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Denzel Washington's Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS - One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches Ever

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Text Comments (1689)
Joshua Farrell (13 hours ago)
Rosita Santiago (1 day ago)
Wow!! That was Beautiful!! Well said. .. The Mind of Christ IS A Beautiful Thing!! God Bless You Denzel! Amen🙏🏽
Don't just inspire to make a living; inspire to make a difference!
Just because you are doing a lot more doesn't mean, you're getting a lot more done. Do not confuse movement with progress - Denzel Washington
Pat _ryk (3 days ago)
The girl at 1:50 on her phone
justwor ship05 (3 days ago)
6 Subs No Videos (4 days ago)
I dislike cause teacher played it in class
imran khan (5 days ago)
i love you.. D.W...from my childhood to still now... April 2019
Kevin Davis (5 days ago)
Jehovah's people love you all we need you to make a world and America good.
MofongoGringo (5 days ago)
Guess the 1.1k people that gave this a thumbs down can’t be saved?!? #losers for giving something like this a thumbs down! 🤦‍♂️
Ron Bolton (6 days ago)
You only fail when you give up. Keep trying ,keep moving forward, NEVER GIVE UP.
Phoenix Fire (7 days ago)
Nicole 23 (8 days ago)
I wished schools have this time wherein they makes speeches to inspire their students. A lot of people needs to hear this
Andrew Sims (8 days ago)
Guns and Roses =1,000,000,000 views.... Best advice on youtube = 3,000,000 views. We've got our priorities messed up. My next movie purchase will star Denzel Washington...
Giovvani Rodriguez (8 days ago)
at 3:40 i think the girl on the left is on her phone
daniel rage (9 days ago)
School was a bit of a down fall & Awful but i didn't give up for what i Believe in i had teacher's & School kid's put me down everyday That i'm a Retard & Spastic?. But i never Gave Up & didn't Believe a word that they said & think it's wrong what they said too me?. Are friend that took his life at my school?. & My Oldest Sister that's now Dead because i kept telling her that the Hospital does't know what's wrong she kept telling me threre helping her good hear?. With you but it was too late now that she is gone in a :-(coffin it Suck's:-(. Of course life is short & time is running out?. But all i can tell you iv'e been in three car crashes & only become alive because Jesus still wanted me hear?. & the Angels kept us Safe when the car went around the tree:-(?. But life is tough all you can do is keep Praying?. & Having Faith is the only key not, Rich's or Greed or Wealth is not the Answer to life maybe for some?. But isn't always the Answer?. I have ADHD Autism Difficulty Hard Setting's in trying too understand my life???. Even if it is Confusing because life was meant to be Confusing & Difficulty Hard Setting's Mode???????. Thank's for the kind word's in Reply too MotivationHub.
Roy Wang (10 days ago)
i had lost all sense of hope today with school until watched Denzel and Arnold speeches. It has revived that motivation in me.
Kedhari Sivashankar (12 days ago)
Superb. My admiration for DW has gone upper
ZulQarnain A'rifin (12 days ago)
Tqsm Mr Denzel Washington... Yeah i need it now! 👍👍
Ali Alnawai (12 days ago)
Understand your purpose of life and work towards your existence is an achievement of everything.
Aneury Ozuna Perez (13 days ago)
This video is example, for every people to play in her cell phone, than they say don't have time, they don't time for my family, they don't have time for study, they don't time for work, they don't time exercise, they don't have time for go to the doctor. Remember that, when we wake up in the morning, we have to put God first in everything we do, than we have to thinking in our family, in our purpose, in our progress, listen my my people never give up, never hold back never ever, we have to fall forwards, another thing, they remember, we can, we will, we must,
I will quit my job (13 days ago)
one of his best speaches
boris p (13 days ago)
Thomas Edison is asshole
Holden Caulfield (13 days ago)
Says you won’t see a u haul behind a hearse. Lives in a mansion.
Nana Wiafe Addae Owusu (14 days ago)
Hi, I admire u a lot but how can I see u
Amazing man, wise words of wisdom.
mike A1 (14 days ago)
God bless you
PHILIP BURROW (14 days ago)
"I preyed, I preyed, and I preyed"... then a symbolic orb floats by
Get me on the tour (15 days ago)
The 1% just got a little bigger
Steve Animal (16 days ago)
Is Denzel one of only a few famous actors who are not satanic and illuminated satanic peace’s of crap , those awards are nothing, the best actors are Sam L Jackson , Denzel , Eastwood, lawrence fisburne and al Pacino. Fences should of been one of the movies of the year .
