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2019 Sea-Doo Product Walk-Around

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Discover what’s new with the 2019 Sea-Doo lineup with this detailed walk around with James Heintz, Sea-Doo Product Manager. Visit http://Sea-Doo.com to discover the 2019 models. ___________________________________________ Follow us Facebook: https://facebook.com/SeaDoo Instagram: http://instagram.com/BRPSeaDoo Twitter: https://twitter.com/BRPSeaDoo
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Text Comments (93)
Simon Adventum (1 day ago)
What's the mpg on the fish pro?
Alan Lang (7 days ago)
I am super excited for the fish pro. Only thing is, what if I want to do tournaments? Even kayaks are getting live wells these days. Of course you have CPR tournaments but that is not the point. I hope to purchase a great all around ski this year. Going to use it for fishing and diving, but I think a live well as another option for an add on would have just sent it over the top for me!
William Nese (15 days ago)
How shallow will it run?
James May (22 days ago)
Buy a sea doo if you want to waste money and have something breakdown before it’s even done 100 hours 👌 Pieces of crap
Simon Centaur (23 days ago)
Does it have running lights on the fishing model
Richard Sedlbauer (25 days ago)
How many are already broken down?
hackLAB (28 days ago)
I would buy the fish pro today but I wish it had a 3 year warranty.
Chris Edward (1 month ago)
Stop pushing the fishing model. Nobody fishes from a water craft.
Sortlist (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video!😁 ? We also publish SEA videos! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! 😀 Don't forget to subscribe if you like it!!😀 Xavier‍🚀
fasignal (1 month ago)
Super expensive
Phil Pollard (2 months ago)
its still not a yamaha!!!
Andre Boitchenco (2 months ago)
Why the Sea Doo does not sale the Spark 3 up in Brasil?
IMG OTD (2 months ago)
it can take on a passenger ,right? so won't be alone all the time..?
Joe Barr (3 months ago)
14k you can buy a boat smfh
Ken James (1 month ago)
For freshwater, yes. Saltwater....not a chance. Guys down here in South Florida will run theirs to Bimini in the Bahamas. You won't find a boat capable of that for 14 grand.
Michael Anderson (3 months ago)
kade action sports (3 months ago)
can u make a spark turbo only like 500$ more usd
Marcos Yuri (4 months ago)
Ótima ideia usar uma moto náutica para pescar, mas as pessoas que a projetaram não são pescadores de verdade. Faltou um gancho dianteiro para jogar a ancora e apoitar no rio para pescar. Outra coisa que esqueceram foi o porta guarda sol e o mais importante: o recipiente para isca viva. Essa banco vai queimar sua bunda pescando no meio do rio diante de um sol escaldante. Isso sem contar a envergadura do suporte de vara que está a 90 graus, ou seja totalmente errada. Gostei dos compartimentos. Convido aos engenheiros a virem dar uma pescadinha aqui no Brasil, mais precisamente no Mato Grosso do Sul e quem sabe levem algo que realmente funcione para colocar nesses brinquedinhos de gente rica. Não tenho condições de comprar, mas se me derem uma ajudo a elaborar acessórios muito melhores que esses....rs
Alan Air (5 months ago)
join yamaha and then i might buy a seadoo.
Rick Thompson (5 months ago)
That's innovation. Salute Seadoo.
PMH Products (5 months ago)
I was really hoping this would be the year more power would be introduced as an option on the spark. I guess I will dump more money into modding my 95xp. SEA DOO 2020 A light ski, strong hole hole shot..please
Luke Daniels (5 months ago)
Look up jetski fishing mob Australia these guys know how to build a fishing unit for deep sea jetski fishing not like this junk
hilen joghson (5 months ago)
where is the anchor?
Врр 001 (5 months ago)
Gtx limited💪to goo  https://youtu.be/wcRPUl-9NUg https://youtu.be/C5Q6zNf-2p8 https://youtu.be/4odf4KX4tqs https://youtu.be/Z6ZnOQFXc-Y Подпишись sing up,благодарю огромное
Billy (6 months ago)
But how does it handle crocodile infested waters!? no good, ok
Mohamad Mas (6 months ago)
Its better to add a 360 degree chair Then it will be the new fishing jet
Blake K. (6 months ago)
Not a fan. When i go jetsking i dont want to hear other peoples music or deal with my phone
jack 123 (6 months ago)
That’s sick
Truth Warrior (6 months ago)
" To get a leg up on your friends "....good god. Yeah, thats why i go fishing lol
Zero Dark3RT (6 months ago)
Bring back the 96 XP
Jetski Jay (6 months ago)
Seadoo also known as a hole in the water you throw money into.
