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The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph | TEDxRyersonU

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Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB As the Athletic Director and head coach of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University, Dr. Joseph is often asked what skills he is searching for as a recruiter: is it speed? Strength? Agility? In Dr. Joseph's TEDx Talk, he explores self confidence and how it is not just the most important skill in athletics, but in our lives. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Text Comments (4743)
Alien Eater (1 day ago)
whats the difference between self confidence and overconfidence?
Susannah Chan (2 days ago)
Woow. Look how many viewing this video has. Damn this is a major issue
First Lady Queen (2 days ago)
😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣when he started boxing like Mohammed!
simon purba (4 days ago)
your voice is like Denzel Washington
Social Experiment (4 days ago)
ACTION drives all thoughts
Dennis 3809 (5 days ago)
This guy must have a big "confidence" 😉
vivranthang18 (8 days ago)
This is GOLD!!
Dawn Raquel (9 days ago)
Amazing video. Very educational. Repetition, being persistent, provide your own self affirmation, get rid of the negative talk and focus on the good
Angela Malope (10 days ago)
Amazing💕 Here is to the rebels and the misfits😘❤
SUSO Jones (10 days ago)
I felt the fire. Like clench fist locked jaw dead eyed focus THROUGH confidence
Vielka Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Thanks so much for this message it was enlightening and powerful. I personally realized I am struggling in this area of my life and it has come at a time in which I am not feeling good about myself to include u am aging...
Kelvin Vinston (11 days ago)
epicdestination (11 days ago)
One of my favorites
邱aryu (12 days ago)
strong thought
Yayannn Dequiros (15 days ago)
What video he's saying??
Nouer Uz-Zaman (15 days ago)
i came here to gain self confidence because i am soon to get married to a girl next month but there has been this insecurity that has been kiling me for sometime my height, I am 5'6.5 (can pull off saying 5'7), and my fiance is 5'7/5'8, and on our engagement she looked even taller with a bit of heel (not much like 1.5/2), and while taking photos my sister came to her to take off her shoes while making her sit down my sister tried to make it seem like nothing was happening when she tried to make her take her shoes off from beneath the long cloth/skirt she was wearing, but everyone noticed it and my relatives looked at me (not at funny way just that oh he is short or she is tall) ! after that i have been trying to get over it but just can't , there would be thoughts like off all the girls i am getting married to tall girl, considering i am only 5'7 and would he carry on loving me even if i get taunts from of her/ would she feel embarrassed! i just try to wear heels (insoles, shoes) whatever to make me tall, no point blaming god for my height (which i already did)
LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeffrey Wendel (16 days ago)
What is the video he keeps on mentioning
Star Gazer (16 days ago)
Damn he sounds like Denzel Washington
Nick Cortez (17 days ago)
I needed this
Razamadaz (18 days ago)
He sounds a bit like,Denzel Washington.
Shirlynn Lim (22 days ago)
That’s just great!
emeka (23 days ago)
Mindset by carol dweck goes deeper into what was discussed here.
Emanuel Dor-chay (24 days ago)
he has a white voice
Red Blue (24 days ago)
"When will Ted finally Talk? You can’t keep hiding him from the media."
Kai-A (24 days ago)
the real coach carter
JULIE ANGOTTI (26 days ago)
Cedric Fret (26 days ago)
If coach Carter and Denzel Washington would've had a baby, it's this guy.
karim ELghoutmy (26 days ago)
Dead poolz (27 days ago)
Is this man Canadian?
harald buffet (27 days ago)
this was the best start to my day. im confident and motivated now = confidence
薛礼 (27 days ago)
Usually in military, at least in my country, being a recruit from bottom of the hierarchy, there are always tones of people who want to hurt your pride and tear you down
Trong Dy Huynh (28 days ago)
klarex (28 days ago)
absolutely amazing!
~King Vazay~ (28 days ago)
your a part of my journey, so i wanted to thank you sir!
Crypto Crypto (29 days ago)
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yuyufool117 (1 month ago)
I’m excited to take speech class in the spring. This made me a little more excited.
DEE OCTOBER (1 month ago)
If the enemy within can do us no harm, what can the enemy outside do.
muhammad rashid (1 month ago)
Yasemin Ayse Sungur (1 month ago)
Thank you very much for the positive speech. I definitely believe in ability to posses great self confidence even before acquiring the successful outcome. I believe that persistence and determination to fulfill objective will result in it happening. It will happen because persistence is fueled by passions which are incredibly powerful.
mano shrudeep (1 month ago)
U spoke about belief confidence persistence in a single lecture
Nicholas Gillen-Hurley (1 month ago)
This was beautifully said!
Adam White (1 month ago)
Great content check out mines
Jess Monica (1 month ago)
But stay humble :p
Dany Herrera (1 month ago)
Confidence comes from money..is so hard to say all this affirmations when you poor n broke
Martin Cooper (1 month ago)
I'm trying to learn how to be a leader, this man information is great.
Repetition is key! Expose yourself to the same experience again and again, don't give up.