Toche Toscano (16 days ago)
"Because the chances you take the people you meet the people you love the faith that you have that's what's going to define you" Let's we make the difference in the world guys
Maria Boonen (17 days ago)
M (17 days ago)
I would like to meet him one day
Lisa H (17 days ago)
Preach Denzel, he is one amazing man I love this God bless him he has the eye of the beholder
Ivan Ivanov (17 days ago)
Amen to the words he said, if this not motivate you at least a some then you are inhuman
Jack Lost (18 days ago)
Alexo Comedy (18 days ago)
nice one
Michael Dexter Lipata (19 days ago)
Wow I share
Levi Byler (19 days ago)
Plp want the truth there u have it
Levi Byler (19 days ago)
To be honest to be great u have to have support when your hart gets ripped out of you it takes years and years to rebuild when your head gets ripped out of you it takes years and years to rebuild it takes no time to destroy something but it takes years and years to rebuild
Adam Khan (19 days ago)
I cried because everting i do i fail and let down the people i love
Nick_ G (17 days ago)
No surrender.
Sahall be that smoke a baseado as always to do
TPA_365pt (20 days ago)
“PUT GOD FIRST” Remember...God is everything! You can do all things because it is God who strengthens you
Yam Roka Magar (21 days ago)
Virtus (21 days ago)
Good wisdom, except for the last part it's hard to rason when you're an atheist. "god's proof" and phrases like that, there is no such thing. But I get that you have to be grateful, and in some way, I understand that you have to consider something yours in advance, and never act like you don't belong, and things will be yours
Aneury Ozuna Perez (21 days ago)
My friend I like your motivation, that motivate me a lots
BrainStorm (22 days ago)
The girl texting while Denzel talks obviously didn't think about the effects of texting during a speech, she's forever remembered as rude and disrespectful. #ColdHardTruth
Beyond Eyes (22 days ago)
What a personality he has....loved him throughout!!
akenji gibbons (22 days ago)
Thank u sir
listenup pilgram (22 days ago)
We had a saying in the army too, one day one of us is going to get shot or blown up. I lost 4 brothers a few years later
Abdulmalik Idris (23 days ago)
Great speech!! I just wish to know the background beats!
Ferruccio Guicciardi (23 days ago)
"If you hang around the barber shop sooner or later you will get a haircut." - love that quote from Denzel Washington. Also to thank you in advance for what is already yours. That's powerful man ! Thanks for sharing this life tip !
Mysterious X Filming (23 days ago)
Wish we had modern presidents that at least were great at speeches as Denzel washington is
I would like to say thank you to my wife for saving my life and showing me the right way to live and giving me the knowledge to know what I can be in this life thank you Rebbecca for everything!
John W (24 days ago)
Very very nice!!
Param (24 days ago)
Why would you have ads in a video like this. Atrocious.
Christopher Hawkins (22 days ago)
Agree totally
Ceynte Show (24 days ago)
"Fail big is the begining of the life" Denzel
Marcos Mendoza (24 days ago)
how do you get to people who discriminate and are racist
Hapa Fodder (24 days ago)
"What are you going to do with what you have? I'm not talking about how much you have."
Tina Stanley (24 days ago)
I loved FENCES
Jesus Cordero (24 days ago)
Inspire to make a difference is the best advice you ever gave me and I thank you Mr D
Jesus Cordero (24 days ago)
How can anyone be on there cell phone while this great man speaks, smh. Thank you Mr D
Carlos (24 days ago)
Beau H. (25 days ago)
1:28 Pathetic woman on the left just swiping, swiping, swiping on her phone/tinder/whatever bullshit, instead of listening to the inspirational words of an incredible man right in front of her, so sad
FEAR NO BEER (25 days ago)
Great stuff, although i don't think prayers will make it happen
Ænønymous unknøwn (26 days ago)
"Dreams without goals are just dreams"-denzel
Stephen Perkins (16 days ago)
Tell me about it.
Virtus (21 days ago)
This hits home
Taewoo Kim (26 days ago)
I hear god's voice.
