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Dame Tu Cosita Challenge (THE NEW VERSION!!) IN PUBLIC!!!

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I did the NEW dame tu cosita challenge in public on the streets of NYC. There is a new dame tu cosita dance!!! Taking my dancing reggaeton in public to a new level! If you enjoy my videos, please SUPPORT ME at Patreon!!! http://bit.ly/QPARKpatreon CLICK HERE and Check out our NEW WEBSITE!!! WILD KPOP!!! http://bit.ly/wildkpop Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and join the QSquad ARMY! http://bit.ly/qsquad There is a bit of singing in public as always lol. So you know it had to happen! The QSQUAD fam let me know that there is a new part to the dame tu cosita dance challenge so I had to do it in my own special way lol. I have been addicted to singing reggaeton in public and dancing reggaeton in public. I also love singing bachata in public and dancing bachata in public. When you're so into reggaeton, you might end up singing in public too. The dame tu cosita dance challenge is going viral so you know I had to try it out with my own flavor. I've been seeing the dame de tu cosita song for a while. Also saw it as tchococita challenge. Since so many of you requested it, I had to do it lmao. Now it's your turn. Challenge dame tu cosita is in effect. If you want to see what comes next...SUBSCRIBE and stay tuned!! :) Please make sure to hit that THUMBS UP button!!! And Comment below if you want me to do more. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!!! https://www.youtube.com/user/joycetanner?sub_confirmation=1 Special Thanks to the #QSQUAD Patreon supporters!! JUSTIN KAN - Our top supporter! SERGIO ORAMA - Our top supporter! Laura Goodfellow Danae Deschine Hillary Randell Jennifer Abdi Mallory Bryant GELIBEANX Dr. Wang Newton Marie Beeson Genni Tanita Kaamasee Ambar Rivera Sam Satriani Brittany Killoren WATCH MY DAME TU COSITA CHALLENGE IN PUBLIC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nkWVkbvi6M Check us out on my other channels! Instagram: Q https://www.instagram.com/qpark/ Edith https://www.instagram.com/Edithmarieee/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/QPark Twitter https://twitter.com/qpark
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QPark (11 months ago)
What up QSQUAD!!! How did you guys like the new dance? I still can’t believe we hit 1 million subscribers! Love you guys!! SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS and join the family!! ❤️❤️❤️
Lisa Smith (1 day ago)
@QPark Can you do a 90's compilation?
DEVIL HUNTER (7 days ago)
confidence level infinity
Keily Polanco (24 days ago)
Hatice Münevver Sarı (1 month ago)
Betina Freeman (1 month ago)
Katherine Calzo man
Vintus 88 (1 hour ago)
nechadi39 (1 hour ago)
You crazy maybe and funny
Manika Rai (1 hour ago)
So brave and here i still cant dance in front of my friends🤣🤣
uzis kitchen (2 hours ago)
Hahahaha Very funny Like it
Elizabeth Haro (3 hours ago)
No pide mucho... Denle la cosita
pnkj kM (3 hours ago)
ARe you mad man ?
Yij Tty (3 hours ago)
CLASH WITH SANDEEP (3 hours ago)
Antony Ferrer (7 hours ago)
Eres el mejor
Vmlg0917 Lopez (7 hours ago)
Men I’m ur number one fans you’re so awesome person thanks for make people smile in public how I wish everyone is like u so the wold is much better the are right now too much maldad en este mundo
mochissin84 M (8 hours ago)
como putas llege aqui??????????? estaba en documentales con maussan!
mperalta8 (9 hours ago)
WTF! Jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja big pants!
ayesha sayyed (10 hours ago)
I LOVE Your All Videos when I watched your videos I forget my tens and I enjoy your funny dance movements It's Just Amazing Love you Frome India👌👌👌👌👌🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌😋😋😋😋💝💝💝💝🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬😁😁😁🙏🙏🤣😘😘
Hello Sad (10 hours ago)
U have more views than the original video
OPTÎC _ (10 hours ago)
0:48 *bird poops*
_Śńøwqxøx (10 hours ago)
What a legend
V for Vendetta (11 hours ago)
That was brave man, not insane at all.
Дебил. Просто дебил.
Мэйбл Пайнтс (13 hours ago)
alvaro dc (14 hours ago)
q arias si el dame tu cosita fuera tu papa
Carlos Mendoza (15 hours ago)
when a default wins victory royale on thr first try
Не все может этого мастерить 👍👍👍
Запретите ему есть грибы, изволь.
Doris Ceuz (16 hours ago)
Super se mueve bien tiene su toque😂👍
Fanny mix (16 hours ago)
So Nice
Atay Rustamov (18 hours ago)
Are you fucking crazy😂😂🤣
gopal krishna bhowmick (19 hours ago)
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂oh fuck
Omanshu Omanshu Verma (20 hours ago)
full funny
expesecreto (20 hours ago)
Jajajaj ese chino hijoe puta
Rodrigo PA (22 hours ago)
los chinos japoneses son unos sinverguenza
Akash Yadav (1 day ago)
I wish I can see you doing this stuffs live.