It's me. (1 month ago)
Thank you :)
gideon de-graft mensah (1 month ago)
Suliman Asiri (1 month ago)
كنت اتمنى ان يكون فيه ترجمة .
Mustafa Fadhel (1 month ago)
why are most TED people speak with this tone like religious and fanatic people ? i mean ,,,,,, why don't they speak with normal human tone ??? or they are not normal
Anekant Dhagat (1 month ago)
Only repetition won't bring self confidence skills in you . To have that you need favourable circumstances to repeat. What u gonna do if u paralysed during practice I mean to say you only can put efforts but those endless efforts don't give u a guarantee of success coz anything may happen u can't control anything.
Russel Mohan (1 month ago)
Is he trying to give a talk on how to be a Football Jock??? Am very confused........
seeker (1 month ago)
Pare G (1 month ago)
Good speech and make me clear to the moment of difficult times, I have passed before, all skills, we are new but we can be trained.
Barbaryotaku (1 month ago)
Lance Armstrong cheat
Muhammad Said (1 month ago)
This is what I am looking for. He is really great!!
umesh bansal (1 month ago)
superb video
Aydin T (2 months ago)
I love Ted Talks! 2018
Tim Abbott (2 months ago)
I follow this daily. Get away from people who bring you down <3
Haassan Nair (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Ms.A Salmon (2 months ago)
Strongly agree
Michael Van Der Schyff (2 months ago)
Awesome talk. Thank you!
Jimmy Lopez (2 months ago)
Great speech, but why does he occasionally talk in an Irish accent.
Miggiesgirl (2 months ago)
Aditya Barhanpurkar (2 months ago)
subscribers and views are same..!! can i assume every subscriber watched this...?
Nyesha Rudder (2 months ago)
Love your video
iloveflowers (2 months ago)
i missed these talks :D
Exra Peter (2 months ago)
One of the best ted talks ever
j9rd11 (2 months ago)
Confidence means No fear
Sello Lekhooana (2 months ago)
What a great speech, simple and funny stories. Thanks Dr.
Ghost Storm (2 months ago)
Damn this really helped me thx
AmistadChris (2 months ago)
I am the greatest.
Jordy van der Wijngaard (2 months ago)
Amazing video!
M A Sandidge (2 months ago)
This guys voice doesn't match his look
Anderson Benitez (2 months ago)
Thank you
Айсұлу Ж (2 months ago)
Неге қазақша?
wplhunts47 (2 months ago)
Demonic Confidence Look it up
Lessons In Life (2 months ago)
“I’m now choosing to live my life in a different way. I’m going to live my life in accordance with my highest values.”
Heronaconite (2 months ago)
But Psychology would say that ignoring Johnny is far worse than critizising him.
matisandy (2 months ago)
His positive attitude and energy reminds a bit of Flanders.
sam jones (1 month ago)
Take this **W** my friend. ***BlackFlanders*** I can unseen it lmaooooooooooooo
Codex (2 months ago)
You pee on a tree good job son
Marjannah palo (2 months ago)
Very inspiring 😭👏🏻
Andrew Neel (2 months ago)
Confidence comes with the ability to believe in yourself, even when second opinions think otherwise. Confidence are the thoughts that allow you to persist with your passions, and with other people. Confidence cannot be forced upon someone, but it is rather encouraged, and learned through their peers. Bad people will diminish your confidence in yourself. Find this that will help you to be your best.
Saqib butt (2 months ago)
Awesome ted talk
cnicky04 (2 months ago)
Believe in yourself, consistent of practice will build up self confident
Bruh (2 months ago)
One of the greatest
Ceko (2 months ago)
Great video man, thanks a lot! It helps a lot!
solomon Balogun (2 months ago)
The believe in your self to be able to do something
Dude Horrible (2 months ago)
I have tried to be confident but I get chocked up and no words come out and when I try to talk myself up I just realize it will never come true.
Bubble Frap (2 months ago)
This was awesome! Thank you!
Eme Rebl (2 months ago)
Always be yourself
MVP2K_18 (2 months ago)
Dr Ivan Joseph is one of my favourite motivational speakers. His video helped me through a difficult time in which I had a huge lack of self-confidence. I also do genuinely recommend his book "You got this", as it gives you a deeper understanding at the concept of self-confidence and refers many times to various researches of great scientists. Although I am living in Europe, I absolutely do hope that one day I will see Dr. Joseph live on stage as the effort he puts in his speeches still impresses me.
durgesh bajpai (2 months ago)
thanks very much
Azeem M Nahim (3 months ago)
Great speech.. 😃
yougoBoy (3 months ago)
🎤🎤 You don’t have to be good at anything to be confident, all you have to do is know that you have the potential to LEARN how to be good at anything.. 🎤🎤
Angela Prz (3 months ago)
Thank you ☺️
Hạnh Đinh (3 months ago)
people won't believe you unless you do.
never really thought about how lucky I was to be naturally confident
Chakir Mahfoud (3 months ago)
One of the most inspiring speeches

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