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It's like flying

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SEE MORE OF MEG GRAHAM'S ART @ http://artgirlsreality.com https://www.facebook.com/Art-of-Meg-Graham-110775085665197/ https://twitter.com/artgirlsreality https://www.instagram.com/artgirlsreality_/ WHERE TO SHOP FOR MEG GRAHAM'S ART: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtGirlsREALITY http://society6.com/meggraham Thanks for stopping by boyz and girrrrrrrrrrrrls. This is one of my favorite film I've made to date. Cheers, Meg
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PhilosopherFresh (3 years ago)
artgirlsreality (5 years ago)
James Daniel Reeves (6 years ago)
Makes me think a little of Fairport Convention with a modern twist! Really dig this!
ChemicalComedown (7 years ago)
This is REALLY GOOD !!! : ) Very professional. You have amazing talent my friend : )
Cynthia95ish (7 years ago)
Your use of color and form is just remarkable, you've found an artistic creativity that I've not seen in videos. Your music back choices are just right too. I'm a fan.
Evolution Avenue (7 years ago)
:D ! so good
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@AnnieCanada how do I do it?? ONE FRAME AT A TIME! LOL It's a labor of LOVE. thank YOU girrrrl. OX Much LOVE and LIGHT Anniebelle! LOVE YOU
AnnieCanada (7 years ago)
Beautiful Art work Meg! You are so talented! How do you do this stuff? I love the colors you choose as well! Amazing! Love love love to you~ xox
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@imafishgod thank PAULA. YOU and Rob ROCK!!! :D
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@menchulica chica thank for catching the second act of this play! :D
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@avisualfeel thank YOU. it is a rainbow!! I've got my moccasins on too.let's dance then fly!
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@cdeeryart it truly is FUN to have FUN. thanks for riding this ride with MEEEEEEEEEE!
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@bowlingballout it's a melting pot of dancing and flying! thanks ((Joesph))!!
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@TheMinstrelSpirit thanks Rob! It was fun to post this. thanks for being here and there with your support.whooooooot whooooot. :D
bowlingballout (7 years ago)
The colors, images and music all melded together so nicely. Much enjoyed.
avisualfeel (7 years ago)
artGirl you do it again! And I feel the Native American moccasins run through my skin. Rainbow of joy emanating through the rhythm of this piece!
menchulica (7 years ago)
Hola Meg! one of my favorites too. Cheers.
imafishgod (7 years ago)
WILDLY artistic, Meg!! Just My Cup of TEA!! Would love to see whatcha been painting!! Love this & You To Peaces♥ xo Paula xo
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@Nez40z Hey NEZ! I'm still hiding out over at facebook,but I thought I could put this baby up. thanks Darlin. HUGS.
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@Ottawarocket Hey ROB! I thank YOU babe! good to put something up.
Ottawarocket (7 years ago)
It's great to see this one Back , A True Meg Masterpeace : ) Rocket
Nez40z (7 years ago)
I'm a likin this Meg. great job on this . thanks for posting it it
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@lionroarzed hey Dimuthu!! thanks for stopping by. YOU WIN. your the fist to taste the wares. I see that you are a ABAHAM fan. ME TOO. happy co-creating. Much LOVE and LIGHT, Meg
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@lionroarzed hey Dimuthu!! thanks for stopping by. YOU WIN. your the fist to taste the wares. I see that you are a ABAHAM fan. ME TOO. happy creating. Much LOVE and LIGHT, Meg
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@carrolly2k Hey Jim this was a fun one to do and take out the closet. I miss animation, but LOVE painting. if ya got minute I've got a site up if ya want to explore. check up above. good to hear your music!! much love and light,meg
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@cameragirlJane JANIE GIRRRRRRRL. this is one of my favs. I had to take if off here because they legal stuff with the music back in 2007. who knows maybe they'll put a i tunes bar at the bottom. LOL thanks YOU so much. I LOVE YOU GIrrrrrrrrrrrl!!
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@ CHOOSEN ONE! so so so nice to see YOU! thank YOU so much!! It's good to throw something out there. if ya get a chance to chek it out I've got a site on my artwork That where I've been for the last year1 1/2.. It's really cool to see my old friends here. thank MAN!! you ROCK. <3
artgirlsreality (7 years ago)
@popstotexas Hey YOU!! thanks for stopping over. Had this one in closet. been painting. thanks MAN!!!
IChoseTheRedPill (7 years ago)
awesome... you're right, it was just like flying! your colors were delightful, the music was perfect... big thumbs up and favored... take good care and peaCe2U...
Jane Hall (7 years ago)
So good to come on the tube and see you have posted up Meggie!! Beautiful job with this video my friend!! You are truly artgirl!!! Whoot! *****
Jim Carroll (7 years ago)
Meg, This was so lovely.The visual matched to the music was fantastic!

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