half a pretzel and nachos .. but seems like i have to eat only 1000 calories to pull thru. I coupled this with the obliques workout in which i can see definite lines in my obliques area (love handles ¿ idk too lazy to check) now. I’m also planning to take diet pills tmr. I’m just really disappointed in my body in general. Hopefully tmr gets better :’) Day 9: Did workout but idk might buy a gym membership to speed up the process. Have a good one! I’m really tired so dis gna b short xd Day 10: Did the workout same results as yesterday ✌️ I have a lotta do today so this update is short as well. Day 11: Same as day 10! Day 12: Same as day 10!
ny ny (23 days ago)
How long does it take for you too have a flat tummy and abs if you workout everyday??

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