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2015 Sea-Doo Watercraft - See the New Full Line Launch

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http://www.sea-doo.com The 2015 line of Sea-Doo watercraft is the most all encompassing watersports fun vehicle offering on the market with the right watercraft for anybody and everybody. With five segments to choose from BRP gives you options to find the best Sea-Doo fit for your family's boating fun.
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sideskraft (1 year ago)
All I ever see are PWCs on virtually flat water. Let's see how they handle 1-2 foot waves, which is what I would be running on (east shore of Lake Michigan).
Ron Opfer (2 years ago)
I love the idea of the Sea Doo Spark. So much so, I purchased 2 of them. Then one weekend, I was skipping across Lake Mead with one of the Sparks, (something I have done for over 30 years on a PWC) and the recycled plastic hull cracked big time on a wake. That shouldn't happen. When the recycled plastic cracks, it keeps going and keeps going. The hull is completely ruined. I would recommend looking into a PWC not made from recycled plastic.
George Wang (2 years ago)
seach "xinyi floating dock" on google or youtube , to find the solution for the dry floating dock, jet ski dock.
Fedup Withem (2 years ago)
One of my sparks died after 8 hours of use, 5 of which were at no more than half throttle.  The dealership claimed it seized because it was out of oil.  I checked the oil before and after every use exactly how the manual says to check it.  Sea Doo refused to honor the warranty and the dealer could not come up with a reason why it would be out of oil.  They charged us almost 2000 dollars to fix it so we can get another 8 hours out of it.
alex korn (3 years ago)
Why would seadoo not include a trailer that is so retarded.
john dap (3 years ago)
OMFG,    The RXT/ RXP colors are so FUCKED!!!!!
RockWood (3 years ago)
bring back the twostrokes i hate fourstrokes
nick longstaffe (2 years ago)
+RockWood i think they are illegal in most lakes in the states are they not?? gotta love canada.... :)
3yar1983 (3 years ago)
Previous GTR color was hot, 2015 sucks !
2016 looks awesome
Marelvis Paz (3 years ago)
Cuanto cuesta.. quiero una .. ?
Hola Marelvis Paz, soy Alberto Orvañanos en que parte te encuentras? tenemos promoción de la Spark 900 ACE, comunícate, [email protected] Saludos
Giesler Marine (3 years ago)
Giesler Marine, Powassan is a leading provider of Sea-Doos in Northern Ontario. Give us a call, or come in store to discuss how we can service your needs. Like our page on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @GieslerMarine#FourSeasonFun
balsero17 (3 years ago)
hey seadoo, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? yall fucked up big time
franky (3 years ago)
I thought sea doo will come up with something extraordinary, but the Colors are very disappointing , especially the rxp-x . 2014 one looked much tougher and aggressive.
bm3ssy (3 years ago)
480p? Seriously? They don't even make cameras that shoot 480 anymore.
Robin Samuelsson (3 years ago)
HD ? 1080p
Это 8 волшебство света

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