Michael Dexter Lipata (26 days ago)
Thank you so much good words is very important to start new life new beginning new knowledge for the challenges of life in the society
Aron Tesfay (26 days ago)
Always refreshing to see a black person that advocates American principles to his fellows
Y KwYkw (27 days ago)
Thanks for the great messages, it makes me smile
'fall back & fail, fall forward & succeed.' - Denzel Washington
Paul Sharkey (28 days ago)
Mr. Washington, I love you, man!
MrAMYJACK (29 days ago)
1st thing americans do is buy a Gun
shady shady TV oopsy (29 days ago)
A true man of his words all I have to say , I'm a actor in Australia hoping no I know I will be famous not for me but to bring the world entertainment , because if I can say 1 thing is that we live in a depressed little world- I wish to bring happiness laughter too it mark my words it not over until I WIN!!!! 😍😍😍
Fighting Gold (29 days ago)
“You have the talent to succeed , but do you have the guts to fail?”
Phantom Vista (29 days ago)
*The Best Speech I've Heard in such a long time*
FEAR NO BEER (25 days ago)
Arnie gave a great one , check it out , it made me feel lazy lol
angelo gabriel samatan (30 days ago)
Thank you inspiration words denzel washington even i have no perpect family but you urge me to finish my study..
Elaine Anderson (30 days ago)
Did he say twerk?
alex Alexandro (1 month ago)
On 2:00 the lady on background swiping right on tinder 😂😂
Alex Perales (1 month ago)
I am working on that very thing to accomplish first I am also there 🤔😍😘
Shal Sham (1 month ago)
"Without commitment you'll never start, without consistency you'll never finish" Denzel Washington.
Steven Wilson (1 month ago)
Make America Great Again
Master Shake (1 month ago)
I hate when adults try to bring up younger trends like that shit’s hilarious
B Miranda (1 month ago)
Worth implementing, except for those who dislike because they seem to be hypothetically successful. These people don't value life. I bet they are not happy people and they don't like people who are successful.
June Bhattacharjee (1 month ago)
Great inspiration and motivating with regards
SAMGONZALVES (1 month ago)
Why they don't teach you this in every school bcos they don't want everybody to be smart so simple😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ash Hughes (1 month ago)
There alot of people who won't to bring it down i neve seen so much anger in this world but i won't go into why this occurred 😢
Albert Bethea (1 month ago)
Music Coffee (1 month ago)
Thank u ! Say thank u inadvance. I like the Word so much .thank u for sharing.
Zhenya Demin (1 month ago)
it's amazing speech i've ever listened
Anami Akal (1 month ago)
Beautiful Soul with wise words. . people like him can Change this weird world .. for better .... Namaste
books from Windblown (1 month ago)
A Failure is not a step backward, It's a step forward.
Rich Chel (1 month ago)
And if your parents can bribe your way into Yale or other Ivy League colleges, you got it made! LOL!
Buhanga Radjab (1 month ago)
What the exact meaning of this utterance," You will never see a U-haul behind a hearse"
Speedy TableTennis (1 month ago)
You cannot take your belongings or anything you have here in life with you when you die.
Russ Burgess (1 month ago)
I absolutely love this. This should be taught in schools
Raymond Humphrey (1 month ago)
Washington sold his Soul for Fame and Fortune people.. Remember when Jesus said they will come in Deception, false light, false preaching..This Dude should tell the Truth of Himself.. DaM Demon!
Sledge72au (1 month ago)
I like his ghost story
Pete K (1 month ago)
This is what a rennaisance man sounds like.
Neil S (1 month ago)
I am not Neil , Denzel is so talented and inspiring what a great speaker . I enjoyed this so much that I am going to watch this again.
James Woods (1 month ago)
yuuwhoo (1 month ago)
Denzel Washington has never been an actor that "inspired" me to run to one of his movies. I've seen his movies but they were never "I have to see that movie." Then I came across this site and I have no idea why I clicked but I did. Wow! I truly think he is one of the best and most sincere speakers I have ever heard and I am OLD! I have heard a lot of speakers. I have a 14 year old daughter I want to hear these motivational words. Being from the other side of the white tracks has not made life easy but it has made life worth living. Perhaps I can see true success through my daughter with inspirational words like these. I agree with "New Thought" - "parents need to say these things to their own kids, and often." Our kids could be the kids that clean up our planet, "reach back and lift someone else up" and be the doers of the futures. Thank you Mr Washington.

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