Jetski Jay (4 months ago)
Dyllan Grannell I ride a shit doo!
Dyllan Grannell (5 months ago)
Jetski Jay it Definitely isn’t sea doo is amazing what do you youse
Jet-skiing Tejano (6 months ago)
Come on seadoo. Let's get more in depth videos of your 2019 products.. Let's see the accessories. LinQ cooler in and out. How much can it actually hold if you want me spending almost $300.
nautilus9008 (6 months ago)
Yeazus....i see all these cry baby ass people bitching about storage or the most minor of details. "I carry 40 extra gallons of gas and a 250 gallon cooler on my canoe....when a seadoo comes out that can carry that up buy one".....smh go buy a fucking barge to fish off of then! Its a seadoo. A pwc....personal water craft. Get a boat if your worried about storage, fuel, or deck space!
John Torino (6 months ago)
Figure out a bait well and I'm sold!
S MJ (6 months ago)
I don’t know how it is in other states, but in my home state of communist California, we have to pay an unsecured property tax for toys like the one in this video. I say fuck no, no more of my money going to this communist California government.
goferizer (6 months ago)
I was searching for the Yamaha JetFish and came across this. Wow, this is pretty lame compared to the JetFish. Just started search but this is at least available in the US.
A String (6 months ago)
This product would be perfect if they removed the extra seating, and replaced it with a small casting deck.
sigor2011 (6 months ago)
Marketing P. R. BS at its best. Making everyday things seems exiting. This guy can probably advertise Spork and make it seem new and amazing.
Precision rifle reviews (6 months ago)
Can you get a 300hp fish model
seadootv (6 months ago)
Hello, the FISH PRO currently is available in a 155 HP. For more details on the FISH PRO, please visit this page: https://www.sea-doo.com/watercraft/sport-fishing.html
Barack Obama (6 months ago)
When SEA DOO can start develop and manufacturing BOATS!???
GetSomeBok2k (3 months ago)
They do
I think JetFish better for fishing.
Do R/C! (7 months ago)
The one with the cooler and fish finder tacked on looks cool but i dont really see how it provides much advantage over a shallow draft boat much less an "unfair advantage"
KMT15 (7 months ago)
Just bring back the XPL hull instead of crap like this
Betão Adventures (7 months ago)
Very good!!!!
Aeroworks540 (7 months ago)
needs a back rest
Dyllan Grannell (5 months ago)
Aeroworks540 I agree
DRG (7 months ago)
Thats all nice stuff but...... As of today Seadoo still hasn't solved their delamination issues with their hulls. At least you will sink in style.
JeepCherokeeful (7 months ago)
I’m not that “beating the Jones” nor a “show off” BTW. Not everyone is so vain brother!
Son of a fisherman (7 months ago)
I got to have one great video👍
Joshua Staggs (7 months ago)
...been doing that for years...ive got a trolling motor, fishing chair, depth/fish finder, gpsmaps, navigation lights, rod holders and still got room for storage on my 1999 Yamaha xl1200 limited...not to mention all the performance mods as well:)
Uptin Sinclaire (7 months ago)
What can we do to jack up the price of our pwcs every year? Keep making them bigger add endless gadgets and gizmos. If people want a boat why not buy a boat. These things are behemoths. What happened to sporty, fast, fun, affordable pwcs?
Sylvain Mino (7 months ago)
Is there a hybrid option for tow sports as well...
MRE Obax (7 months ago)
Is it just me or does the guy look like the sea doo fish pro
Itz SwAzY (7 months ago)
K I’ll buy one even thought I already have 3 jet skies what ever
The FPV Life (7 months ago)
The most attractive yet unreliable pwc on the market. we call them seadont.
