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http://www.sea-doo.com You have dreamt of living the Sea-Doo Life and this Sea-Doo How To series of videos is going to help provide some guidance in entering this fun, family watersport. Being a responsible watercraft owner is essential to a good time on the water. Its important to know proper boating best practices and etiquette when operating your Sea-Doo watercraft. This video will provides basic information about the navigational descriptions of your watercraft and rules of the waterway. There is much more to know to be a responsible boater and BRP recommends you continue your education to add to your marine navigation knowledge.
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daniel kruger (9 months ago)
i spray other boats with water by turning sharp just before i hit them.. is that fine to do?
Noah Walters (4 years ago)
muadib attredies (2 years ago)
+Noah Walters 2nd

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