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Tanita Tikaram - Play me Again

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You've got me going, for all your lies You've got me going, the hoop is wide I keep believing, and what have I gained? I'll play you forever So play me again You've got me running all over town You've got me running, so deep am I bound To talk of love is only to flatter Play me again Please play me again In the night time's wandering, that's where I hide For in it's blush I am alive Searching for your light Searching for your light In the beginning, the word is hot Now I see the ruin, but I can't stop For I'm so sentimental Play me again Play me again Play me again Play me again, let me fall through your hands
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Text Comments (28)
Yeo Hwee (1 year ago)
Sorry !!
Sd Ad (1 year ago)
GoodVibesOfficial (1 year ago)
♪♫♥ ;)
Arnold Piotr Wątruch (1 year ago)
I'm so sentimental ... thanks -...
Farivar Nouri (1 year ago)
Jeddi Hassna (2 years ago)
l loved it .Thank u my Dear
Cristina Jiménez (2 years ago)
Marco 45665 (2 years ago)
Nice song - good interpetation - interrseting colour of Voice .
ymashahinsolo (2 years ago)
This So Sweet *********************, My Deep Admiration Lady .( Amori Si * ) .
Sira Prieto Casal (2 years ago)
love♡♡♡! ]
zak Sarwari (2 years ago)
⚪⚪⚪💃⚪⚪⚪ 🎀🎀🎀🎩🎀🎀🎀 ❗❗❗🐰❗❗❗ ❗❗❗❕❗❗❗ ❗❗❗❕❗❗❗ ❗❗❗❕❗❗❗ 🚗🚗🚕🚦🚘🚑🚗 💋Ⓜ🌹
Luna Nazarian (3 years ago)
brilliant ...
ShivaCosima (3 years ago)
Absolutely awesome....
GEMINNA (3 years ago)
Anastasia Fairydiamond (3 years ago)
pure axcellence..thank you!!bright weekend~💖~Anastasia
aa11bbaa11bb (3 years ago)
немало любов❤❤
KateCat I (3 years ago)
Love Tanita, thank you❤
nostressannie (3 years ago)
Wonderful song and beautiful video Happy Weekend
Dobrila Ivanovic (3 years ago)
Kremena Venkova (3 years ago)
Matvey (3 years ago)
Wonderful! Have a good weekend!))
stef2012bg (3 years ago)
Емоционално и прекрасно! ♥
tydymanz (3 years ago)
Fantastic creation with your unmistakable editing touch.
Excellent. Merci. Bon weekend avec beaucoup de nouveaux vidéos. Kisssssss from Portugal.
TheMilady27 (3 years ago)
will he dare to refuse???!!! ~thank you, expressive~
Шикарный клип ! Спасибо !!!
Berenice Sergeant (3 years ago)
Van harte dank voor de prachtige video..
emil karolyi (3 years ago)
wow!! amazing. thank you. it is real pleasure.

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