JP Rivet (4 months ago)
Seadoo must of up their game. Just bought a 2018 Wake Pro 230 came with 4 years of warranty and I chose to top it up with 7 additional years for 11 years in total for $1700 cad. Best part is; if the warranty isn't used in those 7 years it's refunded by Bombardier- a first in Canada💪💯
4c1dr3fl3x (6 months ago)
You must not have a Yamaha. I trust my Kawasakis, but my GP (and old VXR) is a sadistic hunk of shit that may or may not start for no reason whatsoever. New solenoids, new starter, new temp sensor, new CDI & module, kill switch, batteries, no matter. It's just an evil couch determined to screw you at the worst possible moment. The old 98 XP has been decent enough, a hydro lock here or there when getting stupid jumping big waves, but not nearly as sadistic as a Yammy.
Chinn (7 months ago)
The trixx is a dream
Fall Fever Outdoors (7 months ago)
I like the way you are heading but as one of the few Seadoo jetski fishermen here in the Pacific Northwest, that little cooler just isn't going to cut it and neither is the tiny 4 gal extra fuel tank. I carry a 152qt cooler and 10 gal spare fuel on a custom rack with 9 rocket launcher and a large bleed tank. I would love to work with you guys on developing a system to better handle what the Pacific Northwest fishery has to offer. [email protected]
JeepCherokeeful (7 months ago)
Fall Fever Outdoors and school them on “heavy conditions off -shore “ please
Alasdair McBryde (7 months ago)
That black pack for storage on the Linq system should have back pack straps fitted, so if you want to take it with you to explore a beach or go to a coffee shop you just strap it onto your back and it keeps your hands free for other things.
Jello Does Work (7 months ago)
Good idea man I agree
ClubMayview (7 months ago)
Throw a cooler on it and call it a fish pro. All this already existed from 3rd party. Guess engineers got the year off.
A String (6 months ago)
Agreed. If this thing had a small casting deck, I'd be impressed.
ART R (7 months ago)
I was just going to say the same thing. Basically throw a cooler on the back with some rod holders and you have a dedicated fishing vessel. Pretty lame.
Alasdair McBryde (7 months ago)
Just one of my fish would fill up that cooler.
Alasdair McBryde (5 months ago)
+Alan Air Ha, ha ... I wish.
Alan Air (5 months ago)
Ahhh, fishermans tales, the stories. so fantastical.
Maxime Dupont (7 months ago)
How come you did not bring up the larger fuel tank? Or did I just miss that?
Andrew Fazz (7 months ago)
I have the 2018 GTX 230. Will the cooler fit from the fish pro fit on my LinQ?
Dominic otis-aubut (7 months ago)
Voodoo one (7 months ago)
Value Venture Investing (7 months ago)
I am a little concerned with this new hull of plastic. It cracks if not even washed with the correct solution.
jaxon258 (6 months ago)
The st3 hull is made with cm tech. It's still fiberglass
Value Venture Investing (7 months ago)
Tippo Tries Motorsports  They changed it in 2018. Some reviews I have read and my dealer. On BRP's website they say injection mould I believe. I think that is how they saved so much weight.
We Try Motorsports (7 months ago)
Had one 3 years, no cracks. Where are people getting this info?
Ptolemy P-W (7 months ago)
Love the new colours
Dave Norona (7 months ago)
AntiLag BoostAddiction (7 months ago)
Make a Spark X with a turbo please 160-180hp
Duke Nl (7 months ago)
hopefully other colors !!
LukeTenh (7 months ago)
My rxt-x 300 is my baby❤️ that new one is beautiful!
Xavier Bachop (7 months ago)
Hold on how can the speaker and the fuel tank go on old sparks?
seadootv (7 months ago)
The audio system can be fitted on SPARK models as early as 2014. Only the 2018 SPARK models have the LinQ attachment. For details on the audio system: https://www.sea-doo.com/watercraft/rec-lite/sea-doo-spark.html
Xavier Bachop (7 months ago)
I want a spark
AntiLag BoostAddiction (7 months ago)
+jaxon258 it's supposed to be a rough agile ski that's literally the whole point of it you are supposed to be able to throw it around it's a play ski not a cruise ski.
Nik Cissell (7 months ago)
I had a 2014 spark 2up. It was a blast. depends on the rider you are. if you want to crusie on choppy water it aint for you. But if you like to go out and use a jetski for what it is, it would be perfect for ya.
jaxon258 (7 months ago)
No you don't, I promise. I got a month old 2018 spark trixx and in anything other than perfectly flat water it sucks so bad

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