KarmaBoY (1 day ago)
Your girlfriend is beautiful.
MASTER JACK (1 day ago)
Oh man that was funny 😂
toho Sheqi (1 day ago)
I just love this men😘😘😘😘😘😘
Best Frank
uwu_ official_uwu (1 day ago)
we are hearing the song but in public, he's doing it without the song so it will be more weirder 😂😂😂
FaLN_ Kevin (1 day ago)
I wont be surprised if he goes to jail
Lopozer 34 (1 day ago)
Hahahaha you have great vids
Margarita Estrada (1 day ago)
ITS MANNY (1 day ago)
You deserve 💯
The Truth (1 day ago)
HHOWWWWWW do you do this? I can't even watch it
Jawwad Hashmi (1 day ago)
*An asiatic guy dancing like that and yelling spanish words, is priceless man. What a brave man!.* 😂😂😂
Glori Sol (1 day ago)
ive tita (1 day ago)
ILNooR TaTaR (1 day ago)
Молодец, супер монстр))
Sithembile Taipa (1 day ago)
what does this song mean if u are wondering plez like
The Sanchez Family (5 hours ago)
Sithembile Taipa tengo el día más largo del mundo 🌍 no me deja 👹👹👹
Aaditya (1 day ago)
You wud have had got more attention if you would have been a girl.. 😂😂
arti (1 day ago)
Man without complexes =)
Buzz Boonay (1 day ago)
I think because the people in the background don't hear the music like we do.
lisi farinas (1 day ago)
Q cómico..y original☝️🤩
Bundice Krzno (1 day ago)
Sakloni bože!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Отбитый блин
тёма бро (1 day ago)
Пииздец 😅😅😅😅
aanon ahmed (1 day ago)
Xoss man the dance was almost real
Rizalkuswandi (1 day ago)
I need your confident
Lisa Smith (1 day ago)
@ QPark Do a 90's compilation
yadi Villegas (1 day ago)
Akazuin Yandere (1 day ago)
1:41 Cookie monster: I don't care- I only care about the cookie dance
Jeffrey Morales (1 day ago)
Jajajajajajaja 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
pixrun (1 day ago)
That is helerious
angelzoom777 (1 day ago)
Сказачный дол.......
Faheem Jan (1 day ago)
No comment
Mac Gelz (1 day ago)
Your confidence level is out of this world 😂🤣
Ayesha Abid (1 day ago)
why ur video not save offline
Anny Piepah (1 day ago)
Your face just alike Haha in running man
Wilna Dugé (1 day ago)
Do u guys know what it means
Arushi Thakur (1 day ago)
bibas momin (1 day ago)
I like you brow
Oxi Gen (1 day ago)
Блять потом вас дебилов позже у нас по улицам то пранкеры ебанутые бегают то пляшут будто как будто у их припадок какойнибудь, пиздец короче🤦‍♂️
bad boy (1 day ago)
Мужику башню сарвало
Mahian Mohon (2 days ago)
Camera is not good new camera...tk
American people are crazy
Александр C (2 days ago)
VANSHOT (2 days ago)
Ор выше гор😂
Jeremias Hevy (2 days ago)
Aprovecha el but,, excelente
Xassan Ahmed (2 days ago)
Hhh like it
Rubeen Whittaker (2 days ago)
Jajaja,la cara de mierda de las personas actuando como q nunca hicieron lo mismo hace un tiempo me hace reir,que energetico gracias.
Celenia Colon (2 days ago)
He can dance!
Nahum Aleman (2 days ago)
Anda con hemorroides q le pica el culo
A H (2 days ago)
Me encantó y me reí muchooooo
Sequoya Mcgrone (2 days ago)
Please tell me I'm NOT the only one that hear the moans in the background of the song 😶😬
Daniel Gomez Mendoza (2 days ago)
Jajaj chino con che
Ellyllon (2 days ago)
jaja me encanta este chino!! I love this guy!!!
angsete araya (2 days ago)
I would love to run into you one day. You are so much fun.🥰
oswaldomorena paz (2 days ago)
Latín power.
KANNA-CHAN (2 days ago)
Hahaha xd que buen vídeo
Silk Queen (2 days ago)
Yooo the faces he makes!!!!
Silk Queen (2 days ago)
I freakin love it!!! Stand up New York atleast we wild out with fun AND attention😂😂no matter where we are...we wildin
Please enter a name. (2 days ago)
I have one question *why does QPark always wear a suit in his dancing videos*
Murugiah Logeshwaran (2 days ago)
His singing is so funny 🤣 God I can't ..... 😅🤣😂
Rhibhu Bhattacharjee (2 days ago)
Confidence level: over 9000
Arslan Ahmad (2 days ago)
Funny bro very funny

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